Life Budgeted

Submitted by: Laura

My husband and I made a prenuptial agreement, wherein I would control his orgasms for the remainder of his life. During our engagement, I had him locked up in a chastity belt the entire time. His masturbation days were over.

On the day we chose to review duly sign the agreement, I made him strip naked and then cuffed his hands behind his back and shackled his ankles, with him in a kneeling position-a position to which he would become accustomed. I leisurely brought out the prenuptial agreement, which not only gave him absolutely no interest, whatsoever, in any real or personal property of mine, but it also required him to give up all right to any of his real or personal property and inheritance or future earning or assets acquired. For life, he would not need a financial budget because he wouldn't own anything.

Then, we got to the part that would shortly become the most important. By written agreement, he would serve me without question and wait on me, hand and foot, and be at my beck and call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Essentially, he was agreeing to be my slave. He would be responsible for all cooking, cleaning and Maid work in the house, or in any of my girlfriend's or boyfriend's households, to whom I might lend him. In fact, he stipulated to the condition that "anything goes," in terms of him working for and/or submitting to any request any of my friends or I made, without exception or hesitation.

The last matter addressed in the prenuptial agreement was the number of times he would be allowed to come. He thought that meant on a weekly or monthly basis, otherwise wearing a chastity belt. I meant this to be on a Lifetime basis. I explained to him, as he kneeled, bound and chained, that he would be allowed ten orgasms from now to the end of his life. Presently, he is twenty-five. He will continue to wear a chastity belt for the remainder of his life, to be released from it only when his ankles and wrists are securely chained and he is blind-folded. He would never see his cock again, ever.

I did tell him that he could choose whenever he had his orgasms, but he would have to really budget them to make them last his entire lifetime. The only stipulation I had was the following: I would set out time limit marks for when the orgasms should occur. They may be every ten days, ten years or five minutes. Or, I could set all ten when he turned 60, 70, 80, 30 26, 41.5, 56, et al. He would never know. If he had each orgasm before the corresponding time limit mark, he would be fine. If he requested it on the day of the associated mark or after the associated time mark limit passed, then he would be teased to death without orgasm and told that the time limit had expired for that orgasm, for which he would forever lose. He would be allowed to have only one orgasm per time period. If he requested to have two or more orgasms, a repeat of the expiration time period waiver would occur. He wouldn't know whether he was requesting two or more, within a period, because he would have no idea when the time limit marks occurred. So, his ten orgasms could turn into zero orgasms, if he didn't budget properly.

Of course, he protested, saying that he couldn't properly budget if he didn't know the time constraints component of the budgeting equation. With a soft, feminine laugh, I said that, just as in budgeting money, we don't have access to what might present as a financial emergency. We can't know the future. With finances, we just have to save. Unlike financial budgeting, however, while he might otherwise be able to save his 10 orgasms, he would never know when the "emergency" or time mark/limit would come, and there was nothing "tangible," like money, to "save" for the event-or non- event. He wouldn't be allowed to save what I deemed as "intangible" or "worthless" orgasms. I again giggled and smiled.

He started to cry, unable to grasp and accept my logic. I softly laughed and then, in a very feminine empathetic voice, told him that crying was ok. Big girls do cry, I laughed. In addition to requiring him to eat only the things I chose for him, exercise and be of a petite weight of no more than 125 lbs-currently he was 220 lbs--the only other stipulation I made was that, if he ever failed to do his slave duties for me or anyone to whom I assigned him, he would lose an orgasm for each incident. So, he would have to be on his best behavior. Also, no smoking, drinking or cursing would ever be allowed, with each incident holding the same consequence.

The only alternative to this arrangement would be allowing him one orgasm, which he would be eligible to take in seventy-five years, on his one-hundredth birthday, provided that he and I were still alive. He ultimately chose the ten orgasm challenge.

This arrangement brings hen-pecked to a new level and dimension. He will be a docile slave and appreciate the activities, conversations and things the more mature woman enjoys in life, rather than constantly focusing on orgasm and engaging in the childish and silly activities and behaviors that define men.

After he signed the contract, and I softly reminded him that the "anything goes" clause of the agreement would mean, from time to time or full-time, depending on my mood, that he would have to dress and act like a woman, with shaving, hair, nails, makeup, reinforce the notion that the childish and silly activities that define men would not define him.

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