The Postman Brings a Gift

Submitted by: Corsetperv

I had read about stuff like this on the internet. On the sites I went to when no one was looking, late at night when I was sure I was alone.

I have had bondage fantasies since I was too young to be a dirty old pervert, and what I was looking at was the pinnacle of those fantasies.

I had just returned to my little flat and found the box waiting for me outside the door. Just a plain brown cardboard box with a delivery label with my name and address. Something from Ebay I assumed. I was always buying junk and getting rid a month later. Couldnt even remember what it was this time. I popped it on my post table then found a knife, opened it and there I stood mouth wide open looking at what had been for me until now just images on a screen.

This was defiantly not a piece of junk but where it had come from I did not know. What I discovered as I parted the plain brown packing paper was a bright, highly polished stainless steel chastity belt. I was to say the least a little surprised. The only other item in the box was a padlock. I was fascinated. I removed the lock from its sealed packing and three keys fell onto the floor. I was in a complete quandary my brain saying steady boy lets have a good look at this and my dick screaming put it on put it on put it on.

Obviously dick won the argument but not till I had tested the keys worked and I had a proper look. It was seemingly made entirely of what looked like stainless steel including the tube and when I had assembled the waist belt to the crotch belt I noticed a ring on the front. Pulling the ring caused dozens of tiny sharp spikes to peep out of there little holes in the tube, probably not enough to permanently damage its occupant but I would guess enough to draw a little blood when a good pull was applied to the ring, A lesser pull would cause the wearer less pain.

The phone rang and I ignored it, bound to be someone from a land far away wanting to explain to me why her phone package was much better than the one I had now. I checked the key in the lock again, it worked, It took me a while to figure out that the lock slid into a pocket in the front plate of the belt and the two arms of the waist belt were pushed down simultaneously onto the hasp forcing the lock to snap shut and completely hiding the padlock from view and making it totally tamper proof. Putting the key in the lock and a quarter turn the arms jumped up about half an inch and could then be sprung out of the way releasing the victim. So far so good, the phone rang again, I ignored it again.

My mind was spinning my dick was throbbing and the two thoughts in my head were where on earth had this evil little bit of kit come from and why when it was so obviously made for me had I not tried it on yet? I needed to investigate further; I was a little worried by the tube and its spikes. The tube was lined with what appeared to be a soft silicone rubber and there was no way the spikes would come out without a pull on the ring. The tube was mounted on a slide that would allow it some movement. This is a very solid piece of kit and would take considerable effort to take it off without the key. There were no other hitches as far as I could see so in for a penny.

I dropped my pants and my fronts and shirt for good measure. Holding the waist belt I stepped into it and pulled it up. But that was it, there was no way on Gods green earth my dick was going into that tube. Off to the freezer and a strategically placed bag of frozen peas had my dick back to its sleeping size. I tried again and failed again as soon as I tried to push Percy into the tube he hardened up and refused to go inside.

I remembered reading on a chastity belt website about the "sock trick". So I chilled my poor dick again and put a sock on it, pulled the belt up and threaded my dick into the tube, brought the arms round and tried to push them into the lock to close it. The whole contraption pushed down hard on my cock and balls and hurt like hell.  Using a mirror I could see the tube was not moving all the way up its slide I would have to take it off and repeat the icing and sock detail again, or a little force may just do it. I managed to get my finger in behind it and the phone rang again. Piss off I hissed as I freed the slide which sprang to the end of its travel allowing me to press the arms of the waist belt into the lock pocket and click It was locked.

The pain from the spikes as my dick swelled almost had me reaching for the key but with a deep breath or two I managed to gain a little control and felt my poor member recede.

The phone rang again, I picked it up. About time said a husky female voice I knew but could not place. I suppose you have been playing with my toy? What! I answered. Do you remember me? What! You bought me a drink at the Battersea Fetish Market! What, even I realised my answers were getting a little boring. Have you been playing with my belt she insisted? Err no I replied. Oh well if you dont like it I will come round and collect it. The phone went dead. Shit I love the idea of this but I am not about to admit I am a world-ranking weirdo to someone whose voice I cannot even remember.

I grabbed the keys and had a feel for the slot. To my abject horror I could not get the key in, using the mirror I could see the slot was obscured by the slide arrangement on the tube. I tried to move the slide back but it was solid. After another inspection with the mirror I discovered the locking mechanism had moved what I can best describe as a bolt into the path of the slide. As I saw it then the only way to take this off is to have it cut off.

At this point my memory kicked in and in my minds eye I saw a woman about 50ish but very well presented nothing outlandish, well not by the Fetish Market standards anyway we were sat in the bar having a drink. I had asked her for a date, she didnt refuse but she didnt except either she gave me a number and I gave her my home and mobile numbers. I had tried ringing her half a dozen times but the phone was never answered. She had said she was going on a trip but had been no more specific than that. She was defiantly the voice. Nothing much had been said but I thought she might be into some real kinky stuff. Thinking about it I had said a lot about me but had received very little information back. She had one small white wine and then said she had to go as she was travelling tomorrow. I was allowed to walk her to her car and was treated to a view of her very retro underwear as she climbed into a 5 ltr Supercharged Jag XF, Wow.

The intercom squealed, Shit! I pulled my jeans on and a T-shirt. Hello let me in, It was an order not shouted not rude but an order never the less. I wanted to give her a piece of my mind but my finger pressed the door release button I heard her heels on the stairs as I opened my door. She walked in as if she owned the place dropped a holdall to the floor and slipped off her full length leather coat and handed it to me. I cried out in real pain as my dick instantly sprang to attention, it felt as though every point in the tube had pierced my tender bit. The very understandable reaction from my best mate was provoked by her dress A red leather corset with black piping that just covered the nipple line, the narrowest waist I had ever seen and ending in eight suspenders holding up black stockings and a pair of boots with thin shiny metal stiletto heels that had to be very near six inches. And a pair of frilly black knickers that looked a little out of place but I felt it best not to comment.

I must have looked a little surprised as she pointed out the sleeve of her toy was soft silicone and would allow me a little movement but the spikes would prevent any nonsense. She asked me if I had any questions, I said does this belt come off. Playing the game well she then changed tack and said I dint understand, what belt, you distinctly told me you had not touched it. She held the silence for two or three minutes. Despite the obvious bulges in my jeans I could not bring myself to admit I had put myself in a chastity belt.

Show me, she eventually said. I was frozen. Strip! She commanded in that undeniable voice of hers. I dropped my jeans. And the rest. T shit off and trainers followed. Thats better, yes it does, it needs a magnetic key and the knowledge of where to put it I have not brought with me. I have invested a lot of money in you so I am very much hoping you wont let me down.

If you tell me at any time you want to remove the belt, by saying I demand you remove this belt I will take you to wherever the key is, remove the belt and bring you back here. After that we will never meet again. I may change the conditions at any time, you will have one chance to agree otherwise we will part in the manner outlined. Do you agree? Unable to speak I handed her the three keys.

Good, we are going to a party, and I need to dress you.

Picking up the bag she produced a strap armbinder and had me secured in it in seconds telling me I must let her know if I loose feeling in my arms. Next a hood with a zipped mouth and eye pieces. And a pair of clover clamps I have tried a pair before at a fetish show these hurt just as much. I made a complaint, which was answered by the removal of the frilly knickers revelling her totally bald damp cunt, she then stuffed them into my mouth before they went in I could see her moisture glistening. A nasty little crop appeared from the holdall and then twelve red stripes appeared on my backside.

She looked at me and said if you want that belt off nod your head my cock was in agony but I stood stock still. Finally a dog lead appeared and was clipped to the ring on the chastity belt and I then understood how much control it gave her. Finally she produced a butt plug with a horsehair tail attached, I was asked if I had ever worn one and I shook my head. Well now is the time to try it. She led to my own kitchen table bent me over it. And with the use of a fair amount of lube the plug was inserted and then locked in position. You will be grateful of that when we get there. Quite a few of my friends are gay she told me. I was not grateful for it then.

Another dozen stripes were added this time purely for her enjoyment. I was then forced to watch her finger herself to a noisy orgasm, she wiped her fingers under the nostril holes in my hood. My eye zips were closed and I was led totally unable to resist to the door. I was to be lead, dressed like this through the communal arias of my block of flats to her car then driven to a party god knows where. My nipples were numb, my cock felt like it had one hundred needles piercing it the horsehair was tickling the back of my knees and my arse was on fire my senses were overpowered by her scent and taste. I was in heaven.

Trott on boy and lift those knees. Thwack.

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