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Greetings Altairboy

I have visited your chastity website for many years and have really enjoyed the numerous stories (both real and "imagined") that you have posted. Recently I discovered an interesting 'technique' that may be sort of a "good news / bad news" phenomenon for users of the CB 2000 - 6000 style of chastity device and thought I'd share my experience with your readers.

It is, I think, one of the most positive aspects of the proliferation of porn on the web that it has demonstrated the incredible diversity of human sexual imagination and sex acts, which has helped to relieve some of the 'guilt' that many people suffer in thinking that their personal sexual kinks are somehow unique and somewhat 'sick'. The great sharing of intimate personal details and masses of erotic imagery covering every conceivable human sexual bent has done wonders to liberate many individuals (myself included) from the aura of shame that I once felt - as if I was the only person in the world who could 'have such ideas'... to paraphrase the great libertine and wit Oscar Wilde: "If you think that other people are more normal than you are, it's only because you don't know them all that well"... but I digress!

As a bit of a back-story I'd relate that I have been a (on and off) long time user of 'electrical stimulation' as part of my auto-erotic sex play - in fact I achieved my very first orgasm sort of by accident when, as a teenager, I stumbled upon the potential that controlled electricity has to induce a climax.

Back in the years of my emerging sexuality I discovered a fascination with SM themes & in the course of reading books and 'men's magazines' learned about the use of electricity as a method of 'torture'. This concept piqued my interest and I devised a method of checking it out in a controlled way by utilizing my trusty electric train transformer. I had noticed on occasion that I'd get a mild shock when touching both of the tracks and my fevered teen brain extrapolated this into an experiment to try it on my genitals, to get a sense of what the feeling would be like. Following the 'advice' from the accounts I had read that stated that electrodes would often be placed in the anus and on the penis I gave this a try and discovered that, at low voltages, the resultant eelectrical stinging sensation was not altogether unpleasant and induced a pretty strong erection. As I increased the power I found that the vibrations increased in their pleasurable effect until I suddenly felt a strange glow begin to well up in my groin and the next thing I knew I was spasming and spurting cum all over the place - my first 'O'! This was quite the revelation, and although I soon also mastered the more 'normal' methods of masturbation as well, I maintained a interest in the electrically induced climax. Over the years I refined the process by building some pretty ingenious 'attachments' that made the experience more pleasurable and using electricity continued to be one element in my fantasy S&M masturbatory sex life, but the guilt factor was fairly high with this technique as it seemed to be pretty 'over the top' - back in the day.

Flash forward though to the modern cyber age and things have certainly become more liberated and interesting in the 'sex toy' world! Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when I stumbled upon the web-site for the Paradise Electrical Stimulation (PES) folks in Las Vegas and their amazingly sophisticated collection of transformers and electrodes/toys that have managed to elevate this sexual 'perversion' out of the 'torture chamber' realm and turn it into a 'healthful' sex aid. Add to this the existence of web sites like 'Wired Pussy' and this once clandestine kink becomes, almost, mainstream!

So, to get to the essence of my 'chastity electrogasm' experience, I recently purchased two 'sex toys' to try out: a CB6000 S and a 'beginner's' set from the aforementioned PES electro stimulation firm. The CB6000 is my first ever 'commercial' chastity device purchase and I found it to be a great product. I went with the new 'S' style of 'shorter' penis cage because it is nice and snug when one is flaccid and when you (try to) become erect, believe me, there's nowhere to go. On the electro front I initially outfitted my PES 'power box' with two electrodes known as 'sparklers'. These are simply a short (about 6 inches) flexible solid tube of electro conductive rubber that the PES folks devised - that can be looped and held around a body part (like the testicles or penis) or used in a straight mode (fun ideas include down the urethra or taped to the sides of the penis). Depending on the configuration, generally two electrodes are used and the current passing between them sets up a vibration in the body that is pretty unique in its' intensity and feeling. The power box typically (there are now many different manufacturers and versions with varying levels of control and sophistication) has knobs that adjust the amount of power and the 'wave length' and pulse rate (this varies from a steady stream to short staccato pulses, to pulses with a bit of a delay between surges of vibration). For those that are unfamiliar with 'electro play' it may be noted that the sensations can vary from a faint tingling (at the low end) to fairly massive vibratory jolts that cause involuntary muscle contractions and may ultimately lead to the 'holy grail' of the electro sex experience : the "hands free orgasm" - where the pulses produce spasms throughout the genitals that 'force' one to orgasm. The potential for this 'effect' in a DS scenario is obvious!

One day I was wearing my CB6000 chastity cage when an idea entered my mind - what if I combined the chastity and electro devices. One of the 'wicked' concepts that the PES folks suggest is to hold the 'sparkler' electrode onto the penis shaft by rolling a condom down over it. Looking down at my cock imprisoned in its' tight little clear acrylic chastity cage I thought it might be interesting to work an electrode into the mix for some 'discipline' play. A principle technicality of electro-sex play is that you want to have a good deal of 'lubricant' on the skin where the electrode touches - this assures that the electrical current connects in a 'pleasant' vibratory way rather than creating an unpleasant burning stinging sensation. One of the recommended conductivity enhancing liquids is simple olive oil so I used a medicine bottle dropper to squirt a goodly amount of oil into the inside of the CB6000 creating a nice slippery, conductive environment. I then took one of the straightened 'sparkler' tubes and slipped its' point into the hole at the end of the chastity tube. To my surprise, the sparkler tube naturally worked its' way in and, when it came up against the ridge in the tube for the cock head, it turned and snaked its' way around my penis just behind the head, making a neat full circle of conductive material. The second, somewhat thicker, 'sparkler' I slipped into my oiled anus with its' head end resting up near the prostate... completing the circuit. I then lay back and tentatively turned on the power box and adjusted the control knobs, and slipped into a mental fantasy....

In my fantasy scenario I was a 'chastised bad slave' who had displeased his Mistress and was being punished with a dose of genital 'shock therapy'. Mistress had me tied to a low bench so I couldn't move and she had placed a penis gag in my mouth to silence me and blindfolded me as well so that I wouldn't be distracted from the electrical sensations she intended to deliver to me. From even the lowest settings my penis began to tingle and tried to become erect, which was of course impossible with the CB6000 in place. As my penis swelled inside the tube the contact with the electrode wire grew greater under pressure and the intensity of the vibrations increased. Slowly my mistress increased the amount of current that was coursing through my genitals until my whole body seemed focused on the vibrations that ran between my asshole and cock head. Just as I adjusted to this intense sensation she turned on the pulse control and my body was rocked as the power box would automatically deliver intermittent periods of no electricity combined with extreme shocks of vibration. Tied as I was there was no way I could do anything to remove the electrodes and I helplessly felt my trapped penis jump with every surge of power and felt my anus contract around the electrode stuck deep into my rectum. Mistress slowly increased the electrical charge, often turning the dial up when the pulse was in the momentary 'off' mode so that when it came back 'on' the current was even higher and I struggled to adapt to the intensity with each increase until I was at the maximum setting and each pulse was like a kick to the groin, as the auto setting cycled on and off over and over again. At this point Mistress whispered in my ear that she was going out for a bit to do some shopping and that I would continue in this discipline until she returned. I barely noticed the click of her heels as she left the room - my world was completely immersed in the pulses of electrical vibration that surged through my lower body causing contraction after unstoppable contraction in my pelvic muscles. I wondered how I could endure this when I suddenly noticed that the nature of the feelings I was experiencing was changing and the contractions were starting to have a warm glow associated with them that I normally recognized as a pre-orgasmic condition. To my surprise this warm tingling feeling continued to spread and grow until I felt myself reaching a plateau of pleasure and the incessant electrical pulses forced a shattering orgasm out of my trapped penis. The chastity cage kept me from achieving an erection but I had an ejaculation regardless, with my cum dripping uselessly down and out of the hole at the end of the chastity tube. In what might have normally been my post orgasmic reverie I realized, to my consternation, the secondary disciplinary aspect of this diabolical combination of chastity device and electro-stim device - it just kept on going! Even after I had pumped my load the shocking pulses kept coming, delivering relentlessly un-ending vibrations and contractions to my sensitive penis head which had no way to escape . Agonizing at first, the pulses kept on until after about 15 minutes I noticed the sensations again begin to change and start to become pleasurable so that after a while I again felt the familiar muscle contractions of an orgasm building and I was forced to shoot my load a second time, and to have my, increasingly, sensitive organ again shocked and stimulated well beyond the point where it felt good. When Mistress finally returned after a couple of hours at the mall I was one sorry slave and ready to do just about anything to prove it to her.

So, this was my 'revelation', that even while locked up in a chastity device and unable to obtain an erection I was able to have a 'hands free' electrically induced orgasm! As I stated at the outset - this is sort of a 'good news / bad news' scenario for chastity buffs! Good news if you're 'trapped' in a CB device and want a way to get off - bad news if you're thinking that the CB6000 products are pretty ejaculation proof! The experience also got my 'sick' mind pondering on the possibilities (I'm surprised they haven't come up with it yet!) of making a CB style acrylic chastity tube with a 'built-in' set of electrode strips that could be hooked up to a PES (or similar) device. Many intriguing scenarios come to mind: of utilizing the 9 volt battery portable function of the electro-stim unit with remote control capabilities - 'key-holding' Mistresses could achieve new levels of control over their thralls. I would encourage others to try this form of stimulation.

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