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Submitted by: A Happy Wife

My husband, the poor bastard, has no one but himself to blame. The poor bastard walked into this with his eyes open and his legs spread. We have always had an adventurous sex life and have used toys in the bedroom almost from the beginning. The poor bastard was a bit reluctant with oral sex unless I was the giver. He seemed to think of his going down on me as foreplay. He would perform orally until he thought I was ready then he put it in and rode me hard and parked me dirty. Mostly he was good and mostly I was fully satisfied. But as with most marriages the lust subsided and sex became a weekender then a Saturday night thing.

I knew he was masturbating I did not like it but as long as he was good for our Saturday roll around I was OK with it. At least he was not chasing other women around. His computer revealed some interesting things about him. I was not shocked but was a little amused to find out the poor bastard was spending time viewing, and I bet masturbating to female domination, forced cross-dressing and men in chastity websites. I couldn't help but wonder how the poor bastard would look all dressed up doing the house work around here. How funny that would be, and in chastity yet.

I did read some of the stuff and pretty much thought it was bull crap. The chastity stories were unbelievable. Supposedly women were claiming that putting their husbands in chastity saved the marriage, what crap. Besides I was still getting my Saturday. It would be nice to have some help with the housework though. Like that was going to happen.

One Saturday morning I was helping him with his computer. He had filled it with internet cookies and shareware that had slowed it down to a crawl and I was cleaning it up for him. He had it so screwed up I had to move everything to a portable drive then re run his operating system. Needless to say I was pissed and my housework was not getting done. All this was so that he would have a fast computer to jack off in front of. I was getting tired of being his Saturday girl when he had his own happy hand all week. When the computer was all cleaned up and I was not so pissed I said to the poor bastard maybe one of those chastity device things would be good for your computer. He laughed and said look at this. Then he got on the computer and showed me some devices and let me read the happy wife stories of husbands in chastity.

So I said to the poor bastard I am only getting laid once a week now, locking you up is not going to help that, is it? The poor bastard said sure it would because he wouldn't be masturbating and would be wanting me all the time. Then he said he would eat pussy whenever I wanted it. I said to the poor bastard let's shop.

We looked at sites he knew about. Then huddled together like the loving couple we were we did the measuring and then the ordering using his credit card of course. I decided on the device and insisted on a pink color. The CB6000 came in a small size, the poor bastard objected to that but the dimensions don't lie small it is. I had some fun that afternoon teasing the poor bastard about the size of his penis and if he really had any idea of what it was going to be like. He explained to me how he and fantasized about this and how I would benefit from his chastity, the poor bastard. As it was Saturday we did the obligatory romp in the sack and he performed his idea of oral sex for about three minutes then he decided I was ready and we did it. The next morning I used his computer to print out a couple of internet articles on how to give oral sex to a woman and told him to read them and be prepared to dance to a new tune when his new toy got here.

The device was in the mail on a Tuesday. I knew it was the device even though it was wrapped in plain brown paper. I figured it was mine as well as his so I opened it. There was a small assortment of rings that fit the balls, some pins, a ring for the penis and the little tube, all in pink. Little and pink how sweet. I put it all together a couple of times and decided the poor bastard could try it tonight for a hour or two, be free tonight then in the morning we would lock the boy down. The poor bastard would wear it until Saturday. Saturday? Then what? Maybe he has read the articles; maybe Saturday he can practice all he has learned. The poor bastard needed to learn that oral sex is sex, and done right a woman does not need a penis. Yes I thought Saturday will be my night to take a licking and keep on kicking. We fitted the boy up as soon as he got home. He loved it, the poor bastard. He wore it until bed time then I removed it. The little guy sprang to attention as soon as it was free. This was a good erection and I never like to see anything go to waste, so I took it in my mouth. There is just something about a nice hard penis that I like. I swallowed every bit and smiled at my boy. I said that tomorrow it goes on and I will decide when it comes off, Ok? The poor bastard said ok.

So, Wednesday morning bright and early I snapped the lock closed on the pink plastic chastity device. The flimsy lock sounded like the gates of hell to me and the gates of paradise to the poor bastard. I know that he expected to be let out anytime he asked. He asked me for a key to keep with him in case of an emergency. I shook my head no and reminded him he was in chastity and I was in charge, just like the stories he read and asked me to read. I sweetly asked him to start a load of wash and to clean the cat box before he left for work. I saw the look on his face and loved it but he did as he was told. I work from home and have plenty of time for myself. I did send him a couple of texts reminding him of his small size and his promise to learn and love the art of the pussy lick. He brought flowers home that night; I thanked him but said nothing about the device. I do know that he was having a difficult time at his computer but bless his heart he did not ask to be let out. The poor bastard made it all the way to Friday evening before he asked for some relief. I had to say no. After all it was not even Saturday. I did say that there would be sex on Saturday if he did as he was told.

Saturday the poor bastard washed both cars and did the vacuuming and changed the bed. I had to tell him that the bathrooms needed cleaning and he could do that on Sunday. After all I reasoned he said he would be doing house work if he could wear the chastity device. I heard some grumbling under his breath but he still was holding out for Saturday night, the poor bastard.

Saturday night rolled around like it always does and bed time rolled around like it always does too. I placed the key to the device on my bedside table and lay naked on my back on his side of the bed. I spread my legs and bent my knees and said to him let's see what you have learned. The poor bastard reached for the key only to have his hand slapped away. That may not happen I told him. Eat! He bent to the task. He needed lots of prodding with words and slaps. I flipped over and presented him with my rear end and said DO IT! He did it and it was heaven that would be part of his routine, I really liked it. I flipped back to laying on my back and put the poor bastard to work. He worked steadily for over an hour. When I was finished I told him I was not yet happy with his performance before he would see any time out of the small, very small device he would have to get better. The poor bastard was very unhappy as he tried to fall asleep with a penis attempting to erect in that small plastic tube. Sunday morning I told him that I wanted more of his licking and he brought me a nice morning orgasm. I informed him that I would be expecting that more often. The poor bastard was sent off to do the rest of his chores.

The poor bastard got the idea real quick, any chance of getting out would be Saturdays only. He had also figured out that I was serious about him becoming real good at oral sex. Within the first week he had become eager to eat my pussy and he seemed happy when he was able to bring me to a shattering orgasm. I knew the poor bastard was looking ahead to Saturday night. I remembered how many times I had look forward to Saturday night and all I got was a wet spot to sleep in. The poor bastard continued to look at his favorite web sites but was becoming increasingly frustrated and wanted very much too at least be able to touch the little thing.

Two things happened one was in all the looking at his sites on the web I became aware of how small his penis really was. At first I enjoyed teasing him about his smallness and his locked up status. The tease about his size and submission only increased his excitement but I was becoming more and more hungry for a full size penis. By now I had incorporated some feminine attire into the poor bastard's wardrobe. He was very embarrassed about this and I did not spare him any humiliation. Between his small size and a dress now and then and it had been weeks since he or I had been laid I was getting as frustrated as the poor bastard. Then Hank happened. Hank was hired to do some work on the house; he was young good looking, funny and nice. Hank and I would have coffee and discuss the work on the house while the poor bastard served us our coffee and any little snacks we wanted. The poor bastard was spared the humiliation of wearing one of his house dresses but he still had to wear his girl's pants and cute little flats along with an apron. One day Hank made it clear that he appreciated me and could make me happier than that sissy could. When I told Hank that the poor bastard was kept in chastity, Hank about lost it laughing. When I had the poor bastard show Hank the little pink device both Hank and I had just the best time teasing the boy. When Hank left for the day I was wet and ready. I told the poor bastard that I needed to be eaten and if he did not do the job well Hank would be more than happy to take care of me.

I enjoyed the poor bastard's attempts at using his ever growing oral skills to keep his wife faithful but Hank was now part of the poor bastard's life. Hank asked if it was OK to bring some washing and ironing over for the boy to do for him. I thought it would be fine and even suggested Hank bring over his dress shoes for the boy to polish. I will never forget the day we had the talk.

I had invited Hank over on a Saturday to have dinner. The boy would prepare and serve Hank suspected he would be invited into my bed, the boy was very nervous and suspected that Hank would be sleeping with me that night. Saturdays had always been the poor bastard's day of sex and on this Saturday he would be denied even that small amount of sex he was getting. The poor bastard was required to look pretty for this special day and was outfitted in a simple pink dress with a full skirt he wore a nice petticoat under it he carefully applied his makeup and did his nails he wore a dangling set of ear rings and his women's watch and rings on several fingers. The poor bastard wore nude hose and black patent high heeled pumps. He was denied the privilege of wearing a wig and had to make do with his regular boy's haircut. I saw him fidgeting and trying to get comfortable in his device and I knew he was excited and afraid of what might happen.

Hank, the poor bastard and I had out little talk after the boy had cleaned up the kitchen and dining room after a lovely dinner. The poor bastard still in his pink dress, that matched his little device sat at my feet. He had removed my foot wear and was massaging my feet. I offered a foot rub from the boy to Hank and he accepted with a little laugh. The poor bastard removed Hank's shoes and socks. I said to the boy remember when you used to wear manly shoes like Hank wears? The poor bastard sniffed Hanks foot and cleaned between the toes. He lifted the foot and used the heel of his hand to rub the sole and his thumb to rub the ball and the ball of each toe I gave the boy a nod and he took each of Hanks toes into his mouth and sucked them. The poor bastard was eager to suck my toes like this because he knew it pleased me, pleasing Hank was not high on his list of priorities. While the boy worked on Hank's feet we discussed what his new role would be around here.

I did tell the poor bastard that Hank and I would be sleeping together tonight and that Hank would be staying over some of the time. Hank has decided that the boy needs to be as girlish as possible. Hank said that since he will be sleeping with another man's wife that man should be as feminine as possible so that there will be no problem deciding who the man around here is. I asked the poor bastard if he understood what that means? Hank is just being kind to you sweetie! Sweetie just nodded but did not smile. I also had to tell the boy that Hank would be in full charge of him just like I am. He would be expected to make sure the bed had clean sheets on it and it was turned down for us, any toys Hank and I wanted would be clean and laid out, scented lube would be on the night stand and candles would be lit for us. Hank looked right at him and said that because his penis is locked up he is not to be considered a man and there would be no sexual contact from the woman he had married. Any and all sexual relief the poor bastard would get will be at Hank's discretion. The boy did have permission to ask for relief but he would have to ask Hank. Hank told the poor bastard that he had been looking at the sites the boy frequented on the internet and Hank saw that the poor bastard spent a good deal of time on Altairboy's Chastity Web site. Hank figured out that the poor bastard was using the site to masturbate. So what Hank was going to do would be to hang a little tag on the poor bastard's chastity tube with the date of the sites last posting. It would be the poor bastard's date stamp and whenever something new was posted the boy could ask Hank for permission to masturbate. Hank went on to explain that the poor bastard would only get his rubbing on new posting days. But he would have a date stamp and it would be clearly visible to all how long the poor bastard has had to wait.

The poor bastard has been anxiously waiting and watching....

A Happy Wife

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