The Beauty Spa 3 : Accepting my new life

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I slept uneasily again on the Sunday night, my throbbing member so desperate for release I hardly got any sleep at all. The belt was beginning to chafe a little in places now, I was now belted for longer than I'd ever been before. I was convinced there was no way out now - without Nikki handing her keys back over... Her keys... I'd actually started to think of them as her keys! She was my unwitting key holder and probably had no idea of what she was putting me through!

At eight the next morning I phoned the spa, Nikki answered, "Morning... I... I have a confession to make... ", Nikki chuckled softly, "Let me guess - you enjoyed being feminised on Friday so much; that you'd like to volunteer for the next training day?"

I swallowed, paused then forced the words out, "No... I erm, I... The key's are not my Mistress's, they are mine... I just wanted to erm... I just... ." She cut me off, "I know... You wanted someone else to take charge - well, you got your wish! I'm your key holder now."

I almost dropped the phone... She knew! But how? The slip ups? The email? Mistress Fox? "How did you... " She cut me off, "Look Perry, I don't appreciate being deceived and I don't approve of your weird fetish. I think the only way to get it out of your system is to make you wish you'd never wanted it in the first place... As a result - I've been taking into account every opportunity you had to come clean, and every time you failed, I've applied a retrospective multiplier of ten times to your bill... I think you need to come in to see me so we can work out how much you owe altogether... Any complaints and you can write the bill off, but you can write the keys off too."

I was stunned... What counted as a chance to come clean? Ten times; each time I passed an opportunity? Was that what all those hints she knew were about? "I... I'll come in and see you - can I come now?" she sighed deeply, "Sorry Perry, I'm really busy today - we're under-staffed, I could squeeze you in tomorrow - first thing?" I groaned audibly. There was no reasoning with her though, I'd become so attuned to the threats of getting rid of the keys permanently, and the effects of her being my key holder were so sharp now... I knew the belt wouldn't come off any other way... I couldn't spend the rest of my life belted. "Okay, I'll be in first thing - thank you Nikki." She audibly shrugged, "It's no problem, actually though - I want you in an hour before opening, and come in your uniform. If you're going to take up my time I need you to help me to catch up... Don't be late or we won't have time for that chat." I agreed, politely then said goodbye and dropped the phone onto the hook.

I had to go and find my feminine attire from Friday - which I'd cast off in disgust, hoping to never wear it again. I found the wig, the stockings, the panties, suspender belt, bra, dress and shoes... I could guess her intention for the day. Clearly she wanted me early so she could feminize me again. Not something I relished - but if it meant I could buy back my keys, I'd do it. I washed, dried and ironed the dress and washed the underwear. I was still tired, so with my female clothes all laid out for the next day I went to bed early.

The next day I turned up at the spa at six forty five. I was even there before Nikki. When she arrived she raised an eyebrow at me, but entered the building before me without speaking. I awkwardly put my high heels on (I couldn't drive in them.) and wobbled into the building. She looked me up and down critically as she hung her coat up, "Morning Perry... Hmmm, Sherry - morning Sherry I think. You do look a sight, I can see we've got a lot to do this morning. For a start you're going to have to learn to walk in a more lady-like way. Luckily I acquired a constrictive deportment slip over the weekend to help you with that." I looked pleadingly at her, "Can't we discuss the bill please?" She shrugged, sure, come into my office, I'll get the girls to fix your wig and make-up when they get in... Hmmm, you'll need those arms waxing again, and the legs, I guess the legs will wait until tomorrow... Here - put this on under your dress."

She handed me a satin deportment slip, which was soft, but heavily stitched and with a tiny opening for the knees. By the time I'd stepped into it and pulled it up, my knees couldn't separate by more than an inch. Trying to follow Nikki into her office, I found the only way to walk in the heels, with the slip was to allow my hips to swing in a feminine way, I teetered and wobbled on more than one occasion. When were in she gestured to a seat opposite her desk, "Sit." I obeyed and she pulled a file out.

"Now let's see, a full body wax, with intimates - that's one hundred and twenty five pounds. The piercings and studs, another forty pounds, uniform, underwear and wig another hundred pounds - that's two hundred and sixty five. You could have told us on that first waxing appointment, so that's two thousand six hundred and fifty, then there were two phone calls, so that's twenty thou... No two hundred and sixty five thousand pounds, then you could have told me on the training day so that's two million, six hundred and fifty thousand pounds. Here's your bill - pay up and I'll return your keys."

My face was full of woe. Was she serious? Over two million? I worked in a call centre for the minimum wage, thirty hours a week, I had a tiny terraced house and no other income source. I paused, looking shaken as she grinned smugly at me. Eventually I spoke, "I can't pay that... I'll never be able to pay that!" She shrugged, "Well, maybe I'm being a bit harsh... Let's say I knock you one, one multiplier off - I'm willing to do that. Hmmm, terraced house you say? Sell your furniture, sign the house over to me and I can rent it out to cover the interest, that would be a start... " I had to cut in, "Sign my house over?! Where am I suppose to live?!" She smiled, "Already thought of that - you can live here in the spa. There's a room in the basement, with a bed, toilet and wash facilities. I'll train you up as a beauty therapist, I think we can soon have you earning double your minimum wage your on now - that should speed things up."

I stood up sharply, and glared at her, "I won't do it! I won't live as a woman!" She shrugged, "That's fine, you can leave now, and we'll never see each other again - I'll just make the call to have the keys destroyed." She then quickly hit a speed dial, paused for a moment, "Hi honey, those keys I gave you to look after - can you destroy them for me?" I panicked at this, "Alright I'll do it! Anything! Don't destroy them!"

She sighed, "Actually it's okay - leave them in the safe - I might need them one day yet."

Nikki then leaned forwards, "Look, once you're trained up - I'll let you stay open longer, you can work 16 hour days seven days a week. You might be out in five years?" I nodded solemnly. She smiled at me, "Cheer up, it'll be fun, I'll even make you a cup of tea." I waited, had my tea - which still tasted oh so funny... Was it an unusual brand? It tasted odd... She raised an eyebrow at me, "And I've been speaking to Mistress Fox again, she seems think you will start to require regular 'milking' to maintain your health... I've read up about it - and I think we'll milk you tonight, then once every three months - so that will be something to look forward to!" I slurped my slightly 'off-tasting' tea again...

As I was finishing it Kyra appeared, Nikki pointed at me, "Morning Kyra, Sherry is going to be fetching and cleaning up after everyone today - take her and wax her arms, then sort out her wig and make-up, you ought to touch those nails up too." Kyra nodded and held the door open for me... It was going to be a long day...

The following months passed slowly, I ended up signing my house over to Nikki, all the contents and my car were sold. The proceeds were knocked off 'the bill'. I was outfitted with a locking steel collar, which was cleverly disguised as an attractive, feminine, one piece steel necklace. The necklace also had a discreet 'shocker' built into it, designed to keep wayward dogs, from roaming where they weren't supposed to roam. During the evenings it was activated and I was confined to the basement, with a painful, debilitating shock knocking me off my feet if I attempted to leave.

I worked every single day, the collar keeping me confined to the premises during the day and the basement at night. Christmas came and went, it was the only day I didn't work - instead spending the day confined alone in the basement. As time went by I was trained in the various disciplines of beauty therapist and soon was doing more than simply cleaning up and fetching and carrying, I was looking after customers and applying therapies. All the while, Nikki and her staff were very kind and constantly making me cups of tea... Which all tasted a little... Off, somehow...

The urges for relief subsided, I found speaking in a falsetto voice easier and easier, and my hair grew long and thick, to the point where I didn't need a wig... Then I noticed my breasts...

Slowly, gradually over time, I seemed to develop female breasts, to the point that my bra's didn't need padding out. When I tackled Nikki about this, she laughed and said, "Well, I thought it would be easier on you if we could make you a little more feminine, reduce those urges and help you feel comfortable in the salon - you've been on HRT for over eighteen months now."

When she told me it all made sense - the endless tea, the funny taste... She was now actually forcefully making me female. In the end she even disconnected the water supply from the basement, and provided ready HRT laced jugs of water for me to drink during the evenings. I began to feel more and more female, and almost forgot about the steel undergarments and my male genitalia contained within. Until about three years later, when Nikki announced to the staff that she and her partner were getting married, and she wanted all her staff to be bridesmaids.

I didn't bat an eyelid at this, I considered myself more of her 'slave' than a member of staff, but the day came when she invited all the staff to a dress makers for a fitting. I automatically turned around to return to the basement when she called over my shoulder, "And where do you think you're going? I've been talking to Kyra and we've decided YOU should be head bridesmaid! So don't think you're getting out of this one!" I turned to her, a little stunned, "But the collar... I... " She smiled cheekily at me, "Don't worry I've got a remote shocker, I'll be carrying it all day - you be a good bridesmaid and you'll be fine... Kyra will be controlling you while I'm on the honeymoon - she's even going to help you arrange the hen night... "

The bridesmaids dresses were satin, peach and very feminine, to my embarrassment, Nikki explained to the shopkeeper that I was a recent, post-op transsexual, and that the belt was a medical fitting that had to stay on while I recovered from the operation.

The preparations were made, the hen night came and went and I ended up leading the trail of bridesmaids up the aisle, holding Nikki's train. Being in the salon had become my life, now all these people, strangers, seeing me in public, holding my bouquet and being escorted by the best man... I started to feel my member throbbing like it hadn't done in months... But there was no release, there were photographs, a meal, some speeches... I was expected to dance with the best man - and I don't think he even knew I was a man.

I noticed at several points during the day she was wearing a gold plated key on a chain around her neck. The key to my belt hadn't been gold plated - but it made me wonder, there were several times I was within grabbing distance... But she had the shocker, and the punishment would be severe... In the end I resigned myself that I had no chance.

The years went by, my life as a man slipped further and further away... Until eventually, after a long shift, Nikki called me into her office, "Sherry, I think there's something we need to discuss - if you could spare a moment?" I followed her meekly into her office, "Sherry, your bill is now cleared, I have taken off all expenses, and interest and I've knocked you some off for being such a wonderful head bridesmaid... It's time to return your keys to you."

I nearly fell off my chair, my member started fighting the hormones and fighting it's confined state.

"Do you mean it? When?" Nikki chuckled, "Of course I do, and I will take it off you right now - but the collar stays on until I'm comfortable you don't try to retaliate for what I've put you through. After all it was what you wanted wasn't it? Someone to keep you locked up? I did that didn't I?"

The relief was immense, I couldn't give a thought to attacking her, I was just suddenly desperate to get out. She pulled open a drawer... Then opened a secret compartment at the back. The key dropped out and she handed it to me, "Here you go Sherry - take it down to the basement, I don't want to see what's under that belt again." I took the key with a shaking hand and darted to the basement, now confident and adept at running I high heels. When there I removed my shoes, tights and knickers and inserted the key. The feeling of the key sliding in - a perfect fit, was euphoria. Free, free at last.

I turned the key and it twisted, then jammed. I pulled it back a little and tried again with a little more force - nothing. I tried working it backwards and forward - no joy. In frustration I rushed upstairs only to find Nikki had gone for the day. I assumed she had given me the wrong key and went to bed for another night in the cramped basement.

The next morning, I didn't bother making up or doing my hair, I waited for Nikki and ran to greet her as she entered. She seemed surprised to see me, "Sherry? You're still here? I thought you'd be long gone!" I scowled at her, "I would be... But it appears you gave me the wrong key!" She seemed confused at this, "I don't think I did.", "It won't open I spent ages trying to open it last night - it won't budge." She shuddered, "Oh dear... That's definitely the right key - let me get some oil and I'll try it for you."

Ten minutes later I was spread eagle on the basement bed, Nikki furiously squirting WD40 into the lock, then trying the key. Every time she applied more force until, SNAP, the key broke off in the lock. The belt was still locked shut.

She seemed genuinely concerned at this, "Oh Sherry, I'm sorry - the key's snapped!" I looked at the broken key, it was broken off deep in the lock, impossible to retrieve or turn. I started weeping uncontrollably. Nikki shrugged, "Oh well Chastity Boy, looks like your ordeal isn't over after-all... Cheer up - how about I milk you once every two months from now on?"

I grabbed the broken key and began desperately twisting and wrenching, cutting my fingers on it...

I screamed indignantly at her to get one of the spare keys, but she just shrugged, "I only kept one hun... The others were thrown away years ago... Besides that broken key is jammed in tight... I think there's one thing for it I'll get Kyra to bring a metal file and some solder, and a soldering iron and we'll file that sharp edge off ant fill the lock the with solder - then smooth it off with the file... "

I screamed at her, "WHAT!?"

She grinned cheekily, "Well... I decided I was going to treat you as a slave until you were unlocked, and now I don't think you CAN be unlocked so... "

I stood up glaring at her and raised my fist... Then the shock knocked me off my feet, leaving me writhing in agony on the floor - clutching at the collar.

She started walking towards the stairs, twirling her remote shocker as she went, calling over her shoulder, "You'd better hurry up and get your hair and make-up done Sherry! Customers will be here soon... "

I began sobbing uncontrollably as her heels clicked up the basements stairs...

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