Jeena The Galactic Whore

Submitted by: BeynAzura

Jeena was crying softly as she looked at the Moon of Jupiter through her room's window. She was ashamed she had been sold by her family. She had been stripped naked and taken to that cold room of the whore space ship. Her soft green skin chilled as she put the necklace in place and locked it. She was amazed it fit wonderfully. Despite being under full power the spaceship seems to be immobile in the planet dance, and not knowing what else to do she let her hands slid between her legs. Her fingers found a path trough her pubic hair and she slowly let them pass onto her vaginal lips. She was not really wet, but it helped her not think about what would await her. At least her family got some money for the seasons to come.

A sound got her out of her dreams. She removed her finger out of her cunt and looked at the man that appeared in the door. She was ashamed she was caught masturbating and wondered the man was a customer. Her cheeks were a greenish pink.

-Follow me, please.

She stood up and followed the man through the corridors.

-Do... Do you lead me to a customer?

-No, of course not! There is no customer when flying. I'm about to prepare you. Do not be afraid, it won't hurt you.

Jeena was bothered by being in the nude but didn't dare saying so. She was lead to a room that looked like a doctor examination place.

-Lay on the bed on your belly.

She was surprised but obeyed. The foam of the bed let her lay on her belly as her elbows and knees sank into it and soon she was in a king of doggy style position which made her embarrassment grow.

-Don't worry, I will examine you and I need you to not move he said as he locked scratch strap on her arms and legs. A took a wire he connected to her necklace.

-It is very nice of you to wear the necklace on your own.

-I... I have been told to do so.

-Yes but some of our who... boarders try not to wear it.

-It says I'm a prostitute and that I belong to this ship. It is a slave mark.

-Err... kind of" he said and he showed her that he was wearing the same one.

-You masturbated, do you do it often.

-Err, no but I was anxious with nothing to do.

-right, I will find you things to do, As a ... boarder.

-A prostitute.

-Err, yes as a prostitute you must keep your pleasure for the customers.

-I understand.

Something was slipped around her waist and then between her legs. She was afraid at first but nothing penetrated her as she was anticipating. She heard a "click". Then she felt the big hands of the man on her butt, they were slippery. He pushed on her little hole. She felt humiliated because she was aroused and was finding it pleasurable.

-Please !

-I have not any choice but to do it. Do not worry the necklace measures how pleasurable it is for you. With that he began to thread something into her ass.

-I Beg you !

He pushed a button and she was voiceless.

-It will inflate. The level of pain is controlled so it will stop before it hurts too much. Do not fight it. It will be easier for you.

She felt the objet inflating and began to panic when she saw the man in front of her. He was nude. His cock was erect right in front of her. She did not know what to do.

-Open your month.

She tried to say "no", but she was still voiceless, and the object entered her mouth.

She never had saw such huge cock. In fact she never saw a black man nude before. She was amazed to see that his cock was maroon and red with shades of violet. She tried to push it back with her tongue. She was afraid of how far he would go. But the penis stayed at the entry of her mouth. She closed her lips around it and began to play. She looked at his face, and his smile insured she was right. As she concentrated on it she almost forgot from her ass when the pain urge in her mind. But it stopped quickly and the object deflated. The man went away.

-That's all for today, I wait you here at 14:00 tomorrow, OK?

-Ok she said as he removed the straps.

She looked at her belt and looked at him.

-It is a chastity belt, so you won't be able to masturbate. I think it is better for you. Trust me when I say you that being punished for masturbation is not funny.

She looked at him.

-I'm not sure... . I'll get lost if I try to find my room.

-I'll lead you.

He helped her to navigate in the whore's section of the ship. She learned to find her room, but also discovered a swimming pool and a sport room and a library.

-I'll make you a program, for you to loose fat, and not being without anything to do, so you won't be frustrated from the belt.

At her farm there was no swimming pool but she had learned to swim in the lake not far from there, and she happily swam that afternoon. She was amazed to see the girls there. Most of them had a chastity belt like hers. She was almost the only one green from the Jupiterian Moons. There were several red big women from Mars, with their twin pair of breasts. A small light grey girl from Venus was just bathing her four long legs. She might have her periods thought Jeena, who was tring to understand how that girls belt was done.

After the pool she went to the UV. She looked at the woman next to her hoping to see her change in color, but she was still pink. These women can change to from pink to red or brown by exposing her to UV. Jeena knew she would only be of darker from of green by using UV, but she has no choice to make her chlorophyllous activity work in a spaceship. She hoped to become friend with this woman from earth.

At the moment of going to bed, she felt a little frustrated from the belt, but felt asleep quickly.

When she woke up, she felt happy to visit the sport room and made a visit in the library but was a little sorry as most of the books were in Saturian Language. A language she barely spoke but was unable to read.

-Can I help you ? asked a woman.

-I... I cannot read Saturian.

-You should learn it as the Saturian rule the solar System it is the language to learn.

-Err ? I... I haven't seen black women before, wich planet are you from ?

-I'm from Earth.

-Err ? You mean UV can make you change from pink to a such dark shade of maroon ?

The woman laughed and explained her that she was naturly dark like her mentor.

She didn't dare asking why she wasn't wearing a chastity belt.

But when she left she was in a hurry not to be late for 14:00.

-Just in time said the man.

-May I ask...


-Are you a natural dark man from earth ?

-Yes. My name is Joshua. I am your coach.

-I lay like yesterday ?

He noddded his head, she was in position. As he strapped her and connected the necklace he said

-How nice, you did not think about masturbating today.

-I had too much to do she replied.

-That's a good thing, but I will make it a little harder today.

She felt the belt being opened. Joshua hands lubricated her slit and pushed something into it.

She liked the feeling. Then she heard the "click" once more.

-May I ask ?

He pushed a button and she felt a buzz inside her that made moaning. And it stopped. She looked at him with big eyes.

-It will help you think about sex...

-I don't understand, do I have to think about sex or not ?

-You have to think about it but not masturbate to be horny when you meet a customer...

-OK, I forgot I was a prostitute, she said.

-Do not be sad, I'm sure you'll learn to like it, I will thread the plug in your ass.

-Ho, there is nothing I can do to avoid it.

-I'm afraid not, but when a customer fuck you there you'll be happy to have been prepared.

As he was to push a button she said.

-I won't shout, please do not make me voiceless.

He laughed and pushed the button.

She felt the buzz in her cunt.

-Thank you Joshua she said.

Once again she felt his slippery hands on her butt but worked to concentrate on the buzz instead of the inflating plug. She smelled his cock and willingly opened her mouth.

-You appreciate it today.

She was ashamed he noticed and her face turned to that particular greenish red color.

He showed her the computer screen: the pink bar indicates the pleasure you get.

As she was mouthful she couldn't ask what the tick meant.

-The tick is the maximum allowed he said.

And as the bar reached the tick, the buzz stopped.

She tried to move to make it buzz again, but she was too tightly strapped.

Then she felt the pain in her ass

-The pain is the black bar

She looked with his dick in her mouth and realized that the plug deflated when the pain reached the tick. Then the buzz came again. And the pink bar rose again.

-It is for you to control your excitation he said laughing as he removed his dick from her mouth.

-You won't let me like this for the whole day... and night she said.

-Of course I will, Here is your sport program.

She left for the swimming pool. The sport program was huge and the buzz was not helping. She hardly avoided drowning at the swimming pool. In fact it buzzed each time she almost forgot it. The night was the most difficult as she woke up each time the buzz went on.

Her Saturian lesson was hard as she couldn't concentrate.

She was 10 minutes early at Joshua's and nearly jumped on the bed and began to strap herself.

-Ho please Joshua, remove that thing you shove in my cunt.

-You never tried to escape, I can examine without the straps.

-Err, I don't know. If there is the ass thing I prefer to have my legs straped.

Joshua looked and said the pleasure tick was too high, but that Jeena would have to be used to because with time the tick would be at that level.

-I lower it, but if I do that I must lower it during the ass opening session... .

Jeena said OK, and concentrated on her blowjob. Joshua seemed to appreciate it. She was happy despite he did not ejaculate.

The next days Jeena learned to control her excitation and live in a state of perpetual arousing, and she was glad to wear a chastity belt otherwise she wouldn't have been able to resist to masturbation, and she hoped to met her fist customer soon.

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