Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Submitted by: Wicket

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall,
Who is the fairest of them all?
If a C.B. you install,
You will be fairest of them all.

You can have him eating out of your hand,
When you are the fairest in the land,
Yet fair in looks, but not fair in demeanour.
For to be unfair, will make him keener.

When ardour arouses and tumescence swells,
Pressure on the tube, then pain foretells,
But is this not what you require,
A man that will pander to your desire?

For he knows that you are the key,
For only you can let him free.
If he ever wants to release his seed,
Then the key you possess he will need.

The key that you so dutifully hold,
Prevents him from being so bold,
He dare not question, he dare not ask,
AS to when you will perform this task.

The choice is yours as to when and where,
You'll release his manhood from it's lair,
His looks are longing as to when: a date,
Yet only you can decide his fate.

Of course a prize must be insight,
At the end of the tunnel there should be some light,
But the question on his face, the look, the fear,
Will it be next week, or the end of the year?

The choice is yours as to when you relent,
And he will be lying there weak and spent,
Feelings of fear, guilt, remorse and disdain,
As you dangle the C.B from your finger again.

For this is not something to trifle about,
As you look down on him with that facial pout,
The pleading look that says "please not now",
Your back arches, his head starts to bow.

"You've had your fun, the deed is done,
Its time to prove that I'm your only one",
So back in the C.B without delay,
For only the keyholder can have a say.

So back to the questions of when and where?
And maybe next time she will have a care,
To take pity on him and bring the time forth,
But it will just be the same for what that's worth.

Thinking about his position there he sits,
With the device there locked around his "bits",
How did things get to be this way?
When all he wanted to do was play?

To spice up their love life, to make it a game,
That's what was needed to put in the frame,
Yet that is not what had been done,
As keyholder she had found her own type of fun.

She had gone with the idea at first just to please,
But had realised the power that she had to tease,
That power was different, as soon she had found.
That power could bring hubby down to the ground.

Sex was not her strong point, yet hubby "ten ton",
But with the use of a C.B the battle could be won.
He had explained, cajoled and tried to persuade,
The benefits of this chastity lifestyle if she played.

She had listened to him quizzically and in awe,
As to what exactly this device was for,
"You can deny my orgasms, control my sex drive",
Suddenly her fiendish side came alive.

"So just let me get this straight you want me,
To lock you in this and for me to keep the key?
When I am to release you,whenever that may be,
That decision is mine to make, and you will agree?

You promise you won't pester me for anything at all,
Even if this thing causes you to climb up the wall,
You say this'll change our life, for you and for me,
But for some of the benefits I cannot see.

For you orgasm is denied, as you will be rationed,
But what's in it for me, am I to do without passion?
I need to do some research, research of my own,
Before I agree to this and the seeds are sown".

Now this is where it went a bit wrong,
As this was MY fantasy,
But when she did her own research,
It wasn't all about me.

For when she found the websites,
Where chastity life she found.
She read information from other women,
And her feet never touched the ground.

"Wow husbands doing housework,
Washing, cleaning pots and pans,
I can't believe that this goes on,
Especially not with my man.

And what's all this about better sex,
That surely can't be right,
I won't get pestered like before,
Not each and every night,

A kiss, a cuddle, a grope of my breast,
That's all that happens I must attest,
Before he humps me on the bed,
Then rolls over to lay down his head.

What's this it says you'll get more foreplay,
I'll believe that when I see the day,
But for sure, there are many women who preach,
That their husbands they have learnt to teach.

What have I been missing for all of these years,
A "hump", no orgasm, fall asleep with tears,
Things are looking up as fast as they can,
And life will be different for my little man.

I'm O.K with foreplay but what about the sex,
I must admit I am a little perplexed,
I know that for him any pleasure is sparse,
But if there's nothing for me then what a farce.

Oh! You must be joking me all these women say,
That better sex you'll get, but you won't get laid,
For this better sex you don't need a male well hung,
You just need a hubby with a well trained tongue.

All the women on the websites,
They say that it's right,
They're having more sexy orgasms,
Each and any night.

I just quite can't get it, I just can't see,
Why would this make him act different to me,
Is that the difference, a lock upon his cock,
It could make a difference and Oh! what a shock.

NOW I am really interested what's this it says?
You'll find you can make love in all different ways,
He sucks toes, lick ears and neck with his tongue,
And even perform oral skills on your pussy and bum.

If I get my man to do that it's surely worth a try,
If I get his head down there I'm sure I would die,
I had oral with boyfriends, but hubby he's not keen,
Well with a lock on his cock he's going places he's not been.

So armed with all her info' she approaches me,
And brightly she announces that a deal have we,
"I have all the information that I desire,
I also have a little device to set your heart on fire.

Go try it on for me and show me when you're done,
I want to see the fit of it before I have my fun,
Fun that's what I said, you said this makes you tick,
I want to see that smile of yours when you hear the CLICK".

So off I go to the bathroom to try on the C.B,
I'm wondering why she's agreed to do this with me,
Well I'm the one that started this so lets do it right,
Well that's O.K it fits alright not a bit too tight.

"Are you done in there, does it fit, I want to see,
Come on out and show me" she shouts with glee,
"WOW that does look good all shiny bright and new,
And now that you have it, it must stay that way too.

Now come a little closer as I have another gift,
Because when I apply this, your spirits should lift,
This is what I want, in your memory to stick",
The sound that resounded in my brain was a very loud CLICK.

So there I was all locked up in a shiny, new C.B,
I suppose just as I had wanted it to be,
So I needed to test it, to make sure it was no jape,
And no matter what I tried I could find no escape.

"Let's see how you go for a day and a night,
What I've been reading they can get quite tight,
But now after all you've got your desire,
Now let us see what becomes of the fire.

For the next few hours my wife made no reference,
And at this early point expected no deference,
So around came bed time and just a kiss goodnight,
Then under the covers and turn out the light.

A few hours later and "what the hell",
I had read about it but didn't expect such a swell,
My balls were burning as if on fire,
And the worst part was it didn't curb my desire.

Dilemma, dilemma what can I do, I am in pain,
I need to go somewhere for the pain to wane,
I remove myself from the bed as quietly as I can,
This is the price I pay for being a horny man.

I sit down on the toilet to let the pain subside,
Looking at it painfully, my eyes almost cried,
I never realised that it could be this way,
Definitely this is what I call pain certainly not play.

Back to the bedroom, wife's partially awake,
What kind of action should I take,
"Got a problem hubby dear", I hear her scoff,
"I wonder if you might take this thing off".

"Is it hurting you now, or has it gone away"?
"It was hurting but the pain has gone" I say,
"Well get back into bed if there is no pain",
"But what if it should happen again"?

"This is the price that you have to pay,
If you want to lock your cock that way,
So get into bed and don't make a peep,
Don't wake me again I need my sleep.

It did wake me again and again,
But even though it hurt me I did refrain,
From getting out of bed and disturbing my wife,
Because to do so would cause me strife.

One day and one night out of the way,
So what is my wife going to say?
"So you did it for a day and a night,
Explain to me what is your plight"?

"The daytime is O.K it's just in the night,
It's just nocturnal 'woodies', the days are alright",
"So we're O.K to continue with this game of yours"?
"Well I was thinking that we might have a pause".

"Don't be silly darling that's not part of the game,
Packing in so soon, that does seem so tame,
No I was thinking to go for at least day three,
Don't wimp out darling, will you do that for me?"

"But I don't think I can do it for two or three",
"Well that's too bad darling, because you did agree,
The choice will be mine as to when to set free,
And as I am the keyholder so it will be".

So the die was cast and the decision made,
I had nothing to argue with, nothing to trade,
Because my wife had ordered this shiny C.B,
I didn't have access even if there was a spare key.

My wife had researched this life to the hilt,
And my resistance had already started to wilt,
On day three of chastisement she asks to be bathed,
This is something I haven't done I have to say.

But it would be foolish to refuse her, to vex, to rile,
So a new task I take on and please her a while,
"You know what the day is today hubby dear,
What you're waiting for, your mood is quite clear.

Well I have a suggestion which you might like,
But the reason for asking is the price it might hike,
If you will agree to be caged to day seven,
Then at that time you may get some heaven.

Alternate to that is today you get free for 24 hour,
Then after that time you return me the power,
When that is done and you're caged out of danger,
We then can re-negotiate the wager.

The sentence of seven days is too hard to bear,
But only 24 hours is too short I fear,
And if I wimp out now she will only get mad,
So the better of two evils will have to be had,

"I'll manage till day seven or at least I'll try",
"You never had any choice" I here her cry,
"Now wash my back and my front and my breasts",
I do what she asks at her behest.

I wash her back and then as she asked,
I start to perform the other tasks,
"What's the matter, why are you wincing?
Surely the chastity isn't pinching"?

"Oh! It's the feel of my breasts that turns you on,
That is something you'll have to think of as wrong,
For from now on it's my pleasure that has to count,
If your hard-on should grow you will it discount"?

"So go pour me a drink and fix us some food,
Don't look at me that way, don't be so rude,
Your life is to change in so many ways,
And whilst you're in chastity we've plenty of days".

So day seven came and true to her word,
My wife released me but what seemed quite absurd,
Insisting that before release I must be restrained,
So that the balance of power must be maintained,

For if I were released and had my hands free,
Getting C.B back on, there would be no guarantee,
So restriction is swapped from C.B to cuffs for hand,
But then my wife makes another demand.

"Oh! Bye the way one more rule for the book,
There's a ratio of orgasms before you get any luck,
It seems only fair the imbalance to reset,
As to all the orgasms that I've failed to get.

Now we've been married for nineteen years,
And I know to you this may bring on fears,
But I decided that Nineteen to one is a good ratio,
So this is the new way we are going to go.

You ask how can this be, how can it be done?
You know this orgasm denial can be fun,
You see if I haven't had by the appointed day,
Nineteen orgasms then you'll just be locked away.

Now it's my turn to have some fun,
I see you want to know how this is to be done,
You know that tongue that you sometimes let loose,
Well I have read, and found for it a better use.

You wanted to give this chastity a try,
Now I see no reason to let an opportunity pass by,
But now your fantasy play has got you in a fix,
Because I have added my rules to this mix.

You thought it would be a weekly game,
With your rules abiding just the same,
Well this time hubby mine I'm afraid not,
For it is I alone who will control this plot.

Now here we are on day seven,
And I did say you may get some heaven,
But your maths is quite good I do believe,
You will know that the target we have not achieved.

Oh! I know of the rules that you weren't aware,
Yet of my sexual needs you did not take good care,
So this is the forfeiture that you must endure,
That my tally of pleasure I can ensure.

So to business now and the question I ask,
Is when would YOU like to repeat this task,
For if orgasms I am to receive nineteen or more,
By when do you think you could achieve this score?

Nineteen days would be too soon I would suggest,
I would like to give you some sort of rest,
A cruel keyholder I would not like to be,
So how many days is pertinent, let me see?

Double nineteen that will be thirty eight,
No that is too long let's make it one month straight,
It's easier to follow on the calendar over here,
The days I know you will be counting my dear.

So it's clean up and lock up and back in your cage,
Now, now darling don't get yourself in a rage,
You know now what is expected of you,
If the target is not achieved, your balls will be blue.

You see I have done my research too,
And I think I know what is best for you,
What is best for you is what I say,
Now this chastity game we both can play.

So the first of the month is tomorrow I see,
Starting from tomorrow, it's all about me,
My pleasure will be your primary task,
And woe betide you if I have to ask.

Oh! Tomorrow is January first month of the year,
But what about February twenty eight days I fear,
I think you had better think January means rest,
Because in February will you be up to the test".

So here I am now Two years down this path,
I can honestly say it hasn't been a laugh,
My wife is as happy as ever she could be,
I wish I could say the same for me.

Two years is twenty four months that is obvious,
Yet the orgasms that I've had are considerably less,
You see some times I haven't made up my quota,
Whilst I have tried sticking to my wife's rota.

There have been times like two months ago,
The last day of the month her desire did slow,
By only one orgasm her goal I didn't achieve,
What a devious trap she had laid I believe.

There have been many changes in other ways,
My own time, is her time whatever she says,
We tend to be doing what she wants to do,
Sometimes on a whim and I don't have a clue.

Her life is not perfect she hastens to add,
But at least it's better than the life that she had,
She seems to walk around with a permanent glow,
And all of her friends seem to notice I know.

But my life is not what I thought it would be,
Five days of chastity and then set free,
The game has become a real way of life,
Pandering to the wishes of my wife.

My sex life is limited by the goals I achieve,
It's controlled by my keyholder as to what I receive,
Maybe a ruined orgasm or a wank may just suffice,
But I must reach her tally to escape this device.

Last February for example, Yes only 28 days,
I tried to pleasure her in numerous ways,
By half way through the month, I did believe,
That the tally of nineteen I could not achieve.

So I resigned myself to a month without pleasure,
But this with my wife's rules did not measure,
When she realised that I had given up February,
She said "no that's not the way that it will be".

Now things changed to things not perceived,
Because what happened next I couldn't believe,
I was taken to the bed room and tied to the bed,
And then in an angry voice my wife said.

"You know all the rules and you did agree,
That the truth of this life style is, it's all about me,
It's my pleasure that counts and not yours at all,
And you think that you can my pleasure forestall.

Well that's your big mistake, think again mister,
For now your behind I'm going to blister",
And from out the wardrobe she produced a cane,
Blow after blow on my rump she did rain.

That was the last time I thought that I could regna,
But not the last time of the caning suffice it to say,
Embracing this new role, this unquestionable power,
She realised punishments on me she could shower.

She introduced new implements week by week,
Hand brushes that were flat and canes so sleek,
There are punishment spankings for not doing well,
And the maintenance spankings for "what the hell".

Oh! Yes my wife has kept up her research,
At one point she felt her life was in a lurch,
So one day in June she announced to me,
"I'm going to a meeting of women that hold a key".

After that meeting her goal was much more clear,
She has returned to this club many times this year,
It appears that many men have wives holding a key,
Not just the one or two but quite a few just like me.

July was a special month as in it falls my birthday,
So wondered what my gift would be, if I got to play?
So comes around the special day an my wife says,
"Our life has changed for us two in so many ways.

But that does not mean we cannot celebrate,
And looking at the calendar I see you cannot wait,
AhAh! A present, but first something you must do,
For your present is unusual, I am giving you you".

What a very very strange, and curious thing to say,
At least it sounds like I'll have some relief today,
I wonder what she has in mind, is this another plot,
She can't be cruel this day, she surely hasn't forgot.

So later in the day, she's given me time to think,
My wife says "O.K birthday boy" followed by a wink,
"It's time for your present, so please rest assured,
You'll get what you deserve as soon as you're secured.

So off you go to the bedroom bind your ankles tight,
Then fix your left hand similarly, just get it right,
We don't need any chaffing; you may be a while,
Don't look quite so perplexed, that's better smile.

So waiting there patiently, all three points affixed,
Wife ties my other wrist, now all the boxes ticked,
"So hubby mine, this month you've been quite good,
You've kept me satisfied, and now I'm in the mood.

It's all about me and my desires as you surely know,
Although it your birthday be, deference you'll show,
For I have decided today I will allow you to cum,
But I require two orgasms, to your single one.

So first I will let you perform, your oral skills on me,
And let's see how far, you really set my spirit free",
So she alights upon my face for me to give delight,
Squeals of joy and happiness ring out into the night.

At last she's sated, rests her shoulders and head,
"That was wonderful darling, now that having said,
It's time for your reward, what would you require,
What special thing would it be, to peak your desire.

A ruined orgasm on this day, would be cruel I fear,
Yes a birthday is different, it's only once each year,
So maybe you'd like oral instead, or a little wank,
Or maybe you'd prefer it, if my pussy on you I sank.

The choice is all yours this time, I am being fair",
I watch her smirking face as she plays with her hair,
She looks at me with those eyes, no issue to force,
She knows there is only one choice, INTERCOURSE.

"Alright my love, my hubby then that is your choice,
I'll fulfil my honour", there's something in her voice,
So I'm engorged and we couple, we are truly one,
And so for the moment, we are both having fun.

But as with so many things the pleasure is no more,
Things go back as they were, as they were before,
Or so I thought was the case, as I lay on my back,
My wife was still in place her movement did lack.

"That was wonderful thank you" I say are we done?
A look of mischief is on her face "remember 2 to 1",
Now I remember she had said, and it was planned,
For two orgasms to one, after she'd tied my hand.

"What is it you want to do"? I ask her with a smile,
She sits there looking at me, smiling all the while,
"At the key holders club, some women have fears,
Sometimes some of them even burst into tears.

But for sure that is what the club is all about,
To take away all the worry and the doubt,
It's perfectly normal for a keyholder to be,
That's what your hubby wanted didn't he?

So we reassure the newbies that they're not alone,
And if they need some more help pick up the phone,
There's always someone around, some sort of link,
To help you get to grips, with your husbands kink.

That's the help we give those starting from scratch,
For the more established, new plans we do hatch,
We all do our research, pass around ideas and then,
We talk about how, we will introduce it to our men.

Well Alice she came up with this idea she'd found,
On the internet whilst she was surfing around,
There's this Dominant wife up in East coast Maine,
Who keeps her hubby on a very short rein.

This lady contacted Alice, and gave her some tips,
True pearls of wisdom, had come from her lips,
I know you're wondering where I'm going with this,
With you laying down there, and me full of jizz.

But one of Alice's bugbears, is that she as like me,
She has the same system one month and then free,
As long as her husband has fulfilled her requests,
She attends to his release so she does attest.

Well her Innocent quip, to the lady in Maine,
Was her bugbear was driving her insane,
When she and hubby, have sex on a monthly basis,
It finishes up with same old status.

She gets out of bed to clean up, how boring,
And when she gets back, then hubby is snoring,
Well the Lady in Maine was quite vexed with Alice,
And said that she had really been remiss.

That's not the way, it's too much distress,
You must get your husband to clean up the mess,
You didn't put it there, of that I'm sure,
So there's only one answer to your man, THE CURE.

THE CURE questioned Alice, of what do you mean,
My husband using a washcloth would be obscene,
Oh! No dear, you must be really quite young,
For this task you must make him, use his tongue.

Alice was aghast, at what she had heard,
And wondered if this thing had been absurd,
At the meeting, she imparted this knowledge to us,
All around the room there was such a buzz.

When I heard this info' I too was in doubt,
As to whether this practise could be carried out,
But in talks at our meeting, five maybe six,
Have incorporated this practise into the mix.

So you see darling, this is where we stand,
You where you are, and me with the upper hand,
So back to our agreement regarding the fun,
As it stands you've had an orgasm, and me only one.

Your powers of recovery are not what they were,
I'm sure of that darling, you will concur?
So as your pecker is looking, like wet laundry,
I wonder how we can resolve this quandary.

You cannot use your hands, they're bound tight,
Your once mighty pecker, has given up the fight,
I'm afraid I can see only one simple solution,
Which can only mean there is one conclusion.

So if you do the honours, and give me some heaven,
The numbers at the club will climb to seven,
I'm a fully paid up member there, there is no doubt,
And I don't want to be seen, as one chickening out".

"Now wait a minute darling, this is not right,
I never wanted to resist or put up a fight,
But chastity play is different, there is no doubt,
But you can't really expect to lick you out.

Not when you're filled, with a months worth of cum,
Come on now please release me, surely we're done,
I'll make it up to you tomorrow, big time" I say,
"No you'll honour your promise, and that is today".

I resisted for some while, a quarter of an hour,
But I realising my position, that she had the power,
I gave in to her wishes and duly obliged,
And when I had finished, she had tears in her eyes.

"Oh! darling you've made me the happiest,
You did what I asked, and stood up to the test,
You are the man I married, my true soul mate,
And after my second orgasm, I feel great.

I love you my darling, I truly truly do,
But tell me honestly, what was it like for you,
Did it make you feel more submissive to me?
I need you to tell me, I must really see".

Well we discussed the act, and situation in depth,
She listened and questioned, and some times wept,
To see her so happy, made me so filled with pride,
And at that moment was the turn of the tide.

Her sister made comment that she had changed,
If only she knew, how our life she'd rearranged,
She also said I had seemed meeker she felt,
My wife to my knowledge, never mentioned the belt.

As I said my wife's life is not perfect but not so bad,
It's better now than the other one, the one she had,
For me I'm not complaining I'm not perfect you see,
When I'm not being good, a new toy she has for me.

Her latest acquisition is a set of little spikes,
They fit into the C.B and the little spikes she likes,
For if I have transgressed, in some minor way,
C.B removed, refitted with spikes for duration of the day.

She knows that wearing them, is more or less O.K,
But if she starts to tease a little, in any sort of way,
They dig in to the penis, and my mind is a messin',
But she does this deliberately, to teach me a lesson.

Would I swap this life I have, not in a million years,
We've travelled this road together, laughter & tears,
Live your life to the full, and do not a minute waste,
Because question is, is it better if you are or aren't chaste.

So mirror on the wall, I've got the best life of all,
I love being at my wife's beck and call,
My wife has grown, in stature and got bolder,
And I'm so very proud, that she's my key holder.

If there's any body out there, with doubts or fears,
Just give chastity a little try, for a couple of years,
"But be careful what you wish for", so they say,
Because you might get it, some how, some day.

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