The Tantra Touch of Chastity on the Winter Solstice

Submitted by: tallchisub

So many accounts of male chastity relationships involve tales of harsh mistresses who focus on teasing and tormenting the male in chastity in a very direct and physical way. My situation is quite different.

My wife does not define herself as a Domme. However, she is an emotionally strong and statuesque woman (6 feet tall) who turns heads whenever she walks into a room. Come to find out, I'm even taller, skinnier and also turn heads when I walk into a room, although much more for my height than for my good looks!

I'm a submissive and over time have assumed that role without my wife really acknowledging that were were in a Dominant/submissive relationship. I've ceded control of the family finances and my check is deposited into her account. She has the final word on household decisions. As she is not a demanding Domme, I still haven't assumed the lion's share of the housework, a failing for which I feel guilty.

Years ago I resolved not to have an orgasm unless she was involved and allowed such. This simple--but often hard to keep--resolution greatly improved our sex life and our marriage. I was much more focused on her and I believe that she came to relish having the power to grant or deny me an orgasm.

At the same time, unbeknownst to me, my wife was pursuing the study of Tantra. Through that study and practice she became convinced that at my age (mid-50s) I need to conserve my "life force" by having as few orgasms as possible. Consequently, my orgasms have been coming farther and farther apart.

My wife also believes, however, that women should have plenty of orgasms. This dovetailed nicely with my desire and willingness to be cuckolded as an expression of my submissiveness to her. She thus took on several lovers, including one unusually skilled in Tantra who gave her profound and what she said were spiritually nurturing orgasms.

For the past several years I have served as her sexual houseboy. I use my cock as a sort of massage tool/dildo to provide her with pleasure, but I never have an orgasm myself while copulating. I further know that I am really just warming her up sexually for her Tantric lover. It is sometimes frustrating to be her secondary lover, but she says she loves the fact that I'm always there for her and she appreciates my "gift" of making her feel good through massage both inside and out.

At about the same time I put myself in self-chastity I started providing my wife with a weekly full-body massages. These are the real deal, as I have a massage table, a variety of oils and I make special efforts to make the massage studio warm and softly lit with candles, with nice music in the background.

My wife encouraged me to improve my skills by massaging other women. I started with a couple of her friends and have since branched out to provide regular massages to mostly dominant women that I meet at BDSM/fetish events or online. I also provide massage in group settings, such as swinger parties and foot fetish events. I'll even boast that at the swinger parties women regularly leave the sex rooms just to come for their massages.

It might seem odd that one's spouse encourages all this interaction with other women, but I realize that it was my wife's way of accomplishing several things. First, my massage skills have improved immensely and she is primary beneficiary of that improvement. Second, massaging often very attractive women after many days or weeks without an orgasm is the ultimate form of tease and denial. Massage thus re-enforces my chastity regimen. Third, as my massage skills have developed she is able to offer my massages up to her friends and acquaintances as a form of gift-giving.

Ah yes, there are rules that she has imposed. I must not ask my massage recipients for any form of physical reciprocation. I am only allowed to give pleasure, not take it directly. I must only touch where I'm invited to touch and not impose any sexually-oriented pressure on any recipient on my table. In other words, I'm only to bring them to orgasm if and how they want and that is that. I must strip down and wear only a loincloth made of soft silk, but avoid any erections.

As a result of these restrictions, which force me to pour out my sexual energy through my hands, my massages are very popular. I often get thank you emails about how my "energy" just flowed so well through the recipient's body and how my massages both relax and energize them.

I've learned something about women in this process. You would think that some of these women over the course of many sessions would have offered to pleasure me in some way. No deal. I was surprised at how readily and un-self-consciously women take what I give them without testing in any way the truth of my statement that I ask for no reciprocation. I've come to believe that if you want a dominant woman just tell her that no reciprocation to what you give is expected. Presto, you are instantly her slave/servant.

Last year, my wife intervened in a new and unexpected way. In September, she told me that I would not have an orgasm until the end of the year. She urged me to do my best with my massages until then. Of course, she knew that with such long-term denial my hands would be almost burning with pent up sexual heat. As the weeks advanced I seemed to reach new heights of satisfaction from my recipients.

My wife told me to plan for an afternoon of massaging four women on the winter solstice. I was to prepare the massage studio to accommodate the women and provide them with drinks and refreshments.

The day arrived and I provided each woman with an hour-long massage. While I was working on one the others chatted, drank and munched, gradually getting more lively in the process. After each massage the recipient would shower and change back into their clothes. I noticed out of the corner of my eye a profusion of boots and heels, low cut blouses and tight skirts. I couldn't help that my cock struggled against the prohibition and become erect.

When I had finished the last massage, the weak sun was just going down and the room was illuminated only by candles. I was told to lower the massage table to its lowest setting. I was tired, but inspired by the lovely bodies I had massaged. The women crowding my massage studio filled the room with their scent and their presence. They were relaxed and woozy as a result of my work and the wine, but clearly had something in mind.

My wife told me to kneel on the table. She bade me to remove my loincloth. There I was, naked before these clothed women, exposed physically and emotionally. The women pulled their chairs close around the massage table, one on each side. My wife spoke up. "My husband has served us well today and this year. He works with the Tantric energy that comes from his chastity and helps us through his hands."

She continued, "but even the most dedicated servant of Tantra deserves some relief." With that, she handed a feather to each of the women. They knew immediately what to do, and began rubbing the feathers on my cock, scrotum and nipples. For what seemed like hours they teased me to the edge of an orgasm and then retreated. Before long all that mattered in my universe was touch of the feathers on my sensitive bits.

Behind me, rubbing her feather in my ass crack and on the back of my ball sac was L. She is in her mid-60s and still a beauty. She regularly beds men in their 30s and 40s, a real dynamo. On my right side was A, using her feather to tease my nipples and cock. A was a tightly wound and luscious Eastern European. When we started our massages she let me stroke her well-defined G-Spot and bring her to wave after wave of orgasms. Then, she suddenly cut me off from that pleasure, explaining in a teasing way that she now hated men.

On the other side by B, a large woman in her mid-20s who was built like a Goddess icon from 10,000 years ago. She loved to be spoken of as being a Goddess when she was on my massage table and truly wanted me to worship her. I am only too happy to oblige. Like A, she stroked my cock and nipples with her feather.

In front of me was my wife. She gazed into my eyes in fine Tantra fashion and asked me how much I wanted a release. Before long I was begging for release. The women would lift me to the edge of orgasm with coordinate stroking and then when their conversation picked up their efforts would lag and I would back down from the peak like Sisyphus.

Finally, I was allowed to cum. My wife grasped my face and told me to look into her eyes and keep a steady gaze without closing my eyes. My body rippled with the release and sperm jetted freely on the sheet-covered table. The women clapped and hooted and remarked how awfully abrupt are male orgasms compared to their own orgasms. My wife bade me to remain kneeling and said, "I bet he will serve us even better this year if he goes without an orgasm for the entire year.

So now the Winter Solstice is approaching. I am waiting expectantly for the possibility of release. I've poured so much pent up energy into massage service this year, serving more women and providing my wife with even more frequent massage. I've even become the massage servant for a Tantra mistress who keeps five men on call to satisfy her strong sexual drive.

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. It's been a year where sexual energy has filled me like never before. My massage recipients often comment on the heat in my hands. They say they deeply appreciate my sacrifices to bring them this concentrated energy. I can tell they love having a massage servant at their beck and call.

Maybe I'm serving too well and the Winter Solstice will come and go with the release I so desperately need and that I remember with such fondness from last year.

Beware the Tantra princess and her conversation of energy theories. You may find yourself in chastity for the worthy cause of serving her, her friends and a variety of strong women. Just like me.

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