Contest for Freedom

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They had just finished touring. George, Nick, Joe and Jesse, went on a 25-state tour to promote their new album. With pressure from the record label to get a new album recorded in just a few months, they decided to spend the summer together in a private, rented villa.

The band's frontman, George, was moving his things in when he noticed a large box labeled "toys." He pulled it out and opened it. "Sexy," he said. Handcuffs, whips, gags... whoever left this behind must be missing it a lot, he thought. With these toys, he could think of many things to do to all the groupies who hang around with them...

He brought the box out to show off to the other bandmates what he had found. They started to unpack the contents. Paddles, cock rings, leashes, and what looked like a pair of odd pliers and a bunch of tiny green rubber bands.

"What's this?" Jesse asked as he pulled up a small black pouch.

"Shit man, I know what THAT is." Nick said. "That's a CB-6000. A cock cage."

"Cock cage?" George asked.

"That's right, a male chastity device. You put the cock ring on, attach the tube over your member, and lock it all together." Nick explained. "When I was married, my wife looked at them, not trusting me on tour. However, we couldn't find one that fit me, so, she called it off."

"Couldn't fit, huh?" Nick said. "I'm guessing I couldn't fit in either."

"George, I bet you could fit in with your tiny cock," suggested Jesse.

"No way, man! That's going back in the box. No one's locking their cock up." George said, going to reach for the pouch. Nick grabbed it and held it out of George's reach.

"Nice try, man. How about you prove that you deserve to stay out of the lock?"

"I'm not wearing it. It's that simple."

"Let's see that cage," said Jesse. Nick passed Jesse the tube, and Jesse examined it.

"Yeah, I'm definitely not gifted when erect, but flaccid, I'm much bigger than this tube. This couldn't work on me." Jesse said.

"So, I'm out and Jesse's out as well," Nick said. "Joe, what about you?"

"Fuck, I don't like talking about my cock. Let's just say, I'm confident I'm bigger than George," Joe said.

"It doesn't matter, because no one's wearing the chastity device anyways," George said.

"Not so fast," Nick said with a smile. "We need to write an album, right? And you are a good lyricist, and we need you extra motivated this summer, right?"

"Shit yeah," George said. "So?"

Nick smiled.

"It's about the middle of May. If you don't deliver three high-quality songs by the end of the month... we lock you up and keep you in the CB-6000 until you give us a full album."


"Sounds fair," Jessie said.

"Agreed." Joe added.

"FAIR? You want to barter my cock for lyrics. It's the money that'll motivate me to write, not wanting to rub one out." George protested.

"We'll see." Nick said. "If you don't have the songs by then, and you really protest the chastity device, then you have to compare yourself to each of our cocks, to prove that one of us really belongs locked up for the summer. If you can't find someone smaller, then, you are locked up."

George thought it over for a minute. "Agreed. Nick, with how you're talking your cock up, I'm beginning to think you have a tiny baby dick, and are just boasting. No way anyone's bigger than me."

"Alright. We're all witnesses to this verbal contract, no backing out." Nick said. "Now, get to writing, you don't have a minute to spare!"

While the stakes were high, George just couldn't concentrate. What would he do without access to his cock? He'd take a groupie almost every night. What would his reputation be if he couldn't deliver?

A few weeks later, and, he had only written two high-quality songs. Even George agreed that what else he had written, was not suitable for anything but the trash bin.

"Come on guys, at this rate I'll still have lyrics written. We can buy lyrics, do covers... we don't need to lock my cock up to get this album done." He protested.

"Sorry, George, this just won't fit in that cage." Jesse pulled his shorts down, revealing to everyone his flaccid member, about five inches long.

"Shit dude... that thing's a monster!" Joe exclaimed.

"It doesn't get much bigger than this, but, it still looks impressive! And keeps me out of that cage." Jesse said.

George looked visibly annoyed. His chances of not being locked up had been reduced, by at least five inches.

"Guess I'll go next." Joe said. The excitement of the conversation had turned him on, so when he pulled down his pants, his cock was at full attention. It must have been closer to seven inches long, and was on the thicker side.

"This bigger than you?" Joe asked George. George glared back, silent. "Come on, let's see it!" Joe insisted.

Hesitating, George took his shorts off and put them aside. Standing at full attention, he compared his six-inch penis to Joe's cock. Definitely shorter, and thinner as well.

"One person left to check," Nick said, smiling.

George glared at him, then growled "Well, aren't you going to show us?"

"Since you're going to lose, why don't you take my pants off?" Nick said. Already humiliated, George agreed. As quickly as he could, he pulled Nick's pants down... and was whacked in the fact by Nick's rising member.

George wasn't sure how big it was... he had never seen one as big before. No wonder he was so cocky... he certainly had a member to be proud of.

George stared at the other three, whose cocks were bigger than his penis. Red with humiliation and anger, he tried to think of way out of the chastity bet. He couldn't think of any way out.

"How long does it stay on?" He asked.

"Until we're happy with the songs we'll go into the studio with," Nick said, his proud member rock hard.

They spent the next half hour working on ring sizes and spacers, until they had the CB-6000 perfectly fitted to George. His once-proud six-inch erection was confined to three inches, for an unknown amount of time.

Joe picked up the box of toys, and smiled. "George, you know I grew up on a farm?"

"Yeah?" George said.

"Well... " Joe said as he looked at the tiny rubber bands. "Let's just say you should really write us amazing songs, because I know EXACTLY what these bands are for... "

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