Sweetie (A Femdom Fictional Story)

Submitted by: Oldman Tang
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    Authors note: I am neither old nor Asian (Oldman Tang). I am under 35 and black. This is my first story that I have managed to complete. I started lots of others that died with my interest in the story. While I love the femdom lifestyle and wish at every opportunity to be able to live out some of my fantasies, lots which are it this story, there are some activities that are purely that, fantasies which I most likely wish to stay that way. Anyway, enough of that. Enjoy!

Megan had been on the panel that interviewed me for my current position at Blisco Pharmaceuticals. I had just graduated from college and she was the lead research scientist of the group. She had to be at least 6' and about 185lb and looked to be about 35. She was what most people referred to as an Amazon. And with curves that seemed to go on forever which her form fitting dress and 3 inch high heels only enhanced, she was also one of the most attractive women I had ever seen. From the tone of her skin, I guessed she was probably a mix of white and Latin. Everything about her exuded class, power and confidence and I was immediately both infatuated and intimidated by her. I stole glances at her whenever I could especially her ass which I thought was the most perfect piece of art ever created. She almost caught me looking a few times but I had been quick enough to look elsewhere. It was not that see looked mean or anything, she was actually nice when she interviewed me and had smiled a couple of times at me, but I was kind of the shy type and being 24, 155lb, 5'7" and still a virgin did not help. It was not that I was bad looking, but my shyness, had made girls who liked me in college give up and go after other guys. I also could not help feeling submissive to woman as I thought they were so beautiful and out them on a pedestal.

It was my second week at Blisco and I had just made a mistake on one of the experiments and was basically getting chewed out by one of the more senior researches, Dave when Megan walked into the lab. She basically took over the situation and came to my rescue telling Dave that I was a new entry level hire and it was to be expected. Ticked off and mumbling to himself, something about incompetent new grads these days, he stormed out.

"Sorry about that, while Dave is very smart he does not have the best people skills", she said smiling at me and I could not just help marvel at her set of perfect white teeth.

"Thank you... I can't thank you enough" I managed to stammer out.

"Actually, you can sweetie; you can go with me to lunch today", she beamed at me.

"Yeah, definitely, no problem", I managed to reply as I became flushed by her calling me sweetie.

During lunch she asked me various questions about myself and basically took control of all our interactions. She said as I was new in town and did not know anyone she was going to have to show me around. She told me to be ready at 7pm and she will come pick me up for dinner.

Her 7 series BMW pulled up to my apartment at 7:18. If I though Meg was classy hot before, she was now scorching classy hot. She had on a mini skirt that was still classy and not trashy that showed most of her thighs as she sat in the drivers sit. The flawless skin of her golden thighs, her cleavage in her sleeveless blouse, her perfume and the seductive smile on her face when I could not stop staring as I got in the car was more than I could take, I immediately felt a tingling from between my legs.

"Do I look that bad" she asked teasingly.

Embarrassed that I was still staring I quickly caught myself, "No! I am sorry, you look hot" I managed to get out.

"Aww, that sweet cutie" she caressed my cheek.

I was instantly on cloud nine and my penis got erect as we drove out.

Megan new her drinks pretty well and as she ordered some for me I got more comfortable as the evening went on and I started to stare more openly at her cleavage and legs. Each time she caught me looking, I tied to look elsewhere quickly even though she just slimed seductively. She suggested that we leave around 11:30 and on the drive home, she placed her had on my thigh. Shocked, I looked at her but she seemed to be oblivious that her hand was on my thigh or that she was gently rubbing me. I had never felt anything so good before so I sat still and remained silent hoping that the feeling will never end. When we got to my apartment, she asked me if I wanted her to come in, I nodded my head unable to talk. As we walked to my apartment, I tried to hide the fact that I had an erection. The smile on her face when I was able to look at her did not make this better and only made me even more embarrassed. Terror however took over as I had no clue what to do once we got into my apartment.

"Hmm, not bad sweetie" she said sitting down on my sofa after we got in.

"Thanks" I replied smiling shyly.

Smiling, she parted the space next to her and as if in an out of body experience; I noticed I was moving towards her.

"Did you enjoy dinner?" She asked as she placed her hand on my leg again

"Yes... Thanks"

Smiling seductively at me she leaned into me and gently kissed me on the lips. This moment was the peak of my existence and I could not bear to think of the moment it would end when she realized I had no clue what I was doing.

"Did you like that?" the seductive smile was still on her face as her hand gently roomed over my body. Unable to speak and my breathing hard, I managed to nod. She leaned back in and continued to kiss me and after about 2 minutes I noticed her hands undoing my shirt buttons. I tried to assist but as I raised my hands she gently stopped them and put them back by my side. She continued to kiss me till she had all the buttons undone. Pushing me slightly forward, she completely removed the shirt and then my undershirt.

"Megan, I... am... " I started, trying to tell her I was not very experienced sexually.

"Shh baby, I know don't worry, just relax, I'll take care of everything, ok sweetie?"

I felt myself melt and I knew at that moment that I would do anything she said not to make this stop and to continue seeing her smile at me that way. I nodded my head and her smile got bigger as she leaned into me, her breast pressing against my shoulder and side as she returned to kissing and caressing me. My pants and underwear soon went the way of my shirt pooling right on top of my shoes. I felt a little self conscious as I was completely naked in front of a woman for the first time and not only was she one of the hottest women I have ever seen, she was still fully dressed. I however new that the last thing I would ever do at that moment was something to stop this as her hands roamed over every part of my body cupping my balls every so often. The only place she did not touch was my penis, which I was soon aching for her to touch and which was now leaking pre-cum.

"I am kind of thirsty, go get me a glass of water sweetie", she said sitting up after about 5 minutes.

A little confused and terrified that she had finally changed her mind, I could not hide the look of disappointment on my face as I started to lift my underwear and pant up.

"Don't look so sad baby, we are still going to continue, and just leave your clothes off, that way, I will not have to take them off again", she said smiling.

Extremely relieved, aroused and embarrassed, I removed my shoes so I could fully remove my pants and underwear and went to fetch her glass of water.

I returned with the glass and smiling she took it from me and patted the space next to her again.

"Let's talk Ted"

I set down and held my breath, she had just addressed be by my name and not "sweetie" which made me a little scared that I had messed up somehow.

"Do you like me Ted?"

"Yes", I answered nervously.

"Do you like everything that has happened so far?"

"Yes", I replied again.

"Would you like it to continue then?"

"Yes", I replied nodding my head.

"That's good Ted, I want to continue too but before we go forward we have to set some ground rules. I love and have to be control. If you want to be in a relationship with me, you will have to do everything I tell you" she leaned back into me and again as her hand started to roam over my body. She started to nibble on my ear and I could not help the moan the escaped me.

"You like that baby"

I nodded my head as she resumed talking, her breath caressing my ear.

"You will have to obey me without question... but don't worry, I know you Ted, you will love it. You will submit to me and I will take care of you and protect you from the big scary world, Will you like that Ted?" she asked me softly.

"Yes", I whispered as I felt myself melting into her.

"You will have to always tell me the truth and never hide anything from me, ok baby?"

"Ok", I whispered trying to concentrate trough the immense pleasure I was feeling.

"Will you obey me always?"

"Yes" I whispered again

"Will you always, tell me the truth and never hide anything from me?"

"Yes", I croaked

"You will not regret it baby, Lets start now, are you a virgin baby?"

I hesitated a little before I nodded to ashamed to speak.

"Ahh, don't be shy baby, I love that. It's so sexy, it's turning me on already... you are turning me on Ted"

I sighed unable to help myself; I would do anything that turned Megan on

"How many times do you masturbate a day baby?"

I did not think I could get more embarrassed, but I felt my face turn redder as I felt flush.

"I - I am not really -"I started to stammer

"ah, ah, ah, no lying baby, remember always tell me the truth"

"About two or three times a day" I managed to whisper as humiliation washed over

"See that was not so hard baby, always trust me, I will always protect your secrets, just let them off your chest baby."

"So when you first met me, what part of my body did you think of while you masturbated?" she continued.

I could not believe how she seemed to know what was inside of me, I decided I might just as well tell her what she knew already as I replied, "Your butt".

"Hmm, my ass, that's very sexy Ted. We will get along very well. Go get your laptop Ted".

In a trace and still naked, I went and got my laptop not even thinking about what she wanted it for.

"Sit baby", she said parting next to her as she took the laptop from me.

She booted up the machine and when it was all the way up she, opened the internet browser.

"Let's see what type of a dirty boy you are Ted", she said smiling as she opened my history and I instantly became redder than I already was.

"hmm... you are a real dirty boy, your history is all filled with porn", she laughed.

I started to apologize but she told me that it was ok, and it was what she expected. She explained that it was just because I did not have a girlfriend like her to help me and now that she was my girlfriend, she could help me. The result was that I was both relieved and ecstatic that she had just called herself my girlfriend.

For next twenty minutes we went to through the history, her fingers in an absent minded way still roaming all over my body.

"You have a very nice porn taste sweetie, I see that you love big nice asses like mine", she started in a flirty way,

"However", she went on suddenly becoming serious,

"Porn can be misleading. First, all those women getting fucked and sucking cocks are sluts and whores. Am I a slut or whore Ted?" she asked me.

I shook my head no, swallowing hard.

"That's right Ted. I'm a lady, and a lady gets treated differently. Also, all those guys in your porn have large cocks which make them studs. Studs get to fuck pussy, sluts and whores and sweetie, you're not a stud. You have a very cute penis but it's been hard since we went out and it's not getting bigger than that four and a half inches, and it's defiantly not going to satisfy any woman"

Hearing her use crude sexual words I would probably never use somehow increased my arousal, but I was also so humiliated and I knew what she said was true.

"I do not however want a stud. I like a cute sweetie like you. You will just have to learn to please a lady. Will you like that, will you like for me to teach you how to please a lady?" she asked me sweetly, her eye lashes batting.

"Yes", I whispered with all the passion and sincerity I felt.

At this point, I was so horny; I would have done anything she asked.

"Ok baby. We will have so much fun; lay down sweetie", she said scooting forward so that I could fully lay down.

After laying down my hands at my sides, she gently took my penis and started to jerk me off. It felt like haven and my breathing became regard. I was so horny I spurted with a cry, the first and second shots of sperm flew at least 6 ft.

Chucking she let go off my penis and picking my shirt from the floor used it to wiping her hand. Before she left she told me I was not to jerk off till we got together the next day and it took all my will power not to as I was tempted though out the night and the next morning each time I thought of her and that evenings events. I however managed to hold off not wanting to disappoint her.

Going to work the next day was pretty scary. I was so embarrassed each time Megan came around me or I saw her laughing with someone as I did not know if she was talking about me and the previous day. I soon however became a little more relaxed as she remained professional trough out the day, only giving me a slight smile every now and then.

Just before closing she slipped me a note with an address telling me to be at her place by 7pm sharp.

I rushed home at 5 prompt, to take a shower and clean up, with all that happened yesterday, I was probably going to be losing my virginity tonight.

As I drove to her house, I made a pit stop at a flower shop and bought a dozen roses.

She lived in the nicer part of town, and as I got closer to her house, I became more insecure, realizing that she probably pulled more than 3 times what I was making. I finally made it to her house with about 10 minutes to spare so I turned off the engine to my ford focus and waited.

At 6:59, I walked up to her door and rung the bell and with my heart in my throat; I waited for about 20 seconds before the door opened.

Nothing could prepare me for the sight when the door opened. If someone had told me that Megan could get even more stunning I wouldn't have known how, but she indeed was. She stood in a form fitting black dress, her cleavage looking like her boobs might spill out if she made any sudden movement. She wore black pumps with at least 4 inch heals which made her even taller. I froze where I stood, my mouth wide open, and having not masturbated in the last 24 hours for the first time in my life in about 10 years, I instantly became semi-erect.

She saw the flowers, and I was extremely happy that I stopped to get them as her face lit up as she clasped her hands in front of her chest.

"Oh flowers for me, aww, that's so sweet, I knew you were a sweet heart" she said taking the flowers and hugging me and pressing me to her body which only made my half-erection grow to its full potential. With me still standing dazed at the door, she pulled me in shutting the door behind me.

"What's wrong, don't you like my dress?" she asked making fake pouting face that looked just as sexy as her smiles.

"No, no" I started recovering, "you look amazing... and sexy... " I trailed of not knowing how to express how sexy she was.

"Aww, you're such a sweetheart" she said smiling broadly as she suddenly turned around.

Putting her knees together and slightly bending forward, she looked back at me and smiling said, "Kiss, kiss baby"

It was sudden and her ass looking so beautiful, I did not think twice as I bent forward and kissed her ass. "No, silly" she chuckled, "You kneel down to kiss my ass".

My body temperature rising as both a feeling of arousal and humiliation washed over me, I knelt down behind her and kissed her ass again.

Straightening up like what had just occurred was the most natural thing in the world, she walked on. "Hope you have not had dinner yet. I made some for us", she said calling back at me as I stood up.

"No I have not eaten", I managed to get out.

"Great! Did you enjoy what happened yesterday sweetie?", she asked, coming up to me after putting the flowers in a vase.

"Yes", I replied my body getting hotter.

"Hmm, the real fun begins tonight sweetie, will you like that?" she said nibbling my ear as my breathing instantly became heavy.

"Yes", I managed nodding my head.

"Ok sweetie, remove all your clothing, you can arrange them neatly and put them over there. Whenever you come here, you make sure to get naked. You do not need clothes in here sweetie. You do not want to deprive me of that sexy body of yours do you? " she asked smiling sexily at me.

"No... " , I replied.

"That's good sweetie. Also, you know you can call me "babe". I am your girlfriend now you know" she finished teasingly.

"Ok... babe", I managed to get out as her smile broaden at that.

The range of emotions passing through me were so different, I was confused. I was thrilled to have a girlfriend way hotter and way above my league; I was also turned on and incredibly horny and embarrassed at the same time.

"Alright, chop, chop. Get naked while I go make the table", she said walking off.

I slowly removed all my clothing and folded them neatly at the spot she had pointed out and stood awkwardly when I was naked as noises come from her setting the table.

"Come to the dining room sweetie" she called.

I made my way to dining room and a new wave of humiliation hit me, being naked in her presence while fully dressed, she performed basic tasks.

"Hmm, sexy", she smiled, "sit over there sweetie, I will be right there."

Although the food was delicious, it was the last thing on my mind as in my surreal experience, Megan's leg kept rubbing against mine and her hand casually caressed my thighs, balls and penis as we eat.

"Sweetie, your penis is dripping, sit on your napkin so it does not get on the chair", she said smiling at me.

"Sorry... " I replied embarrassed

"No problem baby", she replied gently squeezing my balls.

After dinner, she led me to her bathroom and told me to get into the tub.

"I come bearing gifts sweetie" she said smiling, "but first I we have to get rid of all nasty hair down there. Not sexy sweetie!" she said pointing to my pubic hair.

Putting on some latex gloves she applied some cream to my pubic area and all over my balls.

"Turn around and bend over baby"

I did as she requested as a new wave of humiliation washed over me.

"Spread your legs apart and pull your butt cheeks apart for me, do not be shy baby"

Bending so that my face was at the same level as my butt, I did as she requested and I felt her start to apply the cream on my balls, anus and also around my butt cheeks.

"Nice sweetie, just stay put for a few minutes".

I closed my eyes unable to bear any more of the humiliation; she was looking directly at my ass hole!

"So, having a good evening so far", she asked.

I nodded my head unable to open my eyes or speak.

"Look at me baby"

I opened my eyes and had to look at her, a slight smile on her face, from between my legs, my aching erection pointing directly at my face and my balls hanging between us.

"Did you enjoy dinner sweetie?"

"Yes... babe", I managed to get out through my embarrassment.

"That's nice sweetie, but you did not say anything or kiss me thank you, now that not sweet is it? Are you sure you a sweet guy?" she said making her fake pouty face.

"Yes, I am... " I replied, confused, embarrassed, and afraid of fucking up. She turned around and bending like before said, "Kiss, kiss" smiling at me over her shoulder.

Not believing the extent of humiliation I could go through, I turned around,

knelt, and kissing her ass said, "Thank you babe".

"You're welcome sweetie. Now, let's get this cream and nasty hair off you. Turn around and bend like before".

She rinsed the cream off with warm and I saw my hair carried by the water go down the drain leaving, my pubic area and under my balls as clean as the day I was born making me feeling even more naked than I already was.

"Wow, don't you look even sexier now? I bet you feel just as sexy with all that pre-cum you are dripping", she said smiling.

"Well, I have a gift for your sweetie. One moment while I go get it" she said I as she walked out of the bathroom.

Again, I waited for what seemed like forever while she went out of the bathroom returning with a sort of purple velvet pouch and a frozen ice pack.

Putting the toilette lead down, she sat on it and told me to come stand in front of her. Smiling, she gently wiped the pre-cum from my penis and stared to apply the ice pack to my penis and balls. Confused and shocked by the cold, I tried to pull back but she held my butt stopping me.

"Sorry sweetie, I know it's cold, just a little more, we just need to make you a little less excited for your present", she said smiling.

I managed to stay still and a few seconds, my penis had shrunk to an embarrassing 2 and 1/2 inches. She then removed what looked like, a small metal penis from the pouch.

"Ta da", she exclaimed putting it in front of me as I looked at it confused not know what it was.

In my confusion, I did not know what was going on as she proceed to put my penis into the tube like device, clasping my balls in a metal loop and putting a lock which she produced from the pouch though a hole on top of the tube and locking it.

"All done", she beamed up at me as I felt the chill of the cold steel metal trough my penis

"Do you like your present sweetie?" she asked smiling up at me.

I looked down at her confused, not sure what to say,

"I... I don't know what it is.." I replied not sure if I was supposed to.

"That's so hot, that's why I like you so much. It's a present I got for you baby, it's called a chastity tube. It will help you to be my perfect gentleman. It will also help your not to cheat on me with all your online porno girlfriends", she finished smiling mischievously at me.

Embarrassed, I looked down at my now enclosed penis and the humiliation caused a tingling in my balls as I began to feel the start of an erection.

"Don't worry dear, I have the key to the lock right here, so it will be all safe and sound" she said patting the key resting between her cleavage attached to a chain around her neck.

My dick immediately tried to become hard but to my confusion I noticed that the chastity device that now enclosed it only allowed for about half an erection.

While I was still trying to pieces everything together, she grabbed my hand and smiling slyly, she walked me out of the bathroom.

"Enough of this, let's go have some real fun sweetie" she said.

Leading me be back me to the living room, she sat on a sofa.

"Kneel right here baby", she said, her voice sounding a little hoarse as I noticed she also had a look on her face that I had not seen before. Her eyes looked glazed over and her features a little harder.

"I am going to teach you how a sweet boy like you... " she looked down tapping my enclosed penis with her high heels, "... makes love and pleases a woman. I am going to teach you how to eat pussy sweetie"

I was so horny and in kind of a haze but I knew this was the only place in the world I wanted to be in at that moment. My mouth became thick with saliva, the constant tingling in my balls and the dull ache of my semi-erect penis restricted by the chastity belt increasing.

"Will you like that? Will you like to eat my pussy? Be my sweet pussy eater?"

"Yes", I replied hoarsely with all the passion I felt at that moment. I wanted to do whatever she was asking for like my life depended on it.

"Hmm... yeah that's what I like to hear baby" she said as adjusting herself, she rolled up her dress to her belly.

"Removing my panties", she said clasping her legs together and slightly lifting her butt off the sofa.

With trembling hands, I gently hooked my fingers into the elastic of her panties and pulled them down.

She parted are thighs and I was instantly engulfed in a type of musky aroma which I had never smelt before. I stared speechless, swallowing hard as I looked at her pussy engulf in thick black hair. The lips glistening with moisture and it appeared as if there was a mild steam rising from them.

"Is this your first live pussy baby?" she smiled at me.

I nodded in shame unable to speak.

"Come kiss kitty all over, let her know how happy you are to meet her" she said chuckling.

I moved closer and trembling with arousal, I planted a kiss and another on her pussy lips as I heard her breath in and sigh.

"Yes that's right, say hello to your new world", she murmured more to herself than speaking to me.

Pushing my head slightly back, she ordered me to open my mouth. She inserted two fingers in it rolling them around lubricating them with my saliva.

"Look at me baby", she whispered to me.

I raised my eyes to look up at her

"Yeah, always make sure to look at me, ok baby?"

I nodded my head looking up at her, her fingers still in my mouth. She slowly withdrew them and inserted them in her pussy. She repeated this three times asking if I liked the taste of pussy to which I could only node my head, the salty sweet taste of her pussy sending chills all over my body.

"Don't worry baby, you will grow to love it, you all do" she said smiling down at me.

"Come closer baby" she said pulling me gently by my ear on till was staring right at her pussy.

"Now pay close attention, these are the lips, this is the slit and this little bud here is my clit. It's the most important part of a pussy and you must treat it with uttermost respect and gentleness. You don't go near it unless I tell you to but with time you will know when to. Do you understand?"

"Yes babe" I whispered in my trance.

"Start licking, start licking all over those lips" she said spreading her legs a little more and laying her back on the back of the sofa

"Look at me, always make sure you look at me" she added as I started to lick looking up at her, her eyes holding mine as a smile gradually formed on her lips.

"What are you doing?" she asked me as I stop and tried to remove a piece of hair that I had picked up with my tongue.

I tried to explain but she cut me off,

"Do not stop, never stop if I do not tell you to baby, put your hand behind you back and leave them there. If you get hair in your mouth, you swallow it, understand?"

Afraid of fucking up and ruining everything, I quickly returned to licking as she relaxed again.

"Faster baby", she said after about 3 minutes and grabbing the back of my head as she pressed it against her crotch.

I struggled to maintain a rhythm of licking and breathing trough my noses and mouth depending on which one was blocked at the moment.

"Suck and lick baby", she used her fingers to spread open the lips reviling her pink insides,

"You have to get nasty with it baby, get it sloppy with spit baby" she urged me, her eyes holding mine as the tip her tongue came out of her mouth and stayed just between her parted lips.

"Yes, that's it, sloppy, ohhh, I love those sounds" she said as I licked as hard and fast my aching jaw would go using I much saliva I could use as sucking and sloshing sounds filled the room.

"Suck my clit", she said with urgency as she grabed my head and pulling it upward.

"Faster, faster baby... ahhh, I am coming, I am coming in your fucking mouth" she shouted as her thighs clasped my head with sudden force cutting me from air entirely as her body shook and trembled.

Just as I determined that I was going to be suffocating to death between her thighs, the gently parted then and I gulped for air.

"Wow, that was really good for your fist time, did you enjoy it baby?" she asked chuckling.

"Yes babe", I nodded my head smiling a little, happy that I had pleased her and not believing that I had just eaten my first pussy. And not just any pussy, but the pussy of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, the pussy of a goddess.

"I knew you would baby" she said chuckling as she stood up straitening her dress so that it came back to her knees.

"Well, its late", she said glancing at the clock which said ten to 11, "You can get dressed and go home, I have to go to bed too".

Horny and confused, I opened my mouth, but not knowing what to say, shut it before responding,

"Ok babe... can you... the... my", I stammered not knowing what to say looking down at my enclosed penis.

"What's that babe?" she asked her face oblivious to my predicament.

"My... the chastity tube,..can you please take it off..", I tried again.

"So you can go home and cheat on me? No silly that stays on young man", she replied chucking.

"Chop, chop, get dressed and go home sweetie, we both have an early morning tomorrow."

I dressed in a daze, confused as to what had just happened. Had I displeased her? I thought she had enjoyed me licking her, was she mad at me?

"You know, you never thanked me for you present", she said as we got to the door.

"Oh, I am sorry", I said and knelt down as I saw her turn around offering her ass to me.

"Thank you for my chastity tube", I said kissing her ass.

"You're welcome sweetie. Now run along home", she said patting my butt and shutting the door behind me.

I drove home in a state of arousal. My penis refused to go limp as I replayed the events of the night over and over in my mind. I could not understand why, but even though I felt humiliated, it only seemed to intensify my arousal. I hurried to my bathroom immediately I got home and after 20 minutes of yanking, probing and twisting, discovered that trying to get out of the chastity tube was quite hopeless without taking extreme measures, measures I could not take as the last thing I was going to do was something that will cause Megan to dump me. Besides, she had told me to trust her and I did. I used the toilet, which I discovered I now had to use sitting always and got ready for bed.

I had pretty much jerked off before I slept every night for the past 4 years so going to sleep in my honey state was impossible. I tossed and turned all night, falling in and out of sleep. I dreamt of everything about Megan including licking her pussy to making love to her which did not help with my predicament. The next morning, I received a text from her telling me not to wear underwear to work. This caused me to get horny and frustrated all at the same time again.

Work was not too bad and Megan went about her day as always, I almost started to think I had imagined the whole thing. If not for the constant reminder of the chastity tube, I would have not been sure. Just before closing, she sent me a text to come to her office and entering, she told me to close the door. Walking over to me and smiling, she unzipped my pants and putting her hand in through my zippers, she gently massaged my balls while telling me that I was never to wear underwear anymore and that I was to be at her place at 7.

We went to dinner and the movies that evening after which we drove home and I eat her pussy before she made me go home. For the rest of the week she took me to places and events I would never have gone to or have access to by myself and although we got a lot of strange looks, I guess people wondering what a gorgeous Amazon was doing with a regular guy like me, I was the happiest, horniest guy in the world. I was also deeply in love with Megan and new it was just probably a moment of time before I got to lose my virginity to her. All our dates still ended with me on my knees with my head between her thighs as I eat her to an orgasm before I kissed her ass thanking her for a wonderful time. I was as horny as hell, I had not touched my penis in a week and at times when I was alone, I thought I would go crazy. But I also knew that I had never been happier than when I was with her and I would not do anything that will make me lose her.

The next day which was a Friday, I went into a complete nightmare at work. Some of the senior researches where talking angrily amongst themselves and I got a lot of hostile stares as I made my way to my cube. I had hardly settled in when my manager called me into his office. He said I messed up the temperature setting on one of the machines before I left for the weekend and it had cost some of the enzymes Blisco manufactured to go bad. He said an estimated $1.7 million worth. I went cold with sweat stunned not knowing what to say.

When it was all done Megan told me that it was not looking good and I should go home while she tried to pull a few strings.

I paced up and down my apartment restlessly uncertain of my future; I knew this was definitely a career killer. I called Megan around noon but it went straight to her voicemail. She finally called me at 6:30 and told me to come over. I got in my car and rushed over to her place.

My breath caught in chest when she opened the door, and in spite of my current predicament, my penis immediately filled the space the chastity tube will allow. She was wearing a white halter top which hugged her boobs and revealed her beautiful cleavage, the key to my chastity tube resting right on it, and booty shorts which showed her thighs and butt in all its glory. Mouth hanging open, and my submissiveness kicking in, I speechlessly walked in.

"Are you forgetting something sweetie", she smiled.

"aah... sorry babe" , I replied unbuttoning my shirt as I started to disrobe.

I had always been naked after we returned to her place from a date and I licked her pussy, but even though I had grown to be more comfortable around her, I still found it extremely embarrassing being naked while she remained clothed. Even when I licked her, all she took off was her panties.

"Ted", she started soon I stood naked before her,

"I have bad news and good news".

I immediately went cold as I waited for to continue.

"You really fucked up at work, it's not looking good. The director wanted to take some legal action against you to try to recuperate some of the loses but I was able to pull a few strings and managed to convince him otherwise. I was not however able to save your job. But it's not too bad, I think I can try to get you in again later, you know when things blow off a little in a couple of months so till then you can just move in with your girlfriend", she completed smiling at me.

I was overwhelmed with joy and relief. Even though I had lost my job, which I secretly did not like anyway, I was going to moving in with her, moving in with a goddess, plus she had made sure no legal action will be taken against me. Overwhelmed with joy, I rushed forward and falling on my knees and moving around her, I hugged her thighs and started planting kisses on her ass.

"Did I not tell you I will take care of you", she said laughing playfully as she wiggled her butt from side to side.

"Thank you babe", I repeated over and over as I continued to kiss her ass.

"You did royally fuck up though and it took a lot to fix it. I think you should show a little more gratitude" she said turning serious.

Wiggling her hips slightly she removed her shots and aching her back she bent forward so that I was looking directly at her asshole. The skin surrounding it was some shades darker than the perfect golden yellow of her butt cheeks.

"Kiss.., show me how thankful you are", she said looking back at me.

My heart pounding in my chest, I felt my mouth get thick with saliva. I also felt humiliation wash over me and a little repulsed, but to my astonishment, I felt my penis struggling within the walls of my chastity tube as I was hit with a strong desire I could not control. In a state of confusion and panic, I felt myself start to move forward even though my brain had not given the order. My lips gently touched her asshole as I heard her sharply draw in breath which seemed to throw me over a cliff as I knew I wanted to do anything which will cause such a reaction from her.

"Aah... yes, French kiss it... like a lover, use tongue baby".

Overwhelmed with desire, I licked it gently and not getting shocked by anything repeated the process.

"Yeah... that's it baby, put that tongue in my ass hole.", she sighed.

Licking, I started to probe her anus as she relaxed inviting my tongue in. I did this for about 30 seconds before she walked forward toward the sofa leaving me kneeling on the floor. Knelling on the sofa, she moved her legs apart and placing her elbows on the sofa and her chin on her hands, she looked back at me smiling so I was looking at both her smiling face and all of her ass displayed in its glory.

My whole being aching with desire, I looked from her smiling face to her brown puckered asshole, both looking so inviting. Her smile grew broader as she gently moved her ass from side to side. I felt myself start to rise, but she stopped me telling be to crawl, so on hands and knees; I crawled forward till I was looking directly at her asshole.

"Spread my ass cheeks sweetie"

With shaking hands, I parted her big beautiful globes as she adjusted herself, scooting backwards so her ass was only inches from my face.

"Lick up and down my ass crack"

I slowly stated to lick up and down as I listened to her oohs and aahs and as they got louder. An urgency came over me to completely please her as my brain told me that maybe if I did, I would get some relief from the ache that now seemed to be constantly burning in my balls. I zoned in on her asshole as I folded my tongue and pressed it against her ass hole. I heard her sudden intake of breath as I felt the muscles relax welcoming my tongue in. I started to spare her asshole with my tongue with such gusto; an observer would have thought my life depended on it.

"Yes, yes, that's it you nasty fuck, I knew you had it in you, tongue fuck that shit hole... yes, I knew from the first day I saw that nice gentle face, I knew it was made for eating ass.", she said as I licked, grabbing her ass chicks and trying to probe even further with mu tongue.

I was shocked by the contrast betwixt her normal classiness and the crassness of what she was saying but for some reason, it made me even hornier and focused on my task. About 5 minutes in, she suddenly turned around and grabbing my head with both hands spread legs wide and pulled my face to her pussy.

"Eat me", she said urgently as I noticed moisture on the wild hair surrounding her pussy lips.

I attacked it with the same determination I displayed on asshole as I followed her directions while trying to ignore the strain on my neck and even the need to breathe from time to time. Luckily it did not take long before she went silent, her thighs locking around my head and her ass leaving the sofa as a gradual animalistic sound started to come from the base of her throat before climaxing in a scream. I held on for dear life my palms holding her thighs which gradually relaxed allowing me to gasp for air.

"Wow", she said picking up her shorts, "You are becoming quite the supper lover", she bent smiling down and kissing me on the forehead.

"Thanks babe", I replied smiling shyly but also feeling a sense of pride.

"You're welcome sweetie. Wow that made me hungry, let's go eat. Although with all you have eating, I am not sure how much you want", she smiled at me causing me to blush, my arousal and when It might be relieved heavy on my mind.

I licked her to another orgasm that night and she said I was becoming a very good lover; she would reward me by letting me shower and sleep with her. In hind sight, I not sure if that was good or bad as after she made me wash and put lotion on her from head to toe, my body was aching with desire I did not think was possible. Lying on her side, she told me to spoon her. Her ass rubbed against my chastity device as she reached back and gently rolling my balls in her palms before she withdrew them and was sound asleep within 2 minutes. I on the other hand held her, my arousal seeping out of every pore of my skin. I was unable to sleep for hours and when sleep did come it was unsound as any I have ever had as I drifted in and out of sleep. I woke up the next morning to a pressure on my shoulder as I felt myself being pushed down. Opening my eyes, I was looking straight at her pussy, one of each of her legs on one side of my body. Her back was against the bed board and her feet were planted flat on each side of my body.

"Eat that pussy", she said. The first word that came to my mind to describe the look on her face was "predatory".

Recalling all her previous instructions, I started licking all over her pussy. I sucked on each of her labia and flicked my tongue in and out of her vagania before licking again and repeating the process as my eyes staring into hers as she had taught me.

"Yes, that's it stupid fuck, suck on that pussy, first thing you do when you wake up is eat that pussy... and if I am laying down on my stomach, you spread that ass and get that nasty tongue in my shit hole. You hear me?"

I continued my assault on her pussy both turned on and humiliated at the same time and she lifted my head up.

"Hello! I am talking you little fuck. Do you understand?"

I nodded my head unable to speak as she pushed my head down again, "year that's right, eat stupid fuck".

For the next 15 minutes I labored at making her cum, my face wet with a combination on my spit and her secretions till she grabbed my ears with such force screaming for me to suck her clit which I did in hope that she would not snap my ears from my head. Screaming, she jerked a few times as she held my face firmly against her pussy before she gradually relaxed.

Jumping out of bed she went into the shower and I sat on the bed with my now constant ache as I waited for her to emerge. As she came out toweling herself, I started to go into the bathroom but she stopped me telling me not to bother that I could just wipe my face with her towel as we had a lot to do that day. Her pussy was on my mind the whole of the day as the smell on my face constantly reminded me of it.

By the end of the day, we had moved majority of my things from my apartment into storage. She trashed all of my underwear saying since I did not wear them they were not needed. Most of my pants and shirts except for 3 of my most decent shirts and pants were dropped off at a good will location.

If I was thought I had been horny till then, it got extremely worse in the days to come and it seemed the hornier I became the more turned on she became. I found myself constantly wanting to have some type of sexual contact with her and she wanting her pussy or ass licked, I was constantly doing one of the two or both. She now made me go down on her in public places and I was amazed that she could control her reactions when she climaxed if she had to. I went down on her in two public restrooms, a movie theater, and even at a restaurant under a table she had strategically selected. She said we were having crazy fun and I was fun, which made me happy, no one had said that of me before.

She had cut out all the pockets in the three dress pants I had left, so whenever we were out, I felt the breeze on my thighs, locked penis and balls. She usually slipped her hands into my back pocket as we walked to that her palms where directly on my ass cheeks which never failed to keep me in an aroused state. When we were in the movies, her hand was now always in one of my front pockets idly caressing my balls as she got lost in the movie. I never knew what the movies were about any more as all my energy was now focused on breathing steadily.

Whenever she was home, she now always wore tight fitting tank tops and booty shorts. Most of the shots were pink, yellow and purple and they all had some writing on the back such as "Hottie", "Sexy", "Foxy", "Cutie", or "Juicy". I constantly smelt every perfume she wore, noticed every movement of her hair, bounce of her boobs, jiggle or her has ass and flex of her thighs when she walked. She smiled when she saw the desperate hunger in my eyes which now constantly followed her every movement. I now literally and shamelessly licked my lips whenever she walked about the house. She encouraged me to grope her saying,

"You are my boyfriend you know. it's a complement and a lady could never get enough of those".

The result of that was that I now knelt down behind her whenever I had the opportunity and buried my face in her ass cheeks breathing in and out hard before I pull her shots down and push my tongue as far as I could get it up her asshole while she giggled usually saying,

"Wow, you are such a horny virgin bastard".

This along with full body oil massage while she lay naked and I was a mess. I now babbling and made sounds I couldn't seem to control any more.

Somewhere along the lines, she started to record me with her cell phone and then a camcorder while I munched noisily on her pussy. And just like always, she insisted I looked into her eyes while I was going down on her. She made sure I also looked right into the camera.

"Something to keep me moist at work when I do not have you with me baby" she would smile down at me.

While she was at work, she now left me with some of her panties, stockings, booty shorts and bras to hand wash.

I sat watching TV trying to think of anything but the ache in my balls that had become a constant part of my being when I heard the garage door open and close. I was quite surprised as it was only 12:15PM. Just then, my cell phone rang and seeing that it was Megan calling I got even more puzzled as I picked up.

"Hey sweetie, hurry to the garage, I am in kind of a hurry", she said and hung up before I could reply.

I jogged to the garage, the lock on my chastity device clicking against the tube as I wondered what had happened.

The driver door of her black 7 series BMW was ajar as she sat sideways, her high heeled left leg out of the car. As I made my around the door, she leaned back and hiking her skirt up her thighs hooked her perfect manicured blood red index finger under the crotch of her panties and pulled it aside.

"Hurry", she said, a business like look on her face.

Stunned at first, I quickly recovered as humiliation and arousal washed over me. I knelt down on the cold ground and started to lap away. I was at it for about 10 minutes, in which she even took a business phone call signaling for me to slow down while she talked. After she came, she adjusted her panties and skirt as she started the car.

"Sweetie, you have become a great pussy eater, I will reward you tonight. We will take your chastity tube off tonight", she said smiling as the garage door started to open.

I was so overwhelmed with joy; I almost forgot that I was naked before I dashed into the house. I could think of nothing else for the rest of the day.

That evening after dinner, smiling slyly, she removed the chain with the key to my chastity tube from her neck and walking toward the sofa signaled to with her index finger to follow. She gently turned me around and told me to put my hands behind my back. I felt her guide my wrist through what felt like a handcuff which indeed it was. She then gently lay me down on my back and producing another set of handcuffs from the side of the sofa, attached them to my ankles. Putting the key the lock of the chastity device she took them off and my penis instantly became erect.

"Hmm, someone is happy to be out", she giggled.

Leaning over me to the other side of the sofa so that her boobs lay gently on my face she picked up something which I saw to be a feather after she sat back up. For the next 20 minutes, she alternated between using the feather to gently caress my balls and thighs and sucking on my nipples. Every so often she asked me if I was enjoying it and I nodded my head feeling like I will go mad with pleasure but at the same time hoping she did not stop. I felt my orgasm just at the tip of my penis as I did all I could to adjust myself so that feather touches my penis but it was always just a tiny bit farther than where I needed it to be.

She stopped and very gently scooping the pre cum that that was constantly oozing from my penis with her fingers before she said,

"Open up baby".

Bringing the finger to my face and inserting it in my mouth, she said,

"Close. Suck".

She repeated this once in a while all the time smiling sweetly at me.

She stop and stood up as she smiled down at me,

"Did you enjoy that baby?"

I nodded my head unable to speak as I was probably in a delirious state.

"That's good baby", she said bending over the side of the sofa again and got a plastic bag which she placed gently over my balls.

I gasped in shock as the sudden freezing sensation that engulfed my balls. I fell into confusion as I looked from my shrinking balls to her smiling face, my own face with a shit face puzzled look.

"Time to go back in", she said waving the chastity device gently in explanation.

In panic I tried to struggle as I babbled, begging her no, but she easy held me down.

"Babe, it's been twenty minutes we have to end somewhere", she said giggling.

"Please... but ..but... you said... I could cum", I pleaded as she locked the lock over the tube which she had refastened on me.

"ah, ah baby, I never said that. I said I would let you out of the chastity device which I just did", she replied like I was crazy.

"Please baby... " I tried again unable to control the anguish in my voice

"Don't look so sad baby, it will feel better in a while plus your are so sexy this way it turns me on, don't you like turning me on?"

"I do... but.." , I started.

"Hush baby, don't think about it, I know you do and I know your horny, but think of how hot you make me baby, do it for me sweetie... please baby. Will you do it for me baby?" she talked to me and asked me in a caring and soothing voice. I nodded my head slowly unable to speak as I felt a lump in my throat.

"Thank you sweetie, you are the best, you are so good to me".

She removed the both handcuffs and sitting me up, cuddled me.

Caressing my head, she pulled her right boob out of her tank top,

"Here baby, suck on my tities, you will feel better."

Extremely horny and confused, I started to suck as she continued to crease me while talking to me soothingly.

"Mommies tities will make it all better, just suck and don't worry about anything baby".

Unable to hold it in any more, I busted into tears, as I felt frustration and powerless in every part of my body.

"Ooh, poor baby. Let it out, it will be all right. Let it out, you will feel much better", she soothed me.

As my sobbing started to die down she gently pushed me down till I was on the floor. Spreading her legs wide, smiled down at me,

"You have made me really honey baby"

The strong smell of her arousal all around us and the wetness of her pussy confirmed this. She pulled me forward and I started to lick as tears still fell from my eyes. I was however too horny to care.

"Yes, that's it, eat that pussy stupid fuck... ooo. Look at me baby, let me see those beautiful eyes" she said as I looked up at her, my lips sealed on her pussy as my tongued lapped at it.

"Yes, let me see to beautiful teary eyes... yeah, those are my tears, cry for me you stupid fuck", she said grabbing my head.

"You know what? Just stay still and tongue out. Let me fuck that stupid face", she said as she started to roll her hips moving back and forth against my face.

"Look at me bitch... yeah this ain't nothing, next week you will be doing some pretty nasty shit. You have no idea", she murmured to herself as she looked down at me grinding against my face.

She came violently as she screamed like I have never seen her do before. Crying from frustration while I went down on her became pretty common for me after that.

The next evening, Megan announced that she had a "best boyfriend" gift for me. I was a little wary as her last gift was still hanging on my penis. Smiling, she made a drum roll sound as she pulled a large black life like penis from a bag. It had some type of strap at the end of it and it was about 8 inches with a large head and had what looked like veins on it.

"I got you a stud dick honey!" she exclaimed with glee in her voice as I looked on confused on just what she expected my reaction to be.

Luckily, I did not have to worry about that as she excitedly suggested we try it out. She told me to come kneel before her as she sat forward on the sofa. She then proceeded to fasten the straps of the fake dick around my head, so the dick was hanging from my chin. She adjusted and readjusted it till she was satisfied, a smile that looked almost cunning on her face the whole time.

"Now that's a stud", she said, her eyes glazing over.

"Come stud", she took my hand leading me up the stairs toward the bedroom.

The fake dick bounce ridiculously in front of me, and in shame, I hoped it was not as bad as it seemed. This hope was dashed to pieces as we walked in front of her large mirror and I saw my naked body with my chastity tube and a big black dick, a sharp contrast to my skin, hanging from my face. It looked even more ridiculous than it felt. My humiliation overwhelming me, I silently looked down. Holding me by my shoulder, she turned me so we were standing side to side facing the mirror, her beautiful large figure towing over mine.

"Marvelous, just marvelous", she breathed as she held my eye in the mirror.

"Stay put sweetie, I will be right back" she said going into her dress closest as I looked down unable to keep looking at the mirror.

She came out smiling seductively wearing a light blue teddy with white frills and clear high heel slippers. Turning toward the bad and away from me she got on all fours so her ass was pushed back in the air. Looking over her shoulder at me said in a heavy voice,

"Come do me baby".

Shaking and deep in humiliation, I moved forward and kneeling behind her, I used my hands to guide the tip of the dick trough the lips of her pussy causing her to moan.

"Fuck me baby", she said igniting something in me as I started to move my face back and forth.

"Yes that's it fuck face, faster", she moaned.

The more she moaned, the faster I moved feeling an urge to satisfy her. I felt like I could somehow get some pleasure from her pleasure if I tried hard enough, so harder I went. From the side of my eyes, I caught glimpses of my face slamming into her ass on the mirror.

She flipped around laying on her back using a pillow to prop her back. Rising her legs up and spreading them wide at the same time, she pulled my face forward plunging the dildo into her. I continued my efforts, sweat now dripping from my forehead as she urged me on. I started to tire after about four more minuets and she must have sensed it.

"Hurry, get on the bed", she pattered the spot next to her as she adjusted me so I was laying down, my head opposite of the headboard.

"Yeah, that's it, now let me fuck you, let me fuck that face", she murmured more to herself than to me as she stood over me facing the headboard so I was looking straight up at her pussy.

Squatting and holding the dildo up, she lowered herself till the whole length of the dildo was in her. She gradually picked up pace on till about a minute in, I, the bed, and everything attached were holding on for dear life.

From that day, strap on penis joined the list of our routines as I continued to drown in my sea of frustration.

On the twenty first day of being chaste, a Friday, she came back from work with a reserved mood. After settling in she told me we had to talk and indicated for me to sit down. My heart pounding in my chest, I tried to recall if I had done anything wrong recently.

"Ted,... " she started as I froze in my seat; she had not called me that since we started dating. "... This is not working, I am afraid we have to break up".

I sat in shock unable to believe what I had just heard,

"Babe please... " I started my lips trembling.

"No, don't start", she interrupted me, "It's not you, it's me".

I had never been more sexually frustrated and humiliated than I was since my relationship with Megan started, but in spite of this, I knew I did not want to return to my previous life. I knew I did not want to leave the excitement and glamour of her life, I knew I will never have a chance to be with woman half as beautiful as her, plus I was getting so close to losing my virginity to her, I knew if just held on and continued to be the sweet boyfriend she wanted, it was bound to happen. All this racing through my mind, I fell on my knees as I pleaded with her not to dump me.

"I am sorry for whatever, I have done babe, I will do better", I begged her sobbing.

"No Ted, it's not you sweetie", she started some hope returning to me on hearing that, "You are a good lover and boyfriend. I just really miss the penetration from a big dick".

"What... about the... the... gift you got me,... I could, I could use it more" I stammered as I pleaded, desperation in my voice.

"I know sweetie. It's just not the something as the real thing, and I can't just bring myself to cheat on you. Besides, I am not that type of girl. It will be ok babe, I know you will forget about me within a week, and you are so sweet I know you will soon be running around with some young hot chick in no time", she smiled at me.

"No, I won't babe, please, I'll do anything", I begged.

"Sorry Ted, but its over, I miss penetration from a big dick and I don't want to be a cheating girlfriend", she shook her head.

I don't know where it came from but in my desperation I hurriedly said,

"Please babe,... it will not be cheating, I love you... and would do anything for you, and I want to make you happy... ".

"What did you say", she stopped me looking intensely at me.

"I said I want to mak... ", I started

"No before that", she interrupted

"I lov.."

"Before that she", she stopped me again

"I said... it will... not be... cheating" I stammered as I realized that I might have gotten myself into deeper waters

"What do you mean?", she looked at me her eye brows raised in question.

"I mean... I will do anything to make you happy and you will not b-e ch-eat-ing on m-e if it m-m-ade you happy... ", I stammered my voice trailing off.

I was not sure if I was to be worried as a smile broke out on her face, a she clasped her hands together,

"You will do that for me babe? You will allow me to have big dicks?"

Relieved and taking this as a good sigh, I nodded my head unable to speak, trying not to think of her with another guy.

"Ooh, you are the sweetest, the best boyfriend a girl can have", she grabbed be hugging me tightly to herself.

That night she told me to dress up and that we were going clubbing to have some fun. She had on one of the sexiest black dresses I have ever seen on her. It stuck to her body reviling every curve of her perfect figure and came down to the top of her thighs reviling the flawlessness of her gold oil skin. Her four inch pumps made her legs seem like they went forever.

We drove to a club in the more urban part of town around 12AM and everyone stop to stare at Megan as we approached the door. Most of the guys had stunt looks on their faces, some making cat calls, while all the girls stared at her with hostile looks. She walked to the front of the line and smiling at the bouncer, hugged him and kissed him on the cheek. Smiling back at her, he lifter the robes and looking at me, chuckled as we walked in. I followed her to what was the VIP section of the club. It was on the second floor from which you could look down at the main dance floor on the main floor. Sending me to go get a drink for her she made her way to the dance floor.

I returned to find her dancing with some stranger. Her back was to him as he grinded his pelvis into her backside. A pang of jealousy shot through me but I fought it down as I gave her the drink.

She danced with me a few times grinding into me causing extreme horniness which made me even more submissive to her demands. She also danced with several other guys as there was a circle of guys around her wanting to be her next dance partner.

We finally returned to our VIP section at about 2 PM. Leaning so she was talking directly into my ear, she spoke into it, her breath tingling my senses.

"You see that guy, over there with the green camouflaged shirt?"

I nodded my head locating the guy she was referring to. She had danced with him earlier. He was kind of rough looking, and about 6' 5". He had corn roles, some gold teeth, a tattoo on his neck and a large platinum chain hung from his neck. I recalled not liking him dance with Megan as I had thought he did not deserve to dance with such a classy babe like her.

"Go bring him over, he has a big dick", she said smiling slyly at me.

My eyes widened in shock, but recovering, my heart beating in my chest I made my way over to where he and his buddies were standing against the wall.

As I tried to shout above the music, he had a look on his face like he was going to punch me at any moment. My pointing to Megan and she smiling at him, must have however changed his mind. Walking past me, he rubbed his hands together and made his way to her as his buddies made deep tone barking sounds laughing and pounding each other's fist.

They had to talk into each other's ear due to loud music. As the talked, they guy looked and pointed at me and looked back to her as if asking a question. After she said something to him, he chuckled and after about two minutes of talking, he nodded his head and Megan signaled to me that we were leaving.

Confused as to what was going on, I followed behind her and the douche bag as we made our way out of the club. His buddies started shouting and throwing him hand gestures, which he returned laughing. When we got to the parking lot, Megan produced a device I knew to be a product developed by Blisco Pharmaceuticals that was awaiting approval by the FDA. It was a device that could check for all STD's instantly and was one of the projects she had worked on and helped develop. She asked the guy, Derek, as I understood his name was for his hand, which he withdrew as she brought the device toward his arm.

"What the fuck is that thing", he barked.

"You want to do this? Then I have to test you, this will check for STD's", she told him.

"Hmm, that mother fucker better not be something else... ", he murmured to himself as he brought his had forward again.

I stood my heart beating hard in my chest hopping with all my heart that Megan was just testing her device and we will be going home after her test. As she pressed a button on the device, Derek shouted,


I guess he was pricked by a needle. She told him to him to drive to us and follow us after she looked at the screen of the device.

As we drove, Derek following in his old impala, she took and my hand and placed it between her legs high on her thigh and I felt the heat coming from her pussy.

"You make me so honey sweetie. Rub my thigh", she smiled seductively at me.

My auto pilot kicking in, I started to caress her thigh as I felt my penis struggle and tug in my chastity tube my fingers rubbing on some of her pubs, she had no panties on! She drove into a motel parking lot and packing told me to go get a room.

I got a room and returning with the key, we all went to it.

Inside the room, I stood awkwardly to the side uncomfortable and still confused. I had been afraid that she was going to sleep with Derek, but with me in the room, I felt better that this was probably not the case. Was I wrong.

"Let's see that dick baby", she said facing Derek.

Smiling, he unzip his fly. What came out was the biggest black dick I had ever seen.

"Come get this dick girl", he said smiling broadly

I stood paralyzed in shock as Megan bent at her waist, her long legs arching a little backwards as she took his dick in her hands and in one smooth motion got most of it in her mouth.

"Fuuuuck yeah", Derek hissed as he tilted his head backwards.

I felt like my heart had been crushed by a sledge hammer as an intense feeling of jealousy griped me. However at the same time, I could not seem to move or remove my eyes from what was unfolding before me as I was engulfed by arousal.

He became fully erect and I could not believe that a penis could get that big. Turning around, she raised her skirt in one swift motion and leaned forward, spreading her legs as she placed her hands on a chair in front of her.

"Fuck that pussy ", she said looking back at him.

Laughing, he grabbed her waist and undid his belt buckle and his pants fell round his foot. He pulled his boxers down to his knees with one hand, and using the other one, took hold of his dick as he positioned and adjusting himself. He pushed his dick into her and I saw her eyes open wide as she shouted.

He grinded his hips into hers for a few seconds before moving back ward, he trust forward with such force, I wondered how she stood straight. He starred to pump hard into her as the sound of flash slapping against flesh filled the room. The only other sound in the room was the sound of Derik repeating some gibberish over and over and sounds coming from Megan.

"Yeeeaahhh, this is some good pussy, ama beat this pussy raw... ama tear this pussy up", he kept on saying as he went back and forth.

The key to my chastity cage around her neck swung back and forth as her hair fell around her face.

Looking at me, an expression of pure ecstasy like I have never seen before on her face, she stretched her hand to me.

"Come baby, come hold me", she managed to get out.

I'm not sure why, but in that moment, my jealousy evaporated. I realized I could never do what Derek was doing nor could I put such an expression on her face with my penis, and in a weird way, I felt like it would be selfish of me to deny her such pleasure and the ecstasy I could not provide her with. In that moment, I understood what she had meant when she said she needed a big dick.

I want toward her and holding her shoulder, I supported her as she leaded forward nnd kissed me hard.

"Thank you baby", she said kissing me hard again.

Everything went silent for me as she became the focus of my world and with trembling hands, I gently removed the hair from her face.

"Fuck that pussy, give me that dick", she continued panting out.

"You are so beautiful babe", I heard myself say.

"Thank you baby." she smiled at me.

"Will you like to go see, will like to see what a big dick looks like sliding in an out off my pussy?"

Swallowing, I nodded my head unable to speak.

"Ok baby, you can go look, go look at mummy pussy feeling good"

She saw the look of uncertainty as I darted a look at Derek.

"Don't worry about the big black guy baby, he won't bite you." She smiled teasingly at me.

I slowly went around as she told Derek to spread her ass so I could get a good view.

Laughing he grabbed each of her ass cheek in each hand as he pulled them apart as he slowed down his pace.

I was mesmerized as I watched his dick, sliding in and out as she moaned. The contrast between his black dick and her pink pussy was like nothing I had seen before. His dick was glistening with the moisture from her pussy and I looked in wonder at the thickness of it and the veins on it. As it slid out, the inner walls of her pussy slightly came out gabbing to his dick as if trying to pull it back in.

She told me to come back and hold her and she continued to kiss me as Derek pounded away.

After some minutes, she clutched my hands as she screamed that she was coming.

Derek pounded a few more times before he too shouted and slumped against her back. They slowly recovered and as she lowered her dress, he pulled his boxes and pants up.

"Ooo wee! That was some good pussy. Let me have ur number shawty, I'll brake you off whenever you want", Derik asked as we left the room.

"Sorry, I only fuck a fella ounce, don't get attached homie", Megan told him smiling as she took my hand as walked toward the car.

"Mhen, you's a cold bicth", he said chuckling shaking his head.

"You best believe it", she replied laughing and blowing him a kiss.

"Ooo wee, ama remember that pussy for the rest of my motha funking life", was the last thing I heard him say as she and I got into the car.

I was still trembling from arousal when we got home as I kept recalling what had just happened. Taking me by the hand she walked me up the sitars to the room and retrieving her camcorder, she sat on the edge of the bed and lifted her dress to her waist and spread her legs. Smiling, she looked at me from beneath her eyelashes,

"Come sooth my pussy baby, it's a little sore".

Scared and a little repulsed, I hesitated as I looked at her pussy not sure if there will be anything left from Derek. Looking at her seductive smiling face, I got a little more confident and got on my knees. Not wanting to ruin the moment, I moved forward and sealed my lips on her pussy as I started to gently lick and probe. I looked up into her eyes as she looked down at me, and I tried not to think about what could be seeping into my mouth as I felt moisture start to seep into my mouth.

I noticed her smile change into one that was almost predatory as her tongue slightly came out of her mouth.

"Yeah pussy fuck... clean that pussy... stupid fuck. Didn't I tell you that you will be doing some nasty shit, yeah dumb fuck, suck all that nasty stuff form that pussy, clean that pussy up, from one pussy to another. That's what you here for, to clean mummies cunt after she gets fucked... look into the leans too baby, yes just like I thought you... "

This also became a regular activity for our weekends with Megan choosing I different guy every time we went to the club.

Within the next two weeks, I fell into such a deeper level of arousal and submissiveness, it amused Megan. I was now so horny for any sexual contact, I followed her around the house like a puppy. Whenever she stood still, sat down or lay down, I would start to lick and kiss her thighs or ass cheeks depending which of her sides I had access to. If I was kissing her thighs and she wanted me to proceed, she just parted her legs a little more so I could move the crotch of her booty shorts or panties (if she had any on) to the side and seal my lips to her pussy. If I was kissing her ass, she just let me continue and I pull down her shots to her thighs and start licking and probing her ass hole. She rarely refused me, however sometimes, when I knelt in her front kissing her thighs she usually parted my head and said something like,

"My asshole sweetie" or "Ass ole baby".

The Friday night of my 8th week in chastity, she emerged from the bedroom looking as ravishing as ever in her club "fuck me" outfit with a broad smile on her face displaying her perfect set of white teeth.

"You look amazing babe", I a managed to croak swallowing hard.

"Aww, you like baby? You are so sweet. Time to go out baby", she flashed her perfect smile.

I stated to head to my room so I could change into the club outfit she had picked out for me a few weeks ago, a slim form fitting white shirt and pants with some white shoes to match. She said that not only was it cute, it matched my sate of purity.

"Don't worry about dressing up today baby, you can go commando tonight", she stopped me smiling seductively.

I looked at her confused my mouth opening with no words coming out.

"You can stay in the car tonight. I know you really do not enjoy the club scene that much, and with my tinted windows you do not have to worry about being seen.

"Ok baby", I replied, the smile on her face becoming even broader.

I had since fallen into such a submissive state; I had long since given trying to think too much whenever she told me to do something. I walked over to her, and patting my ass, she started to walk to the garage. As I followed behind her, her hips swung from side to side making her butt cheeks to jiggle, the motion sending ripples through every fiber of my body.

As we rode, she continued to smile at me and caress every part of my body her hands could get to. It was all so surreal as we drove through the town, stopping at traffic lights, with other cars and even foot traffic at times all around us as I wondered if anyone would have ever guessed the situation in the 7 series BMW.

Arriving at the club, she told me to stay put while she went in much to my relief. I fell asleep after about 45 minutes and woke up to the sound of giggling and snickering. It took be a while to realize I was not dreaming and when I finally became fully awake, I noticed that all the windows of the car where down. Megan was sitting in the driver's seat her, smile intact but along with this, the car was surrounded by about 8 girls about age 20 - 26, all scantily clothed in club outfits. Some of them had their head sticking in trough the windows. Startled, my hands instinctively went to cover my caged penis.

"No baby", Megan said smiling and gently taking my hands of,

"These are just my new friends from the club who came specially to see you."

I put my head down as a fresh batch of laughter from the ladies erupted. I had never felt so humiliated in my life and literary wished at the moment that the ground would just swallow me up.

"Don't be rude baby, look up and say hello to these nice ladies", she said smiling at me.

It took everything I had, but I managed to raise my head half way as I managed a hello, which just caused more laughter.

"What's that on his dick?", I heard one of the girls ask

"It's called a chastity cage, it helps Ted here to be a perfect gentleman, while making sure he does not sprain his arm masturbating his little penis. You see Ted loves to masturbate while looking at big butts online." she replied to the girl.

I felt my whole face burn with shame as a fresh burst of laughter surrounded me. I squeezed my legs together in the hopes that this will someone make me smaller and make this all better.

"Wow, you are the coolest chick I have ever met!" exclaimed one of the girls.

"Thanks sweetie. You can check out virgin pussy eater dot com, all one word for you know who doing some other cool stuff." Megan replied to her as I swam in my sea of humiliation, arousal and confusion.

I felt her hands caress my cheeks as she slowly lifted my head to look at her,

"Will you like to cum sweetie?", she asked my smiling.

I was as humiliated as hell but even more than that I knew I wanted to come more than anything in the world so I nodded my head and whispered,


"I knew you would baby, but it's all up to you and these nice ladies. You have to ask them nicely to come watch you cum tomorrow evening", she told me.

I looked at her my eyes pleading. I was already so humiliated and I would have given anything, except cumming, to be spared of this.

"Ahh, sweetie, don't be shy. It's not that bad. I am here for you. I know you want to cum really bad and I am sure these nice ladies are willing to come support you. Just look at time, and ask nicely. I am sure they will not refuse." She implored me.

"Gosh, this is the hottest shit I have ever seen", I heard one of the girls say

"Yeah, I am getting turned on", I heard another reply among some of the other comments and laughing from around the car.

My desperation overcoming me and a weird faith I had in Megan comforting me, I slowly looked at the smiling faces of the girls as I managed to ask,

"Would... you... lad-ies please come watch... me... c-um tomorrow?"

In the midst of the laugher and jesting, I heard them agree to come watch in their different ways.

"Would not miss it for the world", "Course, sweetie, since you asked so nicely"...

"You see sweetie? I told you they are nice ladies. See that was not so hard", she said beaming at me.

"Sorry ladies, I have to go, all this has made me horny and Ted's mouth here has some puss... I mean business to attend to", she said smiling as all the girls busted into laugher.

She gave them her address and told them to be there at 8pm the next day.

The next day by 8:30pm, there were 19 girls in Megan's house as the girls from the club had invited some of their other friends.

They settled in the living room talking and laughing with Megan as I set chilled wine and finger food on trays in the kitchen as Megan had earlier instructed me. She had told me to be at my best behavior and to make sure that everything went perfect so that her and guest had fun or I would lose my chance to cum.

"Sweetie", I heard her call.

Naked, the only thing on me my chastity cage, I slowly made my way into the room full or sexily clothed females.

"You look sexy as always sweetie. Go round the room and say hello to all the ladies", she smiled at me when I got to her.

I made my way to the first girl, a hot Asian girl, about 22 years old and in a red form fitting dress and a smile on her face, and said hello.

"That's not how you say hello silly", Megan said smiling and walked over to me.

She gently turned me around so I was backing the girl.

"Now bend down, and use both you to hands to spread your ass cheeks."

This caused the room to erupt in laugher and wide eyed, some of the girls put their hands over their mouth unable to conceal their shock.

"I told you she is the coolest chick ever" I heard the black girl to my right say to another girl who had her hand over her mouth and eyes wide open.

"Ple-ase... babe..", I looked up Megan, pleading with both my voice and eyes.

"You have to say hello sweetie. It's ok, it's just a little fun for me and the ladies. I will even be here by your side, you do want us to have some fun don't you sweetie?", she smiled at me.

I nodded my head unable to talk and not knowing what else to do.

"And you do want to cum, don't you sweetie?"

I nodded my head again.

"I know you do sweetie, then let's start saying hello to the nice ladies who came to see you today so we can get you to cum soon", she nudged me do bend forward.

Swallowing and thinking of the goal at hand, I closed my eyes as I bent down and with shaking hands spread my ass cheeks so that my asshole was staring right at the Asian girl, and once again shouts and laugher filled the room. As I made it from girl to girl, there were different reactions. Some girls laughed, some wanting none of it and shouting,

"Agh nasty".

The worst were the girls who were somewhat shy and embarrassed and would not look which resulted in Megan telling me that if I did not get them to look, I would have to forfeit my opportunity to cum that night. So, I found myself pleading for them to look at my asshole questions of how I had falling into this state, roaming through my mind.

I waited on the ladies the rest of the night as I took drink orders and served finger food while Megan entertained them with stories and they seemed to never stop having questions. As the night wore on, and just when I thought I was forgotten, Megan announced that it was time for me to cum.

She told me to stand in the middle of the room and the girls surrounded me. Megan removed her necklace with the key to my chastity cage on it and removed the device form my penis. It instantly grew to its 4 inches of stiff glory as the giggling from the girls cheered it on.

"Stoke that little hard dick sweetie. Masturbate like you love to", Megan smiled at me.

I did not have to be told twice as I held my dick for the first time in six weeks. After only one stroke, I started for jerk of furiously as laughter around me seemed to fade as I fell into a different dimension.

To my horror, I noticed that camera flashes were going off and looking around me, I noticed expressions of laughter on the faces of the girls as my surrounding now seemed muted and everything seemed to be occurring in slow motion except for the furious movement of my hand on my dick and the noise that was coming from it. I pumped harder unable to control myself as I felt the nerves from every part of my body focus and intensify and then zero in on my dick. I stiffened as my eyes opened wide and everything went silent. Screaming, the first shot of sperm erupted from my penis with such force, the girl directly in front of me did not stand a chance. She did not know what hit her on till it was too late. I barely had a chance to notice her screeching as she tried to scramble for cover before the second shot blasted off. The room was loud with cheering, clapping and laughter as flash bulb after flash bulb went off in my face.

As jet after jet of sperm erupted from my penis, my knees gradually gave way and I knelt on the floor.

All the energy drained from me, the feeling on the most intense humiliation I have ever felt in my life overtook me as I shut my eyes unable to look up to the laughter all around me.


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