Sealed With Love

Submitted by: Axl

I have always had a fascination with chastity for as long as I can remember. For the past few years I have experimented with different devices and Most ball trapping devices I discovered weren't successful at the level of security I was seeking. Around six months ago, I bought my first hip style chastity belt. Opening it after it arrived, I was amazed at the quality of the workmanship. It was a work of art. I could see my reflection in the polished stainless steel finish. Instead of the traditional padlock, It had a built in internal cylinder lock. The Cost was a little more but Well worth the three grand it cost me. The company I purchased the belt from sent me a home measuring kit, so we could get the accuracy of the belts fit as close as possible. After getting all my correct measurements, I mailed it back to the company so they could begin making my custom belt. It took a couple of months before the belt arrived, It was breathtaking but at the same time I could feel Knots in the pit of my stomach, at the realization that I was holding in my hands a real inescapable chastity belt.

The inside the belt was lined with a soft black rubbery material for a more comfortable wear, and after examining the belt I started Looking for the keys, that were still in the box. I came across a smaller box that contained the keys and chastity tube for my belt. the tube itself was also stainless steel. It had a hole in the end of it so that you could pee while in the belt without having to remove it. I couldn't wait to feel what it was going to be like being securely locked in this device for the first time. Stripping off all my clothes I put the belt around my waist and fitted the ends together. The front plate of the belt was attached to the back of the belt by a thin stainless steel bar. Using a liberal amount of KY jelly, I greased my cock up so that it would slide more easily into the small confining tube. After a few minutes of trying to get my cock into the tube I finally succeeded. After attaching the tube to the front plate of the chastity belt, I brought all the pieces together feeling the bar rise between my ass cheeks.

Rotating the key in the lock I heard a small click. There, I had securely locked myself in. At first the bar that was resting in the crack of my ass felt a little strange, but not too bad. The belt itself was a very tight fit, but nothing unbearable. With the hole in the tube urinating would not be much of a problem. But defecating with the bar in my ass, would make for a more challenging and messy task, but not impossible. I could feel my cock trying to expand inside its confined space of the chastity tube. But There was not much room in the tube for my cock to expand. I ran my hands over the front of the chastity belt shield, It was a strange sensation not to be able to feel my cock or balls, Which only excited me more. The way the front shield was molded It hid my genitalia completely from sight. Looking at myself in the mirror, it looked like I was wearing a metal thong. It looked like I didn't even have a cock or balls. I'd only had the belt on for about 30 minutes and already I was excited beyond belief. I was tempted to take the belt off and have a quick whack off, But on the other hand I was loving the sexual awareness I was feeling. It was like the feeling you got when you were young and were making out with a girl but only getting to second base. It had gotten late that night and I was a little tired, so I decided to leave the belt on and go to bed.

The next morning I awoke to my cock straining in its prison trying to get erect. I reached down to rub my cock, But all I felt was the cold metal of the chastity belt instead. My first thoughts were to get the key and release my cock, But again I fought the urge. I thought to myself, it's Tuesday morning now, what if I keep the belt on till Friday. That would be three hole days in the belt. Question was, could I make it three days in the belt. I'd only had it on a few hours, and already I was so unbelievably horny. I decided I had to do it as a personal challenge. But if I had the key to the belt with me it would be too much of a temptation. then An idea hit me, I had a friend named Sandy who lives about an hour from me that I visited at least once a week or so. I could go visit Sandy tonight, and take the key with me and leave it hidden somewhere in her house and go back Friday and retrieve it. Because I had to be out of the belt by Friday night because I had a date with my girlfriend Cindy.

Cindy is a perfect bodied 22-year-old blonde blue eyed Angel that I had met at a club one night. Cindy and I have been dating for the last month or so. She had recently gotten out of a bad relationship and didn't trust people too easily. (Especially men). Cindy said she wanted to take things slowly with our relationship because she didn't want to get hurt again like she did in the past. We make out alot but haven't had sex yet. She sometimes lets me eat her pussy till she cums. During these times together she plays with my cock, but has yet to get me off or let me have sex with her. She says she's not ready to be that intimate with me yet. Which is something I don't get since she lets me eat her out anyway. Go figure.

But on a up note, this relationship kinda fits in with my whole chastity fantasy. After leaving her place or she leaves mine after our dates, I would fantasize to myself she was my mistress and I was her slave. she would forbid me to play with myself without her permission. Of course this fantasy would only last a few hours before I would take out my cock and jack off. Which after I came was always a let down for me. After I came all the fantasy scenarios disappear and leave me disappointed. At least now with the belt I can make my fantasies last a little longer.

I arrived at my friend Sandy's house late that evening. We chatted and caught up over dinner. After dinner I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. Which made me very nervous. I've only urinated twice since I put the belt on, and both times I was in the shower at home and was unsure of the mess I would make. Once in the bathroom, I debated on unlocking the belt and taking it off or try to sit on the toilet and urinate through the chastity belt. Deciding it would take too long to take the belt off and put it back on, I just went with it on. It felt funny sitting down to pee, but wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. After finishing and cleaning up, I took this opportunity to hide the key. There was a cabinet mounted on the wall with a small gap between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. I put the key in the gap on top of the cabinet and rejoined Sandy in the living room. After a little more conversation with Sandy we said our goodbyes and I headed out back on my way home, without my key.

After arriving back home, I decided to get on the Internet and surf some of my favorite porn sites. Which after a while had me so horny, I wanted to rip the belt off and play with my cock. But I knew there was no way this belt was coming off without the key. I could feel my cock pulsing with every heartbeat in my chest. I couldn't believe how hard it was straining inside of its prison. At that point I decided to get off the computer and take a cold shower to calm down. The next few days pretty much ended the same way, with me horny as hell and still trapped in my chastity belt. When Friday finally rolled around I was looking forward to getting to Sandy's house to retrieve my key. Around two o'clock I got a call from Sandy, she told me that she wasn't going to be able to meet with me because she had to go out of town for a few days on business, and she would call me when she returned. Hearing this my heart dropped into my stomach. After hanging up with Sandy my first thought was my date with Cindy that night. What was I going to do. If we made out like we always do, she would surely discover my little secret. What Would she say? Would she understand? Would she be mad? would she break up with me? Or maybe I could somehow get through our date with out her discovering my little secret.

That evening with mixed emotions, I picked up Cindy at her place and we headed out for dinner. During dinner cindy could tell that something was weighing on my mind. She kept asking me if everything was okay, to which I replied yes everything is fine. After dinner we returned to Cindy's place and it wasn't long before we were making out on her couch. I knew this was a bad idea but what could I do? I was so nervous at the thought of Cindy discovering my belt. And then that's when it happened. We were passionately kissing and Cindy's hand went to my crotch, our eyes open at the same time as she broke our kiss. Looking at me with a confused look on her face, she asked me what it was she was touching? With nervous eyes and a trembling voice, I told her it was a chastity belt. She asked me what I was doing with a chastity belt, and why was I wearing it now? So I came clean and told Cindy the truth about my fantasies of being locked in a chastity belt. And how I ordered my belt a month or so before I met her and how I have been trying it out for the last few days.

She asked me why I hadn't told her about my fantasies and about my belt before? I told her I was scared that she wouldn't understand me wanting to wear one, or think that I was strange or something. So you don't like getting off, she asked? Yes I love getting off! Then why the chastity belt? I explained to her how much more turned on I got after denying myself orgasm for a few days at a time. She said she did notice how much more turned on tonight I was more than I usually was. Then she had a estranged little smile come on her face, she said I love the idea of you being locked up. And asked how long I have had the belt locked on. I told her I had just received the belt four days ago, and it had been locked on since I received it. I see she said, and where is the key? I explained to her I didn't want to be tempted to open my belt by having the key in my possession, so I had hidden it in my friend Sandy's house on my last visit. And was planning on picking it up today before our date tonight, but Sandy had to leave town unexpectedly for business. And wouldn't be back for a few days. With a even bigger smile on Cindy's face, she told me to stand up and strip.

Now standing in front of Cindy in just my chastity belt I felt a little embarrassed. my cock strained at the same time inside of its prison trying to get erect, but was held back by the strict confinements of the tube. She said don't be ashamed or embarrassed, I think it's very sexy. Then she ran her hand along the front shield of my belt. I could feel my cock starting to grow even more inside its prison. She got up and led me by the hand into her bedroom. Once there she laid me down on the bed and got on top of me and started passionately kissing me. My cock straining in its chastity tube as our tongues explored each others mouths. This was one of the most erotic experiences I had ever had. Over the next couple of hours as we fondled each other's bodies my sexual peak was through the roof. I had already eaten her to three orgasms and was working on the fourth when she pulls my head from between her legs and said that's enough for now baby.

As I stood up off the bed, Cindy pointed at my chastity belt and was giggling like a schoolgirl, with her other hand over her mouth. I looked down to see pre-come streaming down from the hole in the end of the cock tube. She reached down and gathered it on the end of her finger and brought it to her mouth and tasted it and said MMMM that's delicious. And then said, teased men taste so much better. Hearing this my cock began to strain in its prison again. It felt like it was going to break through the walls of its prison, but I knew that wasn't going to happen. I wanted so badly to remove my belt and play with my cock, but I knew until Sandy got back home, that wasn't going to happen either. I was so unbelievably horny, I thought I would lose my mind if I didn't cum soon.

After we got dressed, we went into the living room and snuggled on the couch while we watched television. It was now around 10PM and Cindy was getting tired. I told her I was fixing to get ready to head home when she said, no please stay the night with me. Which was a surprise to me because Cindy never asked me to stay the night with her. I guess she felt safe with me being locked in my belt. So I said okay and we got ready for bed. To make things even more frustrating, Cindy slept naked beside me. Holding her naked body while she slept, my cock was constantly trying to break free of its prison. But to its defeat it was held firmly in place by the unyielding steel.

It was a long night for me, I finally fell asleep sometime around 4 AM. It seemed no time before I was awoken the next morning to Cindy kissing her way down my body. She ran her tongue all around the edges of the shield on my belt. As I opened my eyes looking down at her, she said I'm sorry baby, but seeing you locked in your belt is such a turn on for me. Are you still horny? Yes baby I replied. Then she rested her head down on the shield of my chastity belt and started talking to my cock in a little girl's voice. You poor Wittle thing, all locked up in your Wittle jail with no place to go. I guess your daddy doesn't think you deserve to have any fun. Again my cock tried to stand to attention but was held back by the chastity belt. I was so incredibly turned on. Then Cindy got up off the bed and started getting dressed for the day.

After my erection subsided a little, I got up got dressed and joined Cindy in the kitchen for some morning coffee before I left. Over the next few days, I patiently awaited Sandy's phone call, letting me know that she was back home. I had been locked in my chastity belt for a total of eight days now. I was going out of my mind with frustration, and the need to cum. Ever Since Cindy discovered my chastity belt, she has had me spend every night at her place with her, finding new ways of teasing me. She would walk around the house dressed only in her black garter set, with high heels, see-through bra and panties. Sometimes in the mornings, she would lean over the bar while she drunk her coffee, and read the morning paper and have me the kneel down behind her and lick and tounge her ass. My God Cindy was so sexy, my cock was constantly raging, wanting to be free.

She would have me bring her to countless orgasms with my fingers and tongue. With me left each night in even more frustration. The last couple of nights had gotten so bad, I was left in tears from wanting to play with my cock and not being able to. Cindy was very tender with me, she would hold me in her arms and kissed my cheek's, occasionally running her tongue up the side of my face, licking my tears away. She would say baby it's going to be okay. I know you want to play with your cock, but your going to have to wait until your friend gets back home. Another six days passed before I got the call from Sandy I had been waiting for. I was so pleased to hear her voice and to know that my frustration would soon be over. After getting off the phone with Sandy, I called Cindy gave her the good news. I told her that I was meeting Sandy later that day and I would be able to get my key back. Cindy asked if she could go with me to Sandy's, I told her that would be okay with me. Later that evening, Cindy and I arrived at Sandy's house, after a few minutes of arriving Cindy excused herself to the bathroom.

I didn't think much of it at the time, but when I finally went into the bathroom to retrieve my key it was gone. Knowing that Cindy was the only one that knew where the key was besides me. I exited the bathroom and rejoined them in the living room. As I entered the living room I saw a little smile on Cindy's face that she always gives me when she's up to something. After sitting down beside Cindy, she leans over and whispers in my ear and saying don't worry baby, it's in safe hands. We chatted with Sandy for another hour or so before leaving. On the ride home Cindy tease me about my key, saying things like maybe I'll let you out tonight or maybe not. Or she would say, what would you do to get out of that belt. I said anything you want sweetheart. Anything? Yes baby anything. HHHM this could get interesting she said.

Later that night at my place, Cindy had me stripped down to my chastity belt and lie on the bed. She then open my bedside drawer and retrieve a pair of handcuffs which she then proceeded to cuff my hands to the headboard of the bed. I said what are you doing baby? Time to have a little fun she said. After restraining me to the bed she reached back into the drawer and produced a blindfold, and proceeded to blindfold me. Next thing I felt was the key being put into the lock of my chastity belt. Before unlocking my belt, she leaned down and whispered in my ear, You'll stay cuffed as long as the belt is off, and when I'm through having my fun it goes back on. Okay? Yes baby I said. She then rotated the key in the lock and the belt popped open. She slid the belt off of me releasing my cock for the first time in 14 days.

My cock immediately sprang to life. It felt so good to be able to get a full erection. I couldn't see what Cindy was doing but the next thing I felt was something cool on my cock, then I felt her warm hand grab hold of it. She started sliding her hand up and down my shaft very slowly. She had found my lubricant in the bedside drawer. It felt so good I immediately started moaning. Does that feel good she said? Yes baby it feels wonderful, I said. She massaged my balls with one hand while the other hand slowly stroked my cock, Cindy was very good with her hands, she could tell by the way my cock started throbbing that I was getting close to Cumming, and she then would stop. Then She would watch my cock twitch and wave in the air. After a couple of minutes or so she would start the process over again. She repeatedly brought me to the edge of orgasm, and then she would deny me the gratification I wanted so bad. This went on for a couple of hours. Then all of a sudden she said she would be back in the minute. After a while I heard her enter back into the room and felt her sit beside me on the bed.

she said brace yourself this might be a little cold. I felt her put something very cold like and ice pack over my cock and balls. I could feel my cock shrinking down to nothing. Next she told me to lift my hips off the bed, as I did I felt the familiar feeling of the chastity belt being replaced on me. I said baby, what are you doing? SHHH she said. That's enough for tonight. But baby I said, I haven't cum yet! She said I know she said. I don't want you to cum just yet. But baby, I need to so badly.I know you do, I just want to do my part with helping you with your little chastity fantasy. That's what you wanted isn't it? I didn't reply immediately, and she repeated again, well isn't it? Yes baby but I need to cum so bad. Maybe later she said. After my chastity belt was reinstall and I was released from the handcuffs, we snuggled on the bed and talked for a while about my situation and where I wanted the chastity play to go in our relationship.

She told me that if we were going to play with chastity in our relationship that she wanted to be in full control. That meant handing over the key permanently to her. Or I could get rid of the chastity belt and we would resume our normal relationship as it had been. I told her that yes I wanted to keep chastity play in our relationship, and that I cared for her very much. With great joy on her face she hugged and kissed me and told me that she really loved my chastity belt. And that she was glad that I chose to keep it in our relationship. She said she was going to do her best to make all my fantasies come true. But she also told me that from now on she would control my orgasms, and I would only be let out of the belt when she wanted it off. And only allowed to cum if she said so. I asked her when she was going to allow me to cum? She said, if I knew when she was going to let me have a orgasm it would take some of the fun out of it. Right? Yes baby I said. And from now on you will refer to me as a mistress. Yes Mistress I said.

Everything that I'd been fantasizing about over the last few years was now coming true. Over the next few days Cindy would repeat the process of restraining me to the bed and teasing me to the edge of orgasm, but never letting me quite make it over the edge. My cock was constantly straining in its metal prison, aching to be free. Even though I couldn't see or touch my balls, I could feel that they were swollen behind the chastity belt shield. I could feel my cum boiling inside my balls, aching to be released. With each passing day of me being locked in the belt, my horniness grew.

I was finding myself doing anything to please my new mistress. She would have me wash dishes, or have me sweep and mop the floors, clean the bathroom, wash and fold clothes. She would have me take special care of her panties. She would have me wash each pair by hand.

I Would massaged her feet at night while she sat and watched TV in the living room. She would have me eat her to at least two orgasms a day, while leaving me frustrated and trap in my chastity belt. All my focus was on pleasing my mistress and making her happy, Even though I was constantly suffering locked in my belt. On the 30th day of me being locked up, Cindy told me she had a surprise for me that she was going to give me later on tonight. I was excited not knowing what Cindy had planned for me. Maybe she was going to finally let me cum.

That night Cindy called me into the bedroom. Upon entering my eyes widened as I beheld my beautiful mistress awaiting me. She was wearing my favorite lingerie, black stockings with matching garters and wearing elbow length latex gloves and thigh-high boots.

My cock immediately started growing in its prison, do you like she asked?

Yes Mistress I replied. You are so sexy mistress.

Are you ready for your surprise?

Yes Mistress.

Then reaching down beside the bed, Cindy produced a pink shopping bag and set it on the bed. She said come sit beside me on the bed. Then she began to speak. I've been thinking, all the things I've been doing have been for you, I think it's time you do something for me.

Yes Mistress I said, I would do anything for you. Okay then stand up in front of me.

As I did she produce the key to my chastity belt. I was so excited, I thought to myself, I was finally going to get to have an orgasm. She turned the key and my chastity belt sprung open. After removing the belt my cock immediately sprang to full attention. I reached down to feel my cock with my hand for the first time in 30 days but she stopped me. You are not allowed to touch it is that understood? Yes Mistress I said. Follow me she said. We went into the bathroom and mistress ordered me to stand in the tub. Then she open a bottle she had bought in with her. What is that Mistress I asked? It's a hair removal lotion, now stand still and put your hands on top of your head. I did as Mistress asked as she proceeded to squirt some lotion on her hands and began rubbing it all over my body from neck down. After completely covering me she had me stand there for about five minutes. Then she told me to turn on the shower and wash the lotion off.

When I finished showering all the lotion off along with all my hair, she helped dry me off with a towel. Looking up at my reflection in the mirror, I saw that I had no body hair from neck down. She said there isn't that much better? Yes Mistress I said. I then followed mistress back into the bedroom, she said are you ready for your present? Yes Mistress I said. She then reached into the pink shopping bag and started emptying its contents. It turned out to be lingerie. Great I thought to myself, she's going to dress up for me in new lingerie.

Reaching into the pile of lingerie she retrieved a pair of black garters with matching fishnet thigh-high stocking and said here put these on. With a surprised look on my face, I said but Mistress I can't wear these, they are women's clothes. With a angry look on her face she said do as I say and don't argue with me. Not wanting to upset Cindy, I sat down on the bed and proceeded to put the stockings and garter on. Very nice Cindy said.

Next from the pile, she handed me what looked like a maids uniform. It was black with white ruffles around the bottom of the sleeves and helm and a white lace apron on the front of it. After putting it on she had me spin around so she could get a better look. Next she had me put on a pair of high heeled pump's. I could feel my face glowing red because I was so humiliated. Cindy said you must like it baby, because your cock is standing at full attention. She then took hold of my cock and started likely stroking it with her hand. You don't mind wearing this for me do you baby?

No Mistress but I feel so humiliated I said, but I'll wear it if it makes you happy mistress.

It really does sweetie she said. As a matter of fact I think you should wear lingerie all the time for me. I can't go out in public wearing this kind of stuff. It will be under your clothes, no one will know except us baby. I started to protest, but was cut off by her saying you said anything.

Were you lying to me? Does that mean I can't trust you?

After thinking for a second, I said yes Mistress I will wear it for you. With a big smile on her face she said Good. Now mistress would you please let me make love to you? We've been together for over two months now and I haven't yet been allowed to have sex with you or cum since I put this belt on. But we do have sex, she said. I mean penetrative sex I replied. She smiled at me and said well that's going to be the second part of my surprise to you. Are you ready to empty those full balls of yours? Yes baby please I said.

Then Cindy had me lay face down on the bed, then she proceeded to cuff my hands to the bed. What are you doing I asked? SHHH open your mouth she said from behind me. As I did she started shoving a gag in my mouth. But this wasn't just any ordinary gag, it was shaped like a penis. It was about 4 inches long, and filled my mouth completely. After she finished strapping this thing on me, I was unable to talk at all. Concentrating on the penis gag in my mouth I wasn't paying attention to what Cindy was doing behind me. When I did look up, Cindy was facing away from me and was strapping something around her waist. When she finished she turned around and my eyes widened at the sight in front of me. Cindy was wearing a ten-inch strap on dildo. I tried to protest but the penis gag in my mouth would only allow muffled sounds come out.

Cindy then got on the bed between my legs. Taking a tube of lube she proceeded to lube my ass and the dildo. She mounted me from behind and put the head of the dildo at my ass. She then whispered in my ear, you said you missed penetrated sex didn't you? With that Cindy started easing her cock into my ass. She slowly fucked me for the first few minutes and then began to pick up her pace. It hurt a lot for the first few minutes, but after a while it started feeling real good. My cock was straining in its prison.

As Cindy was fucking me, I felt like I was getting closer and closer to having an orgasm. But couldn't quite make it over the edge. It only succeeded in making me that much more frustrated. After about 30 minutes, Cindy eased her cock out of my ass. She said there, how did you like your first milking? I said what you mean? By fucking you in the ass, my cock was massaging your prostate and causing it to slowly release some of your backed up cum. We will do this on a regular basis to help keep you good and healthy. Then leaning down she said, was it as good for you as it was for me. I started crying uncontrollably. I was so frustrated, I wanted to cum so badly. Next Cindy uncuffed me and had roll over in the bed and then she re-cuffed me. My cock had pre-cum running down it. Cindy leaned down and started licking it off. God it felt good having Cindy's tongue on my cock. She said MMMM that tastes good.

For the next couple of hours Cindy went back into her teasing mode, of bringing me to the edge of orgasm and denying me over and over. I was going out of my mind with frustration. Cindy then stopped long enough to remove the gag from my mouth. Once it was free I begged Cindy to please let me cum, I told her I couldn't take this anymore! In a strong voice. She gave me a stern look and said from now on every time you asked me to let you have orgasm, or if you ask to be let out of your belt before I'm ready to release you, it's just going to be that much longer before I allow you to cum! Do you understand? Yes mistress I said.

Cindy then release my restraints and had me stand in front of her, she then undid my garter long enough to reinstall the chastity belt. Over the next couple of months, Cindy was steadily looking for new ways of teasing and frustrating me. She would swap between teasing hand jobs, using the strapon on me, and having me orally satisfy her. My underwear and sock drawers were replaced with stockings, garters and panties. Cindy and I would lie in bed at night holding each other, She would say things like, you know I'm only doing what you wanted baby. Remember, You're the one who chose chastity.

Then she would lie down and lay her head on my chastity belt shield and start talking to my cock in her little girl voice. Saying things like, poor wittle baby, all wocked up and never gets to have any fun. If you weren't all wocked up in your wittle prison, all cramped up. I would be licking you, sucking you, and you would be all rockhard and you would be able to blow your Wittle load everywhere. Then Cindy would kiss me and roll over and go to sleep, leaving me up half the night frustrated with my cock straining to break free of its prison.

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