How Could I Refuse?

Submitted by: Phlogiston

My twin brother died suddenly in a freak auto accident. Being identical twins, we had been very close all our lives until we reached college age. Colin wanted to go into medicine and eventually become a physician. I wanted to become a writer, and opted for a journalism school.

We drifted farther apart after our educations were completed, but kept in touch occasionally by mail and email. On our rare family get-togethers, we found that we often still dressed alike and that people still had a hard time still in telling us apart.

Colin's death was a shock. It also came as something of a shock to learn that I was to be executor of his estate. Neither Colin nor I had yet married, and I was the only close family member.

I was devastated by his death and in no frame of mind to deal with all the complex details of clearing up his affairs. My live-in girlfriend, Cynthia, was a huge help to me. She suggested we sort through his things and she would help me decide what to do with them. There was a lot of unopened mail, including bills, letters, packages, advertising flyers, and other things. Cynthia suggested we open anything that looked like a bill so that I could pay it off, and leave the other stuff for later. We stored boxes of Colin's things in my basement.

It took me a long time to get used to the fact that my twin was no longer alive. Cynthia finally suggested that we go through his effects and make the necessary decisions. We divided up the tasks and went to work.

As I was opening Colin's mail, I came upon something I didn't recognize in one of the packages.

"I wonder what this is?" I said. Colin was a doctor, and I immediately though what I had found was some kind of a truss.

Now, Cynthia is an R.N., and was studying to become a nurse practitioner. She had more experience along these lines, and knew right away what I showed her.

"That's a male chastity belt," she said. We had a guy come into the ER awhile back who was locked up in one of those."

"I never heard of a male chastity belt," I said. "I thought chastity belts were for women in the Middle Ages, to keep them pure while their men were off fighting Crusades or something."

"Well, they certainly have them for men nowadays," Cynthia said. "The guy came to the ER with a broken leg. Nobody had a key, and they didn't need it off anyway, so he still was wearing it when he left. He said something about his wife making him wear it."

We had a lot to go through, and so the subject was dropped at that time. We were both tired when we got finished. We had three piles by then: stuff to take care of, stuff to toss and stuff to store for the time being. I didn't pay any attention to which pile the chastity belt went into, but Cynthia apparently did.

A couple of weeks later, Cynthia mentioned to me that she had "looked into" the matter of the male chastity belt. "There's a ton of stuff on the Internet about it, both serious and pornographic," she told me.

"Pornographic?" I said, "Is there something here I'm missing?"

"Not really. You've never seemed to need pornography to get you going."

"Not with a sexy thing like you around," I replied.

"But some people lke to enhance their sex life by playing games, and the chastity belt is one of the props they sometimes use.

"I've been researching this on the Internet," she continued. "The belt that we found in Colin's effects is one of the better ones on the market. These belts require some pretty exact measurements and are manufactured individually for each order."

"Colin must have had a patient he ordered it for," I said.

"I don't think so," Cynthia said with a mischievous grin. "I think he ordered it for himself."

"What? Why would he do something like that?" I was slightly amazed.

"Some men find it a turn-on," she answered. "We don't know what might have been going on in Colin's case, but I doubt that he ordered it for a patient. Of course, there's one way to know for sure."

"What's that?"

"Try it on, Silly. You're his identical twin. If he had it made to fit himself, it will fit you too."

"Well, I don't know," I said, but I was beginning to become intrigued. "I guess I could try it, and then at least we could know for sure."

So, with Cynthia reading the instructions and giving advice, I tried it on. It seemed to me to be a pretty tight fit, but Cynthia said the whole idea was to make it escape proof.

"OK," Cynthia said after the whole affair was on me and locked, "It says that now you need to wear it for awhile to make sure it's not chafing or poking you anywhere."

"Uh, how long of a while?"

"It recommends a few hours," she said. "If everything is OK, then we go to progressively longer periods."

"Longer than a few hours?" I was a little horrified. "How much longer?"

"Let's just take it a step at a time," she answered. "We can take it off at bed time if you haven't had any trouble by then." I noticed that she hung onto the keys.

"In the meantime," she went on, "get dressed and let's see how it looks under your clothes."

"Under clothes?"

"Why, yes, Silly. The whole idea is that I can keep you chaste for an indefinite period of time. That would mean you would be wearing the belt during the day when I'm not around."

"But Cyn," I objected, "I'm already chaste, for Pete's sake. I thought this was maybe only going to be a game for us!"

"It is that, Honey, at least partly," she said. "But, as for being 'already chaste,' I'm not so sure. Didn't I find you looking at a porn site last week, and with a big bulge in your pants?"

"Well," I stammered, "that's not something that happens very often...."

"I know that, Babe. And I wasn't cross about it. I know that men masturbate, and you certainly are a man. But it might be fun to control when you get to have orgasms, and this would be a way to be sure."

In spite of myself, I began to get a little turned on by this. Of course, that was when I learned first-hand that the tube in the belt would not expand with my penis.

"You're squirming, Honey," said Cynthia. "Is something going on with you?"

"Uh, yeah," I said. I'm getting a little turned on by all of this talk.

"Oh goody!" she said. "Now we can see whether it really works to keep you from getting hard."

"Well, it's surely doing that," I said. "What do you say we take it off now and have a little action?"

"No, Hon. We'll get around to that tonight. Right now, I'd like you to get dressed and take me to a movie. I want to see how this device looks and whether you experience any restrictions."

"I'm sure experiencing some now," I said, "but OK, we'll do that. But first, unlock it so I can go take a pee before we leave."

"That's the beauty of this design," Cynthia said. "You don't have to take it off to use the bathroom. You just go try it out, and you'll see."

Well, going to the bathroom turned out to be more of an experience than I bargained for. When I finally got back, I complained to Cynthia, "Man, I made a mess. I found I couldn't pee into the toilet standing up. Talk about restrictions! I finally had to sit down to finish."

"That's not so bad, Sweetie. You'll learn fast. Take it from me; I've been sitting down to pee all my life."

We went to the movie, and the belt faded into the background for awhile. Later that evening, as promised, Cynthia unlocked the belt. She gave me a marvelous time, off and on all night. In the morning, she asked me to put the belt back on.

"It really seems to turn you on," I said to her. "Last night was something special."

"I don't know what it is," she said, "but knowing you are locked up until I decide to let you out gets my juices going. Let's try it for today, and see how it goes."

"You mean all day?" I was a little shocked.

"Yes, I think it's important to be sure it doesn't start pinching or rubbing somewhere. I don't want this to be uncomfortable for you; I just want it to...."

"To control me?" I finished for her.

"Yes, well, no. I just want it to be an aid to my controlling this one aspect of you. I want to have the say about your sex life for a while. I don't want to turn you into a sex slave or a sissy or maid or something, like so many of those fantasizers on the Internet. I just want to have the kind of turn-on this seems to give me."

"After the results of last night, how can I refuse?" I said. "OK, I'll put it back on in the morning."

After a few days of this, we determined that the belt was a god fit. Cynthia said, "Let's see if you can go for two whole days. You've found out that you can wear it under your clothing without it being detected. You don't really have any overridng need to take it off, do you?"

"Well, it does take extra time in the bathroom and, well, sometimes I start to get hard and ...can't, with the belt on."

"Bur aren't I taking good care of you? Do you really need to get a full erection when I'm not around?"

"Well, when you put it that way...."

"Please, darling. I've never been hornier in my life that since we started this. And you know I'll make it worth your while."

How could I refuse? She was right.

The two days went OK, but it seemed like a stretch to me. Cynthia was as good as her word, and really did make it worthwhile.

The next weekend, Cynthia said, "You know what? I think the belt would be more fun if you didn't know in advance when you'd get out."

"But Cyn," I protested. "it's been very important to me to look forward to when my time is up, and we can make love. The sex is really great then."

"Well, we can always go back to that if we have to, but I'd like to try out my new idea. What do you say? You know, I found this game on the web, on a site called Kept For Her. It's a dice game that decides how long you'd be locked up, depending on the number of dice, number of sides, how many rolls, etc. I'd really like to try it. We can keep short limits while we try it out. How about it?"

"Well, I guess we can try," I said hesitantly. "How does it work?"

We went to the computer. Cynthia called up the Lockup Dice game. "For number of dice, we'll start with one." She said.

"One of a pair of dice is called a die," I said, showing off.

"Yes, well, for number of sides we'll select eight."

"Somehow an eight-sided die doesn't sound right," I said. "The legal dice have six sides each."

"We could select six, but since we're just using one die, I think eight is a good high number."

"Wait a minute!" I was getting a little scared. "You mean this game could get me locked up for eight days straight? The longest I've gone is two!"

"Don't worry, Hon. We're selecting Multiple Rolls and number of rolls is four. And we'll use the average of the four rolls for our outcome. There's no way you'll roll four eights in a row. Let's try it out for a couple of rolls, so you can see."

So we did that, and we got averages of 3, 4, 7. and 3. I kind of gulped at the 7, but it didn't look like that would come up very often. So, I agreed to try the game. How could I refuse?

Cynthia said, "OK, now we'll run it one more time, and this outcome will decide your fate. Only this time, you don't get to look at the result!"

I gulped again.

"I think you trust me," she said, "but to make sure you can believe this is above board, I'll print out the page, and show you after you get released. And remember," she continued, "I'm having to do without too, while you are locked up."

Well, of course I went along. How could I refuse?

So, on Friday I rolled the eight-sided die, figuratively speaking of course, since the computer did the job. Cynthia printed out the resulting page, folded it up, and hid it, presumably with the keys to my belt.

"Oh, it's going to be interesting to see how you'll do," said Cynthia. "I'm already a little excited. How do you feel?"

"Well, I'm obviously not going to get lucky tonight," I said. "Or probably tomorrow either, since averaging a one is as unlikely as an eight. Sunday might be a possibility, though. What do you think?"

But Cynthia maintained a poker face, and so I got no hint as to when to expect freedom.

As it turned out, the dice game kept me locked up for six days. I wasn't released until the following Thursday. We were both horny as could be by then, and had one of the best nights either of us could remember.

"I have to admit," I told Cynthia the next morning, "not knowing when I'd be released was a definite turn-on."

"Goody! Seeing you squirm and knowing I held the key to your release sure did it for me!"

Since that beginning, we have used the lockup game many times. We have tried variations, and have used multiple dice. Sometimes, I am locked in the belt for no definite length of time, with Cynthia deciding when the time is up. When that happens, we agree ahead of time on the outside time limit. Within that limit, I never know what to expect.

I've become accustomed to being locked up most of the time. My longest period of lockup to date has been three weeks. We are considering making the limit twice that. Going six weeks without sex is a daunting prospect. My only hope is that it will be too much for Cynthia, too!

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