The Horse

Submitted by: D Ring

A story of my use by our benevolent Queen.

In a time and place when woman was supremely dominant in the world and man was of lower order, the Empire of the Amazon commanded great swathes of land encompassing many countries conquered and dominated by womanhood. Their aim was the control of men, to quell their urges and lust for war. To utilise them for burden and manufactory. Fifty generations of Amazon queens had ruled and enlarged the empire to the size it now was, and it was at its most powerful.

When the forces of Queen Amara captured our city-state, her Amazon guard went abroad and took their tithe of strong males for work in the royal estates.

I was sixteen when first taken as one of the four thousand slave workers. After a four week march through the rugged country to the foret of Amara, we were further sorted into groups according to our abilities and health; four weeks of hard marching marked the strongest out from those weaker but perhaps better suited for administration work.

Once sorted into our respected groups, we were sent to a large building where, standing in line, we slowly approached the single door.

We assumed that we were to receive clothing or livery to mark us out as workers of the estate, and indeed we were to receive our majesty's mark.

I reached the doorway and was then brought in by an Amazon guard who told me to strip and wash myself in a large bath trough where several other men and boys were already doing the same. Once I was clean and dry I was told to walk through another door into a small room. Here a woman in robes assisted by a younger woman in a shift measured my waist size and the size of my genitalia. The assistant went into another room filled with boxes on shelves, and after a few moments, returned with a box. From this she took what looked like a belt with a round silver box on it. The box had a lid with the crest of Queen Amara's royal dynasty on it and a small rose of holes at the furthest end from the belt as well as other holes at the top.

The robed official told me to turn around; I heard some hollow clicking and in a moment the official had fitted the leather belt around my waist. The belt had a triangular front panel with a key shaped hole in it and she proceeded to manipulate my genitalia through the hole. Once through, she took two straps that were attached to the narrower end of the panel around my buttocks and secured them to the rear of the belt. The hole had six silver catches mounted around it riveted in place. The official took the larger part of the box, and placed it over my manhood to contain my scrotum. She then took a key and put it into a hole at the bottom of the box. The official then turned the key until all the catches had meshed and a click was heard emanating from it. "The box is now secure and can only be unlocked by specific officers. These are the medical officers and those officers of the royal stud entrusted by her imperial majesty hold the keys".

With that, she took the cover, which had a hinged top section and a trough ending in a semi tube with a lock blade and fitting the hinge into a matching holder on the scrotum box pushed my member into the semi tube and snapped it shut with a chunky sounding click

"By the will and word of her imperial Majesty Queen Amara, I now declare you her bonded property, to do her bidding at all times without hesitation or question as ordered by her or her officers".

The silver box was cold to the touch of my genitalia at first. I felt embarrassed, but realised that I was only one of thousands of slaves in the same state and reconciled myself to the fact. I would only see my genitalia three times a year when we had periodic medical inspections and several times when the warm weather encouraged infections that required the medics to apply ointment.

The official continued.

"You are hereby chastised for your own good and that of the officers of the estates, you will wash your self within your confinement daily using the equipment provided in each garrison block or there will be punishments for neglect or disease caused by neglect.

Any attempt to free your manhood or to stimulate yourself sexually will result in punishment as dictated by the provost department as will any breaches of the following regulations".

The official reeled out about forty rules before an Amazon guard took me into the next room. Here I was measured for a work uniform and also for a harness. This was bucked to the chastity belt and went over my shoulders and to buckles on the rear of the belt. This was to hold a haversack, or baskets to carry workloads.

From here I was taken along with nine other men and boys to garrison block 1215 that was to become my home for three years.

The washing equipment consisted of a hose attached to a tap. The hose had a fine nozzle that fitted into the holes in the box and pushed water through at a reasonable pressure to wash the genitalia locked within. Each block had twenty of these washing equipments opposite the latrines where one had to squat for your pee to trickle randomly out of the holes in the box's cover.

In this time I worked in the fields sowing and harvesting crops and also in the woodlands bringing out logs and other timber products. I got used to my chastity, and was unperturbed about not being able to feel my manhood locked within her majesty's case. I tried like we all did; to feel my member but there was little space with which it could enlarge, and any attempt to arouse the glans would possibly have left marks, resulting in punishment.

From time to time, I saw men or older boys that had been gagged. They looked impassive and accepting of their fate. The gag was held in place by a head harness made up of buckled straps that circled the head to keep it firmly in place. The gag its self had a hole large enough to allow the man to breathe and, it later transpired to accept foodstuffs from a large tube.

At first I had little knowledge of this punishment until one lad in my block was caught trying to have his way with a young Amazon guard. He had managed to remove his belt and harness and was bestride the woman when two guards caught him.

After a summary caning, he was dragged away and not seen for two weeks.

When he returned he was gagged and fully restored to chastity. He could not speak easily with the gag on and the kitchen area had been equipped with a feeding tube and mushing machine that he would now use to feed with.

He was told that he would wear the gag for four years and that if ever caught trying to take a woman again, he would be permanently gagged and emasculated. A lesson for us all I thought.

Every year there was an annual inspection made by a small board of inspectors who came down from the Imperial Citadel where the royal family and their high officials and servants dwelt.

They took a small select group of the fittest amongst us slaves. They were never seen again. Rumours persisted that they were chosen to work in the Citadel and were killed afterwards to prevent them from telling us what the place was like, they were playthings of the officials, or that they stayed to do heavier work and lived their days out in relative comfort.

In my seventeenth year the inspectors again came to choose their select specimens and I found myself as one chosen.

There were five of us and we were taken in a horse drawn wagon to the Imperial Citadel. It was a four hour journey along a finely made carriageway. We passed several parties of road makers maintaining the road that looked up at us as we passed; some had wry gins on their faces, and one old sweat, who was in the last work gang we saw as we neared the citadel shouted "Have fun young stallions!" We passed through a huge gate in the outer wall soon after with the old man's words ringing in our ears.

Once inside the walls, we were ordered out of the wagon and into a room within the gatehouse.

"Line up facing the walls," said an Amazon guard with that another guard looped a belt around each of our waists and secured our wrists into cuffs that were mounted on the belt.

An official entered through a smaller door and declared "You are now inside the sanctified territory of her most exalted majesty Queen Amara, your life is forfeit and rests upon instant unerring obedience of her majesty and her officials. You remain her majesty's bonded property and are deemed to be of such quality that you will not be allowed to be soiled or defaced in any way that could displease her. Any attempt to self mutilate or harm yourself will result in death. Anyone who tries to injure you or deface you will be executed"

"Candidates ready for processing" Shouted the head guard of the detail, and we were led through a door into another room.

Here, we were undressed and for the first time in three years my chastity belt was entirely removed and a female orderly in a cotton shift washed me. When she came to wash my genitals, I was concerned that I would be accused of dalliance and gagged for years. The orderly understood my concern and told me that this was a different place.

Her gentle cleaning of my privates aroused me. I had not been aroused for more than a year and my manhood fast became engorged.

I tried to evade further handling but she calmed me down and assured me that this was part of an evaluation that I had passed with flying colours!

Once washed, we were led into another room where an official with a list read out our numbers and the statistics that were recorded when we arrived at the work camp years ago. Here our heads were measured in all directions, I was getting worried as I remembered our workmate who had been gagged and began to distrust the orderly thinking that we were in some way to be punished.

Guards took us to counters. Here an official took my penis in her hand and started to work it. Again, having not pleasured myself for many years, my manhood rapidly engorged and became stiff in her hands. Deftly, with a specially shaped tube that looked like women's vagina, she slipped my penis inside and moved it up and down. I rapidly came and I felt my vital fluid shoot into the tube. She removed the tube and cleaned my penis as it became flaccid and lost size just as quickly.

Orderlies removed our wrist restraint belts and fitted us with new chastity belts. These were high quality green leather with golden fittings. The belt included wrist restraints into which our arms were secured once the belts were fitted. Bands with D rings were also buckled onto our ankles. To finish, Lace less slippers were put on our feet and we were then led into another room.

Here another official was stood behind a lectern and he proceeded to read out his proclamation.

"Her majesty commands that each year the fittest and healthiest male slaves from the whole estates are brought here to be cleaned and readied for entry into her stud farm where she will chose the finest example of manhood to provide her with seed to provide the next heir or royal household. The alpha males will be selected to fulfil this service, while those of beta stock will service the lower family. Those of gamma stock and lower will be sent for gelding and to work as inner guards"

At this, some men were highly agitated and tried to leave the room but their personal guards held them there to hear the rest of the speech.

As the finest and strongest of your kind, you are also deemed to be the most dangerous and therefore will always be restrained as you are now when being moved.

The citadel is heated throughout when winter is here, and it is comfortable enough in the summer months to allow you to move unhindered by clothes other than your belts and shoes. This will also make spotting escapees easier.

At any time that her majesty or the princesses come to revue you, you will be restrained and gagged for their security and protection. Any sudden movement or gesture will be severely punished"

At this, we were escorted out of the room and into a covered wagon. We were driven for several minutes down a series of wide streets until we reached a magnificent palace with golden domes and tall towers all adorned with rich carvings of Queens and other scenes in which Amazons conquered man and subdued his cravings for lust and war.

The wagon drove through a back entrance gate into a yard. This was to be our home from now on. From the courtyard palace guards took us to our living quarters. This comprised a central living area with benches and dining facilities with carpets on the stone floor.

Here we were each released of our bonds and let into the living quarters; there were several such similar quarters with slaves who had been here for longer. We could not see them and they could not see us, but we heard them.

"Alright fresh ones? Said a gravely voice, the queenliest will be moist with the thought of fresh meat in her cellar"

A guard pointed to a place on the wall where a Gag was hanging from the wall.

"Any more of that disrespect Tonio and you will get the stuhmgag d'ya hear?

The guard continued looking at us as she said, "This one is special as it has no feedhole and only enough airway to allow gentle contemplative breaths. And if they persist in being trouble, we whip off their kit and send them to the death camps".

With that the guards left us and we got to explore our surroundings. The living area was surrounded on three sides by cubicles where we could each sleep in, and the beds had a mattress and blanket for comfort.

Our food was delivered and passed though a large opening in the gate three times a day. The food was better prepared than what we had been given in the work camps, though we were never short changed, and a little wine was issued on sabbatday.

We had been here for three weeks when we heard the sound of commotion outside the living area. The guards came and called each of us up to be restrained and as they did this called out our number. With our backs to the guard we did not see them place the gag over our heads and secure it.

When my turn came, the mouthpiece of the gag was placed in my mouth; it had a leather pad that covered my mouth that had a large hole in it. On the inside of this was a metal reinforced leather tube that filled my mouth preventing me closing my jaws. Then the straps were taken around my head and buckled in place. Then I felt a rod being passed through hoops in the halter and down to a leather hoop in my waistband. In this way our heads were erect and our backs were straight. We were taken out of the living area and lined up facing the opposite wall of the corridor to meet our queen.

The first thing we saw was her escort of imperial guards, fine strong women followed by high officials; tall, slight women with high cheek bones and haughty looks.

Then came Queen Amara and her eldest daughter Princess Daraphrin of Besque.

The queen was a strong looking woman with fine features and clean skin, she was not fat in any way and looked as if she kept fit and active. She was wearing leggings underneath flowing robes and a tiara of gold studded with sapphires.

Princess Daraphrin, was like the queen but shorter and no less attractive. She wore Jodhpurs and a long backed coat of dark blue. Other than earrings, she wore no head adornment.

They walked up and down for a few minutes studying and comparing us; we stood stock still lest we risk punishment of an unknown but probably grisly nature.

The one at the end has fine shoulders don't you think mother? Indeed, he has been bred for burden the queen replied, but that might make his contribution to the line a little heavy set. Good for play then perhaps? The princess suggested.

The analysis of the men continued for about half an hour before the party came to me.

Many young men this year I see said the Princess to her mother, Yes, one or two are fine specimens, I will enjoy them greatly. The queen eyed me up and down and her gaze lingered on my eyes and then down at the golden box enclosing my groin.

This one is splendid Dara don't you think? There are a few this year that are high Alpha, the princess replied with a twinkle in her eye.

Their highnesses departed and we were released from our rods and gags, and returned to our living area. Lesser royal women visited us several times over the next few weeks and we were likewise prepared for their arrival and inspections.

One woman, a minor princess of a lower quality was most tactile and had the habit of stroking us when she visited to see what would happen. It was a cruel taunt that caused one of our group to flinch too much. His sharp movement was translated as a threatening move towards a royal lady and he was dragged off mumbling fearfully by two Amazon guards for unknown punishment.

After four months of living in the lax style of those waiting for the unknown, an official arrived flanked by four of the Royal Amazon guard arrived outside our living quarters and pointed at me.

"Ready the slave for movement".

I was gagged and my wrists restrained. On each side of my belt were D-rings that the guards attached leashes to and led me off.

We walked along a passage and then climbed three flights of stone steps before entering a large room. Here orderlies waited guarded by four more Amazons.

"Here you will be bathed and readied for service. ANY attempt to escape or cause trouble will go badly for you. Do you understand?"

I nodded my ascent and was led to a large tub filled with steaming water.

Under the close scrutiny of the eight guards, I was stripped of my gag and chastity belt and ordered to enter the tub, where I was given a bar of soap and a large washcloth. I bathed and washed my hair and was then ordered out of the tub to be dried by the orderlies while the guards again watched closely for any attempt to secrete dangerous poisonous pads or capsules that might harm the royal lady that I was to service.

Once dry, my body hair was shaved off, and my hair was combed and trimmed by one of the orderlies with fine clippers.

After a musky scent had been applied to my body, an orderly brought a new green belt over and fitted it. This had padded leather cushions that lay from the front either side of the gilt box and wrapped around my waist to just in front of my buttocks. The gag was different as well. It had a hole in it like the other one, but it was larger and forced my jaws wider open. The hole was vertically oval with cushions on each side and had the reinforced leather tube plus an inner flange that surrounded my teeth effectively shielding them from sight and touch. It had the side effect of exposing your tongue.

"We call it the 'Blumen gag' one orderly said smiling at the sound of the name"

I could do nothing but grunt and nod slowly.

To finish, leather mittens were put on my hands and they were then wrapped around metal rods hidden behind the waist cushions and buckled closed.

"That stops you from trying to fiddle whilst you service her majesty said one of the orderlies, and helps support her".

Once everything had been fitted, a liquid was sprayed into my mouth. It was mildly astringent and had a herbal flavour, I assumed it was to clean my mouth and the orderly confirmed this.

Having been fitted up, leashes were attached to D rings above the cushions on my belt, and I was led out of the dressing room and into much more sumptuous surroundings. We walked through a large hall with many stone pillars and then across a small anteroom to a pair of doors flanked by two of the most impressive Amazons I had ever seen. Their expression was severe and quite intimidating as were their weapons, long spears with serrated blades and small knives were sheathed on their belts.

One of these supreme guards knocked on the door, and it was quickly opened by what looked like a high-ranking official.

She addressed me directly:

"Here me now. Your life is worth the performance you give this afternoon for her majesty queen Amara. You have been quite the talk of the bedchamber these past weeks and only state affairs have kept her from sequestering you earlier. Should you perform well, and even provide seed for an alpha grade heir, you will be given status and partial freedom. Should your performance be lack lustre, or even mildly dangerous; risking the royal person, you will be punished by gelding and sending to the death camps for hard terminal labour. Your duty is to pleasure her majesty in any way she demands. No order will be refused on pain of punishment. Do you understand your duties?"

I nodded my understanding and the official led the four guards and I through the doors into what was a softly lit chamber.

On a plinth in the middle of the chamber was what looked like a low vaulting horse that had a wave shaped top on it in carved hardwood. The horse had D rings at both ends and half way down where the top reared up about eight inches and then flowed back down to end at a rounded end.

I was led to it and made to lie down on top. I saw that my waist was to sit right into where the top reared up and my legs lay either side of the raised bulge. The leashes were removed from my belt and then straps threaded through the D rings and buckled tightly to hold my waist in place. I was laid flat along the horse and my head rested in a slight depression at the end where the other D rings were. Straps were likewise threaded through these and ones on the sides of my halter and buckled securely.

Lastly my legs were secured to the remaining D rings in such a way that my pelvis was pushed upwards.

Once secured in place, the official unlocked the golden chastity box cover and then twisted the body off that covered my testicles. She and guards then left me alone on the plinth.

After a few moments, I heard the swishing of cloth and then saw someone appear at my side. It was Queen Amara. She looked down at me with a mischievous expression on her face; she wore a silken gown that flowed around her feet and on her head, she wore a light diadem.

"Ah, you look even better now they have conditioned you. I was right; you are an alpha, and possibly the finest alpha male ever sent to me. Still, I will see how you perform for me now; and then we can go on a journey if you live up to expectations".

With that she let the gown fall about her feet. She was completely naked, and though she must have been in her mid forties, her physique was first class. Her skin was flawless and her breasts were just the right size in proportion to her body. I had seen some atrocious sights of lower guards, whilst at the work camp, who had been given permission to have their breasts enlarged and these were hardly controllable in the uniforms.

The queen's legs were slim and long with graceful feet and strong smooth thighs that rippled as she proceeded to sit astride my face. Her mons venus was shaved and smooth without the turkey skin look that comes from poor skin care. As she spread her legs sitting down, her outer labia were held back by the cushioned pieces that flanked the opening in my gag and exposed the inner flower of her sex.

From this position she looked down at me and gently smiled.

"As this is your first time, I will go through what I want you to do.

I want you to arouse my inner sex and clitoris with your tongue. Think of how the butterfly flutters amongst the summer blooms, I want you to recreate this effect with your tongue make me fly amongst blooms of ecstasy"

I reached up with my tongue and found the soft tissues of her vagina. I began slowly to explore and heard that already this was having an effect. The queen began to rock gently and I began to lick and probe, fluttering here and there with the tip, she began to get moist, and I could feel her wetness with my tongue.

After a few minutes of this and her rocking, she came. I felt the shudders of her orgasm.

"Keep going she said, her voice husky, don't dare stop"

I obeyed her and found further places to explore and flutter.

After about ten minutes of pleasure, she lifted off and stood above me; she looked flushed and was perspiring lightly from her exertions.

"Ahh, she said, and looked down at me beaming, that was a great start, no gelding knife for you boy!"

The queen stepped down from the horse and went away beyond my peripheral vision. I still dared not move my head for fear that it portrayed some malevolent act being prepared.

I heard a curtain being drawn aside and then her majesty was at my side again.

"I will show you something" she reached down and unbuckled one of the straps holding my head down and turned my head to the left. I could see a vertical frame with cuffs attached to cables running through pulleys to hand winches

"This is for those who are a little slow to perform. I have them stretched up on there for a good whipping; but you don't need this warming up treatment the queen said, you are doing excellently just as I expected a high Alpha to"

I was relieved by this information and was happy enough when she left the strap undone.

The queen clapped her hands, clearly a signal to call for the guards to take me away, and while we waited, she fondled my manhood making it rise to the touch.

She had a glint in her eye and winked at me and then left "until next time" she said as she departed.

The official returned with the guards and she replaced my box and cover once I was flaccid, undid all the straps and had the guards replace the control leashes.

We were led back to the dressing rooms where my special gag and belt was removed. I was given a drink and then my normal gag and belt were put on.

We returned to the living area and I was released. The other chaps had also been taken at various times for service and we often shared our experiences with each other in low tones just in case the guards decided to arrange a period in the Stuhmgag.

One man who was beta had become the favourite of a lower class princess and had stories of being allowed to service her without the gag on. We were very surprised at this and thought bad of it because while the gags were uncomfortable, they did offer us level of security against over zealous lovemaking.

I was called to service the queen on numerous occasions over the next few months and started to look forward to them. We just had foreplay; where I would tickle her majesty crazy, and made it my mission to carry her on a wave of orgasm ever longer each time, until one day when my actions nearly cost me my jewels.

I had the queen in ecstasy for twenty five minutes. As a mature woman she was able to experience multiple orgasms and she had had much practice since her adolescence.

She came one last time and then fainted, falling to my side with a dull thud. I would have gone to her aid but for being well strapped down and unable to move.

On hearing the sound of her majesty falling, her chamberlain entered at speed and went to her aid while several guards also came in and went straight for me.

Their leader had unsheathed her blade and put it to my neck. "You worthless piece of dog meat; she snarled into my face; I am going to personally cut your balls and dick off and feed them to the mangiest cur that I find on the street"

I was petrified as the box covering my genitals had been removed after being strapped down, and was at the mercy of the guard's sharpened steel anger.

"Un strap the turd and take him to the gelding place" the head guard said and stood close by while the other guards began to unstrap me from the horse.

I was being handled roughly out of the room when a shout was heard from behind us.

"STOP! Return the boy at once!" It was the queen who had come round and had realised that I was not on the horse, but being led away to the doom of my manhood.

"Bring him here."

Dutifully the guards returned me to her majesty's presence. I noticed that she had a bruise on her left brow and another on her elbow.

"Kneel," said the queen and the guards pushed me to my knees.

"I won't have this one harmed in any way do you understand? He is of the finest class I have had service me in many a year. He pleasures me intensely. Return him to his quarters" with that she allowed the chamberlain to lead her off to be treated.

Back in the quarters I lay on my bed and shivered, the guards were vicious enough at the work camps, but they were just provincial unlike the thoroughbred Amazons here.

I mentioned what had happened to me and the other slaves were surprised that I escaped the knife.

"Pah, you are lucky said one, who serviced the higher class royals, I have heard that the queen was very quick to have the slaves given the chop once upon a time; even for minor infringements"

It's cos he's silver tongued said another with a wink, he can work the queenliest over good and proper, though he's never got the chance to work his wand yet, so perhaps he doesn't need it after all!"

I smiled outwardly but shivered within knowing how near I had been to being gelded and sent to my death.

A week later I was taken to visit the queen, but at the dressing room, My gag was replaced with one that did not have a mouth piece but rather just a ring of leather that surrounded it. This had two D rings on it, one either side of my mouth. Also, a belt was buckled around my waist into which my gloved hands were strapped in front of me.

I was led to a different part of the palace there was a small enclosed garden which had a raised platform covered with a canopy. Here there were two rows of seats, one of which was more solid than the rest; that was obviously for me, and two thrones. The seat was beautifully carved with woodland scenes and motifs, and was partly upholstered. It had the ubiquitous rings for restraint at head height and for the ankles. But I was bid to stand.

Soon thereafter, women began to arrive, mainly high-ranking officials and royal family members. Amongst them was Princess Daraphrin who was there with another woman. She had her arm about the Princess' waist and I assumed she was her lover.

"Kneel" said one of my guards and tapped the back of my knees with her baton.

I did as I was bid as her majesty the queen entered the platform and went to her daughter who she embraced. While they shared pleasantries, I was bid to sit in the chair and straps buckled in place. The straps restraining my head were long enough to allow some movement either side but my ankles were well secured.

An official standing next to me gave me my instructions.

"Do not look at her majesty unless she speaks to you. Only speak when her majesty asks you a question. Never offer an opinion unless her majesty invites you to, and do not blaspheme even if her majesty or another woman does so. It is highly unusual for a slave to be given such liberty and I for one do not approve" She held me with a reproachful glare as she spoke in soft tones.

The queen walked over and sat in the throne next to me and I made sure to look at the floor.

"Are they looking after you well in the living quarters?" the queen asked me.

They are thank you your majesty, I replied.

Do you find the restraints uncomfortable?

No, I have gotten used to them, indeed these new ones are more supple than the ones I wore in the work camps your majesty.

That is good, I am entranced by you and decided that you should have the best leatherwork that I can have made. I had a first class cordwainer brought to the palace to make your halter and gear."

At that an official advanced to her side and whispered in her ear.

"Make it so," said the queen, and the official departed.

Out in the garden, I noticed a frame similar to the one that I was shown in the pleasure room, as it was known. Half way down there was a waist restraint joined solidly to both uprights and there were arm, thigh and leg cuffs attached by chains as well.

A middle-aged man was brought out by guards and shackled to the frame. He began to wriggle, but the thigh cuffs and waistband held him tightly.

"I thought I would show you what would have happened if the guards had had their sport, though I know you would not have benefited from judicial process"

I studied the man who looked terrified.

An official followed by a medic and two orderlies walked to the man in the frame. The medic arranged some implements on a small table while the official turned to address the stage.

"Your majesty, your graces and women, I hereby declare that by the powers invested in me by her majesty Queen Amara that justice will be done in the name of her majesty for the safety of womankind and as example to other slaves who might be given to try such lawless and vile acts.

The non-man is found guilty of injuring a lady of her majesty's household in a way that has left lasting testimony to the grievous acts.

Thus the penalty is emasculation by royal physician and penal servitude unto death."

Whilst the official had been reciting his dialogue, the physician had injected the man in the groin. I assumed that this was an anaesthetic as the pain of emasculation could only be unbearable.

After a few minutes the medic stuck a needle in the condemned mans scrotum and penis to see the reaction. Apart from some squirming, the man did not bellow. He was wearing a gag halter and it looked like it had a piece in it to stop the man from talking.

The physician signalled she was ready to proceed and her majesty stood and declared:

"Geld the prisoner and gag it so it may not eat or take in fluid, the non-man is but a beast to work its life away.

With that the queen sat down and signalled for the physician to start.

The physician took a small knife and cut the man's penis off about an inch from the body. There was a titter from the woman on the stage and I wanted to cover my genitals with my hands but they were held securely. Then the physician busied herself shaping the tissues and then sewed the skin around the stump.

Then she took the knife to the man's scrotum and proceeded to cut the skin. I could not see the detail but before long there was a small bloodied glob on the ground beneath the man's feet and where his manhood had been there was a small nub and an even smaller scrap of sewn skin below.

With that, the man was un-bound and taken away.

The queen clicked her fingers and a servant advanced to attend her.

"Bring some sweetmeats and wine for me and the stud, the queen ordered; I hope that you have a little appetite after seeing justice done? She asked.

Er, I cannot say that it was an event that I will forget in a hurry your majesty. What did he do to suffer this punishment?

The slave was attending to his regular mistress and had a fit of pique that resulted in him hitting her with a candelabra. It left nasty flesh wounds on her face and chest that will scar and leave her marred."

I left it at that, not wishing to push my luck, and the servant arrived at this point so the queen was distracted by her presence. The servant had brought a silver jug of wine and three glasses; while on another tray were sugared fruits and small pastries of an exotic nature.

"Here, have a sugared cherry." Her majesty picked up a cherry and fed it to me, it tasted good. I could see that other women noticed the queen's behaviour as they looked and whispered. The queen fed me some more and then let me drink some wine from a silver cup. Princess Daraphrin came over and stood next to her mother, the queen, and whispered into her ear,

"Yes I know, but he is very special, almost one of a kind". The Princess turned and walked off of the stage followed by her partner.

"The problem with my daughter.... Oh never mind, Guards! Take the slave back"

Her majesty left the stage and I was unstrapped and returned to quarters.

The following evening I was called for and prepared, but by a different official and orderly, instead of the usual blumengag, a stuhmgag was buckled on and I was left in my normal belt with wrists restrained behind me. I began to feel alarmed by the change in routine, no bath either.

Guards took me to another room that only had a frame in it. Standing next to it was the guard who had tried to take me away to be gelded.

"Strap it in, and make sure the cur is tightly bound" she ordered.

I was really frightened at this point and tried to evade being strapped into the frame, I noticed that it didn't have thigh restraints and assumed that it didn't matter if I was going to be emasculated.

The guard slapped me around the face several times as the other guards locked my arms and legs into the frame. "Stop your feeble wriggling worm" she snarled curling her lip.

The guards then turned and kneeled as the princess entered the room and walked over to the guard standing by the frame.

"Ah; there we are all trussed up like dogs should be she said to me.

We don't like slaves who get above their station, being fed by their betters like favoured pets in front of those whom they embarrass. It won't do to have the guards and servants gossiping about such a breach of protocol. It is bad for our reputation.

I would gladly have you gelded and sent to your death like that piece of filth they chopped yesterday but your milk is of such quality that it will be the saving of you.

Still, she added, it doesn't mean that I cannot teach you to pull your horns in a little does it?"

She looked at the guard "Stripe him ten times and then we will see if the dog needs another lesson"

The guard took up a crop and walked behind me where I could not see her. The guard moved close to my ear and whispered "I hope you enjoy his as much as I will"; and with that she moved away.

I heard the whoosh of the crop moving through the air to impact my back. The pain was intense and made every nerve in my body twang. There followed nine more of the same, on different parts of my back and buttocks. The weals stung and I could not help but grunt each time the crop hit home.

"So, dog, how did that do for starters eh? Said the Princess, another ten make sure the dog knows its place".

And the lashes came in the measured stroke of a competent, not too fast or the effect would have less effect, and not too hard to break the skin.

"And another ten, on the legs I think" From the blows that followed, I could not stand up.

I was unchained and dragged out of the room and down to the dressing room where I was unbound and helped into the bath. After a bath, I was fitted with a normal gag and the special cushioned belt before being taken to the Princesses bedchamber. Here there was the horse, or one like it, on a plinth. I was strapped into it and my box removed. The raw stripes on my back and legs complained but I could do nothing about it.

Princess Daraphrin came in and stood looking down at me.

"So, I hear that you are a superb specimen? She moved to my pelvis and took hold of my penis. What a rod you have. She said as she manipulated my penis in her hand.

I think I might road test it for the mother. She is away on official business, and here I am all bored with my normal toys while you laze around in your hutch like a lithe rabbit. We might even see if your milk is as good as the doctors say it is". She smiled and stood bestride me before settling down onto my groin guiding my member deep into her moist sex.

"Well it fits nicely, the princess said, she began to rise and fall rhythmically on my phallus and I began to feel the sensual pleasure of the stroke. She moaned and began to gyrate her hips as she moved up and down. It was all over in a minute as my precious fluid hit home and became hers. My first conjugal orgasm left me weak and it took a few seconds to realise that the princess had left and that the guards were un strapping me. I felt used and worried about my fate. Was that it? Was I now of no use, having been spoilt by the princess; and would I suffer the fate of many before me, to be emasculated and sent to work out my days in starvation and suffering?

I contemplated these and other thoughts as I was taken back to the dressing room and thence on to the living quarters.

"Careless talk causes the chop, one of my inmates said as he stopped me in mid sentence, telling him of what happened. Just wait it out and see what occurs. Whatever happens, you can't change the course of fate."

This did little to reassure me, and neither did the silence from upstairs.

It seemed that her majesty was away for many weeks. The Imperial Guard visited every week to see that all was in order, the regular guards were changed for a new, complement; and so we lost any regular information, as our new guards were less conversant.

And then it happened.

I was summoned. I was surprised, but slightly excited as it had been many weeks since I had serviced the Queen. I might get to have my way with her, though at her behest and not mine of course. The thought of fathering a Princess was bizarre given my status, but there we go, that is the way of things in this world of feminine dominance.

I was taken to the dressing room and had my usual routine of bathing and fitting of equipment. The Blumen gag was being fitted and I noticed a sparkle of light reflect off of one of the cushion pieces that flanked my mouth.

There were minute needles protruding just a small distance from the leather.

Poison! I caught myself reacting and, thinking fast, turned it into a cough.

"Easy slave", a guard said as I took control of myself and allowed the orderly to buckle the instrument of death onto my head.

I was led to the Queen's chamber in the oft-repeated manner and buckled onto the horse to await her majesty.

Here an official sprayed a foul tasting liquid into my mouth and it began to make my tongue numb. Not only had they turned me into a tool of death, but they had also made it almost impossible to tell her majesty about the poisoned needles.

"I have missed our time together", the Queen said as she appeared at my side.

I was staring at her and trying to shake my head, plus making all attempts to say "POISON" but in vain, the nearest I got was "FOYCON!"

The Queen looked at me curiously and said, "I hope you are not getting cocky stud or I will have to have you reminded of who owns who".

I continued my performance to no avail as the queen stripped off her robes and stood over my head as she had done on the first occasion that I serviced her desires, remembering the feeling of helplessness but also the tenderness of the great woman.

Tears came to my eyes as I thought of her and the impending doom.

"Now you blub, what is it that makes you fret? Perhaps you have missed me!"

The Queen lowered herself to sit astride my mouth on the cushions and in doing so; her thighs stopped my head moving albeit of limit.

I heard her start as the needles pricked her outer lips.

Queen Amara rose from her position where I had given her my greatest performance and studied her sex seeing the pin pricks of blood forming where the needles had gone home. She looked at me, and with tears of her own said, "You tried to save my life. And I, the person who treated you as an animal even as you tried to warn me of this evil work".

The Queen shivered as she stood before me. "The poison takes hold".

She stood over me and began to un do the straps that held me to the horse, and then began to remove the mittens and lastly unbuckled the gag from my head.

"There. We must be quick or the vermin who did this will find you in a manner that you cannot escape from. Follow me", commanded the Queen, I picked the leather apparel and took it with me. The queen wavered and made to collapse, but I took hold of her and we made our way from the chamber through another door.

"Here. The Queen said and pointed to a chair, put me here". I did as I was bid and began to look around the room. There was only one door in or out, plus several wardrobes and chests. It must have been a dressing room.

"Take clothes from the dark wardrobe. The queen said; they are my riding clothes. They may be a bit tight but you cannot go abroad naked" I took breeches and a blouse from the cupboard plus a spares and put them into a bag that I found in another cupboard. "Here, take this key. It is to unlock your manhood and free it. Her majesty was weakening from the poison's effect and she had trouble taking it from her neck.

I went over and took the key on its chain. I touched the queen's cheek and kissed her on the mouth. I could still not speak properly and my offer to take her with me came out clumsily.

"No, I will burden you and it will be your undoing. She pointed to a light wardrobe in the corner. Unlock the door and then hand me the key".

I did as I was bid.

"Now go in, shut the door and feel for the centre stay. Pull it; then follow the secret passage out of the Citadel and enjoy your freedom"

The Queen was fading as I handed her the key. I kissed her once more and entered the wardrobe. I could hear voices in the outer chamber and hastened to shut the wardrobe door. I found the stay and pulled it with as much force as he could muster. I heard a scrape and clunk as the wooden back of the wardrobe opened easily.

I felt the passage behind. It was small, and I had to bend low to pass into it. I trod on a loose stone and hastened forward as I heard a section of wall scrape closed behind me.

Just before Queen Amara died, she put the key in her mouth and swallowed it.

Princess Daraphrin entered the room with two loyal officials and her Amazon guards.

"Where is the slave? I must have the slave killed!" she bellowed.

The Princess looked down at the now dead queen. She had a satisfied smile on her face.

"Search the palace for the slave, ordered the Princess; He must be around here somewhere. He cannot have got far".

I saw now that the passage had small openings, no larger than an egg on one side of the wall to let in enough light to see ones way.

The passage twisted up and down randomly as did the openings to reduce the chances of the passage being found. Stretches had no openings and I had to be careful not to stumble on steps invisible by the darkness. After about quarter of an hour, I came to a dead end. The end wall was framed by and arch and several minutes were spent looking for a handle or way to open the door. I found what looked like a loose stone in the wall, but before I committed myself to opening the way, I had a peek out of an opening placed high in the wall to see what the land looked like outside. I saw that there was plenty of cover by way of scrub and trees in a dip in the ground, and I heard no movement except for a light breeze that stirred the leaves. I decided to make a break for it and pressed the loose stone. The internal workings of the mechanism clunked and the stone section slid to reveal an opening covered in Ivy and other climbing plants; I carefully pushed the plants aside and crept out carefully looking around for any movement that was unnatural and saw nothing. The stone door slid back into the opening and sealed it shut. I was free. With nothing more to do, I crept up along the valley floor and disappeared into the bushes.

The princess never found the slave. The secret passage was a once only escape route and despite ordering the door demolished, was way too late both to catch up with him, or to have guards sent out to search the citadel surroundings. Her child, the princess Mari was born healthy and beautiful nine months later, and became in turn a fine and noble queen who kept up the practices of keeping studs, but held back from conquering any more lands for fresh men to work for the Amazon empire, breeding them instead to improve their positive traits and breeding out negative ones. Indeed in one hundred generations the use of chastity belts was deemed unnecessary as those bred to work and not for personal service were incapable of sexual dalliance.

The slave made his escape into wilder lands where he was able to live out his days. He was young and so his days were many. Sadly, his escape from the citadel prevented his escape for the royal chastity belt. He had not put the key around his neck but had held it in his hand on the way down the passage. In the rush to escape he dropped the key in the bushes of the valley floor and was unable to find a way to remove the belt or pick the lock. The quality of the belt, being hand made for him, fit so well that he found few gaps.

His despair was short lived as he lived alone for fear of being shopped to the Amazon guards and being punished as a traitor or escapee. He retained his manhood but lost its liberty.

A lesson to us to keep our keys safe at all times.

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