Foreplay Eternal

Submitted by: Lucas

Alex was finishing up high school in a small southern town and spring was in the air. It was Monday and he had had a fun weekend with his buddies, but now it was time to get back to class. His body tingled with carnal desire the way any young man would feel it. As he sat in his English composition class, three things lingered in his mind.

First, if he didn't pass the class, he would not graduate on time. Second, there was a cute red head who sat two aisles over from him whom he contemplated with desire. But there was another influence that was building up desire within him and he struggled to cope with it. His teacher stood in front of the class giving instructions for the homework assignment and he found himself gazing at her.

Mrs. Bartram was in her mid 50's, had jet black hair, a rubenesque build and an hour glass figure. She had somewhat wide hips, proportional to her breasts. Her breasts were quite large and firm and held into place by an 18 hour heavy duty bra. She was wearing a form fitting blouse and a mid-length skirt, her cleavage gently on display. She always had a twinkle in her brown eyes and a smile on her face.

"Why do I keep looking at her?" Alex wondered with a bit of uneasiness within himself. She was almost 40 years older than he, but damn, was she enticing! She dropped her chalk and bent over to pick it up, and something else was coming up as Alex noticed the firmness of her butt packed inside the skirt. She looked great in those heels, he noticed. After class he had to cool down for a minute before getting out of his desk. In his next class, he kept on thinking about Mrs. Bartram and fidgeted in his seat.

The next day in class she instructed the class that a major exam was to be given on Friday and that the students had better prepare for it as it would be comprehensive. Alex became nervous because he was on the brink of failing the class and he really did not want to be held back from graduation. He looked over at the redhead and noticed her sitting comfortably in her desk without a care in the world. He thought about being with her, yet he kept fixating on the teacher. OMG she was alluring but he couldn't quite figure out why.

Alex was still a virgin and had never even so much as undressed a girl before. He knew he was inexperienced and struggled to deal with his emotions. The hunger within him grew as he took notice of the teacher. Today she wore a button down blouse worn a bit open, highlighting her breasts gently, and a skirt as she always did. She never wore pants, always a dress or blouse/skirt combination, sometimes with a jacket, sometimes no jacket. She always wore heels too, accenting her somewhat thick but still very shapely legs. Today it was cooler in the class room and he noticed her nipples gently protruding through her bra and blouse, and his need grew. He fixed his eyes upon her breasts and seemed to be mesmerized by them. Sitting towards the front of the class gave him a nice view of her which he utilized, and she took notice of this.

After class, she asked him to see her briefly. He nervously approached her desk and, with a trembling voice, asked her the nature of this impromptu meeting. "Alexander" she said, "I see your grades are suffering and you need to improve if you want to pass this class." She looked him in the eye and suggested that if he needed help, to come see her in her office after school. Alex trembled a bit as his hormone levels increased even more, "yes maam, I should do that, and thank you" he nervously smiled. He left the classroom in a state of heavy breathing. All he could now think about was his teacher, never mind the redhead! He wondered if there was something wrong with him, but he certainly did not have erectile dysfunction!

Alex struggled to get himself through the end of the day but finally the classes were over. He got his materials out of his locker and went to Mrs. Bartram's office, and slowly, nervously entered without saying a word. She discussed his areas of concern and where he needed to improve. She showed him some examples of his grammar and writing composition, and the errors associated with them. Throughout the whole time his eyes were fixated on this older woman who had captivated him. After their discussion she suggested he come back tomorrow for a follow up. Friday was the big day and he had to pass the class. As he left her office, he was not thinking about the test however. His body ached with a burning desire as he had never felt before.

Alex couldn't wait for English class the next day; he was bubbling over with excitement and was looking forward to seeing Mrs. Bartram again. He beheld her wearing a black skirt at knee length and heels, but she was also wearing a plain white button down shirt buttoned to the collar and a broach. She wore a black jacket over it, and buttoned, looking very chaste. Alex was disappointed as he was hoping she would wear something more revealing. After class she reminded him of their meeting after school.

After school Alex went to her office and knocked on the door. The whole area was rather quiet and she opened the door "come in Alexander" she told him. "Yes maam" he quietly responded, almost in a whisper and sat down at her desk in a chair which she provided. She then commented "boy it sure is getting warm in here". She removed her jacket and hung it up on a coat hanger. As she turned to him, Alex's eyes about shot out of their sockets as he noticed that she was not wearing a bra! Her large, firm breasts and erect nipples were showing clear through her white blouse! As she turned, her bulbous breasts bounded back and forth under her tight white blouse and Alex trembled.

"Now Alex" she said as her eyes pierced his, "I know you have been looking at me with desire."

Alex's heart missed a beat and he gasped for air. He had been busted! His lips trembled and he could not speak.

She bent over a bit as she spoke to him "I think you are a wonderful young man and I want to see you pass this class. I am going to do my best to make sure that you do so." Her breasts jiggled some more, the nipples pointing out as if to emphasize what she had said. "Sometimes we must deny ourselves and focus at the matter at hand, which for you is to pass the class."

"Yes Mrs. Bartram" he stuttered sheepishly. He had now become fully erect and she had taken notice of it. She continued to seduce him in a coy manner.

"Now I want you to focus on the material at hand and make sure you learn it," she looked at him sternly. Her nipples continued to clearly protrude through her tight white blouse as if to point themselves directly at him. She looked so chaste with the blouse buttoned to the collar and broach, but the breasts and nipples teased him immeasurably. "So now, Alexander, how should we get you up to speed?" she asked him.

Alex stammered "m-m-maybe you could tutor me?"

"Why yes, Alexander, I would be happy to do so" she smiled, her eyes twinkling more than usual. "We don't have much time so why don't you come over to my house after school tomorrow and I will tutor you." She gave him her address and directions how to get to her house.

"Thank you so much for helping me, I really do appreciate it!" he said nervously yet enthusiastically. His penis was swollen to the point of aching by this point.

She gave him a gentle hug and looked him square in the eyes and instructed him "I want you to focus on this material. I know what you are thinking about, and don't think those thoughts." She then whispered to him, "I can feel your fullness. Do not touch yourself. Focus on the material!"

Alex blushed as red as a beat, his body was reeling from the conversation. He went home and found that he was not hungry for dinner. All he could think about was Mrs. Bartram.

The next day in class Alex beheld her wearing a wrap around blouse, a bit low cut. Her wonder bra pushed up her massive cleavage and displayed it gently about the blouse. She wore a form fitting skirt and heels too. Alex could smell the delicate vapor of her perfume, and he was beside himself. For some reason, Alex did not masturbate last night even though he wanted to terribly. His body ached, burning with desire toward her. After class she reminded him of the meeting after school. Alex promised her that he could never forget that!

It was a very warm, beautiful afternoon and Alex rode his bicycle over to the house of his teacher and parked it along the side of the house. His body was tingling with anticipation and his penis was feeling quite needy. He had never been with a woman before so all of this was very new to him. What was it about this older woman that intrigued him? There was something mysterious about her and he couldn't put his finger on it.

He rang the door bell and she answered it with a warm smile on her face. She was wearing a halter dress, extremely low cut neckline which revealed the insides of very large, firm breasts. Her nipples protruded through the fabric of the dress. Unlike the dresses or skirts which she wore at school, this one was short, down only to the middle of her thighs. OMG she looked hot! His body trembled.

"Come in!" She bid him and gave him a very warm embrace. "Let's get to work." He sat closely beside her on the couch of her living room and felt her body press gently against his. He looked around the room and noticed pictures of a burly man. "Is this your husband?" he nervously asked her.

"Alexander, yes he was my husband. He passed away one year ago. I love him and miss him so much!" she told him.

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that," he responded, gently taking her hand into hers. He gazed deeply into her eyes. He had felt a huge sense of relief because if that big dude were still alive and saw him messing with his wife, he'd be dead!

"Thank you so much, Alexander, that was very kind of you." She wrapped her hands around his face, caressed his hair, and gave him a gentle kiss. Alex had seldom even kissed a girl before but he did not hesitate to draw her face back to his and kiss her. First, he simply kissed her on the lips but very soon they became intertwined in a very romantic embrace, her tongue slid into his mouth and tickled his tonsils. His shaft, already hard, became hard like steel. His body pressed against her thigh and she clearly felt its presence. His fingers ran down the neckline of her dress, his fingers running over her breasts, and found their way to her nipples. He gazed into her eyes and gently caressed the nipples, first through the dress, and the sliding the dress over and then directly. She moaned with delight as he did this.

She then paused and withdrew herself a bit, to the chagrin of Alex. "Alex, it's a beautiful day, warm and sunny. Would you care to go out back?" She took him by the hand and led him out the back door to an enclosed area with a swim pool and a deck. They sat on lounges on the pool deck as the sun shined down on them intensely under the southern sun.

"It's too hot to wear this," she said and removed her dress. She was not wearing anything underneath it and had now exposed her full nakedness to Alex. His heart was beating uncontrollably and his breathing was extremely heavy. He had been fantasizing seeing her naked and wondered what she looked like. The breasts were like he imagined, very large, round, firm, and did not sag. The wonder bras had kept her intact all these years. Her areolas were quite well defined and shapely, her nipples were large, firm and very inviting. He looked down and noticed that she was clean shaven. Her vagina was swollen, quite a lovely mound! She had an unusually large clitoris and it seemed to protrude outward as if to draw attention to it.

"Ah, this feels so much better!" she said and suggested he do the same. He quickly complied. He slid his lounge right next to hers, his own glands swollen and aching with desire.

She then produced a bottle of body oil and applied generous amounts of it to her entire body, giving special attention to her breasts, pelvic area and her buttocks. Her beautiful body glistened intensely as the oil reflected the sunlight in all directions. She then asked him to put oil onto her back, which he gladly obliged. Her skin felt so smooth, so inviting. He messaged the oil into her body starting with the feet and working his way up the legs, to the thighs, and then to her pelvis, feeling her swollen mound as he went. As she laid back in her lounge, she moaned in delight, telling him that it felt so good. Alex slid his fingers into her vagina and began to caress her. She groaned loudly and grabbed his hand and pulled it out. "No, don't do that, or I'll cum!" she cried out.

"D-did I do something wrong?" Alex stammered.

"No, not at all, but please move up my body and continue what you were doing." Alex messaged the oil into her torso, and then her chest, giving her breasts and nipples a great deal of attention. She moaned loudly with delight as her nipples were caressed and squeezed.

At this point Alex's body was ready to explode and she knew it. "Here, now it's my turn," she then applied oil to Alex's body in a similar manner, however when she reached his fully erect, throbbing penis, she drew it into her mouth and sucked on it with a great deal of skill. Alex had never experienced a blow job before and the sensations were beyond amazing. His body pulsated as the sensations quickly built up within him and he felt like he was going to explode. Suddenly, like a volcano erupting, he ejaculated a very large load. She tried to swallow it all but could not, semen was dripping all over her face. She wiped it off with a towel and kissed him, "thank you Alexander". Alex's head was spinning, his body wracked with orgasmic delight. He had never smoked before but if he were ever going to do that, now would be the time! He lay back in the lounge and tried to catch his breath.

The two laid back in their lounges for a few minutes when suddenly she began to spread her legs wide open and caress herself. She moaned with delight as she slowly masturbated, touching the edges of her clitoris with a gentle, circular motion. "Oh, this feels sooooooo gooooood!" she exclaimed, her body undulating. Then she suddenly stopped. Her swollen gland protruded prominently under the rays of the sun as she lay there.

Alex had never seen anybody masturbate other than himself but he knew that she had clearly approached an orgasm. "Why did you stop?" he asked her inquisitively.

"Alexander," she replied "do you know what foreplay is?"

"Yes" he responded.

"Do you enjoy it?" she asked.

"Yes, of course" he replied. "But don't you enjoy orgasms even more?" "I used to, but that has changed," she explained, her mound bathing itself in the warm sunshine, and she clearly enjoying it. "Did you masturbate last night, or did you obey my instructions to you not to do it?"

"Mrs. Bartram, I did not masturbate, but I ached so much to do it. All I could do is to think of you. I can't get you out of my mind! You are driving me wild!" he exclaimed. "My sex throbbed so intensely last night, I ached like wildfire!"

"Did you enjoy that experience?" she asked.

"W-why ... yes, in a way I did," he stammered. His desire was quickly returning to him as he thought of her being braless in her office at school. "I love it when you dress the way that you do."

"I'm glad you like that. I have to be careful of what I wear to work but I like to look nice." She smiled warmly at him, giving him a wink. There are some things I wear and some things I don't wear.

"Do you wear panties?" Alex inquired inquisitively.

"No, never! Not as such." She smiled with a smirk on her face, leaving him puzzled.

"I don't get it, what do you mean by not as such?" he asked.

"I wear something else, something that excites me to no end. Would you like to see it?" she inquired.

Perplexed, Alex said "yes, I would".

She took him by the hand inside and led him into her bedroom, her body jiggling seductively, her nipples inviting him to partake of their joy. He began to suck on her nipples, first gently and then with greater pressure. She moaned in delight and caressed his cock, bringing him to the brink of climax. She then turned her hands onto herself and began to slowly masturbate herself. As she became heated up again, her already aching mound swelled up even more, her body undulating under the stimulation. She brought herself to the very brink of orgasm again, and then, again, stopped. She lay there on the bed, relaxing herself, taking deep breaths, and closed her eyes and smiled blissfully. "Ooooooh, this feels soooooo good!" she moaned delightfully. She pinched her nipples and caressed her breasts.

"Wow, it looks like you are really enjoying yourself! I bet you really want to cum now, don't you?" Alex exclaimed. His own need was building tremendously.

"Oh, yes, I do want to cum but I must not. Here, let me show you what we came up here for in the first place." She opened a cabinet and pulled out some kind of device made out of stainless steel. "Do you know what this is?" she asked him.

"I've never seen such a device, do you wear it?" he inquired.

"Yes, I wear it each day," she replied. "This is my chastity belt and yes, I do wear it to work, which is why I dress the way that I do." She pulled out an insert that looked like a small penis and attached it to the inside of the belt. She applied some lubricant to the insert. She then put the belt around her waist and underneath herself, and gently slid the insert into herself and moaned in delight as it entered into her. She then fastened the pelvic plate to the waistband until Alex could hear a clicking sound. "There, now I'm in it!" she smiled gleefully.

She then went into a dresser drawer and pulled out a key. "Do you know what this is for?" she asked him.

"Er, um, to lock the belt?" his heart raced with excitement in this disbelief. "How could this be?" he wondered.

"Yes, Alexander, to lock me inside the belt" she looked directly into his eyes. She inserted the key into the lock, turned the key until another click was heard. She then removed the key and handed it to Alex. "Here, I want for you to keep this" she said. She removed a second key from the same drawer and handed it to him also, and kissed him passionately.

Alex observed that the belt fit quite snugly about her waist, tapering it into captivity, and she appeared to be helpless within it. "B-but, how will you get out?" he asked.

"Alex" her eyes pierced into his, "I won't be let out except by you. I want you to keep me this way."

Alex stammered, "b-but how will you clean yourself, and how will you orgasm?" "Alexander" she said, "you will be my keyholder, and I will be your sex slave, and will serve you. This will be under the condition that you unlock me for cleaning and hygiene, and for health reasons only - and I do mean only then."

"B-but how will you have sex? How will you orgasm?" Alex's body was trembling at this amazing suggestion.

"Alexander, I will give you oral sex as often as you wish, but you MUST keep me chaste, locked in the belt. My only penetration will be from the insert, and if the insert is not used that day, I will not receive any penetration," she stated as her eyes continued to fix on his.

"B-but, will you ever have orgasms?" he struggled to get the words out of his mouth.

She explained "I can stimulate my breasts and nipples as much as I like, but am not able to obtain an orgasm from that, but I sure do love the feeling of the stimulation. The only way I can orgasm is from vaginal penetration. The insert prevents me from trying to go around the belt and accessing my clit. Actually the belt works quite well without the insert to keep me from accessing myself but the insert stimulates me, but not sufficiently to cum."

"Do you enjoy being kept like that?" he asked.

"Oh, how I love it, I crave it, I need it!" she exclaimed.

"But how will you cum?" he asked her.

Her body trembled almost violently with erotic delight and excitement and her vagina was dripping wet as she responded "I will never cum! Will you keep me like this and be my key holder and my man for life?" her eyes betrayed a deeply rooted plea for an affirmative answer to her proposal. She stood there naked before him except for the chastity belt and black high heels, her breasts pointed at Alex like guided missiles, ready to launch. Her broad smile accented her already amazing beauty and her curves. Her pelvis held captive by the belt jiggled with desire, her vagina ached with a deliciously erotic agony.

Alex's body trembled with equal energy as he gazed into the eyes of the now love of his life. His desire for her seemed infinite and he wanted to fulfill the desires of her heart. He found such a proposal to be beyond amazing, beyond erotic, beyond anything he had ever dreamed of. "Yes, Mrs. Bartram, I want to be your man for life and keep you locked in your chastity belt for life!"

"Please, Alexander, don't call me Mrs. Bartram any more. My name is Barbara and I am yours forever!" she wrapped her arms around him, kissed him passionately, and they bonded completely. "Alexander, I have two keys to this belt, there are no others. Furthermore, the locking mechanism on this belt is extremely well designed and built. The belt is made of the highest grade of stainless steel, thereby making it extremely difficult if not impossible to get out of it if the lock is still in place." She wrapped her hands around his head and face and her brown eyes pierced into the depths of his soul as she asked him "if I asked you to put the keys into a beaker of acid, would you do it?"

Alex paused for a moment as he considered what she meant by that, and gazed back directly into her eyes, smiled like a Cheshire cat, and said "yes, Barbara, my love, I would gladly do that for you!" She kissed him more passionately than ever and said "thank you so much!" Alex had found his woman and he would be with her for life!

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