My Girlfriends Best Friend

Submitted by: The Wolfman

i fell in love with heather at work. she was just starting there and liked her from the start. she was a short girl but beautiful hourglass figure with perfect breast and a very nice behind. we dated for awile and after about a year got a place together. i had always had a taste for female domination and we played but u could tell she was doing it mostly for my pleasure. i even bought a chastity belt (i had been a fan of your site since high school), a cheap metal and leather one she would have me put it on for a day or so and then take it off. we would make mad love, but never anything more then that.

one day i got pulled over and was smoking a joint got cited and went to court 11/29 probation. heather was pissed about this and almost left me, saying she didnt want to be known as a criminal. i begged her not to leave me calling her day after day. on the 3rd day she called me and asked me to come home, i was there in 10 minutes. i walked in and she said "i dont trust you but i love you with all my heart and want to be with u so i have come to a decision, i want to try this chastity fetish of yours". i froze excited and thinking sweet deal get to come home and she will maybe make me spend the day in that cheap cb. then she said "u tell me it will give me control of your behavours so i have decided to try it. i am going out with courtney. i will be back later tonight.

those words hit me like a train. courtney hated me and once almost destroyed our relationship. heather stopped talking to her thank god and we got better. i thought heather knew court was the case of that. i tried not to think about it and got online i found a secure model c.b that worked well with my p.a and made it nearly impossible to to escape. it was 500 bucks i already had my measurements for i had taken them many times before, i typed in my card number and got a reciept. it would be here in 3 days.

it was 12 am and heather had just gotten home. i was fresh out of the shower, still in my towel. i went to grab my boxers and heather approched me gave me a hug and grabbed the towel from around me , there i stood fully naked in front of my fully dressed, beautiful girlfriend. she motioned me to follow her and told me to stay naked. i did so, not knowing why i followed her order. she sat in my recliner and told me to stand in front of her. i did then she said now kneel. i kneeled. she looked in my eyes and began to speak.

"there will be some rules to follow if you are to continue living here. ive taken your name off the lease and the utilities since youve been gone. i also closed our bank account and opened my own. both our checks will be automaticly deposted to my account". i started to speak and she put her hand on my mouth. she reached her other hand in her purse and got out the plainest cb id ever seen."court got me this. it is the most secure one they make. it works with your p.a and will not come off without the key". she grabbed my dick put the belt on and locked it through my piercing before i could unfreeze. "i havnt clicked the lock love. if u love me, and want to be with me, then say: lock me heather and i shall".

"may i ask one question hun before you do? why are you trusting court. she almost ruined us before". "i do not trust her, but she has experience in your kink and i need the help. i promise you i love you and will not harm you sweety".

with that i said lock it. snap. it made me shake and i instantly tried to get hard. "ok these are your rules as my new slave. courtney said these were the standard rules for a femdom relationship and i mean to follow them to make you happy. no matter what, number one from the moment the lock is closed, you are my slave until i should decide to release you. all this is being taped since i got home. i will show everyone in your family and your friends if you disobey me". i looked in her eyes and saw she was serious. it scared me. "court said youll always try to get out of this but that i should never let you because u want to be forced. you must always be naked or wearing pink panties in my house. your boxers will all be replaced. you will never wear male underwear again. since you only work weekends you will never leave the house during the week and then on the weekends only for work unless me or court says otherwise. my house will be spotless at all times. you will clean every room every day. you are not allowed tv, computers, cell phones or regular phones unless i say otherwise". she stopped and cuffed my hands behind my back. and then my ankles. she then attatched them together.

she started again without missing a beat, at the same time locking a gag into my mouth. "whenever i leave or enter this house you will kneel at the door and ask me if you can kiss my ass. i dont care who is here, u will do this. you will get to cum once a month by way of a handjob. you will always be cuffed when this happens. you will get sex with me every second month, but here is the kicker. me and court both have to agree to realese you. that was her idea. she said it was a normal thing to in this situation. i love u and oly want your happiness. i let court convert our spare bedroom closet into punishment cell. she said it was good to enforce my dominance somtimes and give you sentences. come with me".

she walked into the spare room and i made my way there, the best i could. when i reached the center of the room she opened the closet. court had lined the wall with cinder blocks making the closet even smaller. there was a pillow, a bowl and a small seat with a hole in it. "this is your punishment cell. court says this is all safe and she said you would prob try to lie about it but that it was all part of the forcing part. anyway its small but she said is big enough. theres a small potty chair" she giggled. "i insisted u get somthing comfortable in there, so she put the pillow in there. see im looking out for you hun". she bent down and undid my leg chains and told me to walk into the cell. she wanted to see what i looked like in it. i walked in and slam!!! click, click, click. i turned around and she opened a little door just like they have in real jail cell doors and told me to stick my hands through. i did and she uncuffed them. "now court said you should have a short sentence of 5 days to get used to this cell. i love you sweetheart and i hope you apprciate everything im doing for you.

one last rule - you are not allowed to see my breasts again. court said this was a vital rule, don't know why". she handed me the key to the mouth gag and said take it out. i did and she asked if i had any questions. "yes hun, why? i do not want all this - please i am scared". i love you sweety, and court said you would get used to it. she said deep down you wanted this and i want to make u happy. i have to go hun."

"here." she reached down and pulled her panties off and threw them through the little door and closed it. "those will remind you of me hun. sorry i have to go. court is comming to hang out with her two italian friends from the restuarant she works at. she said they are fun guys. i need to put some panties on before they get here hun. this is a short skirt!" then the dorrbell rang. "opps i guess i dont have time - maybe if i just concentrate on sitting right. oh well, night sweety - see u in 5 days. slam! she closed the outside closet door and locked it as well as the cell door before it.

what am i to do? i dont want all this! it was just a fantasy. i love her so much and court is brainwashing her. what do i do... nothing i guess, im screwed. i will try to talk some sense into her when i get out of here in five days. god, thats a long time with just her and court without me to intervene and bring heather to her senses. and thats a long time with two italian guys, who i am sure court has put up to heping in brainwashing her. i begin to cry. i am so screwed.

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