Innocence Lost

Submitted by: Young

Several years ago at the tender age of twenty one when I knew all there was to know about the world, I was awakened. I was back home for my first ever earned two week vacation so I thought I would hit some of my old haunts. I now lived about one hundred miles away in another city, so I was staying at a friend's apartment that was away on a cruise. After making several stops I realized my old friends had moved on and things had really changed. I decided to make one more stop before heading home and stopped into the Crystal Pistol, it was still early and the crowd was thin. I was sitting at the bar nursing a whiskey when I spied a lady in the corner booth all alone. I asked the bartender who she was and what she was drinking. He said he had never seen her before and Goose Rocks. I grabbed another drink for me and one for her and headed to her table.

I stood next to the table and said bought you a drink, with which she replied, no one asked you to. Feeling a little self conscious I sat the drink down and started to walk away when she said sit, and I did. After introductions and some small talk she asked if I had a car and said let's get out of here. Her name was Pat, blond hair, cute face and when she stood I could see she had a nice body, we drove off with her giving directions. We entered into one of the more exclusive neighborhoods in town and headed to the end of a street with large homes and big acreage estates. We pulled up to a gate and she leaned across me, pushed a button and said it's me, and with that the gate opened. Before she sat back in her seat she gave me a small but wet kiss and said drive around to the back.

When we entered the house, another girl was there and introduced herself as Jeannie, brown hair beautiful green eyes and body wise a twin with Pat. This was the first time I really saw Pat in any light and realized she and Jeannie were a little older than me, I am guessing early thirties. We headed to the living room of this incredible house. This place had twenty to thirty foot ceilings and one room was bigger than the apartment I rented. I was handed a joint a drink and was told to relax. Jeannie soon made her way up stairs and Pat and I made our way to the bedroom. She obviously had skills I could not match, but I did have stamina. At twenty one I was barely past the cheerleader in the back seat sex, but this woman," fucked me". When morning came I made my way down stairs and found Pat and Jeannie in the kitchen. After some breakfast and coffee I headed for the door making my excuses when Pat said what are you doing tonight? She invited me back around nine for a private party and her and Jeannie both laughed.

I arrived at the gate at nine not sure what to expect. I was buzzed in and found the two of them waiting in the kitchen. I was kissed by both, handed a pill and a shot of Tequila and told to take it. Pat told me it was X and led me by the hand to the living room where three other couples were all sitting, drinking and smoking. I started to feel really strange when Jeannie told me it was really a hit of acid and to just go with it. Now I have done a few recreational drugs but nothing prepared me for this. I remember going up stairs with Jeannie and Pat and getting into a shower, but from there the rest is really vague.

When I awoke in the morning I had Jeannie on one side and Pat on the other and was really hung over. Pat leaned in and kissed my cheek and flicked my nipple with her fingernail which sent ripples thru my body. Jeannie straddled me and that's when I realized something was different. I was trying to get hard but something had me. Pat saw I was a little panicked and said slow down stud, Jeannie and I want you to stay with us for your vacation and be our lover, but with some rules. In case you haven't noticed Jeannie and I took the liberty of shaving you from neck to ankles and we would like for you to stay that way while you stay with us. Next we get to say when, what type and how much sex we have. The last thing is, and that's when Jeannie rolled off of me and I could see that I was wearing some type of device. It looked like a tube that incased my now shriveling member. Pat said now don't panic, this is a chastity device that gives us control over your erections and orgasms. We will hold the keys and decide when and for how long it comes off. If you say no we unlock it, say goodbye and you can go enjoy your vacation. On the other hand if you say yes the next couple of weeks could be some of the wildest you will ever experience. I found myself a little scared but the prospect of staying with these two women was enough to make me say yes.

The day proceeded, only I was not allowed any clothes, being nude except for the tube made me a little self conscious. Every time either passed by me they gave me a kiss, pinched my now swollen nipples or stroked my hairless body. By the end of the day I was ready to jump either one of them. When evening came we all settled down in the living room where I was sandwiched between the two and fondled and played with like one of their toys. After an hour or so Jeannie left the room and it was down to me and Pat. I thought at last I am going to get a laid. Instead Pat slipped off her top exposing her beautiful breast. I immediately dove on them only to have her stop me. She then showed me the beauty of the breast and instructed me on the proper way to touch, kiss and suck on her breast. I did as she told me and had her moaning, but every time my hand went between her legs she stopped me. Pat stood up slipped on her top and said follow me.

I was led to a bedroom upstairs and was told this is where you sleep and she wished me a good night. I was almost ready to cry from frustration when the door opened and in stepped Jeannie. She kissed me and slipped off her top and lay back on the bed. Again I was directed to the breast and scolded when I tried anything else. Jeannie soon praised me for my technique and strangely enough I felt some weird sense of pride even though Jeannie left me even more frustrated than before. My breast instructions and technique greatly improved over the next few days and my frustration level had reached new heights. Every day I showered and was provided with razors and shave creams and was supervised to make sure I shaved every area. After a couple of days I found myself putting on a show while I shaved hoping to persuade them to let me out of this thing and fuck me.

After five days of playing with their gorgeous breast and being played with I was pleading with them to let me out, I was reminded that I agreed to give them control. They did say if I wanted to leave they would unlock the tube and I was free to go, but without sex from either of them. Now I had been watching them for the last five days walk around in sometimes as little as nothing but panties and I was not about to leave here without fucking them both. They did agree that it was time I was rewarded for my work and new appreciation of women's breast.

That night as we sat in the living room I was told to kneel between Jeannie's legs as she sat on the couch. I was told to start at her feet and show the same kind of attention to her feet and legs as I had shown her breast. So slowly I kissed and sucked her toes, feet, ankles and continued up her legs. Pat was watching and every time I got in too much of a hurry or passed over an area I was instructed to take my time. When I finally made my way between her thighs I could see the wetness on her panties and could smell the sweetness of her pussy. I was allowed to kiss the thin material that separated me from what I longed for. Pat then stopped me and moved me over to her to repeat what I had just learned pleasing Jeannie and again I was stopped after just one kiss between Pats legs. The two of them surrounded me and began to kiss and hug me driving me to the point where I was having a hard time breathing I was in such lust for them both. They continued the assault on my nipples that had been going on since I arrived. Both of them were so sensitive that even the slightest touch brought me to my knees. I was led to my room and strapped to the bed with my hands over my head and my feet to the bed post. They then slid off their panties and for the first time in a week I was allowed to see both of their pussies. I was then kissed good night and turned off the lights as they left the room. I laid there in the dark with tears streaming down my face I wanted them both so badly.

My heart jumped when the door opened the following morning. I was so glad to see both of them I was whimpering. They released me from my ties and told me they had something special planned for me later. I cooked breakfast for both of them and cleaned without being told. I made the beds and sat quietly waiting for them to tell me what to do next. I was hoping they would release me for sex. Later that night I was brought into the living room again and was told to start at Pat's feet like the night before. This time I was careful to go slow and kiss every square inch of toes, feet, ankles and legs leading all the way up her long legs. Again when I kissed the area between her legs I was immediately moved to Jeannie and repeated the process. When I didn't think I could go any further Pat said come to me and remove my panties. I grabbed and started to pull them down when she stopped me and said slowly. With that I slowly slid her panties down kissing them all the way down, when I reached the bottom I started kissing my way back up, slowly. When I finally kissed and tasted Pat's pussy, Jeannie pulled me to her and said now it's my turn. Again I repeated what I had just done to Pat. After just one kiss of Jeannie's pussy I was led upstairs and again strapped to the bed. Only this time they stayed for a while kissing and playing with me. Pat even got into a sixty nine position but far enough down that I could see her pussy but not touch it. She made sure not to touch my swollen balls and frustrated dick that was trying to get hard but had no place to go. When she let her long hair brush across my thighs and lower stomach I cried out loud and begged them to fuck me, I even confessed my love for both of them. I was quickly comforted by both and told what a wonderful over I was becoming and that my reward would fulfill even my wildest fantasy. I found some comfort in their words and somehow managed to sleep that night.

I awoke with my balls still aching but determined to please them both to the point they would want to release me for sex. The day seemed to drag on and I felt as if they were ignoring me. I would even go and sit on the floor next to the chair they were sitting in looking for any kind of praise or attention. That night in the living room Pat slipped off her shirt and pulled me to her breast and without hesitation I showed her beautiful breast the attention they deserved. When I started kissing my way down she didn't stop me. Jeannie sat and watched as I removed Pat's panties and kissed my way back up. When I finally kissed the soft lips of her pussy I was expecting to be pulled away, Instead I was allowed to stay. My hunger and lust for her over took me and I was scolded and again told to take my time and be gentle. I was given careful instruction on the fine art cunnilingus. I had never really done this before and never realized how beautiful and complex a pussy really was. I brought Pat to several orgasms and swallowed every drop like fine wine. At Twenty one I am ashamed to say all I ever really thought about was fucking and leaving. Jeannie soon pulled me over and I noticed the subtle differences between her and Pat. She tasted, smelled and felt different. I loved them both and wanted nothing more than to please them. When both were pleased I was led again to my room and was strapped back to my bed. This time I did not seem to care as much because I knew both of them were pleased me.

Over the next few days the scenario was the same, I was instructed on ways to please a woman. My skills had greatly improved but my frustration was now almost more than I could handle. It was Thursday and I knew I would have to leave soon to go back to work. That night Pat led me upstairs and I prayed this was the night. She stripped crawled on the bed and said show me the lover you have become. Over the next couple of hours I did all I could to please her and judging by the moans I was doing exactly that. Still in my tube my tongue, fingers and lips were working over time. She left and soon Jeannie arrived and I gave her the same attention I gave Pat. Once again at the end of the night I was strapped to the bed, but was told that tomorrow night was the night I was waiting for. I was so excited that sleep did not come easy for me.

The morning finally came and I was released from my straps. Jeannie and Pat paid a lot of attention to me that day, kissing, stroking, pinching my nipples, hugging me and telling me how wonderful it had been to share these two weeks with me and watch me grow as a man and a lover. That night I was told to go up stairs shower, shave and wait in my bedroom. Pat came in and led me to her bedroom. There was a king size four poster bed, big screen TV and a bathroom bigger than my bedroom. I was placed on the bed and once again strapped down. Pat and Jeannie began to kiss and tease me, a blindfold was placed over my eyes and earphones playing soft jazz were strapped over my ears, I was left alone for several minutes. I felt someone tugging at the strap on my right hand and at the same time the chastity tube was removed. I thought my dick would jump to a full erection, but instead it was slow to rise. I guess after a couple of weeks it was trained to only go so far. My hand was loose but not free, still tethered. I pulled against the strap and slowly my hand made its way to my dick. I could just barely touch it with my finger tips and then my hand was pulled away. Still the first touch in nearly two weeks was incredible. This went on until finally I was allowed to wrap my hand around it. I immediately started to jack off only to find my hand being pulled away. Again and again I was allowed just a couple of pulls and then my hand was removed, I was now begging for relief. My hand was restrained until I settled down and then I was allowed to repeat the process. At this point I had lost sense of time and control. With head phones on I had no idea how loud I was begging. Finally I was allowed to jack off, but every time I came close to cuming my hand was pulled away. Finally my hand was pulled back and secured.

The head phones were removed and then the mask. When I looked around the room besides Jeannie and Pat four other women were in the room, all naked and all wearing what I call Mardi Gras mask. They had all been watching me attempt to jack off and somehow I didn't care. Jeannie and Pat were unmasked and passing a bowl around for a drawing. Once everyone had drawn one of the women got up came over to the bed and straddled me in a sixty nine position, I knew what I was to do. Immediately I went to work allowing my tongue and lips to bring pleasure to this woman. I was hoping she would do the same to my now exposed dick. The only thing she did was to let her hair lightly brush over my erection and blew her hot breath over me. I worked until I brought her to several orgasms. When she left the bed the next masked woman did the same. While I was pleasing the next one I could hear them talking about how well I was trained. Again I was only teased by the second woman. This went on until the four masked women, Jeannie and Pat were satisfied. I had their juices flowing down my chin and across my neck on to the bed. Each woman was different and I was suddenly glad for all I had learned and was able to please each of them. When the last one was finished Jeannie asked me if I was ready to get fucked and my only response was please fuck me.

With that two women came to each side of the bed and placed leather straps just above my knees and attached a strap to each one and ran the strap around the bed post at the head of the bed. Pat placed a ring in my mouth and strapped it around my head, I was not able to close my mouth. When I looked down Jeannie was at the foot of the bed wearing a large strap on dildo. She released the buckles that held my feet and the women on each side pulled on the straps until my hips were over my head. I pulled as hard as I could but soon realized what was going to happen. Jeannie lubed me up and placed the dildo against my ass and pushed until the head popped in. I was scared, panicking and trying to beg them to stop but with the ring in my mouth I could only make noise. She kept working and pushing until she was all the way in. This was the first time for me, but somewhere amongst the pain, confusion and humiliation, I managed to find some pleasure. Jeannie kept fucking me in the ass, easy at first but harder and harder as time went on. I realized that the last two weeks of teasing was building up to an orgasm. I started to moan and Pat grabbed my dick and aimed it straight at my wide open mouth. This was the most intense orgasm I had ever felt. I thought I was going to black out I was cuming so hard. There was a stream of cum almost like I was peeing and it was aimed straight at my mouth. They held my head in place and what didn't go in my mouth was hitting me in the face. As soon as I stopped cuming they jerked the ring out of my mouth and held my chin shut and ordered me to swallow. It took two swallows to get it all down.

My hips were lowered a little but my knees were still over my chest and my ass exposed. I looked down and one of the masked women was strapping on a dildo. She mounted me and was soon pounding my ass. Jeannie who had just finished moved over my mouth with her ass and I knew what she wanted. Soon my tongue was buried deep in her ass, working trying to please her. I did manage to bring her to more than one orgasm. When the next woman pulled out of my ass another one was ready and she switched with Jeannie. I became apparent that all would take a turn in my ass and then I would take a turn in theirs with my tongue. Five women and my ass was stretched, it and my tongue didn't feel like it could take any more. I looked at the end of the bed and Pat, the lady who originally brought me to this party was standing there with a strap on that was nine or ten inches long and as big around as my wrist. The fifth woman smothered my mouth with her ass before I could protest. I knew there was nothing I could do so I tried to concentrate on this woman's ass. I buried my tongue deep, but no matter what I did I felt that big dildo going up my ass. Pat worked it slow but still she was stretching me way beyond what the other five had done. It did not take long before she was working deep penetration in my ass. I felt every stroke it seemed to my navel. The fifth woman who was on my face was a little heavier than the rest and she was grinding her ass on to my tongue, almost smothering me. Something strange happened and again in the pain I found pleasure and had my second very intense orgasm.

Pat stopped pounding my ass and unbuckled the straps of her dildo harness, leaving this huge dildo in me. She then buckled the straps around my legs to hold it in place. She then took her turn with her ass over my mouth. She stayed until my tongue could do no more. She then slid back a little and told me to drink and then she slowly started to pee in my mouth. I began to swallow all the while gagging a little. When she finished Pat got on one side and Jeannie on the other and they began to whip my raised ass with riding crops on each cheek until I started to cry and my ass went completely numb. Still they kept beating my ass for several more minutes. One of the girls covered my mouth to quiet my crying screams. The blindfold was slipped on again and I began to wonder how much longer this could go on. My raised, numb and well fuck ass was left in place for several minutes. Finally Pat undid the buckles and slowly pulled this huge dildo out of my ass. When she pulled it out it felt as if I had a huge void. They let my legs down and Pat scooped my second orgasm off my stomach with two fingers and shoved them in my mouth, kissed my cheek and told me to sleep. I was physically and mentally exhausted, sleep came easy.

I don't know how long I was asleep but when I awoke the mask and wrist restraints were gone, the tube was not back on and my clothes were lying on the chair. I sat up on the side of the bed and realized my insides were in pain. I tried to stand but was not able to straighten all the way up. My ass was still stinging and my ass hole felt huge. I managed to get my clothes on, stumble down stairs to a dark house. Thinking this was my chance I grabbed my keys and slipped out the back door into my car. I started the car and drove to the gate with my lights off and was glad when the gate opened automatically. I drove back to my friend's apartment and spent the next two days recovering before I had to go back to work. I was doctoring my ass with Witch Hazel the first night from what I assumed was raw from the whipping until I noticed something. On one cheek was tattooed the letter J and on the other a P. Sort of a jail house looking tat about an inch high. That explained the ass beating until it was numb, so I could not feel it going on. I didn't have time to deal with it now.

The first few days back at work were hard for me. My insides were still sore and the itching re-growth of hair which I kept hidden made things miserable not to mention the healing tattoo. On my first days off I couldn't resist and made the 100 mile drive to see these girls who took advantage of me. I drove to the house and rang the buzzer on the gate a couple of times, no answer I figured they must be out. I came back the next day and followed an older model pickup up the street with mowers and yard tools in the back, he pulled up to the gate with me right behind him. An older man got out and greeted me although he did not speak good English and my Spanish was horrible. I finally got across to him that I was looking for two girls and he motioned for me to follow him. We parked out back and came in the back door and was greeted by a lady in the house. I explained that I was looking for Jeannie and Pat the two girls who lived here. She spoke good English and told me no girls lived in the house. The house belonged to the Boyd family and she had been hired to clean it up before the Boyd's returned from Europe. I asked if maybe someone had been house sitting while they were gone. She asked if I was the one who broke in and made the mess in the house.

I realized this was not a good situation and told her I was to meet a couple of girls here but must have the wrong house. She told me to leave or she would call the police, AGAIN. I left a little confused and decided to find these girls. I realized that not only did I not know their last names, but I never saw a car or did not know what the other four masked girls looked like. That night I went to the Crystal Pistol in hopes of seeing maybe Jeannie or Pat. The bartender was not the same, so no help there. I sat at a table towards the back and watched and waited. After several hours I gave up and walked back to my car. It was late so I decided to head home. I started my car and realized something was under my wiper blade, I hate it when they put fliers on your car. I jumped out and grabbed it and realized this was not a flier. This was a photo, of me; no other faces could be seen. My face was clearly visible and it was very clear someone was fucking me in the ass. If they had this picture what other ones could they have? I jumped out of my car and looked around and saw no one. I spent the next several days looking and watching with no luck.

That was six years ago and to this day I have never seen Jeannie or Pat again. I don't have a clue as to any of the other women's identity or even what they look like. I have since had the crude tats removed from my ass, but the memory of those two weeks will stay with me forever. I guess there is a price to pay for everything in life and I paid mine with my body and my once cherry ass. Any lovers I have had since have definitely benefitted from the education I received at the hands of those two women. Something lost, something gained.

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