My Life as a "Gold Key Escort"

Submitted by: Ricky

I enjoy the many imaginative male chastity stories on Altairboy website; some are absolutely hot. However, at least for me in my marriage, they are mostly fantasy. So I would like to tell you how my wife and I found a real-life way to incorporate orgasm control and limited male chastity into our previously vanilla sex life. It has added a new dimension to our erotic life for which I am grateful to my wife.

It's perhaps not as exciting or extreme as many of the Altairboy stories, but it has the virtue of being true. It's real, not fiction. Admittedly it involves role-play, but it is real in several ways. First, we really do play the game just as I describe it, and when we do we are committed to our roles. It's also real in that it's a creative open-ended game, and we don't always know how it will go or how it will develop over time. And finally since the game is now pretty much our norm for sex, the line between what's real and what's play gets a bit blurry.

Our story may be of interest to others who might want to explore male submission and orgasm control without going all the way to life-style chastity, especially men whose wives are not initially that interested in taking on a dominant role.

Though we've been married more than 20 years, we've explored male submission and cock control only the last few years since we became "empty nesters". We are in our 50's and both successful professionals - I'm a professor and she's an in-house counsel for a large corporate division. Both of us exercise, keep fit and have plenty of sex drive. Our two kids are in grad school and living in other parts of the country. We miss them, but there are advantages to having the house to ourselves after a long time sharing it with family. We live in a woodsy suburb on a large lot that is relatively private. We still have neighbors, so we can't be indiscreet outdoors, but inside the house pretty much anything is OK as long as we tilt the front blinds.

I've always had a bit of submissive kink in my sexual desire, but it wasn't something I found essential and I didn't really explore it. In my 20's I had a number of girlfriends - long term and short term - but I never got into much kink with any of them beyond a bit of playful tease and denial. I was always reluctant to bring up anything about male submission or orgasm control. I worried they might feel it was weird or gross.

My wife and I met, married and had kids in our early 30's. So we didn't have a lot of time or opportunity to explore novel variations in our sex life. We've always had an active and enjoyable sex life, but it was discreet, had to work around the kids, and pretty much stuck to "vanilla" with maybe a little "cherry vanilla" now and then, but nothing very edgy or far out.

The internet in recent years has let me see that there are lots of people out there with similar desires and that they are perfectly normal and OK. It also gave me lots of good ideas about how I might explore those aspects of myself. Thus when our second kid went off to college and we finally had the house to ourselves, I raised the possibility of some male-submissive role-play to add new excitement to our sex. My wife was a bit uncertain, but willing to give it a try. I assured her that we would only do things she felt OK with, and that I would work hard to make it fun for her. And that's how the role of "Gold Key Escort" was invented.

Lots of people use role-play to spice up their sex life, and I thought it would be easier for my wife to take the sexually dominant role with an alter ego, not with me *as myself* but *as "Ricky the Gold Key Escort -"*professionally trained houseboy, clit-boy and sometime cock-boy completely dedicated to her pleasure and service for the weekend. It wouldn't be me submitting to her - it would be "Ricky", he would be from a service (Gold Key Escorts or "GKE"), and it would be just for a weekend at least initially. All of which made it more playful and easier to slide into.

Since it was my desire but not my wife's natural inclination, the process has been gradual and sometimes hit a few bumps - mostly when I've let disappointment show if things didn't work out as I fantasized they would. But I've gotten better about that and learned to appreciate whatever happens and not try to "top from the bottom."

Sending my wife regular "customer service letters" from GKE has provided a means for me to "anonymously" suggest ideas and rules that could help create the scene. They are always sent as "suggestions for best results" and with a reminder that as a GKE client "there are no rules except your rules." Thus my wife is always free to pick and choose the suggestions she likes and disregard the others.

The suggested GKE rules on cuming have been especially important, and happily my wife has adopted them. They are meant to emphasize the important difference between Clits and cocks. There are three basic rules for each. (My wife can change them if she wants, but she seems to like them just fine.)

  • Clits always Cum* First.*
  • Clits always Cum* Many Times*, large and strong, again & again.
  • Clits always *Always *Cum.

Since cocks are different than Clits, the three rules for cocks must also be different:

  • If cocks cum, they cum* last* and only after Clits are fully satisfied.
  • If cocks cum, they cum *at most once*.
  • Cocks do *Not always* cum.

With the help of our "Gold Key Escort" role-play, we've gotten to a point where my wife is quite comfortable being in control of my cock, which most of the time is "her cock". She still enjoys using it - teasing it, riding it and even sometimes making it cum in big pumping squirts - but she has also learned to enjoy telling it "No" and keeping it hot and hard with no release. Indeed, not letting it cum can sometimes really turn her on and give her a huge cum of her own. Sometimes she holds my (Ricky's) cock in her hand and keeps it on the edge but tells me to "be a good clit-boy and stay hard for her" while I make her cum with my tongue or my fingers. She just explodes.

We both understand it's her cock, and that it comes only if and when it pleases her. If she gets more pleasure by saying "No", that's all that matters.

I don't wear a cock cage or chastity belt - my wife 'won't go near there'. (And actually I'm OK myself with not using anything physically constricting that might affect "the plumbing" which is all still in good working order.) The honor system works fine. I am the one who really wanted this, and it's important that I mean it when I say I've given her control. Whatever the rules and whatever she says, I follow to the letter. If I am on a no-cuming or no-touching restriction, she can be as sure that I will obey as if I were securely padlocked in a chastity belt. My cock is restricted unless and until she says otherwise. Period. If she gives me an order when I am "Ricky" or tells me what she wants done, I do it ASAP.

Just to be clear I am not "Ricky" 24/7 - my wife doesn't want that (and neither do I). We have demanding jobs - especially hers - and she does not want to have to deal with Ricky all the time. She wants him when she wants him, but she has other things to deal with at other times. Although I am normally "Ricky" only on the weekend and for an evening or two during the week, we nonetheless have an arrangement that keeps me under cock and orgasm control most of the time, nearly 6 days of every week. Let me explain.

At this point, "Ricky" is on a standing reservation for every weekend - Friday afternoon till midnight Sunday. It is typically an "On Call" weekend, which means Ricky is not necessarily actively serving 24hr/day, but he is available whenever my wife might call him for any service she might like - social escort, domestic chores, errands, spa services including foot and full body massage, as well as more intimate pleasures from her Clit-boy and sometimes her cock-boy. When I am serving as "Ricky", my only job is to please my wife in every way I can, and she makes sure to call on Ricky's services - especially as her Clit-boy - on a daily basis during the weekend.

The "On Call" format works well for us. Given the nature of our jobs, the need to do some work typically spills into the weekend, and we each have a home office. The "On Call" set-up means my wife gets "Ricky" whenever and however she wants him, but because he's not actively serving 24hr/day, we can both still get some work done on the weekends. However, knowing that I can be called as "Ricky" anytime keeps me hot and excited all weekend especially when she's not been letting me cum. (In Part II I'll write about Ricky's less frequent but more demanding "On Duty" weekends.)

During the entire weekend - whether Ricky is actively serving or waiting on call - his cock remains 100% hers. Since it is not Ricky's cock, he certainly has no right to touch it. You don't go around touching someone else's cock. Aside from incidental contact while peeing or in the shower, Ricky is not allowed to touch her cock in any way all weekend unless specifically told to do so. My wife can touch it or tease it whenever she wants, but when and how is entirely up to her. And she makes sure not to spoil it by letting it cum too often. On a 3-day weekend when her clit has daily multi-cumings, her cock typically cums once, or rarely twice, and sometimes not at all. It's entirely unpredictable which keeps Ricky "hungry but hopeful". So that's 3 days of total cock-control each week.

There are also another three days of control and orgasm denial each week, though of a slightly different sort. Part of the game is that Ricky is to arrive for his weekend with at least a "3-day cock", i.e. one that has not cum for at least 72 hours. My wife calls or emails me on Tuesday afternoon to confirm her reservation, and as soon as she does, I put on an anklet chain. It's actually a small-link chrome pet choke collar that fastens with an attached clasp around my left ankle, and it signifies that my cock is now on hold for the weekend. That chain, which stays on till midnight Sunday, is the tangible reminder that my cock is her cock as least as far as cuming is concerned.

Though "Ricky" may not start active service till Friday, the 3-day lead-up is one of denial and chastity at least for me. Unlike the weekend, Ricky is allowed to touch his cock during his 3-day prep period, but no cuming is permitted. Often he edges it a bit during the week to be sure it is plenty hot on Friday.

I deliberately go bare foot at home, so my ankle chain is clearly on view for my wife to see during the week. And its feel on my ankle, even when covered by a sock during the workday, serves as an ever present reminder of my status. So even though on most weekdays I am myself rather than "Ricky", my cock already belongs to my wife.

During the summer when I am not teaching and mostly working from my home office, "Ricky" often sports what Gold Key calls an "indicator beard". Once I put on my anklet after her Tuesday call, I don't shave again until I've been allowed to cum. Thus the length of my beard displays the preparation of my cock - a 3-day beard means a 3-day cock, and ditto for a 4-day or 5-day beard. My wife likes being able to just see how long its been since her cock has cum. Sometimes she teases me by rubbing her hand through my beard, and telling me that it doesn't seem so long, and that we need to let it grow some more.

Although the 3-day lead-up period is one of chastity for Ricky, my wife can indulge herself if she wishes, and she typically does so at least once during the week. Her weekend reservation entitles her to a complimentary "amuse boche" with her Clit-boy anytime during the 3-day lead-up. Like the little 1- or 2-bite specialties presented to diners at the start of a meal in high-end restaurants, the Gold Key "amuse boche" (French for "please the mouth") is a little extra to whet the appetite for what is to come.

Ricky must be available Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening with no advance notice to provide skilled and attentive Clit-boy services whenever ordered. Cock-boy services are not included in the "amuse boche", which gives Ricky a chance to show how dedicated he is to pleasing her and her Clit even when he knows there is no chance whatsoever of his using her cock or doing any cuming with it. These mid-week "amuse boche" sessions thus help to reinforce one of the basic Gold Key rules: "Clits are for cuming, and cocks are for staying hard and making Clits cum." (Although cock-boy services are not included, my wife does have the option of checking her cock at the end of an amuse boche session to see how well it is developing for the weekend.)

I never teach on Fridays, and I try as much as possible to keep Friday afternoon free of work commitments. That way "Ricky" can provide "pre-arrival" services that afternoon, which means cleaning and prepping the house for her after-work arrival. I straighten up, vacuum, clean the kitchen and the bathrooms, put clean sheets on the bed, do the laundry and any other chores she may have left on a list for me. I make sure to have chilled wine, hors d'oeurvres, and dinner all set to serve.

Doing my domestic duties as "Ricky the houseboy" is surprisingly erotic. It's a win/win situation. My wife gets to come home after work to a house cleaned to please her with no need to spend any of her weekend time on chores. And I get a real charge out of doing the housework as "Ricky", anticipating the weekend and hoping each thing I do will meet with her satisfaction.

Before "Ricky", we pretty much divided the chores: I did the yard work and took care of meals - I'm a skilled and creative cook. My wife did the house cleaning, and we shared the laundry and grocery shopping. Now as Ricky I simply do it all, and I am very pleased and turned on to serve her. I typically wear very little or nothing other than my ankle chain when working as "Ricky the houseboy" - at most a pair of running shorts or bikini briefs. Who would have guessed that folding laundry naked or washing floors on one's knees could give one such a stiffy, but it does.

Waiting is an important part of Ricky's role as a GKE escort. Having to wait - both waiting *for* my wife and *on* my wife - helps to reinforce Ricky's submission to her, especially when it is done in a respectful kneeling posture - knees spread wide, pelvis forward, hands clasped behind the back, soles of the feet up, and eyes closed and down or blind folded. Ricky spends a lot of time in that position.

For a start, my wife calls before coming home on Friday, and tells Ricky simply to "wait" - no need to say where she is or when she is coming. It could be in 10 minutes or maybe a hour. Perhaps she is on her way, but maybe she's still at the office or stopping off at the gym. It is not some thing "Ricky" needs to know. All he needs to do is wait.

"Ricky" immediately kneels in the family room facing the door from the garage, and stays there till she arrives and tells him otherwise. He is to spend his time thinking about how he might please her. It can be pretty hard to stay in that position, and Ricky is very happy when he finally hears the garage door going up. That way he learns to associate her arrival with possible relief, though he must remain kneeling and silent with eyes closed until she explicitly orders him to rise. Sometimes she lets Ricky stay kneeling for a time after she comes in or simply ignores him, just to make clear who is in charge.

If while kneeling he is a given an order or task to perform, such as bringing in her things from the car, he does it and then returns to his kneeling position. He does not otherwise stop kneeling until he is explicitly ordered to do so.

Ever intimate session begins with "Ricky" kneeling and waiting next to her bed, which he never enters unless told to do so. "Ricky" is sent up to the bedroom to prepare it for her - pulling back the sheets, fluffing the pillows, lighting candles, setting out massage lotions and a glass of wine - and then he kneels and waits. Sometimes she comes up quickly, but she's free to take her time. She might relax downstairs and read the paper, watch the end of a show or talk on the phone. Ricky is glad to wait kneeling beside her bed and thinking of how he might better please her when she finally comes up.

Ricky normally gets one day off a week. From midnight Sunday till midday Tuesday, Ricky is totally off duty, and I get to have my cock back to do with as I please. I take advantage of that short window and typically have a few really good cumings, especially if I've had little or none on the weekend. Like many married men, I masturbated regularly to supplement the sex we could squeeze in around the kids. Daily sex with my wife was not going to happen, so I never felt I was taking anything away from us, if I gave myself a quickie to fill in the gaps. That happens now only in the short window at the start of each week when Ricky is totally off duty.

I am allowed that one day a week, but once my ankle chain goes on, my masturbation is over. I might edge a bit during my 3-day lead-up to get my cock ready for the weekend, but cuming is definitely not allowed.

Some male chastity fans might think that my getting a weekly free-day means we don't really practice male chastity. I recognize that some people want stricter and longer control, but the 6+1 (3+3+1) arrangement works well for us. We are not interested in "life style chastity", and my having one totally free cock day at the start of each week serves as a reminder that it's a game. But it also serves to remind me what I am giving up the rest of the week - that for 6 days out of every 7, I don't own a cock and I can't cum whenever I want as I did for so many years. The orgasms I have on my free day are often enormous, and ironically they usually involve my fantasizing about being denied by my wife. Go figure.

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