Kinlee, the Chastity Princess

Submitted by: Anonymous

Kinlee was a curious minx that courted mischief. Her father, having caught her at a tender age curiously fondling the unspeakable parts of a handsome if dull guard, had sought to protect the value of his property. Thus, Kinlee had found herself swiftly burdened with a gold chastity belt and her budding sensuality curtailed. To a point. For the golden belt clasped possessively around her tiny waist had two thin bands that crisscrossed between her legs and framed the dimples on her behind in the shape of an X, effectively preventing anything from invading the tight little channel that begged to be plundered. However, the eager little tongues and fingers of her lady's maids could and did part the thatch of golden curls to discover the hidden jewel nestled betwixt.

It was one such moment that Kinlee found herself awakened. She was sprawled on her feather mattress, her silk shift rumpled and disarrayed to expose a pert breast with its hard little rosy crown. Her new maid was kneeling between her pearly thighs, her fingers holding the sweet thighs apart as her tongue darted and lashed at the glistening bud between. Kinlee's cries and gasps floated around the circular chamber, bringing the guards stationed outside her door to hardened urgency. Kinlee arched and wiggled beneath that agile tongue, lightening heat searing her girded loins. With one last devastating lick Kinlee exploded, her fingers curling in the bedsheets as she screamed. And tried not to think what it would feel like to have a finger or tongue, nay a fierce man-sword piercing her virginal flesh.

When the last quivers had fled her aching emptiness, Kinlee pushed herself up into a sitting position. Her golden hair tumbled around her flushed heart-shaped face with pretty golden eyes, thick dark lashes and rosy bee-stung pout. She had the appearance of an innocent angel, ethereal, delicate. Yet, her golden eyes evinced a sensual appeal. Addicted to her easy lady's pleasure that was unknowingly permitted by her father (King Garbin kept a tight leash on what his daughter was up to and with whom), she was ignorant of the dark, animalistic desires her fragile beauty inspired in the heart of the hardened warriors surrounding her.

Thinking of the day ahead, her mind wandered as her maid dabbed at the musky slipperiness between her parted thighs with a damp cloth. Soon Kinlee was dressed in a foamy pale green gown with a wispy overlay sprinkled with crystals. The simple gown hugged the high mounds of her breasts and hips and floated to the tips of her matching slippers. Matching ribbons were twirled through her golden hair caught up in tiny plaits circling her head.

She raced down the narrow stone steps of her tower to the bottom floor. Custom dictated that the sisters share the upper tower chamber, but Elly was afraid of heights. Elly was Elly, and afraid of a lot of things, including the bear of a warrior that arrived last night. Prince Draven de Kerr had the good fortune of being handsome, golden and big - everywhere. Elly and Kinlee had snuck into the secret passages that riddled the castle to spy on the man their father had selected to be Elly's husband. Elly was two years older than Kinlee, and of an age their father decreed she was to be married.

Prince Draven was the second son of the King of Landes, which bordered their Kingdom on the left side. On the right side was the Queendom of Harkness. Originally the three countries formed one Kingdom, but the not so large country had split over four hundred years ago between three ambitious princes. Their father the King, nearing his time and seeing how the wind was blowing, sought a way to keep his sons from warring and breaking the Queen's heart. He had divided the country into three principalities to prevent civil war. Ever since, petty rivalries had riddled the three countries, but full scale war had never seemed a viable option when their 'would be' enemies were cousins.

Despite only one candle in the chamber being lit, luck had given them quite a show of what Elly could expect, and made Kinlee envious. They had watched as Prince Draven had bent a young widowed servant over the edge of the bed, flipped her skirts over her back and vigorously eased himself between her eager buttocks. Long, tanned fingers gripped and molded a dangling breast through cloth while his other hand had disappeared beneath the front of her skirts as his hips slapped against her bottom, hard. The pretty widow had gasped and squealed her pleasure as the Prince grunted to a fascinating climax.

Elly had quivered at the sight of all that bronze masculinity, her mouth moving soundlessly. Kinlee had watched in awe, twinges of heat thrumming between her thighs, her nipples near to bursting.

Unexpectedly, Draven had scooped up the young widow and carried her to a chair by the fire. Directly facing them. The widow wiggled on his lap, her head tipped back to enjoy his kisses, and before long, he began to lift her up and down on his slippery sword. "Dear Lord," Elly finally gasped. "He will split me in two!" Kinlee slapped her hand across her mouth to catch her giggles.

By not so much as a flicker of an eyelash did Draven let on he heard as he worked the lucscious wench on his fierce cock.


Elly's eyes widened with relief upon spying her sister and quickly shooed the maid from her chamber. As soon as the door closed, Elly stood before Kinlee, tugging on the neckline of her gown. "What do you think?" The blue gown was the exact shade of Elly's eyes, and flattered the red-gold hair that hung straight to her bottom.

"Perfect," Kinlee replied honestly, taking in her sister's serene beauty and voluptuous curves. "He will not be able to resist you." Kinlee wiggled her brows, which drew a gasp of laughter from her sister.

"Do you think of nothing else?" her sister admonished lightly.

"I am twenty-three and soon to wither away like a dried up old witch. Let father take away your chocolates and see if you don't crave them," Kinlee pouted.


Kinlee was on the way to the main hall, having escaped her lady's maid, when a hand lashed out and caught her wrist, dragging her into a tiny alcove. Curious, she let herself be drawn forward. She giggled when she discovered it was Jerim, a cute palace guard. He was a year or two older than her that had a fascination with her breasts. Not bountiful like her sister's, whose swayed as she walked, Kinlee's were tiny and firm like young apples. Nevertheless Jerim worshipped them, sprouting terrible poetry that was unfailingly sweet.

He fell to his knees before her, clasping her hand in his and pressing moist kisses against the soft flesh of her inner wrist. "Your breasts are sweet and firm, like fresh churned cream."

"Jerim, please," she whispered, biting her lip to keep from smiling at his earnestness. Her Lady's maid would discover her gone any moment now, and her quick break of freedom would be extinguished.

She glanced quickly over her shoulder, but was easily distracted by his warm mouth nuzzling the bend in her arm. She had let Jerim touch her breasts rarely, and only once suckle a pebbled crown with his mouth through the thin cloth of her gown. As Kinlee enjoyed the pleasing caresses, the memory of those golden fingers squeezing the widow's fullness flew back to her mind. Oh, to have a lover to command her and fill her to brimming...


"Vargos!" she gasped, tugging her arm from her swain's and spinning around. She blushed at the irritation clear to see on the steward's face.

"A moment with you is worth facing the displeasure of a thousand gods, my lady!" Jerim whispered as he rose, following in the wake of the stern right hand of the king. Kinlee chewed on her bottom lip after they disappeared. Would she ever know what it was like to have a lover do wicked things to her body? And would even one god be displeased, let alone care?

As she left the alcove, her sister caught up with her. Elly towed her towards the gardens.

"Well?" Kinlee asked after her sister's silence seemed never to end. Kinlee could see she was clear to bursting with news.

"He objects."

"Objects? What? How could that lustful creature look at you and not fall to his knees?" Kinlee asked incredously.

"Your utter belief in that statement is sweet. But it is not I that he objects to. It is marriage."

"Does he have rocks for brains? Surely he intends begetting an heir? And if he does so with you, he stands to inherit a kingdom."

"I believe father canvassed that issue with him to no avail."

"Hmm. I bet father did not expect that."

"No. Hence Prince Draven has been detained indefinitely in his chamber to reconsider father's 'generous offer'."

"Ah. Still, it is probably good for father's constitution not to get everything his way." She met her sister's serene gaze for a long pause, before both princesses burst out laughing.


"Father suggested I seduce him. If his seed takes, Prince Draven must marry me."

Kinlee looked at Elly's serene face, her own avid with curiosity. "Will you do it?" she whispered back. They were taking turns looking through the peep hole over the fireplace, as they had done every evening for the past seven nights. Prince Draven was striding back and forward, his face thunderous, hands on hips. Not even the serving lass he had tumbled earlier had lightened up his disposition.

"He is very... virile."

"Mmm," Kinlee murmured encouragingly. She would love to see his fierce sword again. Perhaps she should send him another willing servant to see if he had everything he needed?

"And the maids certainly enjoy what he does to them."

"Oh, yes, he does seem concerned with their pleasure." Remembering their cries, her nether regions tingled.

"So I suggested to father that you seduce him."

"What!" Kinlee cried, turning to her sister as if she had grown two heads. Belatedly she clapped her hand over her mouth and quickly turned back to squint through the tiny hole. Prince Draven stood still with his back to them.

"Prince Draven would never suspect. You could pretend to be a maid."

"What... did father say?" Kinlee swallowed hard, her mind racing. The thought of losing her virginity was enticing. And there was a certain added spice in knowing it would be out of the marriage bed. And then there was the actual man in question... Kinlee shivered as she imagined his impressive sword spearing between her spread thighs.

"He was agreeable."

Just like that. Kinlee felt faint. "But... but..."


Kinlee wanted desperately to scratch. The stiff fabric of the chemise beneath her dowdy brown gown itched at her pampered flesh no end. Yet carrying the tray filled with steaming food and wine took both hands and all her concentration. Her only consolation was the fine silk stockings held up by frilly garters that whispered beneath her skirt. Those she had slipped on while her maid had been distracted organising the tray for her father's prisoner. Her hair was scraped back in a tight bun that hurt, but unknowingly served to highlight the fragility of her features and large golden eyes.

Her knees quaked with the knowledge that she would finally have her wish. Would it be quick? He did seem to delight in taking his time. Would it hurt? He was extremely large. Her channel clenched in a mixture of excitement and protest at the forthcoming abuse.

The guard held open the door, not so much as glancing at her. She strode into the chamber, head lowered. The door was shut firmly behind her. Her hands trembled as she moved toward the side table, making the dishes rattle. Large warm hands covered hers from behind, guiding the heavy tray to safety. She felt his warmth at her back, his breath stirring the tendrils at her nape. She stood there breathing in the manly scent of him, unable to move as his lips brushed the side of her neck. His fingers slid up her slender arms, lightly brushing the sides of her breasts. She arched, her bottom pressingly lightly against that hardening part of him. He groaned, pushing her hips up firm against the table with the press of his hard body.

His fingers firmly closed around the small mounds of her breasts as his mouth nuzzled her neck. Kinlee struggled to breathe as he moulded them to his hands, his thumbs discovering the hard pebbled tips.

One hand slid down over her hip and thigh to tug up the hem of her skirts. "Oh, yes," she breathed, her head turning to his. Her golden eyes focused on the sensual lips before they crushed hers. Her lips parted easily beneath the force of his kiss, his tongue sliding deep.

He groaned against her lips as he found the wetness between her thighs, his finger circling her needy bud before ducking down and finding the snug little entrance. She gasped as his eased a finger inside of her, her knees trembling at the hereto unknown glorious sensation. But she wanted more. She wanted all of him. Her father would skin her alive to discover the brew she consumed to prevent a babe, but she intended enjoying every inch of their captive for as long as possible.

His finger eased inside of her in time with the flicking of his tongue. He treated her like she wasn't a favoured treat to be savoured, but instead a forbidden delight that must be satiated. His other fingers tugged at the ties of her bodice, and his hand slid between the gaping material to discover the soft warmth of her breast.

"You are eager, Your Highness," she gasped as her hand pressed against the front of his breeches. The heat of him was seductive, his length and girth impressive. She had dreamed of him inside of her, only to waken to her young maid's tongue.

"And you are wet enough to enchant the devil himself."

"I am needy," she breathed as he eased another finger inside of her, stretching her. Her palm rubbed up and down the length of his shaft as fire burned between her thighs.

"Aye, I heed your sorrowful state and endeavour to rectify it urgently."

Her moistened lips twitched at playful banter. "Your amorous state lends truth to your words, and this pleases me."

"I will please you with more than words if that is your wish."

"I wish..." She whimpered as his thumb tormented her needy bud.

She was unprepared for when the door banged against the far wall. She jerked in Prince Draven's arms, and could have keened out in frustration as his warmth withdrew from her.

"I trust you have everything you need, Your Highness." The steward's voice made her eyes widen in alarm as a tiny moan escaped her. Vargos! Why him, why now? Didn't he know of the King's ruse? She could not be certain he was doing this out of spite, and therefore feared he would give the game away before she even had a chance to lose her virginity. Kinlee hastily tied her bodice and shook her skirt. Smoothing back her hair, she ducked beneath Prince Draven's arm and escaped the chamber, careful to keep her face lowered.

Truly, she wished the pox on Vargos.


Kinlee paced her chamber, fuming at finding herself again bearing the weight of the chastity belt. She had had a golden opportunity and failed to rid herself of her cursed virgnity. That pricked at her.

To her further frustration, her father banned her from Prince Draven's chamber for two days while he sent an old crone in her place. Her father planned to save Prince Draven's juices for their consummation. Kinlee had rolled her eyes at this, for her father need not have bothered. Prince Draven had plenty of stamina and juices to share about.


Kinlee had barely stepped in the room before she had the tray removed from her hands and found herself lifted off the ground. She was tumbled onto her back onto the bed, bouncing softly on the feathers. Prince Draven stood looking down at her, a tiny smile curling his lips. Kinlee blushed at the intent in those devilish green eyes.

"I was hoping it was you. I am curious to discover if your neediness has abated."

"Oh," she murmured in wondrous surprise, not uttering so much as a protest as he pushed up her skirts. She squirmed slightly on the bed, knowing the answer he would find.

"I dreamed of you, an insatiable minx that rode me until I expired from lust."

"Oh, if only that were true." Her head fell back on the feathered mattress as warm hands slid up her inner thighs. She was unable to hide the quivers that raced through her.

"Are there none here that could see to your needs?" he asked curiously. His fingers found the fleece of golden curls at their apex.

"My father is known for his wicked temper and cunning ways."

"Ah, that would pose a problem to any maid." His gentle strokes made her purr. She tugged at the ties of her gown, baring her breasts to his interested gaze.

"You do not know the half of it." She squirmed on his seeking fingers as she pulled the pins from her hair. He swept the pins onto the floor as he leaned over and kissed her. His thighs were firmly planted between her spread ones, and Kinlee could have sighed with the pleasure of that knowledge alone. It would finally happen. The thought of Vargas entered her mind. "We must hasten," she urged against his warm lips, her fingers finding the ties of his straining breeches.

He rained kisses down her throat and lower until he caught a rosy nipple in his seeking mouth. She arched, lightening sizzling down to where his fingers played with her dewy flesh. Kinlee yanked at his leather breeches, cursing as they refused to give. Plunging her hand down the front of his breeches, her squirming fingers discovered his velvety heat. He groaned, and Kinlee stilled. "Am I hurting you?" she whispered, gently patting the swollen flesh in apology for any harm done.

"No... no," he muttered against her breast. Kinlee frowned at his unconvincing denial, then shrugged. No doubt she would suffer pain from this fierce weapon before long, so fair was fair. Then the thought was lost as a finger plunged inside of her. "Oh!"

Kinlee focused on the sensations of that small appendage stroking inside of her, her teeth sinking into her bottom lip. Heat seeped up over her chest and face as a familiar tightness wound in her belly, making her writhe and ache. She practically tore at his breeches, dragging him out to play. Her exploring caresses of his shaft and twin globes became bolder, silently urging him on.

Just as things were becoming desperate down there, Kinlee was relieved when he pulled her up to sit on the bed then tugged her dress over her head and threw it aside. Her hair tumbled down around her shoulders in golden disarray, and he cupped her face and kissed her, hard. His breathing was decidedly uneven as she pumped her hand up and down the long, lovely length of his shaft as her other hand tickled and teased his balls. Moisture beaded at the top of the glorious column, and her nail curiously explored him. He jerked out of her hold with a guttural swear.

She coaxed him back with consolatory kisses over his chest. She found his nipple with its small nubbin and sucked experimentally. He groaned, all the while thrumming the needy bud between her legs as a finger massaged a glorious spot inside of her. As her nail again returned to that intriguing slit, she found herself flat on her back on the bed, legs jerked wide and her bottom dragged to the edge of the bed before she could blink. Then her whole world stopped as she finally felt the full threat of him poised against her tiny gate.

Her old nurse's warnings about the pain and blood finally took root. She squeezed her eyes shut and waited. And waited. Finally she opened her eyes and frowned up at him. He smiled wickedly, then thrust hard. She gasped, squirming around the fullness of him stretching her unbearably. He groaned, drawing back slightly before forging even deeper. Kinlee bit the back of her hand to stop her scream, not liking this -- him - at all. Tears clouded her eyes as he surged unmercifully deeper. She wiggled slightly to try and create some room, but it didn't help. If anything, he felt bigger. He was like a blacksmith's hammer, all brute force, prodding deeper with unmerciful haste.

"Hell," he groaned, head thrown back, eyes shut. He seemed in great pain, like she was.

"Perhaps we should stop..." she murmured tentatively, clenching and unclenching around him experimentally. That wasn't so bad. Strangely exciting. He groaned, forging on with sharp thrusts, causing tiny ripples of burgeoning pleasure to mix with the burning discomfort. She lay looking up at him in surprise, her hands cupping her breasts, pale thighs hugging his hips.

He shook his head, still not looking at her. His sword finally slid those last inches to plant himself firmly inside her to the hilt. His breathing was ragged, sweat beading his forehead. She squirmed experimentally, and grimaced with discomfort. Did he have to be so big?

A shudder racked him that she felt there. Kinlee clenched down on him in surprise. Another groan escaped him as warmth flooded her. Then nothing. She struggled up onto her elbows when she felt him soften in her sheath.

"Hell." He swiftly pulled out of her, and she mewed in disappointment. When he tumbled the maids, he seemed to go on forever, heaving inside their glistening quims with undisguised enthusiasm. She must have done something wrong. She flopped back down on the bed, her mind racing. But what?

He strode back and forth across the room, running his hands through his hair. Now he couldn't even bear to look at her where she lay tumbled on the bed, disappointment clouding her face. She wanted to drum her fists on the bed, but suspected it would be unladylike. Clutching her gown, she swiftly pulled it on, uncaring that her bodice gaped at her breasts.

"I'm sorry," he muttered, still not looking at her. "That's never happened to me before. You were just so wet and eager and tight..." he groaned.

"Do not mention it, Your Highness," she muttered sulkily, ignoring his protests as she stormed out of the chamber. "I for one am glad it was over so quickly."


Kinlee lay on the bed, pouting and frowning at the ceiling. The arrival of her old nurse did little to abate her sulk.

"Sweetheart, let's have a look."

Tears shimmered in her eyes as her nurse lifted her silk chemise. "Ooh, you're red. But you haven't torn. I'm surprised after hearing the rumours about him. I thought he would fairly split you in two."

Kinlee turned her head to gaze upon her nurse, watching as the old woman removed the lid of a small pot. "It's not fair," Kinlee grumbled.

"Things often never are. You just have to make the best of what you have."

Kinlee mulled that over as her nurse gently rubbed the mint salve into her inflamed flesh. Nope, no matter how she looked at it, she couldn't make the best of that swift ravishment. When Vargos arrived with her chastity belt, she could have cried anew.

When her nurse finished applying the salve, Kinlee slid off the bed and held up her shift to her waist. Vargos knelt before her and she placed first one foot then the other into the waiting belt. He slid the heavy gold over her thighs and clasped it around her hips. Long used to his ways, she turned around and presented him with her bottom so he could close the ancient locking mechanism at her back. Kinlee couldn't work the lock -- she had spent many a long hour twisting and turning before a mirror as she tried to get the blasted thing off - and it carried the death penalty for anyone who tried.

After Vargos and her nurse left, she climbed back into bed and collapsed with a sigh. It wasn't long before she heard the soft steps of her sister. The feather mattress depressed as her sister lay alongside of her and caught Kinlee's hand in hers.

"Did you see?" Kinlee asked mournfully. Her sister squeezed her hand. "Father wasn't happy when I told him. As if I didn't know a man had to be hard to beget sons. He's ordered the cook to feed him nothing but aphrodisiacs from now on. I think Vargos was a bit miffed that he hadn't thought of it first."


Kinlee was stirred by the feel of a warm mouth tenderly licking between her nether lips. She dreamed it was Prince Devlin gazing up at her with those devilish eyes as he lapped at her. She fairly shot off the bed as she came, waking up fully to a racing heart and quivering body. Disappointment crushed her at discovering it was her maid. She lay back down so as the maid would not think she was displeased with her. This only seemed to encourage the maid to continue, and Kinlee had to gently pry the enthusiastic girl away.

Soon she was dressed and ready to face her first day as a non-virgin. Kinlee smiled. Things weren't all bad. Perhaps soon she would finally convince her father there was no need for a chastity belt now that she was no longer chaste. How would her future husband know if she had had only one lover or a hundred?

As she was leaving her chamber Elly raced up the last few tower steps to greet her. Kinlee had never seen her sister so distressed. Her breasts strained against her gown and her face was all flushed and pretty.

"Prince Draven is gone. He escaped some time during the night," Elly cried breathlessly.

"What! How?" Disappointment twinged between her thighs.

"They found some long hair pins in his chamber. They think he used those to pry the lock on the door and knock out his guard before stealing his clothes."

Kinlee's lips made a silent 'O' as the sisters exchanged a horrified look. Vargos, nay her father, would kill her!


Her father refused to talk to her for a month. Not only had she lost her virginity, but she had lost her future husband as well. To make matters worse, her bottom had been bruised for a week after the spanking Vargos had dealt her sorry behind.

So it didn't seem things could get much worse. Until Prince Draven and his personal guard stormed the castle after somehow discovering the secret passages and imprisoned her father in the dungeon. Not that she didn't think her father deserved a spot in the horrible pit after making her wear a chastity belt. She was just sure that Prince Draven's opinion as to the length of her father's stay differed greatly from hers.

Vargas had fled with her sister to Harkness at the King's command. Kinlee couldn't help thinking that Vargos's oversight (namely forgetting her) was deliberate and spiteful. How difficult was it to count two princesses? Kinlee was truly vexed. Instead, she had been left behind to fend for herself. She had soon found her maid's uniform, and tried to keep out of sight.

Not that Kinlee minded overly much at Vargo's betrayal. Sure, people were still closed about her and didn't know how to treat her, but they were protective and sheltered her. Her people had been content to hide her while Prince Draven shepherded every blonde female in the castle between fifteen and twenty-five each morning. Many speculated he was searching for her. Kinlee worried over it. There was nothing to connect her with Princess Kinleanne in Prince Draven's mind. Before his spell as their prisoner, he had only seen her from afar, and with a veil to boot. But even if he had figured out who she really was, there was no reason why he would assume a petty man would leave her behind and only save her sister. But he wasn't dragging redheads into the hall to inspect them, now was he?

So it was to her utter dismay, when a groping cook's assistant wanted a quick poke to keep her identity quiet and didn't get his way -- the golden chastity belt was no mere foible, even if he chose to ignore her bored 'no' -- his high scream as her knee connected with tender parts drew the attention of Prince Draven's warriors.

Kinlee glared back at the lusty rat as she was dragged to the main hall by two guards. She was taken before a slight middle-aged man sitting before a heavily weighed down table. Velium and quills were spread out before him, and ink stained his fingers. He didn't bother to look up as he continued to scan a scroll. "What trouble now?" the man inquired dryly.

"A maid physically assaulted a male servant."


"Yes!" and "None that was seen" were said at the same time. Kinlee glared at the biased guard. Trust men to stick together.

"What was the nature of the provocation?" a masculine voice inquired silkily from behind her. Kinlee's heart almost dropped to her soft leather boots. As he approached, she turned away from him with seeming innocence, trying to keep her back to him. But the guards' grip was strong, holding her firmly in check. She kept her head down, worrying her bottom lip with her teeth. "He, er, I was busy and he wanted to, um..." she mumbled huskily, trying to disguise her voice. God, just being in his presence turned her mind to mush. She had never had any problems lying in the past!

"Leave us." At that command, she hastily made to follow the guards, intent on fleeing.

"Not you, my erstwhile maid."

Strong fingers curled about her wrist, drawing her around. She tugged on it in an undignified manner, but he refused to let up. His hand brushed the side of her neck and tipped her chin up with his thumb. Green eyes clashed with gold ones. Kinlee felt tingly and weak all at once. So perhaps it wasn't a bad thing when he tossed her over his shoulder with barely a grunt.

When he reached the foot of the south tower, Kinlee began to experience dread. Did he know her identity? If he did, what did he intend doing with her? Hopefully something that required the removal of her chastity belt and not visiting the dungeon!

"You have led my men a merry dance. They thought me mad to search relentlessly for a blonde haired chit they believed to be a figment of my imagination."

"Oh, you have been looking for me, Your Highness?" she inquired innocently. Each step made her belly jolt on his hard shoulder, and she felt quite breathless and dizzy. The chastity belt pinched her tender flesh. So she focused her thoughts on the tight bottom and muscular thighs that rippled with each move. "I cannot comprehend why, when there are any number of willing women in the palace. And men," she added as an afterthought.

"Ah, but I fear I have done you a grave injustice."

"You have?" she squeaked. God lord, what possibly could he be talking about? Perhaps his men were right to think his brain addled. He kicked the door to her old chamber open, and strode through it as though he owned the place. Which technically, he did.

"Mmm, but I will soon be putting it to rights. I do not take leave of my duties lightly."

"Er, yes, I see that. Pray tell, what would this grave injustice be?" The air flew from her lungs as he flung her onto her bed on her back in an undignified heap. She struggled up onto her arms, tossing her hair out of her face where it had tumbled loose from its confines. "Tossing women around willy nilly without regard to their modesty or dignity?"

He stood before her, lazily surveying her from the tips of her boots to the crown of her golden hair. His lips curled up slightly at the ends. Belatedly she pushed down her skirt that had been hiked up around her thighs before her face lifted to glare up at him. "Somehow, despite that awful brown outfit, you look somewhat at home here."

Golden browns rose in surprise. He didn't know. Wonderful! No dungeon time for her. Kinlee flopped back on the bed with a smile. Which disappeared as soon as it appeared. Then what did he want from her? Kinlee eyed him suspiciously. That familiar gleam in his eyes made her belly quiver.

"Oh, no," she told him, turning her head from side to side. "Don't think that that's happening again." She had been sore for three days afterward, and it had been a very brief encounter.

"I am your ruler. Surely you wish to do everything in your power to please me?"

Her hands clenched about her sheets at his conceit. "Only if it pleases me. And if I recall correctly, it did not on the last occasion."

The mattress dipped beneath his weight as he climbed to lie his long length alongside her, his head propped up on his hand. She wiggled slightly in protest as his other hand came to rest possessively on her belly.

"Tell me your name."

Had it been a demand, she would have stubbornly refused him.

"Kinlee," she breathed, giving no thought to lying until later, when it was too late.

"Kinlee. I did wrong by you. You were wanton and eager and I mistook this to mean you were ready to take all of me. I misjudged your experience." He leaned down and pressed a light kiss on her brow, her cheek, the corner of her mouth. "To make matters worse, I came like an untried boy."

He kissed her, his tongue lightly tangling with hers, his warm breath fanning her face. She kissed him back, her fingers gliding over his jaw. He leaned over her, pushing her back down on the bed as his leg nudged between hers. His hands where everywhere, loosening her buttons, tugging up her skirts. Her breath came in pants as her mouth clung to his. His hand slid down to cup her between her thighs. And stopped. All of him stopped.

Swiftly he tugged up her skirt, giving no thought to her modesty. He stared down at the golden contraption with a mixture of rapt curiosity and consternation. "What the devil?" was followed by "I gather your father learned of our endeavour?"

"There was no hiding it from him. If you would be so kind as to remove it, I would be much obliged."

Her father's anger had known no bounds. She had found her chastity belt altered in a way that promised endless frustration. For now a small, golden plate in the shape of a shell protected her golden fleece from seeking fingers and tongues.

"How obliged?" A dark eyebrow arched as he curiously traced the edge of the belt with his finger. Kinlee sucked in her breath, goosepimples dusting her creamy skin.

"Enough that I would let you stick your sword in me once more," she promised, watching him from beneath lowered lashes. She lay fidgeting as he simply looked down at her, desire in those green eyes mingled with intrigue and frustration. Then he rolled her over.

"There is little doubt that will happen. Many a time."

"I beg your pardon," she exclaimed. Lifting herself up onto her elbows, she glared at him over her shoulder as he inspected her heart-shaped bottom. "I believe you severely overestimated your powers of persuasion."

His fingers lightly brushed over her bottom, tickling her with the light caresses. "Who do you think is in charge of this palace?" And every person in it, he seemed to be saying.

Kinlee's golden eyes turned serious as she gazed at him over her shoulder. "What are your plans for the king? Nothing permanent like a beheading I hope."

"Would you care if I did?" he inquired. She swallowed hard when he kissed her cheek, then nipped it lightly.

Could she do all those wicked things she imagined doing with a man who intended harm to her father? Why was she even asking herself such a silly question? "Yes, of course."

"Then no."

Could she believe him? She tipped her head on her side, considering.

"And no, I don't plan on dismembering any other body parts either."

She smiled. "Good."

His fingers traced the gilded cage of her belt. "How does it come off?"

"If I knew that-"

He cut off her rant. "It obviously takes a key of some sort."

Kinlee nodded. "My father had the key made into a ring. The lock won't turn without the proper key."

"Where is your father?"

"What, 'Please sir, give me the key so I can despoil your daughter'?" She smirked at him over her shoulder. He lightly smacked her. She shivered.

"I would offer a goat in return."

Kinlee gasped at the insult, slapping his molding hands away as she rolled over onto her belly. "I am worth no less than a dozen stallions!"

He smiled up at her before pressing a kiss to her belly.

"Tell me his direction so I can plead my case."

Ah. "He fled when you captured the castle."

"He didn't take you with him?" His breath tickled her belly.

"An oversight," she squeaked. Her nipples felt fit to be bursting.

Prince Draven frowned, his fingers digging in to her flesh of her hips as he seemed to test the strength of the metal.

"The belt fits snugly. Believe me, I've tried."

"There is nothing for it. Which do you prefer, here or there?" Kinlee nearly fainted when his fingers first touched her lips then her bottom.

"T-there?" she squeaked, having never thought of the possibility. And if it were such a possibility, she felt terribly cheated. Why, imagine all this time she had wasted...

"How can a wanton, curious piece of baggage like you have remained so innocent in a palace full of lazy, drunken men is beyond me."

He collapsed beside her on the bed. "Hell. Is there no one in this damned palace who has a key to remove that thing?"

When her father's name popped into her head, she admonished herself for being so desperate.

"You've thought of someone," he frowned down at her. "Tell me the name," he demanded at her hesitation.

"There is one person...No, he will not help." He had more to worry about than unlocking her chastity belt.

"Who? If he does not tell me, I will behead him."

That could work. But seriously, no. Kinlee could imagine her father's reaction at her request: "Yes, Kinlee, feel free to enjoy relations with as many men as you choose without an oath of marriage while I am locked up in prison and unable to stop you".

"The person who made this lock entrusted its key to my father...and the king." She was busily looking at her nails, so did not notice his reaction.

"Ah, hell." Was all he said before he stormed out, slamming the door behind him.


"Well, what did he say?" Kinlee almost pounced on Prince Draven when he stalked into the chamber. Rumour had it he had gone straight to the dungeon after leaving her chamber almost two hours ago. Surely the topic of her chastity belt must have come up.

"Garbin said he promised your father that he would only unlock the chastity belt for your husband. He will not go back on his oath."

"Vex that wily man!" She flounced back on the bed and gazed up at the ceiling in despair. "There must be something..." She pummeled her fists on the bed in frustration.

"Your eagerness for my lovemaking is physically uplifting." His eyes crinkled at the edges.

Kinlee rolled her eyes. "I have spent so long in this chastity belt, even Vargos's lovemaking appeals."

"Who is Vargos?"

"Perhaps...Perhaps you could promise him that you would marry me only if I got with child!" She exclaimed, sitting up. And met Prince Draven's shocked gaze. "I have a brew to stop that, only my -- the king doesn't know that," she rambled on. "What? At least I'm trying." And it would serve the wily old beast right if she beat him at his own trick.

"Kinlee, those potions are sold to people with pockets heavier than their brain matter. The only way not to get with child is not to frolick with a man between your thighs."

"So we won't frolick," she huffed, crossing her arms beneath her breasts. "I will frolick with other men, and I wouldn't have to worry about marrying you." He frowned at her, deathlike. Swiftly, she thought back on what she said. "I mean, you wouldn't have to worry about marrying me."

He strode toward the bed, that angry frown still on his face. She scrambled back until she pressed against the silk padded bedhead. "You will not frolick with other men!" It was almost a shout.

"That is obvious, your Highness. I am wearing a chastity belt."

"Dammit, Kinlee!"

He stalked out of the chamber.


Kinlee couldn't decide what was worse, being locked in a chastity belt, or being locked in her chamber. Luckily for her, she didn't have to decide between the two and could enjoy both unpleasurable experiences together.

So she was mildly ambivalent when Prince Draven decided to make an appearance the following evening. "Sooo..."she drawled. "Has your heavy brain matter dreamt up any solutions?"

An arched eyebrow was the only reply. From where she sat on the window seat, Kinlee watched him stalk across her chamber to the assortment of bottles and brushes on the vanity. She wore a pale violet shift beneath a white silk coat trimmed with feathers. Violet slippers peaked out the bottom. For the first time in over a week she felt a close resemblance to her old self. She would have chosen her most elaborate gown in order to boost her confidence, however without several maids, there was no getting into any of her gowns.

She watched as he picked up the bottle of perfume made especially for her. Tanned fingers lifted the glass stopper and sniffed the soft vanilla blossom scent.

"Garbin has relented."

What! Wait, tell me it didn't involve torture.

"It didn't involve torture." Rats, did she say that aloud?

"But how, why? No, tell me later. Let's just get the darn thing off."

Already she was standing upright and slipping the silk coat from her shoulders. His impenetrable gaze met hers in the mirror. Slowly he turned to look at her fully.

Kinlee stood there, the sleeves of the coat caught about her wrists. The silence stretched as their eyes locked. Slowly she closed her eyes. He knows.

"Garbin will release your chastity belt if I promise to marry the daughter of his choice within sixty days."

Her eyes flew open in shock. "You didn't agree, did you?"

Again silence.

"You can't agree. Why, his daughters -- they are horrible. Not people you want to marry! Your sons would be born with defunct personalities -"

"Jealous, Kinlee? I have met the eldest, and she is very pleasing. Her charms are ample for a man of my simple tastes."

Kinlee almost choked. Stupid man! If he agreed to the rat's deal, then he sealed both their fates. Kinlee didn't want to marry, to have some overbearing sod tell her what to do and wear and say and have endless heirs while he's off enjoying mistresses. And of course her sister's charms were ample, but Elly deserved better than him!

"It would be an easy solution to the situation here, Kinlee. I marry one of the King's daughters and the King is exiled. Transition of authority goes peacefully, without civil unrest." He walked slowly toward her. She shrugged off her coat, letting it fall to the ground and crossed her arms.

"But, you can't. It would be like waving a flag to your enemies. You have bowed to his original terms. Surely pride..." He kept coming toward her, and she backed up a step, two. "I won't let you do it."

"Garbin warned me you would oppose this course of action. I wonder why? A servant would have no illusions about marrying a Prince, so it is not the marriage itself."

"Why I oppose it? Because it's a preposterous idea. You should be free to choose the wife of your choice. You may even choose never to marry, for all I know."

"No, how he knew you, a servant, would personally react to his proposal."

Ah. She pressed against the wall, and two muscular arms planted themselves on either side of her shoulders.

"No answer?" he murmured, head dipping. His teeth caught her earlobe, making her squeak. "Kinleanne."

Kinlee froze, feeling like a cornered rabbit. "It's not what you think," she pleaded, squeezing her eyes shut. Visions of the dungeon floated through her mind.

"Then tell me what it is I should think."

"When you refused to marry Ella, he planned to force you by honour. If you get one of his daughters with child, honour would dictate you marry her. You knew what Ella looked like, so we thought to trick you by dressing me up as a maid."

"Why did you do it?" his mouth pressed along the line of her neck.

"I have worn this chastity belt for five long years!"

"What if you father's plan had succeeded, and you got with child?"

"I took a brew to prevent it." Damn.

"What if even now you carry my child?"

"It was only once, and very quick." She saw his look. "I mean, it was a very good 'quick'. You're not going to put me in the dungeon now, are you?"

"Perhaps. You are a prisoner of war."

"But I helped you escape!"

Draven looked unconvinced.

"You used my hairpins that I deliberately left behind."

"You, Princess Kinleanne, are a shocking liar."

"Huh. I'm quite good at it." She poked him in the chest, and he caught her hand, bringing it to his lips.

"I'm referring to the extent of lies, not the quality."

"In that case, just whip off my chastity belt and have at it. Your compliments are making me weak with lust."

"That's what all the girls say."

Kinlee tossed her head and glared at him. "I won't do it. Even if you tell him yes."

Draven smiled, and tugged something from his pocket. Her eyes widened at the gleam of gold, and she swiped at it. His fingers closed around the ring, and she pried at his fingers to get at it.

"Give it to me!" she grumbled, struggling to open his hand up. Would it be un-princess- like to bite his hand to make him release it? She glared up at him, only to discover he was perving down the top of her shift.

"It seems the key, the chastity belt, and you, are all mine."

"I would rather be locked up in the dungeon!" she declared hotly. "I'm not marrying you."

"It would also seem that the only way to have your chastity belt removed is to marry me."

She gasped. Her eyes narrowed dangerously as she rested her hands on hips. "Well, it seems you forgot one thing."

"And what would that be?"

"I would rather wear this chastity belt than have quick... frolicks with you for the rest of my life!"

"So be it. Send for me when you have changed your mind."


Beast. Rat. Toad. Agghh. The man was impossible.

She shifted on the rough bed linen, imagining the lice and flees crawling about her person. The air was dank, the cell dark. All that nonsense he had told her about "it's the only place I know I will find you where I leave you" was mere poop. Already, the gene that turned men into possessive and controlling husbands had emerged.

Her father had had the gall to chuckle when she was lead past his cell. It was outrageous that her father, even locked up in a cell after having his palace stormed by an angry Prince bent on revenge, still managed to control her life. She had merely glared at him as she was pushed past by Prince Draven's personal guard.

Laying there in her violet shift, her uncomfortable chastity belt, and a few rats for company, she knew she would cave in to Prince Draven's demands fairly soon. A princess wasn't raised to survive living the rest of her life chaste and cooped up in dungeon. She only prayed that her pretty sister faired better than she did right then.


She woke to the tap of metal against metal. She blinked, her eyes quickly adjusting to the shadowy darkness. Draven stood casually, both hands gripping the bars of her cell. His naked chest gleamed, the wiry curls damp. Leather breeches hung low on his hips. A long sword hung from a thick belt. His hair was sweaty and disheveled. Damn it, why did he have to be so ... manly and appealing?

"I have an excuse for not bathing. What's yours?" she muttered cattily.

"My men and I have been sparring. Practice makes it easier to conquer palaces with lazy guards."

Huh. She wished Vargos were here to hear that. She sat up, fingers tugging at the straw tangled in her mane.

"Is there something in particular that you want?"

"You. In my bed with your legs spread and riding me."

"Hmmm..." she pretended to consider the shocking image that popped into her mind. "No."

"Then I will just have to make do with all the pretty servants. There was a particular young widow that caught my eye."

To hide her anger, Kinlee stretched. Green eyes dropped to the silk and lace concoction drawn tightly across her breasts. Ah ha, Kinlee thought as she rose on graceful limbs. As she strode the two steps to the iron bars, she drew off her shift. Goosebumps dusted her skin as she stood before him, bare except for the golden contraption binding her sex.

"Perhaps a guard would be so kind as to deliver me a fresh gown," she murmured, placing her wrist through the bars and dropping the silk at his feet.

Prince Draven stood frozen, his eyes feasting on her pale flesh. After what seemed hours, he murmured "turn around."

Kinlee swallowed hard at the look in those eyes, and did his bidding. She bit back a gasp when a hand scooped up her mane and slid it over one shoulder.

A finger lightly traced down her spine, coming to a halt where the golden belt drew across her hips. Another hand came to rest on her belly, drawing her back against the bars. She shivered, her nipples pinching into hard peaks as the hand slid up possessively to rest just below her breast, his calloused thumb stroking the underside.

"Why do you fight me, Kinlee? You had to have known when you came to my chamber dressed as a servant, that when I discovered who you were, pregnant or not, I would marry you. I do not despoil virgin princesses."

"Had I really been a servant, would you have felt honour bound to marry?"

"Had you really been a servant, you wouldn't have come to me a virgin."

His thumb brushed casually back and forth across her aching nipple as he spoke. His other hand grabbed the flesh of her bottom, molding it in his grip.

"It's your choice when we take this further, Kinlee. Now, tomorrow, next week. But it will happen. Your body craves mine too much to pretend it won't."

She felt bereft when he left. Slowly she slid down to kneel on the ground, hands on her splayed knees. Her body was swollen and demanding, pleading for release.


Three days later Kinlee found herself before a priest, muttering those eternal words "I take thee to be my husband". Three long days without clothing and nothing to dwell upon except the memory of him caressing her. The only distraction had been his short visits to bring her food. When she had finally relinquished, he had stroked and kissed her breasts and worked her into a frenzy. Then calmly told her he would not remove the chastity belt until after the marriage ceremony. The pig.

She sat through the hastily prepared marriage feast as though in a daze, conscious of his muscular leg pressed against hers. Damn it, if only he would remove the damn thing. She would see to her own needs if she had to!

When finally he carried her up the marble steps to the cheer of all those present, she clung to him in relief. He smiled down at her, a smug male pride of possession. Oooh, she hated him. Absolutely, without question. And she would tell him so, once he removed the blasted chastity belt and saw to her immediate needs.

He took her to her father's chamber. Gone where all the relics of her childhood, to be replaced with an austere manliness. The bedding was in browns and greens, armor and weapons lay neatly arranged against the far wall, polished and gleaming. She remembered the Queen's chambers lay through an archway, and between was a bathing chamber.

She was eased to her feet, his hands encircling her waist. Her nipples were hot and sensitive where they thrust against the stiff, jewel encrusted bodice of her gown. Between her thighs, the flesh throbbed insistently. Yet now that the moment was upon them, she couldn't get rid of this silly shyness.

"Kinlee," he murmured.

"Mmm..." she fiddled with a silver button on his vest.

"Look at me."

"Why?" she mumbled. The button was perfectly interesting. It matched the ice blue vest shot with silver thread.

"I want to know if you have forgiven me for locking you in the dungeon."

"Well, of course not."

"Of course not?" he repeated softly.

"It tends to make princesses think that every time they disagree with their husbands, they'll get locked up."

"I can't promise you I won't put you in the dungeon again, Kinlee. But if I do, it will be for safety reasons only."

Her lashes raised, and she met serious green eyes. "I don't like having my choices taken away from me."

"Neither do I. But you sealed both out fates the moment you offered yourself to me."

"Are you angry with me?"



"But I know it was curiosity that brought you to me, and not trickery or desire for things I could buy you."

His hands slid up over her breasts to lightly tug down the puffed sleeves of her gown. Her creamy breasts with their budding crowns were exposed to his intent gaze, and his lips parted.

"I have dreamed of you every night since you first came to me, my wanton princess. It pleases me to know that you have not enjoyed the touch of another."

His fingers lightly caressed her eager mounds, toying with her. Her hands came up to cover his, molding them to her breasts. But he withdrew from her, and hands about her tiny waist, spun her about. Drawing the curtain of her hair over her shoulder, he pressed a kiss just below her ear. His fingers easily unlaced the ribbons of her bodice, until the gown pooled at their feet. In her haste to frolic, she had forgone any underclothes, and his sharp indrawn breath reminded her.

She wiggled her bottom against his groin, and was relieved to feel the hardness through the leather breeches. "Take it off," she pleaded. Kinlee wanted nothing more than to feel his warm heaviness pressing deep inside of her. "I want you inside of me, now."

"Ah, Kinlee, you enchant me with your eagerness."

"Toad. You have no intention of taking it off, do you? This is how you intend punishing me for the rest of my life, driving me mad with desire?"

"Am I? Driving you mad with desire?"

Draven didn't wait for an answer. He lifted her, carrying her over to the bed and placing her on it none to gently. He caught her wrists, dragging them above her head. She lay unprotesting as he tied her wrists to the headboard with a silk scarf, curious as to what his intention was. When he withdrew a gold chain from around his neck, a precious key dangling from its length, she smiled in delight. She gave no thought then to the sense of permanency of its place, on a chain next to his heart. He rolled her partly over, and inserted the key in the back of the chastity belt. The sound of the belt opening was like music to her ears. He eased it down her legs, and she wiggled on the bed as she eagerly sought to help, giving no thought to the peep show she was giving him.

He placed the golden contraption on the bed near her head. If her hands weren't tied, she would have thrown it out the nearest window. His hands on her hips eased her onto her back. She gazed up at him from beneath lowered lashes, a blush tinting her skin as she slid her legs wide for him with no hesitation.

He knelt above her her, hair tousled, eyes intent. He tugged off his vest and tunic and threw them across the chamber. Her fingers itched to trace the golden skin and lose themselves in the triangle of black hair across his chest.

Her delight faded slightly when he tied matching scarves around each ankle, binding them to the bed. "Your Highness," she started tremously, wishing she knew more about what went on between married men and women behind closed doors. She didn't know quite how to phrase what it was she wanted to know.

He gazed up at her from the foot of the bed, and her belly quivered. "This time, we'll go slow."

Kinlee was distracted from pouting when his mouth trailed hot kisses from her hip to toes and back again. When his tongue flicked at her belly button, she had to bite her lip to keep from moaning. Truly, she would expire if he did not hurry.

She squirmed when he nibbled leisurely on a pink nipple. "Be done with it," she begged, struggling with her bonds. He chuckled, before sliding both hands to firmly cup her bottom. His warm breath fanning her nether regions made her whimper.

Her head rolled from side to side as his mouth opened over her. It felt so different from the tender ministrations of her maids. Never had she felt she was going to be swallowed whole. Panting, her thighs trembling, his tongue had barely grazed her throbbing jewel before lightened flashed behind her squeezed eyelids. Kinlee lay melting on the bed, pleasured, but not satiated.

When his mouth continued to explore her, she moaned from the sheer torture of it. She wanted him inside of her, now, but he seemed to have no intention of fulfilling her greatest wish. "I want an annulment." She tugged on her bonds, wiggling on the bed.

He slapped her thigh. "Impatient minx."

"Huh. It is not I that has failed to perform their spousal duty."

"I have half a mind to leave you bound and gagged until morn."

Kinlee gasped as two fingers slid up inside of her. "Isn't there some law that if a husband hasn't taken his wife by morning, they are no longer wed?"

"No." Her hips arched beneath his seeking fingers and sucking mouth.

"T-then there should be."

Kinlee couldn't lay still, her soft moans filling the chamber. Her body weeped around the thrusting fingers stretching her silken heat as his teeth and tongue tormented her throbbing nub. The quick flashes of her first orgasm were long forgotten as a powerful need built between her thighs. If Draven didn't do something soon, she thought she would either pass out or scream.

Then he stopped. Her body shuddered, oh so close. Tears beaded her lashes. I hate him, I hate him, she chanted silently. When he came to lay beside her, his hand sliding along her jaw to tangle in her golden mane at her nape, she tried to turn away. The strength of his grip brought her face back to his, intent green eyes meeting her mutinous ones. An age seemed to pass before his lips descended to hers. Kinlee grumbled under her breath before kissing him back, her tongue tangling with his.

What followed was unending torment. He explored her bared flesh, caressing, nibbling and sucking until she was unpleasantly frustrated, before stroking her to the brink of ecstasy. Then leaving her writhing, begging, pleading for him. Over and over it went, until she could have happily scratched his eyes out.

When finally he rose above her, his muscled thighs sinking between her smooth ones, her heart drummed in her ears. She lay completely still beneath him, not wanting to give him any reason to stop.

She was lost to everything but the feel of him, there. He pushed against her dewy opening, stretching her around his invading flesh. It was a long, slow glide to hell, she soon discovered. She whimpered and moaned, the pleasure almost unbearable. Her hips arched off the bed as her silken flesh yielded, her body swallowing his weapon whole. She panted, sweat beading her brow as she felt he would surely split her in two.

"Did you have to be so big?" Kinlee wiggled on his wide girth, trying to ease the stretching fullness. It didn't really feel so bad, just different. Draven merely kissed her baby frown before gazing down into her feverish golden eyes.

When he eased out of her, the tug on her tender flesh drew a choking gasp and a rush of heat. He groaned against her throat, pressing kisses against her damp flesh. His thrust home was more forceful, less controlled.

His weight on her, the full feeling of him inside of her, his manly scent wrapping around her; the intimacy of the moment made her shiver and feel incredibly feminine and vulnerable.

With slow, measured strokes he rode her tight, wet heat, his gaze intent on her expressive face. She melted and shuddered around him as she lay bound and stretched beneath his golden masculinity. His wet mouth found her pouting nipples, his large hands caressing her pale skin. She arched, oh so close. Her tight channel clenched about him tightly, not wanting him to leave.

She groaned when he paused, shaking her head from side to side at this unexpected torture. Then relief flooded through her when he reached back to free her ankles and draw them up high over his shoulders. His renewed thrusts pierced her deep, shuddering against her womb, making her cry out as ribbons of ecstasy streamed through her.

Everything dimmed, her whole body lost to the sensations bursting between her thighs. Slowly the blackness faded as Kinlee felt him wedging himself up deep inside her tight channel, his chest heaving, his head thrown back. A rush of hotness surged between her thighs as he came in a glorious vision above her, his body straining and trembling against hers.

He collapsed on top of her, and her thighs gripped his hips, holding him there when he made to move. She pressed her lips against his damp neck as a pleased sigh escaped her. His head turned and his mouth founds hers in a soft, tender kiss. His hands untied hers, and she smoothed them over his glistening back, soothing his large body.


"Well?" he asked.

"Well, what?" she replied sleepily. She lay on her side, his warmth pressed up behind her. His hand massaged her hip.

"Is an annulment in order?"

A siren's smile played about her mouth. She wiggled about in his arms until they were facing, her body pressed along his. "Perhaps marriage is not all bad." Kinlee blushed slightly as her eyes met his devilish ones.

"Perhaps more frolicking is required to convince my reluctant bride?" he murmured, his hand coming to grip her bottom possessively.



Draven stood beside the bed, gazing down at the sleeping princess lying on top of the bed sheets. The golden chastity belt gleamed against her silken skin, a guilty reminder of what he was about to do.

She rolled onto her side, her thighs gliding against each other. His fingers itched to explore her, but duty called. His men would soon be on the training field, overseeing the re-training of Garbin's, now Kinlee's, overfed and under-excised army.

When next she woke, Draven knew Kinlee would be spitting mad with him. But until he knew all that wanton sensuality was for him alone, the chastity belt remained. The thought of his innocent temptress beneath with another man, ate at him until he felt ill. The month they had been apart was enough. Then as now, Draven was unwilling to share the unexpected treasure that had fallen into his hands. Nor would he take his princess for granted. All too easily he could have found himself married to the wrong one.

Now more than ever Kinlee needed his protection. Her uninhibited delight in his touch, so rare, could easily be crushed beneath a lustful brute intent on taking from the delightful body she offered so willingly without thought to being hurt. Draven would allow her to explore her sensuality to its fullest extent within his arms. Even if he had to bed her hourly, he would bind her to him until she thought of no other. Only then would he relinquish the key to the mischevious baggage he had fallen for.

The End.

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