Teased in Chastity

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Larry had harbored secret fantasies for years. His sex life with his wife Cass was lackluster. Every Saturday night they went to the bedroom and the same actions took place in the same 20 minutes. Yet his fantasy sex life got more and more detailed. Then came the Friday night when his wife decided it would be fun to make cocktails. They already had the ingredients and the glasses. The latter had been a wedding gift eight months before but they'd never used them. Now she got them out and rinsed them, then began happily mixing drinks. Larry was pleased. It was fun watching his sexy wife manipulate the cocktail shaker, watching how her full breasts bounced in the snug tube top she was wearing. Then she served the drinks, they clinked glasses, and he swallow nearly the entire contents of the stemmed glass all at once. It hit him almost immediatly and he went to the sofa to sit down. Larry had never been any good at holding his liquor. Cass put on some sultry jazz, refilled his glass, and sat next to him.

She said, "You know, love, I really like the way you watch me when I'm doing little jobs around the house. What? You thought I didn't notice?" She laughed prettily. "It's like I have a peeping Tom right in the room with me. Sometimes I wonder what you're thinking when you're doing that." She put the tip of her index finger against the bottom of his glass and pushed upward. He liked that she was sort of taking command and he raised his drink the rest of the way to his lips to take a long sip. He told her, "You know, Hon, I'm just thinking about you and how pretty you are..." Emboldened by the alcohol he added "...and how hot." She smiled and said, "Mm hm, but you don't do anything about it. Do you like just looking and thinking about me?" "Well... sometimes," he admitted. She suggested, "It's sort of like I'm teasing you." "I guess so. I mean, yeah, it is." He felt his cheeks get warm and wondered if it was from the cocktail or if he was blushing. She wanted to know, "So you like getting teased that way?" Without thinking he admitted, "Yes. Really a lot." That was more than he had meant to confess.

Cass leaned toward him and whispered in his ear, "I know there's something you want to tell me. Come on. I want to hear it." He held back but the idea of at last sharing his secret longing with his desirable wife was too much for him to resist, especially when he was nearly through his second drink in such a short time. He told her, "It's just that the idea of you getting me all excited... and me not being able to do anything about it... that's very, very... arousing." Her small hand drifted to his crotch. She observed, "It certainly is... arousing." They both chuckled, Larry a bit nervously, at his revelation and her discovery of just how much it had stimulated him. She said in a soft but authorative way, "Now tell me what else you've been thinking about, along with that fun idea." Fun idea? She thought it was okay? He was relieved and finished his second cocktail. "Well," he said and took a deep breath, "there are these, they call them chastity devices, that you can put on a guy, so he can't get an erection, and then you can tease him all the time but he can't have sex. Or get himself off. Or anything." He waited nervously for her reaction and was thrilled when she smiled and stroked his face, then gave him a deep unhurried kiss. "That sounds like LOTS of fun. It would be okay if you didn't get to finish, but what about me?"

"Oh." He hesitated, then said, "Well, remember when we were dating, how we sort of experimented with me... um... going down on you?" She nodded, a smile of anticipation on her face. "Yesssss. And if you had one of those chastity thingies on, is that what you would do for me? Whenever I wanted it? All the time?" He was feeling dizzy with excitement and all sense of caution abandoned him. "Yes. Absolutely. I swear." Her smile widened. "And do you HAVE one of those interesting devices? Do you like this idea so much that you bought one of them -- just in case?" This time he really did blush. His cheeks burned. All he could do was to nod. She unbuttoned the top of his shirt, slipped a hand inside, and teased his nipples, which she knew were highly receptive. He gasped and his spine went stiff. She ordered him, "Go and get that chastity doodad right now, love, and we're going to put it on you. I want to find out how this game you're talking about is played. And how entertaining it'll be -- for ME."

He returned with the box in which the device had come in the mail. Sheepishly he took it out and handed it to his wife. Again she had a favorable response, turning it this way and that, all the while grinning. Then she locked eyes with him and commanded, "Drop your pants and shorts -- NOW." He stood there for a moment as if he hadn't understood. Her eyes held him as he slowly undid his trousers, let them fall, and hooked his fingers under the elastic of his boxer shorts. When he pushed them down over his thighs and they fell the rest of the way to his ankles, his wife took the chastity tube and held it close to his crotch. He was so nervous he had gone soft. She took advantage of that, slipped it gingerly over his member, and closed the ring that was postioned it fit around the top of his scrotum. Then she slipped the little golden padlock into place and clicked it shut. The key was still in the box. She plucked it out and told him to stay where he was and not move. Cass left the room for a two minutes and returned. She held up her open hands to show that she no longer had the key. Playfully she said, "I wonder where that key is now? I sure hope I don't forget. Imagine being locked in that snug tube with no way to get out, dear."

Larry got aroused at her words and, even though his cock couldn't expand much, it grew just enough to lift the tube so that it stuck out straight from his groin. She said, "That is soooo cute. Does it make you feel helpless and under my control?" When he nodded wordlessly she told him, "Well you ARE helpless, cockwise. And very much under my control. Plus, being the boss of you all of a sudden, well, it's getting me hot, husband dearest. I'm going to like this game quite a lot. Are you sure you want to keep playing, no matter where it takes us? If you could stop it right now, would you?" "I... I don't want to stop. I'll follow wherever you lead me, Cass." "Will you? Even if this power goes to my head and I act mean to you, maybe even hurt you a bit? Hmmmm?" "I will," he said, breathing faster. Please. Yes." He sank to his knees and put his hands together pleadingly. "I will do whatever you say, absolutely, and not complain at all." "You might be sorry later on that you said that, but okay. As of right now our bedroom time is going to be all about you getting teased without any relief, and me having lots and lots and lots of orgasms." She actually licked her lips as she concluded, "And we're going to start right now. Let's go, loverboy. Time to prove how dedicated you are to staying in chastity."

Once they were in the bedroom she ordered him to strip the rest of the way and lie down on the bed. He felt very much in her control when he was naked and she was still clothed. Cass examined the chastity tube, making sure to touch his testicles while she was doing it. Then she lightly stroked the insides of his thighs. Larry's hips shifted around on the topsheet as his trapped member strained against its confinement. His wife gave his nipples a thorough teasing, sensually wetting the ends of two fingers in her mouth and teasing him with them. He writhed under her playful ministrations until he thought he wouldn't be able to withstand any more. She was obviously good at taking his measure because just as he reached his limit she stopped.

"Go into the drawer of my night table," she told him seductively. "And give me what's in there." He got off the bed and knelt in front of the piece of furniture. It felt natural to be on his knees. When Larry opened the drawer he was startled to find a seven inch pink vibrator, still in its box. Cass explained that, because he had been giving her almost no orgasms, she had bought it and been on the verge of resorting to what it offered. But now, she explained, it would merely be an extra treat to go along with all of the excitement he was going to provide -- the way he had when they were dating. At her calm but authoritative command, Larry undressed her and then he stretched out on his belly between her parted legs. The chastity device felt strange as it was pressed into the mattress. He didn't have long to think about that, however, as she immediatly wanted him to begin pleasuring her. Larry got busy, excited that his fantasty was at last being fulfilled, but at the same time unsure because it was all happening so quickly. After a few minutes his wife had him back off and then she used the vibrator on herself.

"Mmmmm," she purred. "Maybe I should just let Big Pink here do all the work and you'll only get to watch. I could have you close your eyes and just listen. Imagine that, dearest, only being able to hear as I give myself multiple orgasms. If you don't want that to happen, you'll have to work very, very hard to keep me happy. Can you do that, Larry?" Breathily, he said that he would devote himself to her in the bedroom. She told him that was right -- and it would apply in any other room she wanted. Cass suggested that he resume his efforts to please her, though the suggestion was more of a command. He got his mouth working on her again and continued for a long time, being careful not to rush her -- he remembered what she had liked in the past -- and gradually built her up to a climax that had her broad hips jerking. He continued to lightly lap her while she enjoyed a prolonged descent from the heights of orgasm.

"Oh, Larry," she sighed. "This is going to be soooo much fun. I keep thinking of more games we can play. I'll have you give me backrubs. And wash me in the shower. You can paint my toenails while I watch TV." She giggled. "And I want you to think about something. I want you to consider what you'll feel like after a week of being in chastity. And then a month. Maybe I'll let you out for a short break by then. Or maybe I'll be so thrilled with having my husband as my sex slave that I'll decide to keep you chaste for three months. Beyond that, anything can happen. I might even choose to make your new status -- permanent. Think about that, lover." She picked up the vibrator. "Up on your knees, boy. Move yourself up further, so you're kneeling right between the tops of my thighs. That's right. Just like that." She chuckled and turned on the vibrator, made him lean forward, and used the buzzing device to tease his imprisoned penis. He felt excrutiating pleasure but knew there would be no release. Cass had fun making him shudder. Then she applied the vibrator to his sensitive nipples until he was blubbering with need. Not until they were both convinced of how much power she had over him did she stop.

"Now get into the missionary position, husband darling," she cooed. "As if you weren't locked up and were still able to have sex with me. That's the way." She set aside the sex toy. "Let me feel your dick cage pressing against me down there. I love knowing that you can't do anything, sex-wise, no matter how much you want to. I'm already considering mailing that key to my cousin Patricia to hold. You know she's always wanted to see me run your life. I wonder how quick she'd be to return that key, once she knew the hold it gives me on you." Larry's wife reached up to tease his nipples with her thumbs and forefingers. First she brought him to a high level of arousal, and then she gradually applied pressure, eventually twisting those tender areas until his lower lip was quivering and he was fighting back tears. "Well," she said as she at last released her twin pinches. "I told you I might feel like being mean." Cass snickered. "Here's what I've decided we'll do for the rest of the week. You're going to be my absolute body slave, doing anything I tell you to make my sexual temperature rise and to give me orgasms. And I'm going to be selfish, lover. Very selfish. And for the entire week I'm not even going to tease you, like I did tonight. And everytime you so much as make a sad face, or make any unhappy sound, or even if I just think you're trying to guilt me into showing mercy, I'm going to tell you to bare your tush, bend over, and then I'll swat your cheeks good and hard. I'll use whatever's handy, like the metal ruler in my desk or... or one of those wide wooden spoons in the kitchen. I'll leave some really impressive marks." She held him with her gaze and concluded, "If you have anything to say, let's hear it now. Otherwise, no backtalk for the whole week. Well?"

He paused for only a second before he told her, "Thank you. I love you more than ever. Please don't release me from chastity unless it makes you happy. Please don't go easy on me. And please be as... selfish... as selfish as you please when it comes to having me satisfy your wants and needs. I love you, Cass."

"I love you too, Larry," she said with genuine feeling. "But it's going to be a new kind of love from now on. One that we'll both get much more from than we ever did with our boring old lifestyle. Welcome to your new existence as my chaste, obedient, worshipful and unquestioning husband."

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