Universal Chastity: Superluminal

Submitted by: Dark

In the year 2350 humanity had spread to encompass not only Earth's satellite Luna and Mars, but a network of space stations extending throughout the asteroid belts and moons of Jupiter and Saturn. Thanks to the super-strong material known as Boron-Nitrogen nanotubes, Space Elevators could be built for any world similar or small than the Earth in size and mass. The strongest material known to man, it was like a cross between diamond and Kevlar cable, only stronger than both.

Among the technological elite, it had also become a favorite material for chastity belts. Although totally impenetrable, it could be woven as a fabric, and made somewhat comfortable. The idea wasn't so much to prevent self-stimulation. That was so 22nd century. As far as security was concerned, prevention of adultery, and a total inability for unauthorized removal were usually the main goals. In the 24th century, for a woman to have a limited but unsatisfying self-stimulation through the thick layers of the chastity belt was considered more erotic than total denial.

Regolith Gates, Chairman of the Board of Nanomaterials Inc, had chastity belts individually crafted with nanotube reinforcing for the women in his harem. He enjoyed purchasing women with successful scientific careers. But such women were notorious for being mechanically inclined and able to escape chastity belts. So he made sure that their chastity belts were the most secure, and that they didn't have access to any special tools needed to cut them open.

He liked to tease them, offering to release them permanently if they made some particular ground breaking discovery, like faster-than-light space flight, or first open contact with aliens. Little did he know, but one of his precious possessions was about to find both.

Dr. Gossamer Gates had sold her sex to Regolith Gates as the age of 24 after just completing her Ph.D. in the physics of low-energy nuclear reactions. When she couldn't get the post-doctoral position she wanted, she was unemployed briefly, and couldn't pay her insurance company rent. The insurance company rented her a "chaste" apartment. They guaranteed the state that she couldn't have sex with men, and in return she was able to be without a chastity belt in private. But unemployed she wasn't able to afford the rental fees. After a few weeks of being denied self-sex while wearing a state-sanctioned chastity belt, she gave in and sold her chastity to the wealthy Regolith Gates. At least he would allow her to continue with her career. But he didn't allow her any real sexual release. Oh, he would have sex with her, in his rotation with his other 4 wives. She was lucky is she slept with him twice a week, and often he would make her give him head rather than giving her a good fucking. He seemed to enjoy her frustration. At least the chastity belt wasn't totally rigid. She could feel herself through it, but it wasn't soft like skin. She couldn't really orgasm that way.

So she threw herself into her work to stop from thinking about sex. One day she noticed that her low-energy nuclear reaction experiments had a particular directional preference. If things were oriented in one specific direction, they acted totally different. She contacted other scientists and asked if they had found anything similar. Some had, but they didn't think it was anything special. Low energy nuclear reactions were still considered mysterious even though commercial reactors now used it to power most of human civilization. But after collating many people's observations from different human settlements around the solar system, she noticed that this preferred direction was consistently pointing to a point exactly half a light year away, and moving toward them at twice light speed. Whatever it was, it would pass through - or hit - the Earth system in three months. She didn't know what to do, so she told her husband. That is when Regolith Gates got the idea to try to capture this mysterious thing, whatever it was, using the same nanotubes that make the space elevators.

Having convinced her husband that this was real and significant, she seized the opportunity to the take him up on his promise. "Remember how you said that if I discovered faster-than-light space flight, you would release me permanently? This is the closest anybody has come to finding something traveling faster than light. You should honor your word and let me go."

"Why, so you can whore yourself with some other man on my contract?"

"I would never... I only want to be able to touch myself like I could when I was living in the chaste apartment before I married you. Please, I have feelings and desires too... I deserve to be able to feel release too. It's only fair."

"Well, how about this. I'll let you have sex with me whenever I want. And if you don't like it you get spanked."

"But this may be the most important discovery ever, and you promised!"

"Yeah, but I'm taking credit for it, so that doesn't count. Now put on these hand cuffs and I'll consider relieving your sexual tensions with my big throbbing penis right after I'm done spanking you."

Gossamer felt wet and throbbing, and she wanted nothing more than to take Regolith inside her. She put on the hand cuffs willingly, and he took the belt off her and started the spanking.

Three months later Regolith Gates captured the malfunctioning faster-than-light experimental alien space vessel. Thus began humanities grand quest out of the solar system and into galactic colonization. And perhaps the most important woman in history was never known for anything more than being one of his concubines. But that is the way it has always been, men taking credit for the accomplishments of women, except perhaps for that peculiar age of the 20th and 21st century when women were almost free.

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