My Wife Makes Me Do It

Submitted by: Bob

We started out like many couples, I was the one that started things and she is the one that turns them into requirements.

I guess it started when I got a male chastity device (CB-2000) some eleven years ago, not thinking that they really worked, well they do. After a few years and a few upgrades I ended up in the latest model the CB-6000S made for men with smaller, shorter penises. It really fits my smaller size best was so comfortable that I made the mistake of telling my Wife I could wear it fulltime.

This soon resulted in her requiring me to wear it all the time and lengthening my chastity time from one to three weeks. The result of wearing it fulltime was not only that I could not relieve myself by masturbating, but that my penis became much more sensitive too. Then two years ago she stepped up my releases to only one a month.

Although I was getting older the fact that my desire was kept intact made me become erect and be hard as soon as she would unlock me. It worked better than dangerous drugs. This resulted in me being a rather quick ejaculator. More than a few times my Wife was surprised that I sterted to ejaculate when she was just stroking me and she tried to stop it by squeezing it off. I read that another way is to squeeze the mans balls very hard, order him to stop and dont let up till he begs.

They called these minimized or abbreviated ejaculations because they were stopped before the male could complete ejaculating. They save about 50% or more depending on how soon they are stopped. Many Wives, mine included like allowing their husbands their release this way because they only lose about a days performance from them versus a week to a week and half if they had a complete draining ejaculation. Hes ready to go again in a few days instead of weeks is their motto.

My Wife began prefering only allowing me minimized releases. Between the minimal releases and the increased desire of having to wait a month everytime she says she really noticed not only an increase in my performance but also an improvement in my manners and behavior. She is sold on it and wont allow me to ever go back.

Because of the minimizing and the only once a month release I was not getting to be allowed inside her hardly at all for intercourse any more. This made me crave it so much that I started to beg and plead with her to allow me to be inside her. She could see my sincerity and she knew one of my fantasies was for her to make me orally please after sex. She had done it a few times over the course of our marriage, but she always guilted me into it by saying things like, Is that all the longer you can last?, You came as quick as little boy, If you cant last longer than that I will have to get another man for this job.

When she talks to me like that it really ecites me. While all of those excited me and compelled me to want to perform better in bed for her the last one, threatening to get another man for the job made me want to do better and excited me the most. Because she could see that making these statements to me really had an affect and made me want to do better to please her it led to the next phase.

The next time I was due for my monthly release I knelt at the foot of the bed at the alloted time as always and awaited her arrival. She came in dressed in a sexy robe, sat before me, and hiked the robe up to expose her knees and thighs. I imediately began to give her a foot rub as had become the custom to help get her into a receptive mood. Because she had taken away conventional sex it made it very important to me now. I craved it

She always had me orally please her first before she would unlock me. After a half an hour I had worked up the courage to beg her, Dear? May I please be unlocked tonight and can we please have sex with me entering you first?

She thought for a few moments while staring down at me. Because my Wife requires me to kneel before her numerous times daily the reality that she has power over me has sunk in. Because I have accepted it and do so makes it fact. I truly am her subject and servant.

Finally she said, Well your past performance has really been quite poor, I dont think you can argue with that. What would you agree to do, if I allowed you to have sex with me tonight first?

I couldnt think of anything and before I could really think I just said, If I can't last long enough and I ejaculate before I can make you orgasm I will orally please second. After I said it I was wondering, Why did I say that? Ive always had trouble lasting long enough to make her orgasm.

She said, OK. A deal is a deal, but youll have to at least orally please me to get me wet for you - so get busy!

After pleasing her orally for awhile (By the way she did orgasm) she allowed me to get up. She always orgasms better for me orally. I blame it on my small thin size and lack of stamina. Because she requires my oral attentions numerous times a week I have become quite good at it. Yes Im proud of being able to orally please my woman just the same as a man is proud to please a woman by intercourse.

I laid on the bed and she mounted me facing my feet. She likes it this way. She has complete control. I entered her. Her vagina felt heavenly to my penis that had not felt it in over three months. Once inserted completely she began to rock and ride me and it was not very long and I was on the edge of losing it. She could tell too.

Then she started slapping my nuts and said, Remember your promise to me. If you dont give me an orgasm I am scooting right back and mounting your face!

That was it I lost it. I came. I always come better when she verbally excites me and this time she had outdone herself. I colapsed sated unable to move from such a good, complete ejaculation. Then before I knew it she had scooted back and as she lowered herself onto my face she gripped my balls and gave them a sharp squeeze. The last thing I heard was, Eat me!

I performed well and she had another orgasm. What I didn't realize was that this had now set a precident. She knew she could get me to agree to this, because I wanted it so badly now. She was quite happy with my oral attentions for a month, two and even three months. If I ever hint about conventional sex she replies with, Dear, you know thats a special priviledge and your oral tallents far exceed your conventional tallents. I suggest you stick with what you are best at until I decide to take pity on you!

I never would have been able to perform oral sex on her after sex if she had squeezed my balls and made me perform. But now that she has only allowed me to have sex with her like this the past two years Im accustomed to it. I have accepted it as my lot in life. I found out their called creampies and I like them now.

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