The Weakest Link

Submitted by: Carl L.

It was 5:15 in the afternoon and now, after a few weeks of this teasing torment, even the title music got me aroused! The Weakest Link was just coming on TV and I was in my place as my Wife/Mistress insisted I had to be on every week day, when this programme came on. I was like one of Pavlov's dogs, conditioned to respond to the music and the beginning of the programme that could result in my being unlocked from the plastic tube that encased and locked away my penis. The CB3000 that kept me chaste. The CB3000 that now hurt me as I became aroused at the thought that in just 45 minutes, I could be masturbating! Masturbating while she watched.

Oh! That hurt! My cock was trying to swell up and this was no ordinary CB3000. My dear Wife/Mistress had ordered a custom made chastity device. The inside of the plastic tube was not smooth as usual but lined with a couple of dozen, super-glued in place, drawing pins. Sharp drawing pins!

So now, as I knelt at her feet, naked apart from my special CB3000, there were tears in my eyes at the smarting pain as the pins reminded me of who and what I was. And who I belonged to.

My Wife/Mistress was beside me, her first drink of the day in her hand as she settled down in her favourite chair to enjoy what she now confessed she found a much more enjoyable show, now that it had some meaning for us, as a couple. Now that it could lead to her husband having a wank, as she put it, or not, as the case might be.

You see, her active Mistress-style mind had seen the possibilities. She had explained to me that she recognised that it was probably bad for my health to be entirely chaste. I needed an orgasm every now and again to keep me sexually fit, so it was necessary for me to be allowed out of my Chastity Device for a short period every now and again. But instead of saying we would do it every Saturday night or every Sunday afternoon, why not make it more chancy. And the Weakest Link could be used to do that.

There were 9 contestants every weekday when it was on. And the deal was that if the winner of the money at the end of the show was a female, then I could have the key to the CB3000 and I would have 2 minutes of freedom to play and 'come' before it went back on.

No wonder I was in pain! The thought of it!

Not that I got that freedom to masturbate too often. The scales were tipped against me from the start. There was always 5 men and only 4 women on the show. And of course, some of those women did not help my cause over much. Old and dithery or young dumb blondes tended to be voted off early, lessening my chances.

On this evening the 4 females gave me a bit of hope. 2 were middle aged. Not beauties but that did not matter. They could give me 2 minutes of sex! The other 2 were at the ends of the age streams. One old and one so-called student. A dark-haired pretty girl.

As it happened the 2 I had least hopes for lasted longest. One of the middle-aged women was asked a question in the first round that required a particular city as an answer and she gave a country! Silly cunt! And that was in the easiest round!

The other one did survive to the 3rd round but did not seem to understand the banking part of the game and let a large sum of money slip away and so was voted out too. Now we had 4 men against 2 women. But the old woman was smart and the young one tried hard. In fact the old woman was too smart and the men realised this and voted her off in the 5th round.

It was the girl against 3 men now and my Wife/Mistress was enjoying herself at my expense and laughing delightedly. "I don't think you will be wanking today, do you?"

My hopes were raised though when the girl got through to the last 3 and one of the men did not follow a sort of tradition on the show and join in a 'boys versus girls' vote. So the young female student was in the final. Was I going to be given that key in 5 minutes and the bite of the pins made me groan and my dear Wife/Mistress laugh. But the silly little bitch of a student messed it up in the final, going to pieces like the air-head she was.

No key, no masturbation. And my cock, stupid thing, was still trying to get hard and stiff and long and causing me much pain!

My Wife/Mistress was laughing at me, delighted with the result. She loved teasing me.

"No come for you, then! But I enjoyed it! In fact, it quite got me going!"

She rose to her feet and reached under her skirt and removed her knickers. Sitting down again, she raised her skirt high and motioned to me.

"Here! Get your head under here and give me a nice one while I watch the news on TV."

The smell and taste of her just made the pain in my cock worse.

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