The Conversation about Security

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"So run this by me again, this is your new device from Mature Metal not like the old one. So what's the difference between the two, O.K. I understand the old one was a "Jailbird" and that this one is a Queens keep but surely a device is a device?"

"No dear this is special, it doesn't have a key".

"It doesn't have a key! So what does it have?

"It has a type of torque".

"It has a talk. what is a talk"?

"No dear it's called a torque, T.O.R.Q.U.E".

"Oh! And what is a Torque when it's at home?"

"It's a type of screw".

"It's a type of screw, well surely the purpose of a screw DARLING is that it can be unscrewed and in that case where's the security in that?"

"It's a bit like an alum key but different".

"Oh! It's a bit like an alum key but different".

"That's right".

"Look I know you, and you have just about every tool there is in your tool box's, including screwdrivers, spanners, alum keys and from the way you described them, these things called torques".

"But it's different".

"You said that before but how is it different"?

"It has a special piece in the inside of the socket which is unique".

"It has a special piece in the inside of the socket which is unique, unique in what way"?

"You can only get them from Mature Metal".

"So you can't go down to the DIY store and just pick up one of these things off the shelf"?

"No dear"

"So knowing how resourceful you are, would it be possible for you to make one of these things with the piece inside, or even adapt one of your torques"?

"NO way, it's impossible".

"So they are really unique and only available from Mature Metal and cannot be replicated and cannot be bought from anywhere else"?

"That's correct".

"So how many of these torque thingies does the device come with"?

"Just the two".

"Two, is that all, are you sure? The reason I ask is that, as you said, if these cannot be replicated then you cannot get a copy of the key as you did with your first device. Oh! Yes don't look so surprised DARLING, you surely didn't think didn't know about the SPARE key in your special place did you"?


"Oh! That look of innocence on your face is priceless Ha Ha Ha".

"Well what do you think"?

"So what do I think? I think that this thing, that you have asked for and cheated on.."

"I wouldn't really call..".

"Don't interrupt when I'm speaking.

So what do I think? I think that this thing that you have asked for and cheated on is still a sort of game, as chastity PLAY is and always will be.

The main difference now is that we both know the truth and we have to be honest and truthful with each other, understand"?

"Yes dear"

"Good I'm glad that you agree, and NOW we have to agree, because it will be consensual, on where we go from here.

First off you give me both keys, one of which I will place in an envelope which will be sealed with the old fashioned type of sealing wax with my special seal on it. If the seal has been tampered with I will first of all know it has been tampered with, and secondly will want a very good reason as to why.

Now you will go and shower and then put on the new device and insert the screw thing as far as you can and return here so that I can inspect MY new device and MY locked up contents.

I will then use MY key to tighten the screw tight.

You will then try to unscrew the torque thing to prove to my satisfaction that it cannot be undone.

I will show you where the envelope will be in case of emergencies, but woah betide you if the reason is not a valid one for opening the envelope".

"Have you finished speaking"?

"Yes.. I was finished speaking, but I'm glad that you asked".

"So how long will you keep me locked"?

"Oh! I don't know the answer to that one long..well I have to take into account the fact that you weren't exactly honest about the spare key we spoke of. Which means that I don't now know how often you could have played with yourself, which obviously you thought that I thought that I knew, if you see what I mean"?

"I'm sorry my love, but about health and safety"?

"I've read all that about prostate milking etc but we'll just have to see where this all goes. As I said I'm not sure any more about this, as we are to all intents and purposes starting afresh because of that issue of the spare key. So I'll be monitoring how this chastity thing really affects you and I. One thing IS for sure, it looks like it's for real this time as I AM your Keyholder".

"Yes dear".

"Oooooh! A funny feeling just crept over me and tingled down my spine saying those words; probably because I know for the first time, I am sure of the fact it's TRUE".

"You will be my love".

"Right so toddle off DARLING and have your shower and come back to me with your task completed for me to inspect AND TIGHTEN", whilst I go find my seal and envelope".

"I'm showered and the device is in place".

"Right come closer I want to have a better look. I do like the shiny look of these devi..DARLING isn't this one a little shorter than your last device"?

"Yes dear".

"Won't this cause you a little more discomfort know . in the early hours of the morning... your early morning wake up calls if you know what I mean"?

"My theory is that if the device wakes me sooner, then the pain of the early morning "woodies" will not be as intense".

"Oh! You think that the shorter tube will wake you sooner, and that way it won't be as painful. Well we'll have to see won't we"?

"Yes dear".

"Right now to test MY KEY. There that's tight enough, now see if you can turn it to get yourself free.

No? That's good... Very good".

"Ooooh Arggghhh".

"What are you twitching for I'm only inspecting MY property, so stay still. MMMMM it does look a little tight in there, are you sure you're going to be O.K. in there"?

"I hope so dear".

"You sure; because it could be for a while"?

"How long is a while dear"?

"I know; I said I wasn't sure for how long, BUT THIS TIME it really is up to ME, oooooh there goes that tingle again down my spine. This is really getting me excited. I don't know whether it's the trust that I now have in what we are doing, or the sense of power that I feel knowing that for the first time I really have control of.... well you and your sexuality.

There it goes again, tingling down my spine Woooaaahh.

Having said that, I suppose I also have taken sole control of MY sexuality, because as you are reliant on me to release MY property to do with as I wish. This does mean that I am free to have my pleasures even if you cannot.that is if I so choose".

"But you will please let me out sometime dear...please"?

"Yes, yes, yes of course I will let you out sometime but only of my choosing. But in the meantime if I want something done, you will do it, whether it be a chore around the house, something from the shops, to take ME shopping and be my personal shopper or ANYTHING I WANT including anything of a sexual nature, massage, foot massage, back massage or anything I can think of. Of course I realise that anything of a sexual nature will undoubtedly turn you on and that MY property will be in a little discomfort, well that's the price you will have to pay, you will have to suffer for you mistress".

"Did you say Mistress dear"?

"Oh! You didn't realise? Yes now that the game is for REAL, when we are alone you will address me as MISTRESS. At all other times we will be as we have been in the past Wife and Husband, but seeing as though the rules have changed somewhat, I think that there MAY be a little adjustment in the way you behave, even in public, due to the fact that I have A KEY".

"Yes dear..(look of disapproval)... I mean Yes Mistress.(smiles)". But you do still love me, I am your husband"?

"Love you, of course I love you. Who wouldn't love a man that is prepared to surrender himself to his wife in marriage, soul and especially BODY. That is what you have done, now that I own MY cock".

"May I ask a question about this device being new and a smaller tube"?

"Right I'm glad you mentioned that, I have already thought about that.

If you do experience any discomfort with the device you must tell me immediately, but that is not a valid excuse to remove it. Only I can remove it if we are together, so you will be supervised. I am saying "if" as you are already used to wearing a device so it should create no problem. However as this device is smaller in length than your other one .... then that is your problem so calm down and don't get aroused.... after all you ordered and bought it".

"I understand ..M M M Mistress".

"Good Boy".

"Now are there any more questions, because if not your time in REAL CHASTITY STARTS NOW. There goes that tingle again".

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