My Life As A Sex Slave

Submitted by: lefty

Several years ago, I advertised that I was looking for a weekend Dom who wanted a male slave for sex and to clean her apartment. I gave a few specific requirements such as age and attractive. I met a couple of them for drinks and even had 3 trial runs locked in my CB2000. It took awhile, but I finally found the Mistress of my dreams. She was everything I wanted and knew just how to treat a slave. After 2 weekends at her place and a very sore butt on my part we sat down to discuss an agreement.

I would report to her apartment on Friday nights at 6PM an leave at 10PM on Sunday. During that time I would be totally at her command and accept any punishment that she wished to give me. Also, I was to wear my chastity cage 24/7 and she was to hold the only keys. She was to determine when and if I were to experience an orgasm. I was to perform any sex act on her that she desired at any time. On week nights, I was to report to her apartment in answer to her phone calls. This agreement was to last for the period of one year.

I'm locked here in my cage where I can't touch my poor helpless prick. While I lust after your big hanging tits and your clit peeking out of your pussy between those spread legs. I would love to stick my tongue in that pussy to taste your juices while those strong legs closed to lock me in place. You would hold me there until I licked you to orgasm.

When I had finally satisfied you, then you would release me and let me know that there would be no relief for my frustration tonight. Perhaps then you would turn me over and whip my ass until I begged you to stop through my tears. Then you would chain me in my place next to the bed, on the floor to spend the night thinking of your lovely body while my prick longed to cum, locked away from my reach in its cage.

In the morning, you would unlock my chains and send me to wash myself. Next, I would crawl between your legs and lick that hairless pussy until you told me that you had enough. Then dressed only in my cage to fix your breakfast and to get ready for my cleaning duties for the day.

That is how this slave spends all of his weekends plus some evenings when his Mistress phones to demand his presence. Tonight, I will give Mistress one last orgasm with my tongue before she releases me to return to my apartment for the week. If I'm very lucky, she may even remove my cage and allow me to orgasm before I leave. Otherwise, I will be denied any relief for another week. My last orgasm, other than a milking, was 49 days ago.

I have been with my Mistress now for 3 years. At the end of the first year I received a large sum of money. At that time, she was ready to break up with me. We made a deal that she would receive $100,000 if I left her before 5 years were up. Sometimes I think that she is so mean to me so I will asked to be released. But that is what I wanted. A mean Mistress. So I have 3 more years to spend with her to keep my money.

Don't get me wrong. I would give her the money today if she would agree to stay with me forever. I love her and don't want to ever lose her no mater how she treats me. I would give up my job today in order to be her full time slave seven days a week.


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