Fantasy Exposed

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It had been our regular evening routine, almost since the day we got married: my wife would have half a dozen pictures collected from dirty websites and ask me which ones I thought were the sexiest and why. Then shed have 3 pieces of erotic fiction ready for me to read, works from every genre whether rape fantasies, light bondage, heavy bondage, water play, group sex, swinging or any of the hundreds of fetishes out there. Then when Id finish with the third, she would be getting ready for bed and begin quizzing me about them. Which story got you the most turned on? or which one would you most like to try if you knew youd never get caught? If that werent enough, she would even pull out my old high school yearbooks and start the questions again: who did you like this year? or who would you have asked out if you knew they would say yes?

I would sometimes ask why all the attention to my sexual quirks and she would always answer that, first, she was studying psychology at grad school and second, that she wanted me to feel like I never had to stray outside our relationship to get something I would never admit to at home. This made good sense to me, and with all the husbands who have to sneak around to look at dirty pictures and read dirty stories, I considered myself lucky to have such a wife. Not that she lacked anything, whether in the looks or brains or energy department. She is a knock out blonde with a perfect figure, mainly from teaching step-aerobics and bicycling back and forth to college every day except when it rains. While that might be enough for most guys, Im even more impressed with the fact she managed to get an undergrad degree in psychology in three years and shes making record time blasting through graduate school as well. She even has a job that shes not supposed to have without a masters that pays more than enough for our small home.

Then my birthday started drawing close. I had a reputation with her for always figuring out what the plans were long before the date rolled around. I would always figure out when and where my surprise party would be and then rub it in when Id show up knowing. She would always act mad, but took it as just another game. At least I thought. This year was different. The internet history was always clear. Shed changed the password to her email accounts and Facebook. Something was definitely up.

When the day arrived, she simply loaded me in the car for my birthday dinner and asked where Id like to go. This wasnt right. She always has something planned. Had she given up? Amber, I said, dont you have somewhere youd like us to go?

What does that matter? You always figure me out weeks before I try to plan anything. Screw it. Well just do it your way tonight.

You dont like our little cat and mouse game? You hide the secrets of the party and I seek?

No. I always put so much effort into coming up with something to really surprise you good and you have it figured out long before the actual date. I give up. You win.

Darling, please.

What do you want me to do this late? All those surprises took months to plan. You expect me to pull something together in one night? Thats a bit much to ask, dont you think?

About that time, her cell phone rang. I tried to listen in on the conversation as best as I could. Yeahhes with meno, tonights his birthdayno, we dont have any plans for dinnersure, well come by.

You got lucky, Bub, were going out to have dinner with friends.

Cool. Which friends?

I guess I get to surprise you after all.

We pulled up in front of a house that Id never been to and she led me up to the door. After a knock, a man answered that I had never seen before. She immediately greeted him with a hug as he led us in. Only three steps into the door and I froze at the sight of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. A face I had only seen once since graduating high school. Carol! I nearly screamed. I couldnt admit it, but there hadnt been a night pass since our first kiss on the dancefloor at homecoming when I didnt go to bed thinking about her or wake up wishing she were next to me.

Hi Justin, she said walking up to me, I see youve met my husband, Nathan.

I smiled politely and shook his hand.

This is a huge surpriseuhmyou look great. Wow. What have you been doing since way back when? I stepped forward and gave her a big hug.

Dont agree to anything she whispered quietly in my ear. I though that was a little odd, but brushed it off. I graduated college, got my MBA and now I manage the whole plastic surgical wing of the hospital. Nathan teaches electronics engineering at the university.

She led us into the dining room where we found two more guests waiting for us: Sarah, a girl I had an enormous crush on in college, but couldnt even approach because she was simply way out of my leaguerich parents, nice sports car, the perfect body, all the right friends who all had rich parents too, and Crystal, our neighbor who Ive been caught leering at on more than one occasion while she lay in the sun on her back deck.

Happy birthday, they all shouted as I approached the table.

Didnt have this one figured out, did ya, smart guy? Amber said mockingly.

Wow. You really got me this time I answered shaking my head in disbelief.

Sarah, I havent seen you since college. I had no idea you still lived around here. I would have looked you up a long time ago.

Sarah smiled at Amber, Im in some of the same classes as your wife. During one of them, I mentioned that I knew you and knew you had a crush on me.

I blushed as Carol brought out a pan of lasagna and bread. Dont be embarrassed. At least, not yet.

Everyone giggled a little except me. What joke were they all in on that I was clueless to? My confused looks only made them giggle harder.

Amber finally spoke up. Weve got a surprise for you after dinner. Eat up and enjoy.

We all enjoyed the dinner and catching up after so many years. Finally as Crystal helped Carol clear the dishes, Amber spoke up again. Remember how Ive been quizzing you every night on exactly what turns you on? Well, Ive been taking extensive notes on exactly what you like and exactly what you dont. It seems that you love the idea of group sex where the women outnumber the men, you like the idea of bondage where a woman dominates you both mentally and physically. And guess what elseI know exactly who turns you on the most: Carol, Crystal, Sarah and I are the most attractive women you have ever encountered. How am I doing so far?

Dead on, honey, was all I could say.

Now Id like you to take your clothes off, Amber said with a grin.

I was stunned that shed make that kind of request. Take them off right now, she said with a much more serious expression on her face, and put them on the dinner table.

Carol came out of the kitchen with several long pieces of rope and Crystal followed behind her with a mixing bowl full of ice. I was very excited and it showed through my pants. I eased my shoes and socks off. Come on, get it off, I want to get a good show, Crystal said.

Dont agree to anything was still ringing in my ear, but how was I not supposed to agree to my wife initiating group sex with the most beautiful women Ive ever met? Sarah and Carol were also watching intently for me to strip. I took my shirt off and they looked visably excited. Carol started to bite her bottom lip as I unfastened my belt and lowered my jeans. There was no point in hiding anything anymore because my cock was bursting through the front of my boxers. In a moment, they would fall as well. There I stood, nude, on display before these fully-clothed women who seemed to rape me with their eyes.

Sit in the chair, Amber said, taking one of the ropes from Carol. She took the 3-foot length and tied my ankle to the leg of the chair. A second rope tied a second ankle. Helpless under her spell, I allowed her to tie my arms to the sides of the chair as well. I noticed as the final knots were being tied that Sarah had begun fidgeting with her purse.

Here it is, Amber, Sarah said, producing what looked like a small pipe-fitting. Amber looked it over and opened a hinge on the side. She handed it to Crystal who played with it as well. Soon Carol and Nathan were admiring the small tube as well.

What is that? I asked

Its no concern of yours. That hard-on should be. I dont want to see your dick hard yet, Amber answered. She took a couple of ice cubes and began to hold them to my boner. Meanwhile Nathan had flipped on a baseball game and all the ladies in the room turned their attention to the television. I started to pay more attention. Suddenly I felt a hand on my cock which tried to come to life, even in spite of the ice. Crystal was wearing a rubber glove and rubbing some kind of gel all over the length of my dick.

Whats that? I asked.

Topical anesthetic. Its to keep you from cumming until weve all had our fun. Ambers answer was all I needed and was ready to play along with whatever else might be going on. I watched the girls who had given up on the baseball game. I blindfold came down over my eyes. Now I was really helpless. I felt some tugging and some poking on my dick, but had no idea what they might be doing to it. Nothing was exceptionally uncomfortable, likely due to the anesthetic. Minutes later, I began to discover that something was very wrong. The blindfold was pulled off my eyes and a large towel was lying across my lap.

Feel anything yet? Nathan asked.

Nothing. Why? What should I be feeling?

Sarah showed me the pipe fitting that she had in her purse. Have you ever seen one of these before? she asked while holding up a small tube filled with wicked-looking steel spikes lining the inner surface and a hinge on one side.

That looks deadly. What is it?

Sarah giggled a little, thats a Kalis Teeth Bracelet. Its not deadly, but intensely painful when worn around the penis.

That didnt sound good at all. Youre not going to make me wear that, are you?

Amber stepped up, pulled the towel back, revealing an identical band around the base of my penis. Youre already wearing one, she said as everyone but Carol laughed at my predicament. Dont agree to anything was still playing in my head.

It will take a while for the feeling to return, and when it does, you are not to whine, cry or whimper. Youre going to shut the hell up and take it like a man, Amber said boldly. And maybe, well go easy on you.

Whats this thing for anyway?

Sarah chimed in, its designed to keep you from getting any kind of erection and it will keep you from touching yourself in anyway. Either an erection or touching will be intensely painful.

And were going to do everything in our power to give you an erection, Crystal added.

This isnt funny. This is starting to hurt like hell. Take it off already.

Oh, good, Amber said gently. Take a good look at your little prison. There is a small padlock holding your Kalis Teeth Bracelet closed. It can only be opened with one key and that key is in one of these small envelops. On top of the end table there were 5 small envelopes, each with the name of one of the people in the room. It was impossible to tell if any of them had a key inside of it.

So where is the key? I asked with a timbre betraying my growing concern.

Thats what youve got to figure out, Amber said. You have ask each person individually to open their envelope. Only, they have the option of asking for a little something from you in return for showing you what is inside. In fact, each person here has a contract that you must agree to and sign before they will open their envelop.

And dont think youre going to agree to the world and turn around and renege. The penalty is spelled out on each contract and is far worse than what youre experiencing right now, Crystal added in.

Short version is you are agreeing to be our sex slave, Carol stated very matter of factly.

The pain was really getting bad, my dick was screaming and I wanted to as well. Chose, honey, Amber said.

I looked around the room at five grinning faces and tried to out-psyche the psyche major. I really wanted to be with Carol, much more than I ever would have admitted. Carol I answered, not at all because I thought she had the key, but to be her sex slave was more than a dream come true.

Were not going to get to the envelope quite yet. First, were going to try out Nathans new experiment. Im sure youve heard of a TENS, right?

Yeah, thats some kind of body shocker, right?

Carol continued, thats exactly right. This is a new version that Nathan has been developing for the military as a training simulation. The pads are smaller and the intensity is much higher. The goal is for a full power shock from this new TENS to accurately simulate the pain from a 5.56mm NATO round. Hes been sewing these into under armor, along with photo-detector triggers so that soldiers can play war games with low-intensity lasers on their rifles. Only problem is that he hasnt tested it on a person. Until now.

I was getting nervous. I knew what was coming. Carol pulled out several small sticky leads and put them on my nipples, on my balls and in my crotch, all the while, basically giving me a lap dance in the process. My dick pressed hard into the spikes in response to her touch.

Now just tell me which hurts worse, shock one or shock two Carol said stoicly.

A first pulse hit my left nipple and took my breath away. Then a second pulse hit my right, far more intense than the first.

Shock two. Shock two was definitely worse.

Okay, good. Lets try again. Immediately a shock hit my crotch and almost knocked me out. I had never experienced anything so horrible, including the KTB chewing relentlessly into my cock. A second shock followed, once again, much worse than the first. I was surprised to still be alive when it ended.

Shock two again I said as sweat became noticeable on my forehead. I didnt even notice the pain in my cock when these charges lit me up.

Ready for your balls to spark? Carol asked playfully.

All I could answer with is a look of panic. A blast hit my balls that may have been worse than the one on my crotch. I rode it out for what seemed like forever. I may have sucked all the air out of the room when the current finally ceased. Once again, a second blast nearly fried me. I held out, visably shaking as the current played its sick game with every pain receptor in my brain.

Second one was worse again.

Thats the result you were hoping for, wasnt it Nathan? Carol asked her husband.

What you just experienced was two different TENS controllers, the first was the top consumer model at 80% intensity. The second was my new model at 5% intensity. Nathan smiled, now if you dont agree to Carols contract, we may decide to try it for a while at 15% intensity.

Heres the contract. It says that you agree that you and your wife will move in with Nathan and I. Your wife will be Nathans and my live-in girlfriend and you will be sex slave to all three of us.

There was nothing to that decision. Either get my balls fried or move in with the woman of my dreams to be her love slave. I asked Amber, are you okay with this?

You can sign it, its okay, she answered and untied my right hand. The contract was on a clip board held out in front of me. I didnt even bother to look at what it said, I just wanted to get my dick free.

Carol walked over to the end table and picked up the envelope with her name on it and opened it. Completely empty. With what I had just agreed to, I didnt mind. Maybe all the contracts would be fun like this was. The TENS was very painful, but I cant wait to move in to my new home. Amber spoke up, time to chose again, honey.


Crystal smiled from ear to ear. I have heard from your wife that you love to eat pussy and that you are really good at it. Just hearing her say that made my dick strain to harden. Only problem is that Im a little pissed at you for the way you treat my brother and his friends. So what if hes gay? He thinks youre very attractive and hes come in the house crying before because you call him and his friends the four assgetteers. So what should we do about all this?

What could I say that would satisfy her. I looked down at the floor and did my best to look ashamed.

Crystal continued, so I need to tie you down in a position a little more accommodating for you to eat my pussy. Sarah and Amber untied my hands and ankles. I was more than happy to comply, in fact, I couldnt wait to go ears-deep in this beautys sex. They had me get on my elbows and knees and then ran a belt around both elbows and both knees, leaving my face almost on the ground and my ass in the air. Then for good measure, they tied my wrists together too, though I couldnt figure out why theyd feel the need to tie me when I was so willing to pleasure this woman.

Comfy, honey? Crystal asked. Good, cause Ive got a surprise for you. I saw a door on the other side of the living room open and Crystal brother and his three friends came out. Ive wanted you to apologize to my brother for a long time, but I think this is better. So heres whats going to happen: all four of them are going to ass-fuck you in front of your wife, your friends and me. When they get ready to cum, theyre going to come around you and you are going to stop licking my pussy long enough to finish sucking them off. Then you will swallow all their cum and whatever else is on their dicks after being in your asshole. Then you can get back to work on me.

What was I supposed to do? I was mortified that I was getting raped for the entertainment of my wife and friends, yet I couldnt wait to get a taste of Crystal. What could I do? Crystal took her pants down and slid into position in front of me. I leaned forward to taste her sweet love juices and began to feel fingers and who knows what else probing my asshole. I tried to focus on what I was doing rather than what was happening to me. Part of me still wondered what was in my ass. Was it a finger? a sex-toy? a dick? I would know soon enough. I felt two hands on my waist someones thighs slapping against mine. Yeah, it was on and that was hard to ignore. My cherry was officially popped. It didnt take a long time until I felt him pull out and my head being lifted up. A dick was pushing against my lips. At first I didnt open my mouth, but then began to reason, I need to finish him while hes this close, otherwise, it could take a while. I opened up and he began thrusting into my mouth like hed just done in my ass. I already felt the second assgetteer mounting me from behind. It was all I could do to keep from gagging, but I tried hard to keep my lips wrapped around his shaft as I hoped he would finish quickly.

A minute later, I heard the groan that can only mean one thing. He buried his tool as deep as it would go and began fill my mouth with his goo. Amber was right behind him inspecting, open your mouth, honey, she ordered. I opened as far as I could. Now swallow, she insisted. I closed my mouth and swallowed then opened my mouth again for her inspection. You did it! Very good, now only three more to go.

I dropped my head back into Crystals waiting pussy. Unfortunately, I only got about two minutes relief as guy number two pulled out and started moving. He didnt even have his member in my mouth and a third guy was pounding away. In a moment his dick was in my mouth and I was getting it from both ends. Guy two hadnt even popped when guy three was coming around. They both ended up jacking off into my mouth while guy four started in. After both of them came, I started leaning in toward Crystal when guy three pulled me back to suck the ass-funk off his dick. I had no sooner finished that when the final guy was coming around me also. His dick was the biggest of them all and he nearly choked me when he stuffed it in as deep as it would go. A moment later, he was grunting and spraying. I took every drop and dove back towards Crystal.

Ill be nice and let you continue licking me while I explain the contract I have for you. From now on, you are on call for me, my brother and his friends to use any time we want in any way we want. That sound like something youd agree to?

Sure, I answered before re-burying my face.

I will just put your hand on the paper and you move the pen, Sarah said as she loosened the belt. I reached up and signed the paper she presented without even looking at it.

Dont you want to see what is in my envelope? Crystal asked. I really did because the KTB was killing me, but I couldnt bear to look at my friends after what I just allowed to happen. I promise, Ill let you finish later, Crystal said, prying herself away from my hungry mouth. She picked up her envelope and opened it. Empty. Going to have to choose again, babe.

Now I was starting to wonder if I was being tested by my wife. I really wanted this thing off so I could finish off Crystal and move in with Carol. I bet she is holding the key and making me suffer for not choosing her first. Maybe shes assuming Ill pick all the girls first and Nathan will have the key. Thats what Im betting.


Everyone looked a little shocked. Okay, were going to try out another of my devices, I call this one the ring of fire. Youve heard of spanking machines, right? This one is a little different. The problem with spanking machines is they always aim at the same spot on the ass, then you have one sore spot and the rest of the thing gets left alone. So I was asked to build the ring of fire. I was led to a bench with a large semi-circular pipe, at least eight feet in diameter circling one end of it. These are the motors behind the spanking and can be placed anywhere on this track, he said picking up a motor with a couple of large clamps on it. For you, I think well try it out with six motors, but it can run as many as 15. I watched as Amber and Carol attached the motors to the track. And another thing I like better about this model is that you can choose a wider variety of spanking instruments. My favorite is inch diameter wet bamboo. Sarah came out from the bathroom carrying a stack of 40-inch long bamboo shoots, still dripping from soaking in the bathtub. I watched in amazement as Amber seemed like a professional with the ease she attached the motors to the track and the bamboo shoots to the motors. Then the thought hit meshes planned out every detail of this evening, from the contracts to Crystals brother, to this new deviceeverything.

Now, I couldnt help but notice how much you liked licking pussy. So Im going to have you do that while youre getting beaten. It also looked like maybe you hadnt gotten enough cum in your belly. So heres what youre going to do. Lay down, face down on this bench. I laid down as instructed and was tied in place. You look ready to get a pussy in your mouth. Be patient, you will, but first you get a show. You get to watch me fuck your wife, right in front of you, while your ass is getting swatted. Then when Im done, youll get to lick her clean until she says youre done.

This was both an insult and a humiliation. But I had already agreed that Amber would be Nathans new live-in girlfriend and I would be sex slave to them all. It was still hard to watch, and the bench was especially brutal in the way that it pressed the KTB deeper into my flesh than any position I had been in so far. Amber was more than willing to take her clothes off in front of all of us, as did Nathan. I watched as Nathan pumped and pumped as six bamboo canes took turn pummeling my ass. That son-of-a-bitch wasnt even hurrying. It looked like he was taking it slow so it would last longer. How could I watch this, how could I turn away while tied to the bench.

Eventually, I heard the groans that told me he was just about finished. I could see Carol out of the corner of my eye and could tell she wasnt pleased because her husband was cheating on her, right in front of her, just like my wife was. His whole body convulsed as he filled my wifes pussy with his cream. Hes really good at that, honey, Amber said as she scooted her butt to the edge of the bench where I could clean her pussy with my tongue. I ate her out, obediently, secretly hating what I had just witnessed, but being extremely turned on by it as well.

Ill explain the details of your contract while youre cleaning up my mess, Nathan explained. Im not gay, so I dont have much use for a man as a sex slave. Therefore, you need to become a woman. Youll start hormone replacement as soon as you move in and youll start saving for all the plastic surgery youll need done. Lucky for you, my wife manages the plastic surgery wing of the hospital. We can get you everything we want done, with or without your consent. That includes boob-job, facial reconstruction, laser hair removal, and when were good and ready, sexual reassignment surgery. Legally, youre also required to complete a year of psychological counseling before anything can officially begin, but we have a psychologist in the room whos ready to sign off on that today.

I looked up from what I was doing to ask, Amber, are you sure youre okay with this?

Havent you figured it out yet, I set this whole thing up! I accidentally ran into your high school sweetheart when I was scoping out the plastic surgery wing at the hospital. I found Sarah when I was asking questions about the psychological requirements for a sex change. Im making you do this, whether you like it or not.

What if I decide not to agree to this? I asked rather hopelessly.

You already signed two contracts, right? Are you sure you read every line. Maybe you should have. Too late for that, now either sign, or keep eating and well read the part you didnt know you agreed to.

Tell me what Ive already agreed to, I said and buried my face again.

Sarah began to read: The penalty for not fulfilling all details of this legally binding contract is 730 consecutive days in the plastic KTB.

Wait, the plastic KTB? I thought I was wearing a solid metal one?

You are. You have not seen the plastic one. Its much worse. The one youre wearing is only 1 inches wide. The plastic one is a full 6 inches and covers your dick head as well. Its also 3/8 of an inch smaller in diameter so its much, much tighter. Then there is the reason for it being plasticall the points inside the tube are wired to either the positive or negative terminal of that TENS you love so much. Youre very lucky that we didnt put that one on you, Nathan explained.

Sarah continued, so the two years in the plastic KTB, you will also be required to spend 23 hours per day in the ring of fire with all 15 motors turned on and then TENS controller hooked up to its maximum 42 leads connected to your KTB, your balls, crotch, ass crack, nipples, lips, soles of your feet and your armpits. Its intensity will be set to ascending to 100% and the shocks will be at random intervals. You will also receive a sex-change without anesthesia, only a muscle-paralyzer, at the end of the 730 days.

So sign the paper and get it done with anesthesia and dont make this any worse than it has to be, Amber added.

I stopped licking and read the contract. Sure enough, everything that Sarah had read was there. She showed me another, with the same punishment clause and my signature at the bottom. What did I have to lose at this point. My balls were already as good as gone. I signed this one as well.

Nathan picked up the envelope with his name on it. I thought surely this has to be it. This is what Amber has been trying to get me to agree to, so this has to be it. He opened the tab and held it upside down. Nothing fell out. I just signed away my penis for nothing. Too bad, Nathan said, better choose again.


Well, you sorta screwed up my plans. I had planned to make you get dressed up in womens lingerie, make-up, a wig, and so on, but with you already agreeing to a sex-change, thats really anti-climactic. My contract says you agree to wear this chastity belt starting at midnight tonight until the day of your sexual reassignment surgery except for when someone with the rights to your ass decides to let you out to pleasure them.

At this point, thats nothing. I signed without blinking. Amber took her envelope and opened it. Once again, nothing inside. You had it! I said to Sarah. What do I have to do to get it?

Its finally come time. First, you have to sign this release to allow me to use the pictures and videos of you for my website and to promote my BDSM ranch.

What videos and pictures? I asked

Oh, nothing. See that picture frame on top of the television. Theres a camera that has been recording this whole evening since before you arrived. Theres another in the flower pot on the window sill, another on the chandelier and another inside the stereo speaker in the bookcase. I plan to use these pictures to promote my ranch.

What is the ranch? You said something about BDSM? Carol asked, for my benefit, Im sure.

In addition to working in the psychology department at the college, Ive also opened up a BDSM ranch outside of town. It pays me a fortune and lets me explore the darker side of human sexuality which is the stuff of best-selling pop-psychology books. Im making money coming and going. So I need you to hurry up and sign your contract, I need you to agree to provide on-call sexual services for me and my clients there. Doubly so, once your hormone treatment give you a femine appearance. Shemale sex seems to be one of the most common fetishes I have to regularly turn away. But that wont be for much longer, Sarah explained.

You see, by providing Sarahs ranch with its much-needed shemale slave girl, Im in-line for not only straight As this term, but recommendations for job opportunities that all the grade in the world couldnt get me. Thanks, honey, for letting me use you to get what I want.

Sarah came to me with the final contract in one hand and her envelope in the other. I signed the contract and watched as Amber took the key out of her pocket and dropped it in the envelope for Sarah to dump out and unlock me with.

What did you think of my birthday surprise, honey? Amber asked me in such a way that the whole group could hear us.

I think this has to be the worst surprise Ive ever gotten. I said sadly.

You know you loved every minute of it, Amber said warmly. Dont tell me you havent dreamed of licking Crystals cunt. Dont tell me you dont like the idea of being Carols sex slave.

Can I tell you that I didnt like being ass-raped in front of all of you? Can I tell you that that KTB hurt like nothing else Ive ever experienced, at least until you plugged my ass with that TENS and lit me up like a lightbulb?

True, but I know what you like. Ive been probing your fantasies every night before we go to bed, and something else you may not know is that you talk in your sleep. Ive been probing your fantasies to get you to dream about what you really want so youll tell me all about it while youre asleep. Youre extremely lucky to have a wife this understanding and adventuresome. Now all thats left is getting you in that chastity belt by midnight.

Buts its not even 9:30 yet.

But it is your birthday, and youve been a really good sport in all this, Carol said. I think its time that you get to have a little bit of fun before we click the belt and its all over. With that, she walked over and straddled my naked lap, sat down and kissed me tenderly. This time, my dick came to life painlessly. I could feel a hand wrapping itself around my now-happy cock and looked over my shoulder to see that Sarah was already topless and starting to jack me off. Yeah, this is going to be great night. Tomorrow may start a ride into hell, but tonight is going to be a great night.

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