The Ultimate in Tease, Torment and Denial

Submitted by: Techie

Tease, torment and denial should be part of the enforced male chasity game. The objective is to tease and torment your man by physical and psychological stimulation.

With his sex controlled by the chastity device he cannot get a full erection and thus experience and sexual or psychological release or relief.

The psychological part: He should be made to feel as helpless as possible

  • Start by blindfolding him so he cannot anticipate your next move.
  • Gag him using a pair of your panties so the scent of your sex will be in his every breath.
  • Move slowly talking softly touching him around his nipples - (Did you know that a man's nipples 5 times are more sensitive than a woman's ?)
The physical part: the feeling of helplessness should be reinforced by bondage
  • His sex is controlled by the chastity device
  • His hands should be immobilized so he cannot use them
  • He should be restrained against a pole in a standing position.
  • His ankles should be spread apart by a spreader bar
  • He should be gagged so his moans and pleading for release don't disturb you
  • His balls should be lightly stressed by hanging a weight from a noose or cuff.
Start by putting lotion on his nipples and rubbing them in a circular manner.
  • Using a wide top vibrator stimulate his genital area specifically the perineum, this is the area between the scrotum and anus.
  • Concentrate on his nipples lightly pinch and twist each nipple
  • Slide your hands down his body to his groin lightly touch his testes
  • Continue teasing his nipples.
  • Lightly run your fingernails down his side and thighs
When he starts to develop an erection stop it by
  • Cooling his testes with ice.
  • Apply several light switches to his testes with the riding crop.
When the exposed area of his penis is soft start the cycle over again.

Two or three of these cycles should render him ready to beg you for relief for relief and he will do literally anything to achieve this. His testosterone levels are peaking and he should feel energized and eager to help you with any demand or chore.

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