Her Rack of Pain

Submitted by: TR

I don't really know the reason why, but I am insanely obsessed with large breasts! I know I am not alone on this, but it is an incredible turn on is to have those large breasts hang down in your face while screwing. The mere sight of them brings on an erection. The way they curve, pop out of the shirts and blouse makes we glad to be a man, where I can enjoy them the way they are supposed to be. I have always wanted to have an 'edgy' encounter with the right woman, someone who can bring me to a new level of appreciation. But I learned a tough lesson one year; Don't ask for anything - you just might get it!

* * *

When I saw her, I was drawn instantly to her magnificent and powerful shape. She had large breasts of course, slightly overweight from a medical chart point-of-view, but her little extra weight projected power - and dominance. She was wearing this tight silk blouse and her breasts had this incredibly soft look - like you could just bury your face in them all night. My suspicions were that she knew how to handle a man, with great control and precision. This turned to be quite correct.

Right away she caught me, staring. Usually they just turn the other way and move on, hoping to get away from the creep. But not her. She was different - very different. She would make me pay the price of a look. She approached me and started talking, nice and cheery. She had a great smile and was very friendly. I knew it was too good to be true. Chatting lead to some cocktails and petting. I couldn't keep my eyes up, they always drifted towards her chest and I was fighting it. She knew this of course. Then you guessed it; back to her place.

We sat on her couch and talked some more. She unbuttoned one more button, just to make me go nuts. Finally she decides to let me in on her little "game". She says to me "I noticed you keep staring at my breasts. I like that. I can see (as she reaches over and touches my cock through my pants) that would love to have your way with me - Is that true"? "Wow - of course I would" I said. "You look amazing and I really like you".

She says "well I will make a deal with you. Let's call it a game. I promise to drive you sexually wild. You will have the greatest orgasms a man can ever have. You can suck and lick my breasts, eat me pussy and pleasure me. You will fuck me all night, and You will never forget me".

Am I dreaming? This doesn't happen - only in the movies. But then again, I don't think I ever saw this in a movie...

"But there are some conditions" she told me. "If you break any condition, I will walk away from you and never see you again. If you keep up the conditions, you can be with me as long as you like". I thought about it, not too long, and told her it's a deal. But then she added "But you must also let me do what I want with your cock and balls, have as much fun with them as I like. There will be some pain involved but I promise I won't do anything permanent to you". Wow - this is sounding better already. "When do we start?" I said. She said, "One more thing. You can't touch me or my breasts unless I say so. If you do, you will pay". "Ok - Deal", I said! We chatted some more and it sounded like a fun game to me. But I accidentally brushed up against her breasts - may be it wasn't an accident but I wanted to start the game. Well, I soon learned it was not a game! She brought me into this closet, I guess and told me to take my pants down. I did, and she proceeds to grab my balls. HARD! She starts to grind them together with both hands. "OUCH! DAMN that hurts and stop it!" I said loudly. "You will pay for touching my breast", she said. So she kept squeezing them and grinding them, and I couldn't get away. I said "Ok, I won't ever do it again". She tells me "I know you won't, not after this". She brings me to the point where I almost ready to cry. She stops and says "You've paid for the touch. Next time will be worse so don't ever do it again." So I went walking to my car with my balls in pain, not knowing what I have gotten myself into.

* * *

Two nights later, we rendezvous for what I think was going to be an evening of passionate sex. We go to a nice hotel, and she wants me to get a bucket of ice. So I go get some ice. I come back and she tells me to get undressed, and of course I do - in a flash. But she doesn't undress. She is wearing this freaking tight shirt. Her torpedoes are pointing through her blouse and I can't believe I am gonna fuck this knockout. But I remember the rule - don't touch her breasts. Hmmmm, this could be bad. She tells me to sit in a chair. Then she takes out some bindings from her bag and ties my hands to the chair. Nice. She starts to rub her breasts all over me, and it was amazing. But she doesn't unleash them. I remember her deal, but don't really know how serious she is about this. So I am willing to go along just in case...

As she continues she says to me "are you ready to see my breasts"? Oh yeah, I reply. She then tells me "Well I promised you can see them and fuck me, but I didn't say at the same time. And I didn't say with your own dick. You see, according to our deal, your dick is mine". She reaches into her bag and takes out these leather underpants. Not really sure what they are. She tells me - I don't want you hard when you see me naked." So she goes into her bag of goodies and takes out a wooden spoon and starts to smack my cock! Shit that hurts. "Stop that" I tell her". But she doesn't listen. She beats it red and then goes and gets the ice and puts it on my throbbing and inflamed cock. The takes the fun out of MY plans!

When my cock goes down, she puts the leather underpants on me. These pants are very restrictive to my cock, and I am thinking there is no way I can get hard in these damn things. She tells me "You will not see my tits when your cock is hard".

I really don't know what the heck is going on here - I thought she was gonna give me all this pleasure but so far all I have been given is torture. But then she starts to take off her blouse. Her bra is an old fashioned white one, very confining by supportive. Her breasts look great just jetting out of their holster. Then she takes her bra off, and WOW! Holy shit she is stacked! She then unties my hands and tells me to pleasure her - and I can touch her breasts and the rest of her body as much as I want. So I am there for hours, eating her pussy and sucking her tits, but not being able to get hard! She also puts a strap on me, for me to use on her. So there I am, fucking her with a fake cock, while mine is still small, prevented from expansion by those damn leather underpants. What the hell is this! I have no choice but to obey her because I need her to take these darn things off me. You see, there are these two small locks on them and I really can't take them off on my own. When it's time to leave she puts her bra, blouse, and pants back on. She refuses to have sex with me because her needs were met. She takes my restraining pants off of me and says "Do it again in a few days?" I leave.

When I get home I masterbated three times, thinking about how great she was. Her body became more alluring than I could have ever imagined. I somehow feel like she is going to be teasing me for a long time. I wonder what would happen if I touched her breasts when she didn't say I could? What does she have in store for me next?

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