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My wife has been living in Washington, D.C. for a few months now for work while I stay home with our children. It would be nice if we could stay with her in D.C., but I also have work and the kids are in school. We manage to see each other about every three weeks so the separation isn't too bad and we talk every night on the phone for a couple of hours.

It was during these nightly conversations that the subject of my chastity started to come up more frequently. You see I have been interested in male chastity for almost 10 years and I have owned most of the plastic ball trap devices and at least one metal version during that time. Although my wife's interest had been fairly non-existent she tolerated my dabbling and occasional wearing of the devices as long as she didn't really have to be involved. Keyholding was pretty much out of the question.

There was a period a few years ago when I thought that she was getting more into the idea and we even paid $1000 for a full metal belt from Locked in Steel. I won't go into any details, but my experience with LIS was not very favorable and in the end, I could never really get the belt to work properly. At one point, shortly after getting the belt adjusted, we had a scare when we thought I was going to be stuck in the belt. For comfort reasons I had bent the front plate of the belt and when I went to unlock it, the key wouldn't turn. Needless to say I panicked and both my wife and I tried multiple times. After about 30 minutes of panicking, worrying about a trip to either the emergency room or a lock smith, and mentally kicking myself for my very interest in chastity, I finally managed to pry the padlock away from the faceplate enough so that the key worked. It was a very stressful time and I have been a little gun shy of the belt every since. Not to mention that the fit just doesn't seem quite right.

Anyway, when my wife started working in D.C., I decided that I would give chastity another shot since I had pretty much kicked my masturbation habit without the help of a chastity device and it wasn't like I was going to be having sex for weeks at a time. Even though I could keep myself from masturbating, I still liked the fantasy of the chastity experience. I should also say that I have been able to manipulate myself to orgasm in every chastity device that I have worn with the exception of the full metal belt.

I started wearing my CB-6000 on a daily basis and the more horny I became, the more our nightly conversations would turn to sexual topics. My wife knows that I get very excited to hear that she actually masturbated without me knowing it and I went the night without an orgasm. There have also been a few occasions when my wife masturbated while we were on the phone together and it really turned me on hearing her orgasm while I stayed locked up. Of course I still had the key and could have unlocked myself at any time, so that ruined the effect a little.

My wife started teasing me more and talking about more and more things that really excited me. She casually talked about how she could keep me locked up for long periods of time and we even have talked about getting his and her tattoos, her's on the ankle and mine on my upper bicep. Her's would be a circling chain with a key dangling from it, with my name somewhere and something like "Key to Love" in script while mine would be a circling chain with a heart shaped padlock hanging from it, with her name somewhere, and something like "Love Locked for Life" in script. She keeps bringing the tattoos up so it is possible that they might become a reality.

I introduced her to the idea that she could secure the key, even from D.C., while leaving it at home with me in case of emergency. I told her about those steel locking key boxes that are designed to only hold keys and have various numbers of combination dials. I told her that she could change the combination, lock the keys to my chastity device in the key safe, and then she could give me the combination in the event of an emergency such as if something went wrong with the device or I had a doctor's appointment. Of course the reality is that I could cut off the CB-6000 in less than a minute with a steak knife. All you have to do is cut through the little plastic piece that the pad lock hasp slides through. However, that wasn't the point.

At my wife's urging, I went out and bought a key safe at the local Home Depot store and during our next visit, she put the keys in and changed the combination. I am now able to see where the keys are, but I can't get at them without my wife's permission. Again, I could sit and keep trying different combinations, but that would sort of defeat the purpose of trying to get my wife more interested in key holding.

One improvement in my chastity experience has been that I learned that size does matter. I would like to say that I am well endowed, but in truth, I am probably slightly below average in the length and girth department. Fully erect, I am probably less than 5 inches and when I am completely soft, you can't even see the shaft of my penis. The drastic difference resulted in radical size changes in the regular CB-6000 that created problems with keeping the penis well lubricated. Also, urinating could be messy at times. However, a short while ago I decided to try the CB-6000S tube. It was a good thing because shortly after I ordered it the tube of my CB-6000 started to split and pinch the underside of my penis. I managed to superglue it back together, but I wasn't certain of the hold. Of course this was before I purchased the key safe.

When the smaller tube arrived and I started to experiment, I found that the overall comfort was much better. My penis tended to stay slightly fuller so that I filled the tube pretty much all the time without straining against it or bulging out. I noticed that the head of my penis stayed close to the end of the tube and there was less mess during urination. It might even be possible for me to pee standing up at a urinal, but I have yet to try that. At the same time I switched from using regular baby oil as a lubricant several times a day to a gel version of baby oil that you can find in the baby aisle of probably any grocery store. I apply the gel just after my shower, before drying at all and it works terrific! The overall result of these two changes, the smaller tube and the baby oil gel, has led to a much better fit and far greater comfort. I have yet to experiment with whether I can orgasm in the smaller tube.

In the past, I have tried every way possible to keep my genital area more or less hairless, including my butt. I generally try to remove all the hair that would be covered by a pair of boxer briefs. I started with shaving and then moved to Brazilian waxing. The waxing was great with fairly long lasting results, but it was hard to find a place that would do such waxing for men and I also started getting burns or irritation on my scrotum. I then tried chemical hair removal which worked pretty well also, but with a similar result of chemical burns or irritation on my scrotum. I was down to just clipping my hair to keep it shorter when my wife talked about getting her first Brazilian in D.C. This made me re-evaluate my situation and I researched permanent laser hair removal. I was able to find a place which said on their web page that they did full Brazilians. In theory you would have to have about 6 treatments, but then the hair should be pretty much gone for good. I set up a consult around the same time that my wife had her first Brazilian.

My consult was interesting to say the least. The technician was a younger girl, probably in her mid to late twenties. I am 41. She didn't act too shocked when I told her what I wanted and we briefly discussed the process. She mentioned that she had treated a few men who mostly came in after their wives or girlfriends had something similar done. I had to show her the color of my hair down there, because the laser treatment apparently works on the pigment or something. I was a little surprised and a little embarrassed since I was wearing my superman cartoon briefs. For those of you who don't know they now make men's briefs in the old style similar to underoos. They are all that I wear now. It was during this time that I also discovered that I was a little aroused by the idea of mild embarrassment or humiliation. Each procedure would cost close to $200 and I needed about 6 visits. I talked it over with my wife who figured that in the long run it would ultimately be cheaper than long term waxing. As long as I was sure that I wanted permanent hair removal. Seeing that it had been over three years since I had anything other than stubble anyway I figured it was a safe bet and scheduled my first appointment.

During the appointment I had to get completely naked from the waist down and lay on a table. You have to completely shave the area that is to be treated so I had spent about an hour that morning shaving. At first I was covered up by a drape, but once the technician started to work the drape was pretty much abandoned. It isn't really that different from getting waxed. The technician had me move my parts as needed and she treated the entire area in about 30 minutes with no negative after effects. It wasn't too painful. Less painful than waxing in my opinion. I am now waiting for my next appointment in a few weeks since they have to be about 6 weeks apart.

As I said, my wife also had her first Brazilian and that night, we had a very interesting conversation about her visit. It more or less went something like this.

"So my appointment went pretty well."

"That's good."

"It was pretty painful, especially when they had to do the inside of the outer vagina area."

"I can imagine. My Brazilians were pretty painful too. Especially on the inside of the upper thigh area. I'm not sure why."

"Well, the girl seemed pretty impressed when I told her that you had gotten Brazilians in the past and that you liked them."

"Wow, you told her that?"

"Yeah, we were just talking and she had mentioned that very few men do something like that for their wives or girlfriends."

"I liked it, I just didn't like the side effects."

"They have a new sugar wax that is supposed to completely eliminate the problem with skin coming off."

"Well, maybe I will try it again." (This was actually before I set up my first laser consult.)

"You could. I can try to make us an appointment together when you come down to visit."

So it was settled. Unfortunately, when my wife called to see if I could get an appointment at the same time as her next visit, she was told that the spa didn't provide services for men. That was when I decided that I would pursue the laser treatment option.

I was fairly horny at this time and when I get really horny, things that normally wouldn't be very exciting become very erotic. For example, when I am horny and locked up I like the fantasy of long term chastity and the idea that I would use my fingers and mouth to give my wife orgasm after orgasm while I stayed frustrated. Of course, as soon as I orgasm, I am no longer interested in even wearing my chastity device and the idea of going down on my wife is not even appealing. It takes a few days for me to be interested in chastity again.

Anyway, I was in a horny stage and it didn't help the fact that my wife was playing a version of the dice game using cards. At night, after the kids were in bed, she would have me unlock myself and then she would draw a random card from the deck. She would then tell me to edge myself and tell her when I had to stop. She would then tell me if I needed to edge again depending on the number of the card. If the card she picked was too low, she would draw again after I had edged myself the number of times on the first card.

Now, I should say that this game was quite inventive for my very vanilla wife. It excited me to no end when she told me in advance that I wouldn't get to orgasm that night regardless. I dutifully edged myself each time I was told until I reached ten. Then we were done for the night and I locked myself back up again. My wife apparently enjoyed listening to my frustrated moans, especially when I tried various techniques such as palming just the head and when I started rubbing my balls after getting to the edge. I had never done that before and I found that it prolonged the feelings of edging without any risk of having an orgasm.

The next night I was a lot more horny and I was preoccupied with the idea of mild embarrassment or humiliation. I started to dwell on the fantasy where my wife would share the secret of my chastity with someone and use it to tease and embarrass me. To that end and to introduce the idea to my wife, when she asked me if I had slept well, I told her that I had a really strange, but erotic dream. I told her that, in my dream, she had teased me that she had told someone about keeping me locked up in a chastity device and she went into details about their reaction. She also wouldn't tell me who it was and that it drove me crazy. In the dream she said that she controlled the key and that she could tell anyone she wanted. On the phone she sort of laughed, but I think she could hear the level of my excitement at the prospect.

That night we played the card game again, but this time she wouldn't tell me whether I was going to get to orgasm at the end or not. During one of my edgings I was pretty sure I heard the sound of her vibrator. Sure enough, when I asked her, she teased me by saying that she could bring herself to orgasm with her vibrator quicker than I could during sex. This only served to fuel my excitement and listening to her orgasm while I held back was extremely frustrating. On about the 8th edging, I went a little too far and some cum oozed out. She knew something had happened because I suddenly started saying "no, no, no!" I told her that some cum had oozed out, but it wasn't an orgasm and I was still hard. She laughed and said that I better be more careful. When I told her that I had read that you could essentially "milk" a man's balls dry by doing that oozing technique over and over again and that the man could remain horny because there was no spurting orgasmic relief, she seemed genuinely interested and said maybe we would try that. Finally, after a total of 12 edgings, but no more oozing accidents, she giggled and told me that it was time to get locked back up. I was both disappointed and excited at the same time.

The next night she did allow me to orgasm after 8 edgings and I must say my balls were very tender. I immediately had the post orgasm let down and was no longer interested in our chastity games. Because the family was traveling for a visit I didn't lock myself back up and the card game was temporarily forgotten. It wasn't until a few weeks after our visit that my wife game me a huge surprise. This was after I was locked back up and we were using the key safe.

"Well, my second appointment was a lot easier. It wasn't nearly as uncomfortable."

"Yeah, supposedly the more you go the easier it is and the less hair there actually is too."

We made some general small talk and then the surprise.

"My appointment was supposed to only take an hour, but I ended up staying there for almost three."

"Holy cow, why was that?"

"Well, I ended up getting a free, one hour, full body massage, a free mani/petti, and a free facial."

"Wow, that's pretty good. How did you manage that?"

"Well, Sandra, the same girl who did my Brazilian last time asked me if we had found another place for you to get a Brazilian done. When I told her that you had decided to get laser treatment she was very interested."

"And that is why they gave you all that free stuff?"

"Not exactly. We were just making idle conversation when she asked me why you liked being hairless so much that you would opt for permanent hair removal."

"And what did you tell her?"

"Well, I know that you like the smooth feeling and that you think that it is more hygienic and visually appealing."


"But then I remembered something you said about a dream you had and I said to myself, what the hell. It isn't like Sandra is someone we really know or socialize with and she doesn't know any of our friends or co-workers. So I told her."

"You told her what?"

"That the lack of hair makes it so much easier when I keep you locked up."

Even though I was sure that was where she was going it still took me by surprise and I suddenly felt myself straining against my chastity device. I flushed with embarrassment at the possibility and my trapped penis throbbed.

"You're kidding." I am sure my voice gave me away and there was no way I could be angry. I had started it with the lie about my alleged "dream."

"I did, and you should have seen her faced! She was confused at first and asked me what I meant. So I explained that I like to keep you locked up in a male chastity device that makes it impossible for you to have sex or masturbate without the key. You should have seen the shocked look on her face! She was speechless. I told her how I keep you locked up safe and secure and how it really turns us both on. She even turned red when I told her that this arrangement only kept you from masturbating, not me."

"Holy shit! I can't believe you told her all that."

"Oh, honey, that was nothing. She was so interested that she offered to give me the free massage if I would tell her all about it. I figured, why not? The next thing I knew I had four hands giving me a great, unhurried massage and all I had to do was talk about how you like to be kept in chastity and that the whole thing was your idea. They were very curious."


"Oh yeah, she asked if it was ok if one of her co-workers came in and listened as well. I didn't mind."

"Of course you wouldn't. After all, you aren't the one being locked up."

"Oh honey, don't even try to sound testy. You know that this is exciting you. Besides, what did you make sure to tell me about your dream? I hold the key so I decide whether I tell anyone or not?"

"Yeah, but I never thought you actually would."

"Why not? It isn't hurting anyone. In fact, all of the women at the spa thought it was a wonderful arrangement and they had nothing but compliments for you."

"All of the women?"

"Well, yeah. After my massage was over and I went out into the main area, one of the girls had said something to the receptionist and she asked me if I would tell the other girls what I had told her. I figured, hey, in for a penny, why not in for a pound? They offered to do the mani/petti and facial if I would tell them more. So I did."

"What exactly did you tell them?"

"Anything they wanted to know. We even talked about future possibilities. They seemed very interested in what the future could hold."

"What sort of future possibilities?"

"Oh, they liked the idea of me keeping you locked up for longer periods of time. There was quite a debate on how long a man could go without having sex. Or should I say, without having an orgasm during sex?"

"I can't believe it!"

"Oh, you can believe it. I was very surprised to hear how supportive the women were of a male chastity relationship. They all told me how lucky I was. I think they might be right."

"How many women are we talking about?"

"Oh, there weren't more than 9 or 10."

"9 or 10!"

"Oh, stop complaining. At least they were interested in the idea. A few of them said they were going to think about it for their boyfriends or husbands. It got me thinking about who else might be interested in the possibilities of male chastity. I wonder what some of my friends would think. You know how girls like to talk about their men."

"At least I will never have to see any of them."

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, they kept asking me to bring you by the spa the next time you come to visit. They said they would even throw in a free couples massage package."

"I don't know, honey. I think it would be too embarrassing."

"Not for me. Besides, what's to be embarrassed about? The women were excited about it. They loved the idea! I am sure they wouldn't tease you... too much. Besides, I am pretty sure the teasing makes you even more excited. I bet you have been leaking during this whole conversation."

"Yeah, my underwear is soaked, still... "

"Still, nothing. No more argument. Unless of course you want to stay locked up?"

"No, that's alright. At least I will get unlocked before the appointment and we will have had the chance to relieve some tension. I wouldn't want to be poking up all over the place when I am only covered by a sheet."

"As funny and tempting as that sounds, I promised the ladies that I would keep you locked up until after the appointment."

"You what?"

"Hey, they wanted to see for themselves what I was talking about and since they already know, I just figured that showing them what the CB really looks like wouldn't be that bad."

"Not that bad! Are you serious! You want me to get naked in front of a bunch of women wearing only a plastic chastity device were they can see everything?" But even as I said it, I knew that my voice was betraying me. I was fascinated by the idea and we both knew it.

"It could be worse."


"A few of the women are so turned on by the thought of you being locked up that they keep telling me that I should keep you that way until your birthday. Just to give you a really great birthday gift."

"My birthday! But that is over three months away!"

"I know, I guess you better hope that I don't listen to them. And honey, there is one more thing you would probably like to know."

"What else could there be?"

"Well, remember how I told you that I could make myself cum really quickly with my vibrator, but that I could only manage one orgasm each time?"


"Well, I was more than a little surprised to find out that all the talk about chastity and keeping you locked up made me really horny. By the time I left the spa my panties were soaked. When I got home, I went to my bed, got my vibrator out of my dresser, and immediately stripped naked. While I was laying there using my vibrator, I kept thinking about what it felt like to share this with someone else and their reactions. I just kept getting more excited. I ended up bringing myself to 5 or 6 great orgasms. And I mean really great orgasms!"


"Oh yeah. In fact, I think I might be able to give myself a few more right now. Telling you this and hearing your reaction is making me wet all over again. I think I might really enjoy this."

"Oh, baby. I am more wet than you can even imagine."

"Are the keys still locked in the key safe?"


"Good. That is where they are going to stay for quite some time. You can bring the safe on your next visit, but it might not even get opened."

"Oh, honey, you're making me throb."

"I know, and I like it." With that she started moaning as she brought herself to orgasm again. I just gave a little whimper.

"Tell me how horny you are right now. Tell me what it is like to know that I can keep you locked up and tell anyone I want. Tell me what it is like to know that other women know that you are kept locked up and it excites them."

As I told her everything she wanted to hear, my frustration level grew with each audible orgasm she enjoyed. Finally my wife was exhausted and decided it was time for bed. However, she left me with one more thought.

"Tomorrow I am going to start looking for a tattoo artist and I am going to make sure that she and I have a long conversation about what we want for tattoos and the full story behind them. Then I guess we will see what kinds of questions we get when we are out in public and exactly how I might want to answer. Sleep tight, honey. Sweet dreams."

Yeah, right.

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