French Maid Adventure

Submitted by: Maid Brenda

It started by loosing a bet last year to my wife and her friend. I was joking around with them about what I thought would be a great outfit for them to wear to serve my friends at a super bowl party that I was going to have. They said lets make it a bet, I ended up loosing and the rest is history.

They started out by sending me to a bridal shop saying that I had to do this to find out what dress size I was. They gave me a sealed envelope to give to the sales clerk and also put a bag in the front seat with me that was locked closed. I was told that after the note was read I might be asked to bring the bag in to the store.

So off I went, my clothing was my normal clothing with the exception that I started the day also wearing a VS thong and my cb3000. When I walked in a younger sales lady asked if I needed helped. I told her I was sent to find out my dress size and I was to give her the note from my wife explaining things. She took the note and told me that she would be with me in a few minutes. After she finished checking someone out she read the note. Her reactions while reading the note, smiles and giggles, told me that she was enjoying what she was reading and I figured that something good was up. After she finished reading it she told me to go get the bag out of the truck and bring it to her.

There was a lock on the bag but the combination was in the note. She opened it up at the front of the store, at this point I was the only customer in the store, with the other two sales ladies. They pulled out a long slip with the netting to give it body, garter belt, a couple pair of stockings and a couple pairs of shoes. At this point she told be that she got to pick what I had to put on. They took a few measurements on my body, gave me the slip, garter belt, black sheer stockings and the 5" stilettos with ankle straps. Then I was taken to a dressing room and told to put on what they gave me and the would get a dress to check the size. It took me a little bit of time to get the stuff on.

While I was putting the dress on she asked me what a CB3000 was, I was shocked by that and figured out my wife had told them that I was in one. So I told her that it was a male chastity device and I heard a few giggles. They had me come out to see what it looked like and my wife had also put a camera in the bag so they could take some pictures. They were happy with the fit and told me to go back in and change, but I had to hand my shoes and socks out first. I was also told to keep the stockings and heels on with my regular clothes. So this was how I came back out. When I got out of the dressing room she walked over and put small locks on the ankle straps to keep them on me and told me that this was how I was to go home. Then she went over to a desk and I was left standing there in the heels hoping that no one would come into the store. It took her a few minutes to write what she wanted then put the note into the bag with the slip and my shoes and locked it back up.

At this point I wished that I had parked closer to the store. It was a shopping plaza and I was about 125' feet away. After she locked the bag she told me that I could go and that she had fun and hoped to see me again soon. It was a nervous long walk getting to the car but little did I know that it would be nothing compared to the next time. This was over one and one half years ago and this is the best that I remember.

We did have nice conversation and the girls were having a great time. They told me so and the one that was helping me thought how great that a couple could be doing something like this and what a great sport I was for doing it. Little did I know. She said that she had thought about getting a boyfriend to dress in women's clothing and wished that she could find someone like me. This was mentioned several times.

After leaving the store I figured that I was ending up in some sort of a women's dress with heels and most likely the long slip. When I got home they were both waiting for me and asked if the note had been sent back. So I gave them the bag and said that it was in there. I had to show that the garter belt was also still on. They opened the bag and read the note and by their reactions I knew that there was much more to come. I was kept in the heels for the rest of the night and nothing else was mentioned and I was not allowed to ask any questions about it.

Here is how I ended up in the uniform.

A few days after the fitting I was told to call the sales clerk and find out when the next good time was to come back to the store. This I did and I told her that I had also overheard a bit of a conversation and they had mentioned something about ballet heels. I asked her if she knew what they were and she said no and also that the next Wednesday would be a good night. She also said that she looked forward to it and was really excited. This did not sound good for me.

Wednesday morning came and before going to work the points were added to my CB3000. After dinner that night I was sent off to the store with another note and told to be sure to follow the directions. Not sure just what was going to happen, but she did not put any bag up front with me this time. My wife also added a strap that had a small black plastic box attached to it behind the cb. It was also locked on. I arrived at the store and this time there were more cars there and I had to park a longer distance away this time than last. I went inside and gave her the note.

I had to wait for about 10 minutes. Almost forgot, before I left home I also had to remove my underwear. After waiting she called my over to he front desk and asked if I knew what was going to happen? I did not know. She then told me to go out to the truck and get the two pieces of luggage that I would find back there and bring them in. This was a surprise and I went out to get them. I looked for a closer parking spot to move to, but I did not see any. So I found the bags, One was the duffle bag from the first trip, but it was heavier and there was a medium size suitcase. I took them in and she had me place them on the floor near the counter. Then I was told to move back while they opened them and took a look. After all the sales ladies did some checking out they grabbed the bags and had me go back to the dressing rooms area.

It was very embarrassing while they were looking in the bags. While this was going on I commented about that it looked like there was a bunch of stuff. The response was that there was some extra so that they got to make some choices of what I would have wear and that there was also some extra stuff to try out on me if they wanted. This was not looking good at all for me. I was getting very nervous.

Once we were back there they handed me a black dress, garter belt and a crinoline and told me to go into the room and to change into this while they figured out other stuff, so I did and let them know when I was done. Actually a couple of times they asked me how I was doing. They had me come out when I was done and all I was thinking was here I stand in front of several Young Ladies (maybe early 20's) with a very short dress on and only the cb on me. They laughed and liked it. Now they put a black hair wig onto me and then gave me a blindfold to put on. After a few more minutes they handed me a pair of stockings and a pair of pettipants to put on back in the changing room. I was also told to keep the blindfold on. This took a few minutes and they kept asking how it was going. Also during this time the main person that was helping me called in and said that she now knew what the shoes were that I had asked about. I asked what they were but she just said that I would find out. There were more giggles when I came back out. The stockings were black fishnets with a bow on the thigh band on the sides.

At this point someone got a chair for me to sit in and I was told to remove the blindfold. Then she pulled out the ballet heels and put them on me. They were amazing and the girls loved them and helped me to stand in them and put the blindfold back on. No way was I able to walk in them, they were hoping. Then I think that some pictures were taken. After what seemed like forever, my feet were hurting, I was allowed to sit down and take them off.

Next step was to put the 5 inch ankle strap shoes that I had to wear home the last time. The locks were put on the straps and there was also a small bell that also slide onto the lock before they were locked. Now I had to stand and walk around a little bit. Now there was also a white head band that had lace between the two bands that was put onto my head along with a pair of elbow length white gloves. Over the gloves went a narrow pair of ankle cuffs and they were connected by a short chain that was maybe 12" long.

This was also locked on. Next the blindfold went back on and I think a couple more pictures were taken.. I was asked to pose a couple of different ways. At this point they had me just standing there, they told me that they were checking the note and wanted be sure that they did not miss anything.

All of a sudden I felt a small prick or shock from where the strap was behind the cb. Then I was asked if I felt that and I said yes, they should have seen me flinch a little. Next I heard a very soft buzzing noise and one of the girls was walking around me saying where is that coming from. The next thing was I was told to stand and remove the blindfold. Then my next orders were to take my wallet and keys and put them into the front top pouch on the luggage. Also to put my clothes and shoes inside of it. Then they thought that I had to go to a different dressing area, but I think that it was just to see me walk around. At this point I saw the sales lady zip up the bag with my regular clothes in it and lock it closed. At this point I was told that this was how I was going home. I was then asked If I could drive home with the chain on, I said that I did not think that it would be safe, so they removed it.

Next I had to wait for another note to be written and I was told again what a great time they had and what a good sport I was. When the note was done it was locked into the other bag and I was told that I was free to leave. I asked being that I was not use to the heels could someone help me to the truck, but everyone said no. This walk was longer and scarier than the last one. At least no one was too close to me when I left. I was very careful driving back. The trip went well.

Well that's how I ended up in a French Maid uniform. It is a very good one, not a cheap costume one. I had to wear it for halloween and the experience that happened when picking up my wife had its surprises.

This has taken me close to two hours to get done and I want to get it off to you. I hope that you have enjoyed reading about my adventure. I was nervous telling about it. I believe that I got everything.

Sincerely Maid Brenda

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