Mean Keyholder Wife

Submitted by: Throne

I guess that when I met Kayla, without knowing it, I was attracted to her selfish, manipulative and mean qualities. What I did know was that her full figure made me want to be with her. She is a plus size beauty with big everything, long, thick black hair, and slightly exotic features that come from her Eurasian ancestry. Anyway, we started dating and I was constantly jealous of the way other guys looked at her when we were together. Worse, she didn't want us to be an exclusive couple, so I had to endure her going out with other guys. She denied me sex and yet insisted that I provide oral pleasure for her. I was too excited by her to say no. She even told me not to play with myself, so I went for months without relief. All of those factors came together one night and I impulsively asked her to marry me. Kayla surprised me by saying yes. The engagement was brief, with our sexual roles staying the same, her satisfied on a regular basis and me endlessly frustrated. Then came the wedding and everything changed.

It was a nice ceremony with my friend Lee as the Best Man and his wife, Teesy, who is Kayla's sister, as Maid of Honor. Lee is short and slender like me, and Teesy is tall and hefty like Kayla. Both girls insisted on wearing high heels, so it made quite a picture with the two females towering over the males. The reception went well except that my new wife danced with several of her former boyfriends. I guess that wouldn't have been bad in itself, but she danced so close with them, and even ground against them. Still, I kept reminding myself that soon we would be on our honeymoon and I would at last slake my lust for her body. The reception was in a large hotel and we had a room upstairs. When we got there I managed to carry my large bride over the threshold, though it was an effort. At last we were alone.

She grinned and reached into her bridal bag, where all the money envelopes we had been given were stashed. What she pulled out, however, was a small giftwrapped box that I hadn't seen earlier. She told me, "It's something Teesy got for me. She had one on her wedding night and put it on Lee." I didn't understand. What, exactly, had Kayla's sister put on her groom? From the box Kayla produced a short tube that was fitted to a ring, followed by a small padlock and two keys. In response to my puzzled look she explained, "It's a chastity tube. It goes on your dick, Chuck." "On my..." I didn't understand. "So I can play teasing games with you. It's very sexy." "Well, maybe we could save it for later." "No," she said tartly, her wicked side showing itself, "I promised my sister I would put it on you. You're not going to tell me to break a promise to her, are you?" I surrendered at once. "Of course not," I said, trying to sound reasonable but sounding like I was wimping out, which I was.

Kayla told me to strip. I hesitated but only for a few seconds. She wasn't kidding. So I did it, while she remained fully dressed. Her wedding gown clung to those full curves that I loved and showed off plenty of cleavage too. When I was completely naked she noticed that I had gotten aroused. Her full mouth turned down in disapproval. "What is THAT?" she demanded. "You know," I said sheepishly, "I haven't actually gotten to, um, finish, you know, sexually, since we started dating..." Instead of taking pity on me she snapped back, "I know that. I wanted it that way. It makes you do a better job with your mouth when you've got your face between my thighs. In fact, maybe I should just keep on not letting you get your rocks off. Imagine how eager you'd be to keep me happy in bed after a few more months of no fun."

I took a deep breath. Part of me wanted to object to her even suggesting that but a larger part was attracted to the idea. Thinking of Kayla continuing to use my mouth for her pleasure and still denying me relief, even though we were married, somehow thrilled me. "You like that possibility, don't you, Chucky?" She had seen the truth. I stammered out that it was an interesting idea but she knew that it was much more to me. And why was she suddenly calling me 'Chucky'? Kayla told me, "Get that bottle of complimentary champagne out of the ice bucket and hold it against your dick. I need your meat even smaller than it is to fit it into your tube. As I did it she opened the ring attached to the tube. After my member had shrunk to almost nothing she made me lie back on the bed so she could slip the device on. I felt the ring close behind my balls and heard the padlock click shut. "There you are," she announced triumphantly. "All locked up and ready for love."

Some sort of shock took hold of me. Before I could recover there was a knock on the door. When I tried to jump up my new wife gave me a stern look and told me to stay where I was. It was Teesy out in the hall and she called in, "Hey, open up so I can see my gift at work." I was stunned but couldn't bring myself to move or even cover up. What power did Kayla have over me? The door swung inward and Teesy laughed at the sight of me. She slammed the door and walked right over as I belatedly tried to rise. My bride stopped me with another sharp glare and I ended up sitting on the edge of the bed, naked, my chastity on display. When I tried to press my legs together she told me to keep them apart, denying me even that bit of modesty. Teesy chuckled at the picture I made and told her sister, "That tube's even smaller than the one I keep on Lee." That revelation left me shaken. Lee had one of these? And she KEPT it on him?

My wife looked down at me. "What's the matter, Chucky? Does it scare you that I might keep that on you for a loooong time? Or does it excite you? Get real, loverboy. You've been like a pussy slave to me all along. You accepted that I never let you get inside me. You wouldn't have stuck with me if you didn't want it that way, even if you didn't know that was the kind of guy you are. Trust me, after watching Lee with my sister for the past two years, I know all the signs. You just need some help finding yourself. So that cute little tube is going to stay on you at least through our honeymoon. It's what you deserve after letting me make you eat me every time we went on a date, without giving you anything but teasing in return. And don't worry, I won't stop teasing you. I love how flustered you get when you're all horny and can't do anything about it. Think about it, sweetheart. You never got to put it in me even once -- and all those other guys I went out with did."

My mouth fell open. That couldn't be true. I had been half crazy with jealousy just knowing that she saw other guys. But she had been going to bed with them. As I tried to find words to say what I was thinking, Teesy pointed at my crotch and laughed out loud. "Look, Sis. You're talking about getting pumped by all those studs and your loser husband got hard from hearing it." My eyes went to where she was pointing and I saw the small, snug tube was sticking out from my groin as my trapped penis attempted to erect. My balls were drawn up tight. It couldn't be true. I didn't want my wife cheating on me. "Yeah," Teesy went on. "Lee's the same way. I breaks their soft hearts to have us screw around on them, but it sure makes their little dicks hard when we're getting cock from somebody else. Don't worry, Sis, after a while he'll get in touch with what he really wants and then he'll be drooling to have you cuckold him every chance you get." They both laughed. My wife intended to cuckold me and not even try to hide it. Yet there I sat with my member betraying me by trying to expand. And somewhere in my mind I fearfully accepted that I was -- somehow -- turned on by everything that was happening.

Teesy came over and took my head between her plump hands. She leaned down and drew my face into the valley between her big breasts and held it there. "Poor little Chucky, getting told how it's going to be from now on, and he's only been married for like three hours." She let me go and turned to her sister. "Have fun with your chaste cucky, girl. Treat him mean." Kayla told her, "You know me, babe. Treating weaklings like this one mean turns me on. And makes me want sex. With somebody who's NOT locked up like he is." They hugged and then Teesy left us. Kayla told me, "Seeing you like this got her all worked up, too. When she gets back to Lee she's going to really put him through his paces. That loser is going to get it good tonight." She cupped my chin in her warm palm. "And so are you, husband dearest. You're going to get it. But not the way you planned on."

That night my bride tested me to my limits. She declared that she was going to tease me sexually but allow me no release. "In fact," she informed me slyly, "I couldn't let you cum even if I wanted to. As my sister was leaving I slipped her both keys to your tight fitting tube. Heh, heh. I guess for right now she's your keyholder." Then she ordered me onto the bed, where I had to lie on my back with no pillow under my head. Kayla made a show of getting out of her wedding gown. Under it she had some very un-virginal white lingerie. Then she got onto the bed and straddled my hips, so she could sit her considerable weight down on my crotch. I could feel the heat of her juncture where it rested atop my incapacitated penis. It was maddening to be so close to her bounteous curves but not be able to do anything about it. Instead, she leaned forward and took my nipples between her forefngers and thumbs to begin lightly teasing them. I moaned at the unfamiliar stimulation. My imprisoned organ strained against its confinement. Then she wet her fingertips in her mouth and the teasing became twice as effective. I writhed and moaned beneath her as she rolled her broad bottom atop me. Then she brought her heavy breasts down to my face and let me suck her nipples, which elevated my thwarted passion even more. In no hurry, she continued that sweet suffering for a quarter hour.

Then Kayla dismounted and reversed position, so that her weight pressed down on my narrow chest and her wide backside filled my field of vision. She lifted her bottom and lowered it just enough that I could kiss each cheek in turn, making me press my lips to either buttock many times before switching me to the opposite side. Her bottom was so sexy and her cruel domination so effective that I was soon close to swooning from excitement. Then she lay down alongside me and nibbled on my ear, while I remained passive, too overcome to do more than accept whatever she chose to give. She bit my neck and played with my nipples again, but this time roughly. In some way the pain was translated into pleasure as she continued trying to overload my system. Kayla threw one long heavy leg across my middle and moved it back and forth, letting her smooth skin press against my flat belly. Her finale was to reach between my thighs and hold my contracted scrotum, rolling my testicles between her fingers as she blew into my ear and whispered lewd offers that I couldn't take advantage of in my enforced chaste condition.

Then her tone began to change, to grow nasty. "Remember how I told my sister that treating you mean would get me hot and wet? Well let me tell you more about that. One thing I get off on is running your life. I'm going to make you do everything my way, starting with turning your paycheck over to me. And when I waste money on stuff you don't approve of I'll be sure to tell you. If I cook myself a steak and make you eat cold beans out of a can, that's what you're going to do. And as far as you having any kind of a satisfying sex life, you can forget it. I'm keeping that chastity tube locked. It's the kind that you can clean just by sitting down in a bathtub full of hot water, so you won't even be released for that. Maybe I'll let you out once a month. Or every other month. Or even less. We'll see. But if I feel like being good and mean, you may never see the keys to that thing again. Of course, I'll keep you well teased so you'll be super horny all the time. And you'll be my sex slave in bed. Any time I want your mouth on my snatch you'll be ready to put it there, and I mean without stopping to think. You'll be eating me morning, noon and night. In fact, every morning, before you go to work, you can give it a long deep kiss so you'll taste me until lunchtime."

I felt dizzy from hearing all those upsetting revelations. I was going to be her plaything, to use and abuse at will. Even so, I couldn't stop remembering how she had said I was the kind of guy who secretly craves that sort of treatment. Already I had responded to her abuse as if it was seduction. Could I actually be that way? Her hand was still on my scrotum as she asked, "Got a problem with any of that, loserboy?" She tightened her fingers, causing me disabling pain. I couldn't even speak. "No problems? Good. Because I don't want anything interfering with all the entertainment I'm going to get from my new, chaste husband." Kayla chuckled throatily. "Now I'm going to let you eat my va-jay-jay. Get busy, boy."

Even though my balls were still aching I quickly got into position and pressed my lips to her labia. I delivered several long kisses, as if I was kissing her mouth. Without thinking about what I was saying I told her, "Thank you, Kayla. Thank you for letting me make you happy." What was I doing? Why was I encouraging her? Yet I couldn't deny how aroused I was from hearing her describe how she intended to mistreat me. I pictured her sister Teesy doing the same to my buddy Lee for the past two years and experienced pangs of jealousy. My penis strained futilly against the tube. I wanted sex with my bride. Didn't I? My member should be free. Shouldn't it? I didn't know what to think as I eagerly lapped my wife's warm, pungent femininity, anxious to please her and foregoing my own needs. My world narrowed to just her pussy and my busy mouth. I slurped, sucked her clitoris, strove to keep her at a peak of excitement without finishing her too soon. At last she slapped me on the back of the head and yelled, "Finish me, damn you. Make me cum." I licked faster and harder, sending her over the top. She squeezed my head between her strong thighs and howled through her orgasm. Her body produced a rush of climactic fluids that I willingly swallowed. My lower face was soaked as her explosive finish subsided. I kept my tongue moving, but with light strokes, prolonging her pleasure for as long as I could, heedless of the fact that I could expect nothing in return.

"Not bad, worm," she told me with a sneer in her voice. "You'll get lots of practice. And after you haven't been allowed to empty your balls for a few more weeks, you'll really learn what it feels like to be under my thumb." She purred contentedly. "Now I feel like a nap. Get the hell out of my bed. Go open that closet. Good, they have those hangers that stay attached to the bar. Get in there, facing me, and push all the hangers to the sides. Now grab the two nearest you and don't let go. Spread your feet. Wider. Wider. Good. That's how I want to find you when I wake up, standing just like that, with your cute chastity tube on display. That'll put me in a good mood and get me thinking about more mean stuff I want to do to you. And we'll have our whole week long vacation for me to get you used to your new life. This is going to be so much fun, Chucky. For me. And maybe even, if you figure out it's what you really want, for you too. Either way, I'll get what I want, and that's all that matters."

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