The Confession

Submitted by: B

Everything here is true. I may regret posting this and probably will.

My wife and I are happily married. Recently she placed me into chastity at my request of many years. She has been very diligent at not allowing me orgasms. But - I still crave more - more teasing some spankings I have only gotten to give her oral pleasure while being denied myself one time. She has only allowed me 4 orgasms in 3 months. I say allowed because I know where she keeps the key, which leads to my confession.

Things may just be changing for us soon when you see this letter is online. I will bring this page up for my wife keyholder to see. I will be naked except for my belt and a pair of handcuffs waiting in the bedroom while she sits right where I am now reading what I wrote. Wish me luck! I may need it.

So lets begin. I am sitting in the bedroom and you are reading my confession. I will accept my fate whatever the outcome may be. Thank you for taking control of my, rather your cock, it has long been my fantasy to let you have complete control of my life. You are so close to making all of my dreams and fantasies come true. I love you!

1. The key. As you already have read, I know that the key is in the drawer in the bathroom. If you want to be a serious keyholder, and I want you to, this will not do. The key must not be in my possession at any time. Yes I did masturbate many times without you knowing but you may be surprised to find out that I only allowed myself to cum 2 times, but I am sure even those 2 times are unacceptable!

2. This website. I have read every story on this site and I have masturbated to most of them. Delving deep into this fantasy world with you as my keyholder. I found this site shortly before we were married and I am ashamed to admit that I have probably blown a load with my hand over 2000 times without you just reading material I found here.

3. Your panties. I could not tell you how many times I have picked up your worn panties and breathed in your scent - it never fails to arouse me. Many mornings I would pick up your worn sometimes still warm panties out of the bathroom after your shower and as soon as you would leave for work I would smell them and yea you guessed it - I masturbated.

4. Anal play. We have joked around a long time about butt plugs even looking at them in the adult store but you just laughed saying, like you would really want that in your ass. Well I do I think it degrading and exciting at the same time. I actually even have one - ok - here we go with the vibrating, inflatable one. I have been scared to tell you about it because it can be quite painful. I bought a strap on and disappointedly it has only been used by you one time. Please feel free to use these items as you see fit.

If you want to continue holding the key I only ask that you take a much more assertive role. Maybe a bare ass spanking like I have never had before is what we need to set the tone as to how things need to be from now on. You have gave me some bad beatings before but you have never made me cry. I have made you cry many times turnabout is fair play. If you make me cry by hurting me physically then I will always be scared of something that you can do to me.

You will have to keep the key away from me better. I do still have the plastic coded locks you can write the number down on the calendar and check the number any time. I am sure that I will regret telling you many of these things but feel as I need to if we want to continue playing our kinky game or soon I fear I will revert to my old masturbating ways. I want to stop pleasuring myself and start pleasuring you!

As you know I love to go down on you eating your pussy and your ass for as long as you will let me but since I've been locked up you hardly let me at all. Have me start eating you more the torment of seeing and smelling and tasting you while I am being denied is shear bliss! A must is that if I am allowed to cum it should always be in you or on you and I should always be the one cleaning the mess up. Just think the thousands of messes I cleaned up while jacking off and only one time have I had the decency to clean you with my tongue. I know you think of the clean up duty as repulsive but just think of it as asserting your power over me reminding me of my place in this marriage. You can truly be the boss!

I am waiting for you in the bedroom naked with my cb and hand cuffs on why don't you come on in and talk to me about what you have read here tonight. I do love you so much, but I crave the abuse and denial on almost an animalistic level I cant describe. If you can't give me what I crave I do understand but I felt that I must get all of this off of my chest. I may regret this since you might just make all of my crazy dreams come true. Even if you don't I will always do my best to make all of yours come true!

Now that you have found your way to this site please take some time to read the stories and we can discuss what arouses both of us in them and establish some rules and guidelines. I have a great idea for a game we could play that will involve cards with rewards and punishments. I already have some written up if you would like to see them maybe I could draw my first card and the game could begin say one month after the master bathroom is finished to your liking?

I love you and I will be waiting for you so we can talk about what you have just discovered.

Your loving husband B

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