First Time

Submitted by: hungry jack

I was feeling all horned up so I decided to go ahead with a fantasy of mine which is to experience bondage and get tied up.

We will have trace back to that fateful day just over a week ago. I was purely heterosexual and never had another man touch me nor vice versa. But I ended up chatting online with this dude I have never met before and he was introducing to me all these games involving ropes and lycra and rubber suits. It doesn't really take much to get a guy's sexual fantasies going and after a while, it didn't matter that I was conversing with another dude and it was easy enough to just indulge myself and get hard.

Then he said simply: "Do you want to meet? Do all those things we talked about? It will be... fun."

With two choices presented before me: 1. Blow this guy off and just log off and probably never talk to him again. or 2. Heck with it and go for it.

Now if I have decided on option 1, there probably will not be anything more to say here. So you can probably guess what choice I did make in the end.

And before I go any further, I have to admit that this was not the first time I had a similar conversation to this. In fact, I had been invited to similar meet-ups before but had declined them as I was hesitant for feeling like I was becoming too much of a queer. And besides, I thought I would just wank it off and laugh at the whole idea altogether. That's what a fantasy was for, right? But the idea took root in my mind and settled in my head. Suddenly, it didn't seem all too weird anymore and my boner was overriding all caution.

So yes, I ended up taking the MTR to some 10 stations away. I met up with this guy at one of the exits and we already knew how to recognize each other by exchanging a description of what we were wearing. I am by no means short, but he towered over me by almost a head. He led me up to his apartment which was pretty close to the MTR station. At that instance, I felt like bolting and heading back to the trains. But at the same time, I was overwhelmed by curiosity. I wanted to know how it felt to be tied up and restrained. Even the notion that I was about to submit myself to a complete stranger made an unfamiliar excitement wash over me.

I was tongue-tied and we barely exchanged a few words as we made up to his apartment. Anxiety threatened to take hold of me as I entered, but I managed to keep it from showing on my face. My heart was pounding hard and I consciously tried to keep my breath steady.

He said to me: "Take off your clothes".

And within seconds, I stood stark naked in front of this stranger while he quietly appraised my body with his eyes. He reach out and grabbed my growing cock in his hands and gently stroked me. He massaged my balls for a while before giving them a gentle tug downwards. A smile broke out on his face.

He had prepared a full lycra suit which came with a hood and all for me. As the room lights were dimmed, once I slipped on the suit and with the hood placed over my head, my vision was largely hampered. I was told to put my hands behind my head. I then knew he had a camera in his hand as he took photos of me. I also knelt down and more clicks of his camera sounded off. After a couple of positions, he must have been satisfied as he placed his camera down and went for his bag on the couch.

Out came what I knew instinctively to be ropes. He measured a few of them against me and tossed a couple of the shorter ropes away. The ropes went behind my neck at first and around my body. They also went around my cock and balls and went up against my ass crack. As he tightened the ropes together, the rope crept further up against my crack and that really started driving me wild with excitement. The rope went around my body like a harness. After a while, I could not even take full breaths as the rope harness restricted my ribcage from expanding normally. I was limited to smaller, shorter breaths.

Then my hands were brought behind my back and my wrists were bound by yet more rope. Another rope went round my arms just below the shoulders and as he pulled on that particular rope, my shoulders were brought backwards together, making me thrust my chest out involuntarily. I could feel all the different ropes being secured to the first one around my body and soon my entire upper body was snug and tied up.

Then I was led into the bedroom and I was told to lie face down on the bed. Without my hands to support me, I found myself clumsily faceplanting onto the mattress.

Without much delay, more ropes went around my ankles and my knees and my hips. I was rolled over a couple of times during then but all I was concentrating on was the numbness that I was starting to feel in my arms. Before long, he was done and he took a minute to survey his work. I was squirming to get into a comfortable position with my cock straining against the body suit.

He told me to try to escape and he stepped out of the room. By this time the numbness has overtaken my right arm and I could barely feel my fingers. With only my left hand, I found it impossible to figure out how the knots went about behind me, much less try to undo them. With numbness threatening my left hand as well, I felt this to be quite futile. I could hear even more clicks of the camera as I squirmed about on the bed. Instead of getting loose, I felt the ropes getting even tighter the more I struggled.

Then I felt a vibrator on my cock and it absolutely drove me wild. I wasn't really expecting it at all and the speed was gradually turned up. The sensation was incredible and I lost count of how many times I was brought to the edge. Each time he would take away the vibrator just before I could cum and all I could do was moan in my bonds and buck my hips into the air. I clearly had lost control of the situation and loving every single moment of it.

I then felt him move to the head of the bed and he rolled the hood up just enough to expose my mouth.

His cock slipped into my open mouth and before I came to realize it, I was sucking cock for the first time in my life. His cock continued to grow and I sucked and licked. It was huge. I couldn't take the whole length of it without gagging. And even with gagging, there was still a couple of inches left. He held my head firm as he fucked my face slowly. My mind was wheeling from the entire experience. Being brought to the edge of cardinal pleasure, it didn't matter anymore that I was now having a monster of a cock shoved into my mouth. The degradation and humiliation that I must have felt being engaged in sexual acts with another man drove my lust on.

I was lost in the moment when he pulled out of my mouth. He took a whole to compose himself before starting to untie my bonds. And he did so with experienced hands, much quicker than when he was tying me up.

I had to let the feeling drain back into my arms and I thought back on the entire experience so far. The moment was fleeting as he now took cuffs and attached them to my wrists and ankles. I realized that he had carabiners at four corners of the bed. I was stretched spread-eagle on the bed. The session was not over yet.

The body suit had a crotch zipper which he undid to expose my throbbing member. It started swelling again in the instant it was exposed. He started to stroke my cock slowly and I moaned but could not move.

He asked me: "Do you want to be locked up?" as he continued to pump my cock.

I was too far into this world to even think through and I replied: "Yes."

I felt a plastic ring go around the base of my cock. I tried to strain my head forward to see what was going on. Before I could make any protest, a separate piece was pushed over my cock and connected to the base ring. A lock secured the device and he tested it by giving it a strong tug. I felt my balls being squeezed as he did so and then it dawned on me what was going on. I was locked into a chastity device. I was soon released from the spread-eagle position and told to dress up and head off. He said he will contact me again for the next session.

I was having mixed emotions and struggled with myself to ask him to unlock me. For some strange reason, I had not. And in fact, the cage around my cock felt snug and as if it was still in his hands.

So I left for home still wondering what I had gotten myself into. Attempting to pull off the chastity device meant crushing my balls and so I stopped trying. In fact, even getting hard in it brought much discomfort so I had to not think so much about it.

Fast-forward to this day a week later, I am still in this confounded device. And he had still refused to meet me yet. He said I could still continue to stay in the device for a while and that it would be worth it.

Not being able to touch myself, I decided to pen this story down to put into perspective how I even got to this situation.

All in all, it is all fun and good to act out your fantasies. But be careful of what you wish for.

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