Visiting the Fetish Market

Submitted by: Diana

When I saw the initial announcement of a festish weekend to be held locally, I thought back to when we visited a fetish market. It was not deliberate, at least on his part; we were staying in a hotel which had a leather weekend so there was lots to see in the lobby in the form of attendees, as well as the fetish market.

One night I suggested we just take a look at what was for sale; what my husband did not know is that I had already checked it out and found just what I wanted. We walked around until we came to stall selling a nice metal wrists-and-neck brace. I suggested that Larry try it on, which he did without hesitation. I could see that he was aroused as I secured the three hasps.

"May I borrow this for awhile? Here's my credit card as security." I also borrowed a leash and led him around the tables until I reached one which was selling a metal chastity cage.

"I forgot to tell you that the business trip has been moved up. I am leaving day tomorrow, from here. No time to go home. But that means I have to make sure that you will behave yourself while I am gone."

I bought the chastity cage and led Larry into a "family" washroom. I took down his pants; by that time, the erection had gone down. Of course he protested, but weakly. (He did not realize that he accidently left up a computer screen with chastity belt information on it so he was interested.)

I took the smallest ring and put it around behind his balls. Perfect! I attached the cage, put on the lock, and after wiggling it to make sure it was secure, I snapped the lock shut. Then I pulled up his pants and led him back to return the wrist and neck brace.

As soon as his hand was free, he felt the bulge in his pants, not a muscle bulge but a metal one. And he smiled!

Before I left, I hid a key in a side pocket of his suitcase just in case of an emergency. Fortunately, we had taken the train so he did not have to go through a security check! I was gone for two weeks, and when I got back, he was certainly ready to give me all his attention.


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