Submissively Yours, Forever

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It was the weekend before her birthday. They were having breakfast out on the patio since it was a beautiful if slightly chill morning. He smiled at her over his coffee. "What would you like for your birthday my love?"

She looked down, blushing slightly. She had been thinking about this for weeks, ever since she decided he was the one for her and that she really wanted nothing better than to please him. She finally looked up at him and smiled shyly, "I want to be yours. Utterly and completely."

His playful smile vanished briefly to be replaced by a more serious but no less amused one. "Really now? And how can I be sure of your utter and complete devotion, hmmm?"

She blushed furiously under his gaze but held her eyes steady. "I'll do anything you like."

He nodded contemplatively. He finally looked up again and said "I tell you what, your birthday is later this week. Think about this between now and then - if you truly believe you can serve me, then your test will be this: I will have you wear a chastity belt from the night of your birthday onwards. On your next birthday, we will see if you're still as willing to be mine. You will wear it always, and I will have the only key. I will put the key in my safe deposit box, and if you ever decide to change your mind, you will tell me the night before, I will get the key for you, unlock you, and you'll be free to do as you please."

Her jaw dropped and she squeaked "One full year? But..."

"You said anything" he interrupted.

She sat silent, a stunned expression on her face. Finally she just nodded and continued with her breakfast. After breakfast he took her into the bedroom and made passionate love to her the rest of the day...


The morning of her birthday arrived without fanfare. It was raining outside. She stretched languidly. "This is the big day" she thought to herself. It was a difficult decision, but she had made up her mind to do it, to submit completely to his whim.

He arrived in the bedroom with a breakfast tray, a lit candle sticking out of the stack of pancakes he had made her. She smiled and blew it out, making a wish. She smiled at him. "Ready for your present?" he asked her. She nodded. He handed her a box wrapped in festive paper with a large bow made with three different colours of ribbon. She shook the box but couldn't tell what it was. He merely smiled enigmatically when she looked up at him, hoping for a hint. "Open it." is all he said.

She started unwrapping it and then paused. "I wanted to tell you, before I open this, I... um..." she blushed, unable to continue for a moment, "I want to be yours, and I will do as you asked."

He smiled quietly and said nothing. She continued unwrapping the box and opened it. Inside was a chastity belt, wide at the waist, a band that wrapped around and would fit between her legs, leaving barely enough room to use the bathroom she thought, a small but very secure looking padlock on the flap joining the parts together. Her eyes went wide and she looked at him in surprise. "I knew," he said, smiling quietly at her. She grabbed him and kissed him passionately, tears flowing from her eyes, afraid and completely sure all at once. The breakfast tray sat unattended, the food cooling as the sounds of their passion echoed from the walls...

That evening, he took her to the theatre. They looked fabulous together, him all dressed up in his best suit, silk tie, rose in his boutoniere. She drew lots of looks in her crushed velvet dress of dark burgundy, hugging her curves perfectly. They had a late dinner afterwards, candlelight and fine wine. They came home. She was nervous by the time they got there, but he was quiet and very reassuring.

He took her in his arms and carried her up the stair into the bedroom. He stripped her slowly, unwrapping her like a delicate piece of crystal, his mouth hot on her skin, overwhelming her with passionate lust. She nearly tore his clothes from him and pulled him down onto the bed. "Take me" she whispered at him. He slipped into her and she cried out over and over again, instantly, orgasms tearing through her incessantly.

Afterwards, she lay against his chest, curled up. Her eyes were fixed on her chastity belt hanging on the bedpost. "Are you absolutely certain?" he asked her. She nodded and then whispered "yes." Softly. Quietly.

He reached up and took it in his hand. She flinched and whimpered as she felt the cool belt touch her skin and fit snugly into place. She heard the snap of the lock as it clicked shut. Her eyes closed and she shivered against him, trembling, tears on her face, happier than she had ever been in her life. His.


The next day she took a shower with the belt on. It felt very strange, very alien. Going to the bathroom was difficult, but she managed. She knew she would have to be careful. That night she came home and he kissed her. She felt her urges more strongly now that she couldn't fulfill them. She kneeled before him and took him into her mouth eagerly, hoping she could come from pleasing him. She felt so aroused, so wet, but couldn't get over the edge.

A week passed. She became more and more used to the belt. She knew how to dress to hide the lock. The bathroom was not a problem anymore. She still hadn't been able to orgasm with the belt on. It was flat and smooth enough on the inside the she couldn't rub her clit against it, and reached far enough down that she couldn't get her fingers underneath. Her vibrator was to no avail either, the belt was just to thick to transmit it. He smiled everytime she tried to convince him she wanted to go through with it, but couldn't he just unlock her five minutes a day so she could come...?

The first month went by. She was still trying to get used to the constant buzzing between her thighs, her constant desire, denied. He came home that night with a large bouquet of orchids for her, and had brought in a fancy dinner from their favourite restaurant. "One month anniversary darling!" he smiled as he waltzed in the door. She smiled and kissed him lingeringly. "I have a surprise for you tonight" he said, but wouldn't hint any further. She sat squirming through dinner, wondering what the surprise was. He took her upstairs afterwards. He stripped her down to her belt and his favourite pair of heels. He bent her over the bed. His fingers slipped between her cheeks and onto her anus. She gasped and pushed back against his fingers, yearning for any penetration at all, even there. She had resisted him for months, not wanting to try it, but now she craved it instantly, anything to have him inside her. He gently fingered her until she was well relaxed and loose for him. She whimpered and moaned as he finally entered her, pressing back against him greedily. She was wet. She could feel her pussy throb. He made love to her for hours, filling her tight hole again and again. She was so close she felt like crying, and finally, did, as orgasm again eluded her.

Another month passed. And another. She was getting used to the near orgasms he gave her when he penetrated her ass. She was even beginning to crave it, despite being frustrated to tears at the end of it. She felt completely owned and submissive, her tears flowing freely onto his chest afterwards, his soothing words in her ear, his strong arms stroking and calming her.

After six months had gone by, she was only now beginning to understand. Every morning now she woke him by slipping down to his wonderfl warm cock and tasting him as he filled her mouth. Every night now she begged him to take her ass. She felt so utterly his. She knew the next six months would be the hardest she had ever passed in her life.


It was the weekend before her birthday. They were having breakfast out on the patio since it was a beautiful if slightly chill morning. He smiled at her over his coffee. "What would you like for your birthday my love?"

She looked down, blushing. She finally looked up at him and spoke softly, biting her lower lip. "I want remain yours. Utterly and completely. Forever." He nodded. Then smiled.

The morning of her birthday arrived. She awoke first again and was already wet with anticipation of that evening. She greedily sucked him until he awoke and swallowed everything he had to give. She then dragged him into the shower and did it to him again. He moaned in delight at her passion.

In the evening, he took her out to dinner, their favourite restaurant. A play she had been desperately wanting to see, but had been sold out when she phoned for tickets. She didn't know how he managed to get some, but they had fabulous seats. It was a perfect evening. He carried her to the bedroom when they got home. He slowly stripped her again, just like the year before. He placed her gently on the bed. He stood up and left the room. He returned, a glass of water on a tray with the key next to it. He stood by the dresser and looked at her.

"You're absolutely certan? Mine forever? That's what you want?" He looked at her with his soul searching eyes.

"Yes! YES! Yours, yours forever!"

He took the key. Dropped it into the glass. Her mouth dropped open as she saw bubbles forming around key. Acid. Dissolving it. Her chest tightened. Tears flowed down her face and she sobbed as he took her the way had been for the past eleven months. Her pussy on fire. Unable to come.

She knew.

She understood.

His forever.

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