Fantasy vs Reality

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Chapter 1

The fantasy world and real life never seem to align. As much as I looked forward to acting out my deepest desires, at this moment I wish I had never started. Very quickly let me begin with a brief synopsis of the things for which I had wished. I wanted to be a slave to a beautiful, domineering woman. I wanted to serve in chastity and provide all of my mistress's sexual and domestic needs. Unfortunately, for me, whereas I had always masturbated to such detailed thoughts, there were no such guarantees when reality took its hold.

At the beginning, my beautiful and sexy wife Sara had been reluctant to give in to my pleadings. I spent months trying to convince her of the benefits of this arrangement but she just was not receptive. Then, by some strange twist of fate, I took her to a "convention" where devices and practices were on display. In itself, she might not have appreciated the scene, but when we bumped into Dee, one of her best friends leading a male slave around by a leash around his balls, everything changed. They exchanged a few words and arranged to meet for dinner during the next week.

When we got home, there was some small talk about some of the devices and couples that we had seen and very little more. However, before she left for her date with Dee, she asked me to write down some of the things about which I had fantasized. This I did with great zeal. Was this the opportunity that I had been waiting for? Sometimes things work out in unexpected ways.

For over five hours, I waited for her return. I was in frenzy when her key was inserted into the lock and she returned.

She actually had a grin on her face. I said, "Well, what happened?" and she began to recount her evening. The bottom line was that Dee had convinced Sara that she would never regret giving me what I wanted. On the top of my list was a secure chastity device. The reason that they had been together so long was that they had gone shopping -- for me!

Sara wanted to be sure that I was still willing to submit totally to her and I assured her that I was. She led me over to our king-sized bed and used handcuffs and leg restraints to spread eagle my naked body. She produced a blindfold and covered my eyes with it. As I lay there, she stroked my raging hard-on. "You know, you really have to control this thing if you want me to keep you frustrated and in chastity. I bought something that is going to help. First though, you must relax." She went to the kitchen and returned in a few minutes. I was told to lift up my body, as best I could, and felt a bath towel being slid under me. I was again told to rise up and came down on a bowl filled with ice and frigid water. My cock and balls were held in it and they both were soon shriveled. When she removed it, it was very easy to install the Kali's Teeth Bracelet. It consisted of a cock ring that fit snuggly behind my balls and an inch-long tube that encircled the portion of the shaft nearest the ring. To complete the installation, a lock connected the ring and the bracelet. I was soon to learn what I had gotten myself into, both literally and figuratively.

Sara dried me off and was soon at work teasing my tool. I always loved the way she stroked me and brought me to full attention. Unfortunately, for me, this time was quite different. It took only a short time for me to realize that there were sharp spikes on the inside of the tube and as soon as I began to erect, I was in agony. "You'll soon learn to control yourself! You will be concentrating on satisfying me and me alone. Erections will be punished from now on. Do you understand?" I told her that I did, but I also begged her to remove the device. She told me that there was going to be a trial period of a month and at that time, she would make a more permanent decision. At this point, she left for a few minutes to hide the keys somewhere outside of the house where I would have no chance of retrieving them. Upon her return, she left me with one other thought -- If I took the chastity off, she would sue me for divorce the next day and I would "gladly" turn everything over to her rather than have her expose my innermost desires. Letters that I had written to her and videos that I had her take of me in compromising positions would be my undoing. I was beginning to feel like a slave and wondering if it was going to be worth it.

Chapter 2

At first, with the exception of me being kept in chastity, our relationship was much as it had always been. I did find myself to be more loving and much more available to "serve". Sara's sexual appetite was much greater than it had been and I was eager to please her in any way that she desired. I had always been good at cunnilingus and she often took advantage of this option. She demanded that I extend my typical "performance time" in order to stretch out her foreplay time and ultimately her orgasms. The latter were now greater in number and in intensity. It was not unusual for her to return home from work, having thought about my frustration during her drive back, and have me give her immediate satisfaction. She would stretch out on the bed and have me remove all her clothing before using my hands and tongue on her breasts and cunt. These activities made it all the more painful for me since I became aroused and suffered from the sharp spikes in my KTB. Interestingly, as she became cognizant of my predicament, her desire to tease me greatly increased.

One way that this manifested itself was her mode of dress while at home. I had always asked her to dress in a manner that turned me on. She rarely took the time to do so. It was always too much trouble. Now, she often took a shower after work and emerged from the bedroom in an outfit that now drove me crazy with desire -- and frustration. My favorite outfit, skin-tight pants, revealing top and 5-inch high heels, now kept me in constant pain as the KTB bit into my most tender parts. And then there was her beautiful raven hair. I had practically begged her to wear her hair in a French Twist but it was always too much trouble. Now it was always done to perfection with sleekness that that drove me wild.

Other things began to change as Sara realized the power that she now possessed over me. There were long conversations with Dee, after which my situation always took a turn for the worse. In no particular order, here are some of them:

1) After dinner, I used to get up from the table, sit down in the living room and either read or watch TV. This is now a thing of the past. I have no time to read or watch TV. As a matter of fact, these are now forbidden to me. Originally, when she informed me about these rules it turned me on but when I realized that I could no longer watch sports or (what used to be) my favorite programs, I was beside myself. Now it is I, who is responsible for preparing dinner, cleaning off the table and doing the dishes. It is I, who cleans the house from top to bottom. It is I, who does all the shopping and runs all of her errands. And it is I who does the laundry, paying special attention to her delicate garments.

2) Since Sara has complete control of the TV, she watches her favorite shows which often conflicted with my choices. The days of her sublimating her desires are now a distant memory. To teach me a lesson, when there is show that we both used to enjoy watching together, I am either assigned an ignominious task elsewhere in the house or kept in some form of bondage near her. One of her favorites is having me scrub the kitchen floor on my hands and knees while she enjoys her shows. To add insult to injury, she made use of my mechanical and technical prowess by having me install closed circuit cameras in different parts of the house. These are viewable on the TV and she is able to monitor me while I toil away. To make matters worse (for me), she often records me while performing these activities, transfers them to CD's, and has a large file of these available for her own purposes. Although she never gives me any specifics, I suspect that she has the set of originals in her bank vault and a duplicate set on hand which she can use to help her masturbate or which she can share with Dee. The threat constantly hanging over my head is that she will put some on you-tube or send them to my friends and family. I have become a more docile slave.

3) As an alternative to watching me from afar as she enjoys TV, I am sometimes near to her. One of her favorites is to have me positioned either lying or standing next to her. A pair of bondage mittens is locked on me. These are normally attached to a ring in a heavy metal punishment collar locked on my neck. My legs are strapped together limiting almost any movement. In order to keep me from watching or listening to any shows, she blindfolds me and has me wear state-of-the-art earphones that are tuned to a radio station whose music I absolutely abhor. I cannot see or hear any portion of the shows that she watches. What I can feel is her hand as it constantly strokes the exposed head of my penis. Try as I might, I cannot keep myself from becoming erect and suffering in my chastity. After my moaning became an annoyance to Sara, my mouth was fitted with a gag that took care of the problem -- and added to my discomfort.

4) Sometimes, she employs a much simpler bondage position. I find myself kneeling over her on the bed with my legs held wide apart. As while I'm standing, my arms are up to the collar and the blindfold and earphones are in place. However, my cock is in easy reach for her teasing, as are the soles of my feet, which are available for her merciless tickling. My purpose during all of this time is to suck, lick and worship her feet. What better way to exhibit my humiliation?

5) Then there is my ass, which I must keep raised. Sara loves to use a cruel quirt whenever I lose my concentration and lower myself to the point of touching her.

6) Her greatest pleasure, though, is the strap-on dildo that she delights in using on me. She has trained my ass to take progressively thicker and longer tools and has threatened to have a well-hung male stud actually fuck me while she and her friend watch. She has me to the point where I often have to perform my household duties with an eight-inch long, two-inch wide faux cock inserted and locked in place.

7) Aside from having control of the TV, Sara has also taken complete control of our computer. She has changed both of our passwords and I cannot get on any of my internet web sites. I am completely locked out. To make matters worse, she gets the greatest pleasure out of reading my e-mail and pretending to be me. She passes on the jokes that she enjoys and the political commentary to members of my groups without sharing one word of their content. People with whom I work often comment about these and I have to squirm while pretending to know what they are talking about.

8) Adding to her controls are the finances. A few days ago, I signed a number of blank bankcards and papers. Shortly thereafter, she informed me of the consequences. Our substantial savings accounts having over $400,000 are now solely in her name. A number of CD's totaling over $250,000 has also been allocated to her. She has left our joint checking account in place but transfers everything above $100 to her personal account each month after my salary is electronically deposited. She gives me a miniscule stipend each week, which guarantees me not the slightest chance of enjoying my time away from her.

9) Keeping in the financial vein, the thing that I find most humiliating is the disposition of money that I earn after my workday. I go to peoples homes and tutor their children in mathematics at every level. I have a number of steady "customers" in our affluent community and they pay me $100 per hour in cash. By the end of each school week, I have usually earned at least $1000. Sara now keeps a close watch on these activities. I must leave a list of the names, addresses and telephone numbers of those students that I will visit, the days and times of each session and the amounts to be paid. If there is any deviation from this schedule, I must call her immediately and let her know what is happening. In order to keep me on my toes, she will call a client unexpectedly and ask to speak to me. I do not know what she would do to me if I were not there and I do not want to find out! Upon my return to our house, I kneel at her feet, take out my wallet and turn over the money that I have earned. She takes it from me, puts it away in her purse and that is the last I see of it. As a reward for my travails, I am allowed to worship her feet for five minutes before I undress and prepare to do my household chores.

Chapter 3

Whenever Dee is in contact with Sara, there is cause for concern for me. So many ideas for dominating a slave originate with Dee and are passed on to a very receptive Sara. She once told me that Dee had laughed at her after learning that keeping me in a state of permanent chastity was all that she had done. Almost all of the items listed above had then come from Dee. Of course, to Sara's "credit", she enhanced many of those ideas so that they aligned better with our circumstances. Nonetheless, I hated Dee.

I can vividly recall the first time Dee came over to the house to visit after all of her suggestions had been implemented. Sara warned me to be on my best behavior. They sat in the den in comfortable chairs while I knelt humbly before them. I fetched drinks and munchies, and massaged and worshipped their feet and toes upon command. Their conversation brought chills to my spine as they discussed my future as one would discuss a common household item. Foremost on Sara's list of concerns was whether there would be any long-term effect from my lack of ejaculation. The literature that she had read online seemed to have differing views. Dee explained that this was a moot point once the slave was allowed to eliminate his semen in an appropriate manner. I held my breath as I waited in fear for her explanation.

"I'm sorry that I can't give you a demonstration using my slave. I've taken lots of time training him to my desires but I must say that the time and effort that I expended was worth it. Let me describe it to you in the best detail that I can."

"First of all you need him in a position where he is in bondage and his mobility is at a minimum. I can show it to you if you have a leg spreader, bondage mitts and a few metal connectors."

Sara responded affirmatively. First, my ankles were strapped into the ends of the spreader bar that had been opened to its maximum. I was then told to kneel and my hands were locked in the mittens, effectively eliminating my use of them. They were drawn back beneath me and hooked onto the bar portion of the spreader which had been temporarily opened to accommodate the rings on the mittens. The mittens were then attached using the connectors to the outer ends of the spreader. In this position, my ass was prominently raised and my cock and balls were easily available from the rear. A foam pillow was then placed under my shoulders. This forced me to keep my head off the carpet.

Sara took a quick walk around me and told Dee that no matter what she had in mind, the position was ideal for a good spanking and follow up.

Dee continued, "This is the best part! Get your favorite strap-on and start working on his butthole."

Sara did as suggested. My moaning was stopped when a gag, having an opening for the tongue, was used to stretch my mouth wide open -- uncomfortably so. Dee then sat in front of me on the couch and ordered me to lick her toes.

"This is what is eventually going to happen. Slave boy's prostate is going to function in a predictable manner. It will release his semen, which will dribble out. You might want to put a bowl underneath his cock to avoid the sloppiness. We might also find a use for his emissions later. Because his body is not used to this, it will take a long time. As you do this to him more frequently, his body will learn to do its task more quickly. In this way, he will not need to be jerked off and their will be not the slightest feeling of ejaculation. Does that make you feel better?"

Sara expressed her delight at the solution to her "problem". She began to fuck my ass royally. I was unable to move and had to just take it and kiss Dee's toes at the same time. After what seemed like an hour, but turned out to be about 15 minutes, I felt as if I were peeing. Some sort of fluid was coming out of my penis. It wasn't urine! I couldn?t believe that this was happening. I was being milked of all my built up semen.

From where Dee was sitting, she could see the somewhat thick liquid dripping out of me and collecting in the bowl beneath me. She let Sara know that it had begun and her thrusting continued with even more vigor until I was completely drained.

Sara could not believe what had just happened. She walked in front of me and made sure that I understood the significance of what had just transpired. "Slave, from this point forward, you will be milked in this manner once a month. You will remain in a state of constant desire for me and for a real orgasm. However, I will never allow you any form of satisfaction other than bringing me to climax as often as I desire."

Sara replaced Dee in the chair in front of me and I continued with my humble task. Dee walked behind me, picked up the bowl and placed it under my face. "Lick it up, you miserable excuse for a man. Lick that bowl clean or I'll make you very, very sorry." I was in no mood to find out exactly what she meant. I licked up every drop of the disgusting mess.

Sara and Dee sat comfortably and savored the moment. I was reduced to a state of abject slavery. It was what I had asked for but not exactly what I had expected. I was released from my position, the leg spreader, mitts and gag removed, and I was assigned to kneel before them.

Chapter 4

Dee was a born dominatrix and she was sharing her ideas with a receptive acolyte. Her experiences with submissives were numerous and she could have written a book detailing the techniques of domination. One of her favorite psychological ploys was to have a slave kneel in her presence while she discussed plans for his future with another person. Sara's poor husband was right to worry as he unknowingly assumed the position.

As they clinically dissected the day's activities, Dee realized that Sara had adopted the proper attitude toward her relationship with her husband/slave. It was not, "all about them", it was "all about her"! She had essentially been under his thumb for the first five years of their marriage, but from now on, he would be at her beck and call, both inside and outside the house.

Dee's plan was to introduce something new, every so often, and see whether Sara liked it. Thus far, it had all been good. John had been granted his wishes to the point where his chances of every recovering his former status were nil. His slavery was now financial -- the worst kind, domestic and sexual. Whether he liked it or not, he would do whatever Sara desired of him.

"Since you obviously enjoyed today's session, I have a feeling you would love a device that has just come on the market. The reason that I mention it is that although you obviously enjoyed fucking your slave's ass, it became tiring after a while. How would you like to be the proud owner of a fucking machine?"

"Are you kidding me? Is there really such a thing?" responded an astounded Sara.

Dee continued, "There is; I have actually seen it, used it, and enjoyed it incredibly, both ways!"

"Both ways?"

"The first way is just what you were thinking of, using it to punish your slave. The second might even be better for you. Since his cock is no longer available to you, and since you probably miss having it at your disposal, a dildo that is as long and thick as you desire and at the same time never flags as it is performing, can penetrate you. The machine makes me cum repeatedly with unbelievable pleasure."

"I don't miss having a man in the slightest and you know that I am not a lesbian! Your dildo attaches to a piston-like core. You set the speed and depth and just lie back and enjoy the experience. The manufacturers have anticipated double usage. There is a comfortable padded seat for the master that turns into a bondage seat over which the slave is bound -- backwards of course! You can have any sized dildo when you place the order. And one other thing, it's not that heavy or big, so you can easily move it or store it. Let's go over to the den and I can show it to you on their website."

After a half hour, the women returned to the living room where John was still on his knees. Sara looked down at him and gave him the news. "I want to thank you for giving me the money to order the machine. I asked for express delivery and they are shipping it out today. It will be here in two days. I just know that we are going to love it. However, you did pay for it and I promise to let you try it out first."

Chapter 5

As promised, the bell rang two days later and John hauled the package into the house and down to the steps to the finished basement. What was once his private den was now Sara's playroom. It was not difficult for him to put it together and explain how to attach the dildos. He also illustrated how to set up the "seats" and "attachments". He soon found himself bent over the users seat, backwards, of course, with his arms and legs strapped to the sides and his ass waiting for the "attention" he knew was imminent. Sara lubricated both his asshole and his dildo and slid it so that it would go in about 2 to 3 inches. She also placed a "just-in-case" condom on the end of his cock. Initially she blindfolded him but did not insert the gag so that she could hear if there was any physical damage being done. Finally, she sat down in her favorite seat in front of him and pressed the remote controlled starter button.

There were three speed settings. Sara began with the slowest. There were also three penetration settings and likewise she chose the smallest. John moaned and begged for release but he did not complain of anything that he had not experienced from prior episodes. At this point, the open gag was strapped into his mouth. Sara allowed him to get used to each speed and penetration setting and after about 15 minutes, he was getting the full 8 inches and the fastest "in and out". Sara was getting hotter by the second as she slid her exposed slit under his mouth. He immediately began licking her. He did it slowly to prolong her pleasure. He had never had such a long and deep fucking, but knew better than to complain. He brought her close to the point of no return, but never took her over. Finally, she could stand it no longer.

She pushed herself away from him and waited a few minutes to calm down. She then released him from the machine and had him rearrange the seating to accommodate her as well as her dildo. Before ordering him to go upstairs and scrub the kitchen floor, she checked the condom and was impressed to see that he had filled the tip. He had gotten his ass reamed and his semen milked. What a wonderful machine!

She got into the seat, placed her feet in the stirrups, arranged the initial settings and hit the start button. It took about 30 seconds for her to be screaming with a satisfaction that she had never come close to having with John. Not only that, her orgasm lasted far longer than she had ever had before. Sara luxuriated in the afterglow and waited about 10 minutes before trying again. She upped the settings and found the results even more satisfying -- if that were even possible. By the time she finished, exhaustion had overtaken her to the point that she immediately fell into a deep sleep.

To be continued?

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