The Beauty Spa

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I've been writing this story over a long time, trying to sneakily add to it when I was able to. Finally it's something like finished, and I can share my experience over the last few years with you. - Author

It all started over five years ago, I'd been into self-bondage for a while. Cleverly setting up scenario's with some sort of time sensitive means of escape. Combination locks in the dark - forcing myself to wait until daylight before I could see the numbers again - handcuff keys frozen in blocks of ice; that sort of thing. Eventually my interest expanded into the realm of chastity. I started by fudging together some home-made devices, some effective, some insecure, most of them dangerous or uncomfortable. From there I bought a cheap steel cage, then I started working my way through the CB2000 and onwards range. I used, leaving the keys in inaccessible places to enforce my chastity - leaving the keys at work on a Friday night, and therefore only being able to release myself on the Monday night, enforcing a weekend in chastity.

As time went by I discovered a piece of software called 'time-lock' which, using combination locks I could enforce longer and even random periods in chastity. As my interest grew I eventually decided to get measured for a steel belt, I visited Neo Steel in Germany, and got measured up for a masterpiece, all stainless steel with high security locks.

When the belt came it was a revelation, so much more secure and comfortable than anything previously worn. The trouble is the games got less and less interesting, even when extending the periods locked in chastity. There was always a yearning for someone else to take charge, someone else to hold the key.

Eventually following some discussions on an anonymous bondage related online forum, I was given a suggestion. The idea was to create a false email address, proposing to be my Mistress or owner. Then to write a polite email to a local beauty spa, that did male genital waxing. The message would explain our submissive/dominant relationship (even though the Mistress, author of the mail didn't exist.) and would then go on to say that I (her slave.) was due for a punitive full body waxing, including a male Brazilian, leaving the genital area hair-less. Next, the email would state that Mistress was out of the country for several weeks and wouldn't be able to do this as usual. Would it be possible, if the keys and some handcuffs were supplied to perform this work for her, ensuring that the slave (me.) would not be left unsupervised without the belt on, and that my hands would be secured while the belt was removed. Finally, the message requested that after the waxing was complete, and I was belted back up - the keys be retained for six weeks, until I (The fictitious Mistress) had returned from overseas.

This would have the effect of receiving something akin to a genital torture session, and then being locked into a belt by a woman who would effectively be my unknowing key-holder for six weeks.

I did nothing about it initially, but eventually I plucked up the courage, and sent the e-mail.

Surprisingly, the spa was very warm to the idea. Nikki, the owner stating that it sounded like fun and they'd be pleased to oblige. Getting over-excited at this I emailed back stating that they had to be very firm and regardless of any pleading on my part - I was not to be left unsupervised and unbelted, even for a brief toilet visit. If the belt was off, my hands and ankles had to be cuffed safely out of harms way.

Well, Nikki mailed back, quite excitedly, promising that he (re:me!) would not be allowed to play with himself, that he'd get a very thorough waxing, and even that they wouldn't charge any extra for the peculiar arrangement as it sounded such 'fun'. She even suggested we used recorded delivery to ensure the keys were not lost in transit and that I keep a spare just to be on the safe side.

The trouble was she also suggested that she didn't believe this was serious, and that they wanted a telephone call to make sure it was legitimate, and not some weird guy organising it himself.

Now my first thought was that I was rumbled, but then it occurred to me that there might be a lady on the forum that could oblige, by making the call and confirming this was true. After a few PM's to dominant ladies on the forum I'd spoken to in the past, a Mistress Fox agreed to help and make the call. She asked for the number, which I obliged and soon PM'd me back saying a date was set - I just had to confirm the address the keys should be sent to via email, and the date they were to be mailed. Nikki would mail back to confirm she had the keys in her possession.

I feverishly emailed back confirming the address, and said I would be sending the keys recorded delivery the next day.

Locking the belt on myself felt so much more scary that night. It closed with a click, and after wriggling it around to make sure nothing was catching and it was sitting okay I packaged the keys up in a well sealed jiffy bag and mailed them to the spa.

The arranged date for me to turn up was a week later, and in the meantime, Nikki mailed back stating that the keys had arrived. It was a frustrating week, and an exciting one. This time, my fate was in someone else's hands. I would be secured - unbelted, then waxed all over and, belted back up again, despite any pleas for mercy, with the keys being mailed to me six weeks later. The urge to climax was growing more and more massive by the day. I was beginning to wish I'd said two weeks instead - but of course that wouldn't tie in with the 'mistress out of the country' part of the story. I mailed a cheque for the treatment as soon as they confirmed they had the keys.

When the day came, my head was buzzing with excitement. It was going to be painful, and somewhat humiliating - being outed to some straight laced, vanilla ladies who were going to effectively handcuff me to a bed, and torture me - while giggling and laughing, then belt me back up before releasing me.

After the drive down to the spa I entered gingerly. It was a large place, with lots of treatment rooms. It appeared that their main clientele were women, all of the visible advertising was for feminine treatments. When the two petit ladies behind the reception desk saw me enter, their eyes lit up and they grinned mischievously at each other. One was slim with long black hair, she was Nikki, the other was a little more curvy - younger by the look of her, with short blonde hair. Her name was Kyra.

Nikki greeted me, "Mr. Perry? We've been expecting you!" I looked around at the sparsely populated, large premises, "Seems quiet today?" Kyra chirped in at this, "Oh, we were so excited about today - we booked everyone else in for either yesterday or tomorrow, we want to savour this!"

I was beginning to feel a little uncomfortable at how enthusiastic they seemed about the whole scenario. But I followed Nikki into a treatment room, the treatment table had already been prepared with the handcuffs in strategic places, they'd even managed to rig up some medical stirrups from somewhere. Me following Nikki, and Kyra following me - I felt like a prisoner being led to the cell. Their black and pink beauty spa uniforms adding to the effect. Kyra closed the door behind me and clicked the lock shut, I piped up at this, "The, erm, keys?" Nikki grinned at me, "Don't worry - they're safe - now strip, take everything off... Well, every thing you can anyway." Kyra giggled at this, and I begin nervously stripping, folding my clothes neatly up, and handing them to Kyra. When my boxer shorts dropped they both gasped in astonishment. Kyra immediately knelt down and tapped on the belt, "Wow, it's real!" She then tried to slide a finger behind the belt and the front-shield, but to no effect - it was so fitted and tight, "Nikki, this is awesome, I can't even get a finger behind it!"

Nikki looked and smiled, "Come on - up onto the table, we'll do your back and the back of your legs first, then we'll get you secured. Come on, before I decide to mislay those key's and hold them back for a few weeks."

Obediently I climbed onto the table and lay face down. They both donned latex gloves and began waxing me, one on the back, one on the legs. It was painful, but not too much so, none the less, the excitement of the situation had my cock straining in its metal prison.

Once they'd finished my shoulders, back and the back of my legs Nikki addressed me again, "Okay Chastity boy, flip onto your back so we can get you secured." I gingerly turned over, allowed them to secure my feet into the stirrups, feeling my manhood straining against its cage as I did. It strained even harder as they handcuffed my wrists well back, closing the cuffs to the very last ratchet - so even rotating the hands was impossible. Kyra then unlocked the door and vanished, locking the door behind her - presumably to fetch the key.

Nikki leaned forwards over my helpless form and looked me sympathetically in the eye, "Try to relax, we'll just get this belt off you - then it'll all be over in a few minutes, and we can get you belted back up and on your way." Nikki then started waxing my arms and armpits, clearly intending to start at the top and work her way down. The pain was intense at times, I was distracted by Kyra reappearing, wearing my key on a necklace, and grinning - she was clearly getting into it! Kyra started at my feet, and began working her way up the legs, one at a time, waxing as she went. I grunted and squeaked at the pain from time to time, to which Nikki eventually chortled, "Haha! Pity your 'mistress' didn't provide a gag, you're a bit squeamish."

I tried harder to bite down, to little avail. None the less soon I was completely hairless down to the belt. Nikki smiled at me, "Aha, looks like it's time to get that metal underwear off you." She and Kyra checked the restraints again and when they were happy Kyra leaned forwards and slid the key into the lock. It clicked open as she turned and my phallus stood to immediate attention. Suddenly I was free, and I had the most intense urge to come. I screamed out, "You have to undo my hands, they're erm, cramping!" Nikki leaned towards me and shook her head, "Sorry hun, we're under strict orders - I can release your hands, but only after you're belted back up - sorry!" I wriggled awkwardly on the table, trying to get some feeling to my genitals, but Kyra was alread waxing up the area, I yelped in pain as she pulled the first strip off.

"Please! I need to go to the loo, just undo the cuffs for a second and show me the toilet!" Nikki again leaned forwards, "I'd love to honey, but we're under strict orders to keep you from playing. A regular full body-wax and male Brazilian is good money, I can't afford to risk losing the business... Besides this is such fun - just lie back and relax, you'll be belted back up in a jiffy!"

I wanted to scream I started shaking about trying to free myself, trying to break the high security cuffs I'd provided, causing them to pause their waxing, Nikki leaned close to me, "Now keep still and let us finish you - or I'll hold on to these keys for twelve weeks because you were naughty."

I rescinded, lying back compliantly, grimacing and yelping with pain and surprise as they waxed every tiny hair from my groin area, penis and sack, leaving it all smooth as silk. After they'd finished they began rubbing some cream in - which caused me to moan softly, I felt I was about to come... But Nikki grabbed my erection in her gloved hand and broke it in two muttering, "Oh no, we can't have that... " I groaned and moaned. Soon they were finished.

Their next problem was getting the belt back on. The waist band and rear cable was in place, but trying to get the tube on the front shield over my alert member was proving impossible. I grinned - it looked like it wouldn't go back on, "I could pop to the bathroom for a minute and it would slide on easily!"

Nikki put the belt down and leaned in to my face, "Sorry cupcake, not happening. We'll work something out - Kyra - fetch some ice!"

Soon I was helplessly writhing around as they pressed ice filled wet towels onto my groin. I could feel the area going numb. Eventually Kyra pulled the shield back and slid my member into the tube. I could feel the front plate being pressed into my groin, such a tight, snug fit. Nikki and Kyra tested the belt by trying to slide their fingers in, after a moment they were happy it was secure. Nikki nodded to Kyra who disappeared from the room with the key. She re-appeared ten minutes later. At this Nikki began unfastening the cuffs, "There we are - all done, that wasn't so bad? I hope your mistress is happy with the service we've given you... We'd love to do you again... "

As I climbed off the bed, Kyra returned my clothes. I was rubbing my raw wrists, tears of frustration in my eyes... I had to get out - but how? I started getting dressed, almost crying as I pulled my boxer shorts over the metal belt. I turned to Nikki, "The keys? Erm, mistress said I could bring them back to her - she knows I wouldn't try anything in the car... " Nikki shook her head, "Sorry babe, the keys have already been removed from the premises. She told me on the phone you might try these kind of tricks, she said specifically, under no circumstances, whatever he says, let him have the keys."

I was desperate, I pleaded with her, "Look, can you ring her back? Let me speak to her?" Nikki shook her head, "Nope, she said you'd ask that - but that we weren't to ring her under any circumstances. We just have to send you on your way, and we'll see you again next time. Nothing you say can change that."

I left, my penis throbbing, utterly frustrated, almost in tears... Desperately hoping for the moment those keys would pop through the letter box... In six weeks time...

Or would they?

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