Unforgettable is Right

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I suppose this is another one of those cautionary tales but hear me out; I really never knew this was coming. I have had a fantasy about chastity (and domination and spanking too for that matter) for as long as I can remember. I married Sarah when we were both in our mid twenties. She is a very good looking woman and I knew how lucky I was. She was nearly totally vanilla in the sex department but would, very occasionally use a few scarves to tie my hands to the headboard and tease me a bit. It was very exciting at first but, usually, after about 10 minutes or so of teasing, she would free me and we would make love in a fairly conventional way.

She had no interest in reversing the role so I thought maybe she had a dominant trait somewhere deep inside that I could bring out but it always seemed difficult to open up to her and tell her I wanted to be teased, dominated and denied. Chastity seemed too much to hope for.

I remember the day I found the CB2000 on the market. My reaction was immediate and would have made it impossible to put the device on if I had had one. I ordered one and had it delivered to my office and couldn't wait to get it home to try it on. It took me awhile to figure out which A-ring fit best but within a few days I had the installation down and began to wear it whenever I could. One key was kept on my key ring, another hidden in the pages of a book no one ever read on my book shelf and the third was kept in my dresser.

Well over a year went by with Sarah never discovering my little hobby. I had a pretty good idea when I could get away with wearing it but only a few times did I get a chance to sleep in it. It felt fine and I really liked the way it kept me confined. It would have been wonderful to have Sarah hold the keys but that seemed out of reach.

One night I was home alone, Sarah was out with her friends for a girl's night out and I had locked myself in the CB2000 and was watching some soft porn. I guess I drifted off to sleep because the next thing I knew, Sarah was snuggling up to me on the couch. She had arrived home a bit tipsy and very horny. I had no chance to excuse myself before her hand went down into my pants. She grabbed my bound cock and looked at me in surprise.

The next two hours were more than a bit embarrassing and stressful. When it was over Sarah understood my fetish but was more than a little angry I had kept it hidden from her. Surprisingly, she had no objection to the idea of chastity and simply seemed more curious than angry. We finally understood each others position and made up. I removed the CB2000 to show her how it worked and the evening ended with us making love and promising to be more open and accepting with each other.

I knew I had dodged a bullet as she had every right to be angry with my sneakiness. I was also more that a little surprised that the idea of chastity didn't repulse her. Over the next few weeks she initiated a few conversations about it and seemed to be warming to the idea. She asked a lot of practical questions about it, questions about wearing it under my clothes and how I would use the bathroom. The tenor of the conversation changed when she finally stated,

"So, conceivably, you could wear this thing 24/7 without any need to take it off, right?"

"I could", I replied trying to keep the excitement out of my voice.

There was no follow-up to this conversation until an old friend called to say she was getting a divorce from her lawyer-husband. Since he was connected in the courts she was not going to be doing all that well in the settlement even though he had cheated on her with several girlfriends and one-night stands. It was a sordid story and the guy was a real rat-bastard but so well connected that he was going to skate almost scot-free.

I could see that the story of her friend's troubles had affected Sarah greatly and we discussed it.

"Why would a guy who had everything, a beautiful wife like Jennifer, a great practice, risk it all for a few flings?" she asked me, perhaps more rhetorically than seriously.

"He cheated because he could and he knew that, if he got caught, he could probably get away with it" I replied.

"Are all men that shallow, really that cruel?"

"No but temptation takes many forms and even a good man feels the urge sometimes. Maybe it was the excitement of a fantasy that drew him away" I said, hoping I was setting the hook.

"Too bad Jen didn't have one of those CB2000 devices" She said. I knew she was about to make my hopes real.

"Would you ever cheat on me?" she asked.

"Of course not honey, but the temptation is something every man deals with"

I think that was the best answer I could come up with without sounding too obviously manipulative. She had a very thoughtful look on her face as she returned to her work.

We made love that night and she seemed to be very responsive and excited. She was more vocal than usual and I was more turned on than I usually am.

The next morning she asked me if I wanted to wear the CB2000 to work. I was blown away at the suggestion and agreed quickly. I put it on after my shower and let her lock the little padlock. Once I was secure she asked,

"Where are all the other keys?"

"Other keys?" I asked

"Yes, I looked this up on the internet and it's shipped with three keys, where are the other two?"

"Ah", I said lamely, "One is on my key ring and the other is over on the book shelf, let me get them for you."

I did all I could not to tremble as I got the little key off of my key ring and then got the last of them out of the book. I turned over these two and saw all three in her hand. She dropped them into her purse and, with a few minutes we were on our separate ways to work.

This wasn't the first time I had worn the CB2000 to work but it was the first time I had done so without a key or any way to get to a key. The day passed slowly and agonizingly. I dripped nearly continuously and couldn't wait to get home to Sarah. Once I did, I saw a change in her demeanor; she had a slight smile on her face and seemed to be brushing up against me more than usual. My welcome home kiss was a deep, soulful kiss, not just a peck on the cheek. When we sat down to diner she had put out a bottle of wine, not our usual practice mid week.

"So, my prisoner how was your day?" she asked with a barely concealed chuckle.

"I had a fine day but I did drip quite lot thinking about you holding the keys" I offered hoping the conversation would lead somewhere interesting.

"Get used to the dripping; I think you'll be doing it for awhile. I want to see how a week or so in the cage will affect your mood."

The next few nights were heaven for me and hell for my cock and balls. I gave Sarah the best cunnilingus I could each night and got teased to near insanity each night. Sarah began to walk around the house in the evening naked or near naked and my building need didn't seem to concern her much. After a week she released me and we made love but only after I had eaten her to a head-banging orgasm. She predicted, rightly, that I probably wouldn't last very long once intercourse began.

The next morning she told me to put it back on and I asked if we couldn't make love a few more times first. She took my chin in her right hand, looked me right in the eyes and said,


I put it back on and Sarah made a point of locking the padlock herself, no keys were anywhere to be seen.

It went on like this for a few weeks until one night, over dinner Sarah asked me if I didn't think the CB2000 was more a toy than a real security device.

"I don't know what you mean; I can't get out of it"

"Correction, you can't get out of it without me knowing about it but all you have to do, if you want to, is cut through the plastic pin, you could do it in a few minutes if you wanted to"

"I suppose you're right" I said "But I wouldn't do that"

"I've been surfing on the internet and there is a device I think we should invest in. It's called a Lori Tube and it's made out of metal. It will require a little piercing but that shouldn't hurt too much"

In for a penny, in for a pound I thought. She was right about the piercing; it didn't hurt her at all. For me, I still don't know which was worse, the pain of having a 10 gauge blind ring installed at the end of my cock or the embarrassment of having Sarah explain to the female piercer why we were getting this done to my poor cock. She thought it was very amusing and made sure we both understood that I would be out of commission for a few weeks.

Although the new piercing would not be usable with the Lori Tube for a few weeks the CB2000 was still very usable. Since my poor cock was pretty tender, our sex life was limited to cunnilingus. This seemed to meet Sarah's needs quite well and she didn't seem all that concerned about my needs. After the first two weeks she began to tell me what a good sport I was being. She indicated that when my fast was finally over, I would be getting an unforgettable night of sex. She wouldn't discuss details but promised me I would never forget it.

Three weeks passed slowly, I love cunnilingus but the deprivation was driving me crazy. For her part, Sarah too was getting a bit crazy. She flaunted her naked body shamelessly, joined me in the shower to wash my most sensitive parts and almost started to howl in the throes of orgasm every time (not just at night) that I went down on her. She was having a hell of a good time and I was waiting my turn.

After three weeks the piercing had healed nicely and my cock was no longer sore, it was very sensitive but that had nothing to do with the piercing. She finally unlocked the CB2000 and, despite my urgent pleading, went ahead and installed the Lori Tube. It was very simple since it used the piercing to secure the simple tube. It was also, quite obviously, much more secure. It was a metal prison for my cock.

"Okay honey, it fits and you have all the keys so, let me out and let's make love, please?"

"Not tonight sweetie but tomorrow night you will have a sexual experience you will never forget, I promise. You will have sex you will never forget, I guarantee it.'

Not that I had any choice in the matter but I agreed. I ate her to another shattering orgasm and she played with my nipples and trapped cock, laughing softly at my plight as she drifted off to sleep. It took me a bit longer to get to sleep.

The next morning as I started to leave, Sarah kissed me deeply and groped my trapped cock. She bit my ear lobe almost too hard and whispered that I was going to be so laid that night.

That night, Friday I arrived home and found Sarah dressed in beautiful lingerie, She had a corset that made her excellent breasts bulge up a bit and accentuated her long legs, The garters straps held up very lacy stockings and, with the high heels, she looked a good deal taller. Her ass, without doubt her best feature, jiggled only a little as she walked around. I was mad with desire. The Lori Tube was actually a bit more comfortable than the CB2000 but its added heft reminded me that I was definitely trapped until Sarah released me.

Although I was far more horny than hungry, Sarah had prepared a nice but simple meal and I certainly didn't want to offend her. We ate and I tried not to rush the meal. Sarah could see the obvious difficulty I was having and she again laughed at my predicament.

She lingered over her wine and finally, almost offhandedly, suggested we go make love. I think I may have set a record getting my clothes off but there was one more surprise waiting for me.

"Honey, do you mind if I tie you up for awhile? I think it will add quite a bit to the experience I have planned for you"

I was in no position to argue or even suggest anything I laid down on the bed and stretched out my arms and legs.

"Uh uh, baby, roll over"

It struck me as odd but who was I to argue. She piled up the pillows on the bed and I draped myself over the pile and waited expecting a spanking once I was bound. This should have struck me as odd since I certainly didn't need the added excitement.

Once I was tide, spread-eagled to the bed over the pillows, my ass in the air, Sarah climbed up on my back and said, "Open your mouth".

I wanted to ask why but as soon as I began to speak, Sarah gagged me with a thick scarf. When she was finished, I was bound spread-eagled, gagged and quite helpless.

"Now you wait right here while I go get our guests" she said with a barely suppressed giggle.

"Guests?" I thought what the hell had I gotten into? I didn't have to wait long; apparently they had been hidden before I got home. I heard several female voices and at least one male.

"Honey don't get up (funny, I suppose) but I invited a few of the girls from the office. They wanted to see your adorable little lock and then the fantasy you have been begging for; Jeff is here for that."

While I puzzled over that, I felt my cock being tugged until it and my poor swollen balls were extended down between my legs.

"See girls, his cock is pierced and the tube fits over it with a little lock securing everything. I can toy with his balls but he can't do anything to get any relief."

To say this was mortifying and humiliating was to understate the case. The "girls" were invited to inspect the tube and I was handled by all of them. To be fair, they probably had no idea how sensitive my balls were but the rough handling elicited a few deep groans from me.

Sarah spoke up and said, "Oh honey, don't be so impatient, Jeff is just as eager as you are; we'll get started in a few minutes. To make it easier on both of you, I'm going to spread a bit of lube on you"

Tied as I was there was no way to resist Sarah as she stuck a few fingers full of something cold a bit too far up my ass in my opinion. I didn't give that much thought as Sarah's plan began to dawn on me. I began to protest through my gag to the delight and amusement of the assembled women to judge by their giggling. The giggling stopped and turned to a few low whistles of admiration.

I think they were wasted on the gay Jeff; he seemed much more interested in me. What I found out later as Sarah recounted the scene for the first of hundreds of times, was that Jeff came into the room, naked and sporting a huge erection. Gay or straight, a man in that state elicits a pretty favorable reaction from most women. Not so much from me. I don't really blame him. Sarah told him that I had a gay rape fantasy. Tied and gagged I couldn't explain otherwise.

Jeff mounted the bed behind me and grabbed me by the hips. He thrust his cock deep into my ass and before I could react to this deep shock he began to thrust deeply and rhythmically into me. I found myself breathing in time with his driving; the women seemed to be enjoying the scene, particularly Sarah. Finally, when I began to think that I was actually being split in half, Jeff came. He hit a frenzied peak and practically bellowed as he came.

The women actually applauded his performance. I didn't think I could feel any more embarrassed until Jeff finally withdrew his cock and wiped it on my buttocks. It was true that he was done but I was still tied naked with his cum dripping out of me. My ass was sore.

I was left in this position for another hour or so while Sarah entertained our guests, Jeff came back once more and gave himself a quickie while I had to simply lay there and comply. Finally the girls and Jeff left and Sarah returned. She got a warm wet towel and cleaned up my ass. Finally she removed my gag and I began to berate her for having me raped. My anger began to grow until she suddenly grabbed me by the balls. I stopped mid sentence.

"This isn't why I took off your gag" she said calmly and firmly. "I took it off so I could hear you beg me to stop"

"Stop?" I said. "Stop what"

"This" she said and got up off the bed, to which I was still firmly tied, and got a long thin paddle out her dresser drawer.

Without a word of preamble she began to seriously savage my buttocks. I immediately begged her to stop but she ignored me. It hurt awfully and I continued to beg and plead. She finally paused.

"Baby, this is the price you pay for keeping your sexual fantasies a secret. You see, I have a few of them too, for example, I always wanted to see gay guys make love. I know you're not gay but you did just let a guy fuck you and I'm not the only one who knows. For another, I do so like being in charge and that trapped cock of yours is the stuff fantasies are made of."

"I'm going to untie you but you're going to wear that lock for a few more days. This weekend we are going to have a heart-to-heart talk about your sex fantasies. If I like what I hear, you might get free. If I think you're lying or hiding something I might just loose the keys for a few months"

That was a few months ago. I did spill my guts when we discussed our fantasies. I told her all about my need to be her slave, her servant and how much I loved being teased and denied. I told her the scene she put together was a bit over the top for me but if she wanted a repeat, and could use a strap-on instead of inviting Jeff I would be more than agreeable. The female witnesses did add quite a hit to my humiliation.

She listened well, took mental notes and now, I never know what to expect but I am the happiest man on earth even when I am begging her to stop.

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