A Fantasy Poem

Submitted by: Anonymous

Chastity O Chastity, you are the key

An eager to serve husband you make of he

While hes predisposed to submit to me

His longing to do so is extreme with thee

So lock him up I do with glee

Make him do the chores for me

Draw my bath and paint my toes

Dress him in French maid clothes

Help prepare me for my date

While Im out he cant masturbate

Instead Hors d'oeuvres hell prepare for us

And when we return, hell serve to us

Then off to the bedroom for some foreplay

Maid in tow, with wine on tray

Ravaging sex well have in bed

She stands in corner, her face is red

Posture collar keeps her upright

Black corset is laced up tight

Wonder how her penis feels

While she stands in 4 heels

Great sex, orgasms flow

What a mess created below

Summon sissy to the bed

What is running through her head

Pour us wine, sweetly served

Then shell get what she deserved

Run that tongue along my spot

God, it makes me feel so hot

Another climax makes it flow

A mix of me and my beau

She gets to taste the both of us

And swallow it because she must

And when her cleaning is thoroughly through

I demand of her something she will rue

The cleaning was well down there

But my legs werent the only pair

Lovers cock is covered with me

Cleaning it is more suited to thee

A look of despair upon her face

A hint of anger puts her in place

She tentatively begins the chore

Soon Ill have her sucking like a whore

Through all this I think she knows

What Ill demand as his cock grows

And soon its reached a good cock size

And tween her lips his member pries

He grips her ears and holds her tight

Im quite amused at such a site

And soon I hear the tell tail moans

Followed up by pleasure groans

Inside her mouth hes dropped his seed

Dont swallow it, I take the lead

Open your mouth and let us see

The pool of cum, a gift to thee

In your mouth the load is sitting

A role for you that sure is fitting

Now swallow it, youll soon want more

Its easy when youre such a whore

Manners, manners, say thank you sir

for pleasing my wife and fucking her

And thank you sir, especially

For letting me clean both her and thee

My wife suggests eagerly

One last way to thank thee

A kiss upon the tip of his prick

and then one last long lick

I accommodate her wishes I do

And then I stand before the two

Lift my skirt they command of me

And when I do it is obvious to see

That my little penis wants to be free

But sadly that will not be

On my panties sits a precum stain

A transgression that may cause me pain

Sent to the powder room I race

To fix the mess upon my face

Return to them in 5 minutes Im told

With cane in hand for being so bold

As to allow my panties to get a stain

I tremble at the thought of the pain

Soon Im bent over the end of the bed

She wields the cane, my butt is red

Ten swats Im given for my transgression

I cry, but at least it wasnt my worst session

You may gather his clothes I am told

Wash and iron them before the night is old

Were going to sleep while you do this chore

And in the morning there will be more

Serve us breakfast promptly at eight

And mark my words, dont be late

Tomorrow youll be helping us

And I dont want to hear any fuss

Your clothes are getting awful stale

At least the ones that suit a male

To the garbage they will be set

But dont worry and dont fret

A weekly wardrobe Ive designed

With your role as a French maid kept in mind

Hes quite well off, in fact hes rich

Youll quit work Monday to be our bitch

Into this room his clothes youll move

Your worth as a maid youll have to prove

Your room will be down the hall

The one thats pink and rather small

Obedient and subservient you will be

To both of us, both me and he

A spotless household youll maintain

And any slips will be met with pain

Your breaks from doing chore after chore

Will come with sleep or your duties as a whore

When we have sex, youll gladly be

Aside the bed, near he and me

And when we finish with our fun

You will get to clean our cum

One other thing you should expect

Three times a day he gets erect

Once a day is enough for me

The other two are left to thee

His preference is just like mine

Oral sex works just fine

But make sure you do a good job

And take care of his every throb

Cause if he finds you lack the skill

Your tight little ass his prick will drill

His cock is large and it may hurt

When you bend over and lift your skirt

But dont worry, hon, your wife is here

I have a gift that might seem queer

A plug it is that fits between your cheeks

Well move to a larger one in just two weeks

Youll wear it for me every day

A locking harness will make it that way

And when youve worn it for a while

His thrusts inside wont feel so vile

But focus on the best defense

Your oral skills must be intense

So pucker your lips and make bedroom eyes

And use your tongue to save your thighs

And maybe if you stay in our good grace

Curtsy, bow and know your place

Satisfy our carnal needs

Acquiesce and always cede

Maintain the house to our standards, so high

And take your punishment - you may cry

And if you do all those my dear

A pleasure will await you here

For once or twice a month you see

We will unlock you with the key

And the both of us will find it amusing

To see you playing, jerking and abusing

In seconds youll cum right into your dish

And youll lick it up fully as you know we will wish

But now its off, his clothes to clean

While we drift off so serene

  Clothes are laundered and Im ready for bed

A thousand thoughts rush through my head

I finally sit upon my bed

A note is left right at the head

Another requirement from my wife

I guess she really owns my life

A flavored sucker shes left for me

Under my pillow as I can see

Shaped like a cock its big and thick

Upon it Im to suck and lick

And when the morning comes so quick

Shell check my tongue and the prick

My tongue should be stained red just like the toy

And the cock should be smaller, more like a boy

If either one isnt, she gave me a warning

A bare bottom paddling would start in the morning

So I laid down upon my bed, more like a cot

And thought of the days events, it was a lot

I thought of the ways she had taken advantage of me

The abuse, degradation and feminization by she

As I thought about how all these things were unfair

I felt a swelling down under that gave me a scare

For even though my life seemed to be worse

I knew I was struck by the submissive curse

Under her thumb was where I would stay

Or under her toe if I had any say

The swelling down under was there for a reason

My sexual desires were my own treason

I inserted the sucker in my mouth, so deep

And toward my chest my fingers did creep

Nestled in pink covers and wearing a teddy

I longed for an orgasm, I certainly was ready

My fingers touched my nipples ever so lightly

And I felt the tube on my penis ever so tightly

I played with myself knowing relief would not come

But I had no control and felt so dumb

The longing was there as I drifted to sleep

And a bit of pre cum out of me did seep

A restless night faced me, the first in a string

For relentlessly horny was a bad sleeping thing

But as I lay there, my butt feeling sore

Excitement filled me for what was in store

I hoped I would please them and be a good maid

For a submissive sissy theres a price to be paid

I finally drift off into the night

But wake hours later with quite a fright

It goes away quickly, my mistress is here

She wants something from me and soon it is clear

Her legs are now straddling the side of my head

She removes my sucker, places it next to the bed

She lowers herself onto my face

Clean me up and dont leave a trace

Once again her sweet spot is loaded with cum

Ill lick her thoroughly until the task is done

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