First Anniversary

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Rick came meekly into the bedroom, carrying a small hinged box, the type that usually held jewelry. His wife Lanny was lying back on their bed in all her full-figured glory, wearing nothing but a wispy nighty and red stripper heels. Her husband swallowed with difficulty as he stopped and stared at her. She had her hands-free headset on and was listening to what someone on the phone was saying. No matter how often Rick saw his wife like that it never failed to excite him. He waited silently for her to finish her call.

"That's perfect, Tisa," she said. "Why don't we make it this Saturday? Is that good for you? Great. I'll see you then. Or should I say, WE'LL see you." She giggled prettily and cut the connection. Lanny took off the headset and shook out her long wavy, honey-colored hair. Her wide mouth formed a smile as she looked at Rick. "Hello, Ricky. Did I schedule you to give me a back rub now?" His eyes went to the floor. "No, dear. It's just that today is our first wedding anniversary and I got you a little gift." He held out the box. She said, "Well, if you're giving me something, I think the presentation matters a lot. Don't you agree that it would be more appropriate if you dropped your trousers and jockeys so your chastity was on display?" He nodded mutely and set the box on the dresser. His fingers undid his belt and opened his pants. Then he pushed them and the shorts down his legs to his ankles. When he straightened up there was nothing hiding his hairless pubic area or the short tube that contained his penis and the attached ring that was locked around the top of his scrotum. Rick took the box again and stood there, not certain what he should do next. His wife told him to shuffle over and let her have her gift. He did as he was told and stood there by the side of the bed, taking in the sight of her with longing that was easy to read on his face. She accepted the box and opened it. "Why, Ricky dear, it's a beautiful silver chain. I wonder what I should wear on it." He explained in a near whisper, "It's an ankle chain and, well, I thought you might like to wear the key to my tube on it." "Yes," she replied happily. "That seems right, to have your key way down there close to the ground. I hope this chain is sturdy. We wouldn't want your precious key to get lost. At least, YOU wouldn't want that. I, on the other hand, might find it amusing."

Unconciously, Rick had begun shifting his feet. Hearing his sexy wife talk that way got him aroused. With the chastity in place, however, there was no chance of him achieving an erection. He could feel the imprisoned flesh straining against the walls of its cage. Instead, he could only stand there and wait to find out what she would do next. After letting him squirm for another minute she said, "Now that you've put the idea of a back rub into my mind, maybe we could do something like that. Did you get that new lotion I wrote the name of down for you? You did? Good. Take those pants and shorts completely off and go and get it, Ricky, and I'll let you rub it alllll over my tits. Would you like that, loverboy? Hmmmm? Aw, look at that grateful puppydog look on your face. That's just one more reason why I love you. You're so cute when you're horny and can't do anything about it --- which is ALL the time." She chuckled. "Now go on, puppyboy, run and fetch the lotion." He hurried from the room, his mind swarming with mixed emotions. Ever since he had revealled his obsessions to her during a protracted session of foreplay, Lanny had warmed more and more to the ideas of keeping him in chastity, teasing him sexually, and making him her love slave. She had also graduated to treating him meanly sometimes. Rich shuddered with nervous excitement as he started back to her with the bottle of lotion. How far would she go with the fantasy that he had introduced and she now owned?

In the bedroom again, he found his wife had shed the nighty and was sitting on the edge of the bed in only her seductive heels. He uncapped the bottle and squirted a dollop of lotion onto the palm of his hand, then set the bottle on the dresser. As he leaned forward to begin she held up her hand, palm out, to stop him. "No, no," she chided. "You need to lose your shirt, then get down on your knees and reach up to me. That will show how devoted you are." Lanny knew exactly what to say to trigger his deepest desires. He got out of his shirt, carefully working the lotion-holding hand through the sleeve without making a mess, and then sank to his knees before her, worshipfully, gazing up at the goddess he had wed. She rewarded him with a faint smile and a nod of permission. Rich spread the lotion onto both palms and extended his arms, gently touching her full firm breasts and slowly massaging them, feeling her hard nipples. He had to hold back a sob of longing as she let him go on and on. He was able to lean toward the dresser and grab the bottle, which he set on the floor alongside him. There followed a second application and a third, the continued contact with Lanny's attractive bust leaving him distracted by need. At last she turned her eyes down to him and said, "I think that's enough for now. We don't want you to get too worked up, you being locked up like that, do we?" She laid back and stretched. "Get on the bed between my legs, sweetie. You know the position." Rich knew it all too well. Shortly after he had confessed his desires and his wife had accepted them, she discovered that he could give her extreme pleasure with his mouth. At the same time, she didn't miss penetration at all. More importantly, after the first few times, she became intoxicated by the sense of power she gained from being able to control him and deny him orgasms.

Rick began using his tongue and lips on her. She purred and rolled her wide hips. Lanny remembered when she made him show her a variety of chastity devices on the Web. Then she had read a few fantasy stories that he said were his favorites, several of them written by someone named Thong or Thorn or something. There was even a site that featured captioned pictures of women speaking to men they kept in chastity, taunting them but in a loving way. That last one had done the trick. Lanny ordered him to send for a tube and, when it arrived, to turn the key over to her. Rick had been delighted but still a bit fearful, a combination which added to her willingness to continue. She had him shave off his pubic hair and then don the device. As soon as he had it on and locked she tried an experiment. Her nimble fingers went to his nipples and toyed with them, which she knew assured immediate tumesence. Instead, the tube elevated slightly and his balls drew up, but that was all. She grinned, suddenly liberated and feeling no need to conceal her reaction. The initial teasing turned into an hour long session that left Rick panting and herself wetter than she had ever been between her legs, eager for satisfaction. She had told him she was ready to be slammed, to share a long screwing, but then 'remembered' that he was in no condition to participate. Lanny slipped the key inside her pillow case and suggested that they pretend it was missing. Then he had given her three stunning climaxes, much like he was in the process of doing again now.

"You know, baby," she said breathily. "The longer I keep you celibate the better you get at pampering my pussy. So it only makes sense for me to keep you chaste for longer and longer periods. How many weeks has it been this time, Ricky?" His head came up partway and he told her, "Six weeks, Lanny." As he resumed his happy task she said, "That's the longest so far. Maybe we should see what your performance is like after EIGHT weeks. Of course, if you stop doing such a good job then I'd have to punish you. Lately, when you're down there where you are now, I think about swatting your bottom and then making you sit naked in the basement on a rough cinderblock. Ouch. Of course, the real punishment would be that I'd add more time to how long you had to keep the tube on." She sighed and let him continue for several moments. Then she regained her composure enough to go on, telling him, "Isn't that funny, lover? If you do a good job of being my pussyboy, I'll keep you in chastity longer. But if you do a bad job I'll keep you in that tube longer too, except it'll be for a different reason. So no matter how you make me feel in bed, you're going to stay in lock-up. Poor Ricky. But back in the beginning you told me that's what you want." She was breathing faster. "Ohhhh, keep working on my clitty. Don't stop. Don't -- " Then she couldn't speak anymore because she was approaching her finale. It struck hard and she bucked her hips, pushing her mound up against his still busy mouth as he made sure she got maximum satisfaction and then backed off enough that she also enjoyed a long descent from the heights. At last she relaxed. As Rick began lapping lightly to begin the long climb toward a second finish she picked up again on her train of thought.

"So here's my question for you, Ricky boy. After all these months of being in chastity nearly the entire time, is this still what you want?" He had asked himself that same question, late at night, after a long session of being teased and having to gratify his wife. He had considered different answers as he lay next to her magnificent naked body while she slept peacefully and he writhed with frustration. Had she gone beyond his fantasy? He gave her a few more loving strokes from his tongue and then substituted his finger so he could speak. All at once he knew the answer. "Yes, Lanny. This is exactly what I want. To be kept chaste for as long as -- " He hesitated only a second. " -- as long as you please. No matter how many weeks -- or months -- that is. I love the way you tease me and I need to adore your body with massages and lotion and -- using my mouth on you. I know you love me but I also accept that you have the right to be mean if it pleases you. So yes, this is what I want. Always." "Good answer." She rolled her head on the pillow luxuriosly, relishing the sensations of muscles soothed by her recent climax. "Now prove it by taking me over the top again. One more orgasm for me, and no more for you, right now and for who knows how long."

Rick went back to making Lanny's joy his sole focus. He took his time to extend not only her pleasure but his own. More and more he had been coming to understand that giving her everything she wanted also rewarded him with the one thing he needed. For the next hour that truth was proved to both of them.


Saturday night came but Rick had forgotten his wife's phone conversation. That's why he was surprised when the doorbell rang and he went to answer it. Standing on their front porch was a gorgeous young Asian women with almond eyes, high cheekbones, and skin the color of some exotic tea. Her long glossy black hair was cut in bangs and framed a somewhat round face. Her body was also well filled out, with chubby breasts, a non-slender waist, generous hips and thighs. Rick was so smitten that he barely heard his wife approaching from behind him. Then Lanny's voice said, "Tisa, honey, don't mind my husband. I think you've overwhelmed him." Belatedly, Rich said, "I'm sorry. Come in. Please." As she passed him he inhaled some tantalizing perfume and then got an eyeful of her well-padded, rolling backside in the snug skirt she wore. He gasped. Lanny gave him a mock-critical look and told him to go and make Tisa and herself a couple of mimosas. Rick had to stop and think before he could remember the simple ingredients. When he returned with the drinks the women were chatting intimatly. They accepted their drinks and Lanny told him to sit across the room from them, indicating a hard wooden chair. She took a sip of her champagne and orange juice and then informed Rick, "Tisa works with me and we've been discussing your fantasy over lunches and how well it's worked out for me. She has a boyfriend who she thinks would enjoy the same situation, if she dropped a few hints that it's what she wants." "That's right," the plump Asian lovely said. "He's already six kinds of submissive and loves it when I give him orders in bed, tease him mercilessly, let him take care of me the way you do for Lanny, and then tell him he got me so tired out from pulling my trigger so many times, that we're going to have to wait for him to have his fun. I've been postponing his chance to cum for almost two weeks already. So Lanny said I could stop over and ask you any questions I have. Is that alright with you, Ricky?"

He sat there for long seconds before he had the presence of mind to close his mouth. In a small voice he said, "That would be fine, Tisa." Inside his chastity his yearning dick strained helplessly to be free. After all those weeks of enforced celibacy any sort of stimulation, even just visual, could start him going. Now, having two desirable women before him, knowing that they both loved to tease and deny, one of them keeping him in chastity, the other eager to do the same to her boyfriend, almost left hm speechless. Even so, he managed to say, "What would you like to know?" It was going to be a long -- and very interesting -- evening, he was certain.

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