Long Term Chastity

Submitted by: BeynAzura

It began when I realized my boyfriend was surfing on some kinky site over the web. They all do that would you say? But I was not prepared. At first I threaded him to broke, but I loved him so much.

The second time I caught him I had a look at what he was reading. I remember stories about bondage. Would he have me tied to rape me?

The third time I realized it was part of him so I had to let with his things I hated.

Things continued on, and some times I caught him on different sites. One attracted me. It was about chastity belts. I did not know how to say him I wanted to know more, so I managed to catch him when he was reading these stories. It was not so difficult. One week later we received the CB6000 thing.... At first I was happy, so was him.

His penis was mine. But very quickly I found it annoying. He passed less time on his sites and was gentle with me. But to have sex I had to open that thing. Locking was not easy if he had an erection, and I realized that what I liked in sex was his penis, so punishing him was punishing me... And little by little we were letting the CB in the drawer. At first he asked for it, but as I was not in the mood we forgot it.

As he wasn't wearing the CB he was surfing again. His erections were harder and he took much more time to cum, so I was happy. One day I saw a film over his shoulder. I remember the chill in my back. The girl on the screen was locked in strange stainless steel thing. For the first time I asked him to let me see it. I was captured. He explained she was locked in a chastity belt that fit her exactly so she was unable to get any stimulation on the genital area.

As his hand reached my crotched I had no way hiding I was highly excited.

-Do you want one? He asked. Before I realized I was saying "for sure I want it".

We looked at different manufacturer, but all were expensive. We chose Neosteel.

He also began to caress me without letting me orgasm too quickly and I found it marvellous.

When the belt arrived I could not wait but tried it immediately. It was a close fit, but that was OK. I thought at the CB, this was easier. The click made me wet. What did he felt when I closed the CB? I passed my hand on the front shield but only found cold steel, the frustration was already there. When he arrived I showed it to him and gave him the key.

-Can I have a blowjob? He asked.

He didn't dare asking up to know, but I was so excited that I knelled in front of him and took his already hard dick in my mouth. I tried to caress myself but no way. My clitoris was throbbing in his steel case I had no way to touch him. He proposed me to remove the belt, I was to say yes when I said, let's see if I can wait up to tomorrow.

-If you cannot I'm allowed to sodomize you!

My god. I was so afraid of sodomy that I waited. I was so exicted, that once out of the belt we had sex all the night long.

The next day he proposed me to use a dice. We decided that I will not be locked during my periods.

The first throw I got a six. Of course I was allowed to go out of the belt before six day if I accepted being sodomized. It was not easy but I did the six days.

Slowly we used several dices, and teasing, I was allowed some time out of the belt to caress me but without cuming, then back to the belt.

It was not easy but I liked the frustration, I liked being excited all the time.

As amount of time was greater, I learnt to manage the belt during my periods, Then we decided that I was to wear the belt all time and allowed one night near my ovulation.

I really liked that. Then when that evening was to come I was really horny.

Several time I had been near to accept sodomy, but each time I did it.

After six months it was routine. My boy friend was really happy as I gave him blowjobs or hand jobs as he wanted. At the sixth month he proposed me to tie me before removing the belt. I was so horny that I accepted. But as he was caressing me he asked me if he could close the belt again.... I laughed and he did it. It was hard at first, but we went on opening the belt every two months. The ovulation days were always difficult. I was horny with no way to satisfy me. I tried to caress my breast. I never realized how good it was before but I needed more than that. I was so exited, that I sucked my boyfriend very often finding some pleasure in his own. As his hands slid to my butt I learnt I was sensitive on that area but I still refused sodomy. At the second ovulation period I was like mad. Sometime I was in shame.

We did it three times. Then I asked for a pause. I was wearing the belt for one year.

At first I felt nude. When I was not wearing the belt something was missing. It was amazing how I was used to it. At the beginning I was sure every body saw I was wearing one, now that I was free of it I felt nude and vulnerable.

Then I appreciated being able to have sex when I wanted, but soon I realized being frustrated missed me. I tried to restrain me but I was unable to do it.

During my period I was happy to be able to use pads the belt prevented, but my boyfriend complain about my lack of libido and that I was not to give him blowjobs as when I was locked.

So after one month only without the belt I decided to wear it again. My boyfriend was having an evil smile.

-When will be your next "ovulation day" he asked.

-I think about Saturday, we could lock the belt on Sunday.

-I have something I want you to test; we could do it on Saturday.

-What is it?

-It is a surprise. I want you to wear the belt Saturday up to the evening and then you'll be free up to Sunday evening.

-Err If you want. I can lock it right now if you ask me.

-If you want. We can have it lock all the day long and free you for nights, up to this weekend.

-Ok I said.

I really wondered what would be special on Saturday. I was happy to be in the belt again even if I hoped nobody saw it. I laughed that my libido was increasing as I was locked.

When I woke up Saturday he was already up. He asked me to close my eyes. He looked at my slit. I was wetting as his fingers went in this special area. "Is that what he want me to test, to tease me before locking me?" I asked to myself. I hoped for something new, but I was pleased he tried something to make me frustrated. Then I felt something being pushed inside, but it was not a god or his sex, as it seemed to be round.

-What is that? I asked.

-Keep quiet he said. I was being anxious as I didn't like to have things I don't know being inserted there. Then a second ball came inside. The felling was not bad.

-How many will you add...

-It is finished, he said, I'm locking you right now.

As he locked me I was on the deception. But as soon as I stand up I understood. The balls where moving inside me as I moved myself. They where getting high and down, touching together and rubbing me from inside. My clitoris was not stimulated but my G point was.

I decided I was able to deal with these Geisha balls. But soon I discovered their power. I was truly excited. And had no way to calm myself as the balls were moving and pushing me toward the edge, but they were unable to make me cum. Several times I tried to lay down on my bed, but the sliest move of my hips made them rub my sex. I fact the only position I can dominate them was to sit.

When he proposed me to go to a dancing, I was anxious. Very soon I was more frustrated than if I had passed two month in the belt.

Once in our bed he asked:

-I really want to sodomize you, so I propose you sodomy or tomorrow the belt will be lock for one year.

I was in such a state that being locked for one year turned my head, as sodomy wasn't something I wanted to test.

-Ok so tomorrow evening you will be locked for twelve "ovulation day" and if you complain you will have to pass one day with the balls also.

I agreed and he unlocked me. I began to moan when he slowly removed the balls.

Very quickly I felt good in the belt. I liked the frustration. I was in fear with balls as I knew that if I got them for one day I will not have any release the evening. I did blowjobs very soon trying to get pleasure from his own. At the second ovulation day, we tried to play with my breast for long time. That was pleasant, but not satisfying. At the third month I enjoyed his caress and despite my high frustration refused the sodomy. And month after month the frustration was higher and higher. I needed to be cuffed when he removed the belt for shower, but I succeed in not complaining. After all I agreed in this.

A few days before the seventh month, I was crying. I had passed half the time but I couldn't take it any more. He said I was complaining so I would got the balls for my ovulation day. I was desesperated. After the balls were introduced, my frustration was very high and I tried to move a lot to pass the edge but did not succeed. I tried to caress my breast but it didn't work. As I was going to urinate he asked me what my felling was.

-I fell in hell in front of heaven doors.

-You like it

-Like and hate, but know I need to pass the gate it is to long since I'm here

-And how is it to have your bladder full?

-It makes the balls stronger.

-So drink and wait....

He asked me to strip. My god I think I never felt so excited. I never needed so badly to cum.

I was just naked when he produced something; I learnt later it was a plug.

-If accept to take it in the ass, I will help in caressing your breast and hips.

The plug was smaller than his sex, and I was in such a state that I accepted.

I felt highly humiliated. I was somehow defeated as the lubed plug entered my ass. I was very surprised it felt good. Soon I discovered that the plug and balls where pushing themselves and I liked this interaction. He caressed me and I was making very small steps toward the heaven gate. But as I was able to seen what behind the gate, the pressure in my bladder became to high and my need to pee was too much. I didn't had orgasm, but what I felt was stronger than every thing I felt in the belt.

He asked me to hold my urine and the plug for 30 minutes. I was paying for the pleasure I got.

I was crying from the pain when I wet myself unable to hold on.

-I want you up my ass I asked.

-You are a bad girl that pissed herself... you'll have to wait for one month more.

-Then could I have the balls and to hold my urine on and the plug for some time before.

-Of course. he said.

Tomorrow is the eighth ovulation day. I am in great frustration. I have prepared the balls, the plug, and some lube. I'm afraid of what will happen, but I know I will see heaven's gate, will I pass them?

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