The Meeting

Submitted by: Doc Leather

Toby squirmed and fidgeted. His Keyholder was due any minute, and it had been a long time since their last meeting. The chastity cage pulled on his PA more than usual, and his cock & balls had been aching for release for days. But today was a special day; Toby's year in chastity was about to end. Foolishly, Toby had accepted His invitation and became His chastity slave. Toby knew that He traveled a lot, but had no idea that He would be in town so rarely. A year in chastity had been difficult, but Toby was about to earn his freedom.

Masses of people passed Toby, but no sign of Him. Toby hated meeting Him at the airport, but He had a short layover and Toby had to get free. Finally, His face appeared in the crowd.

"Am I glad to see You, Sir."

"I don't have much time, boy. Is everything ready?"

"Right this way, Sir."

Toby led Him to one of the "Family Restrooms" nearby. The guard had given him access after several failed lies and one very successful blowjob. Before Toby opened the door, He handed Toby a small bag.

"You know what to do, boy..."

"Yes, Sir."

Toby entered and stripped naked. Toby's cock strained uncomfortably against it's metal cage as he folded his clothes. Opening the bag, Toby placed the leather blindfold across his eyes. He then clumsily removed the handcuffs and secured his wrists behind his back. Sinking to his knees, Toby waited.

Eventually, Toby heard the door open. Toby shivered as He closed and locked the door. "Excellent, boy. You follow instructions well." He unzipped His pants. For the next hour, Toby used every trick he knew to please Him. Eventually, Toby was rewarded with a mighty groan as He released His load. "Good boy," He panted.

After a while, He hauled Toby to his feet and walked him across the room. A cold sink pressed against Toby's thighs. "How long has it been, boy?"

"2 weeks, 4 days, and 6 hours since Your last visit, Sir."

"There's something different about today, right, boy?"

"Yes, Sir, I agreed to be Your chastity slave for a year, Sir. Today is the last day of that year, Sir."

"Indeed it is, boy, and I must say, you have been an excellent chastity slave. It's unfortunate that my business has taken me to other areas of the country. I have been hard-pressed to make it back here lately."

"I know, Sir. All too well, Sir."

"Have you found serving me a rewarding experience, boy?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Rewarding enough to continue as my chastity slave, boy?"

"Oh, no, Sir! Please, Sir! I'm dying, Sir. Please release me, Sir, I can't take it anymore, Sir."

"Very well," He sighed, jingling His keys.

Suddenly, Toby's cock was free! The raging hard-on that had been brewing for days finally leapt free! Pre-cum ran...

"You need to work on your hygiene, boy." as He gently washed Toby's throbbing cock and aching balls.

"Yes, Sir!" Toby breathed, as every touch brought him closer to exploding.

"I'm sorry to hear that you can't take it anymore, boy. I quite enjoy having a stud like you as my chastity slave."

"I'm so close, Sir. Please let me cum, Sir."

"Possibly, boy, possibly," as He began to tease Toby's flagpole.

"Please, Sir, I beg You, Sir." Toby gasped. "Please let me cum, Sir!"

"We'll see, boy." He began expertly stroking Toby's dick, eliciting groans of pleasure and frustration. The stimulation brought Toby right to the edge, but never pushed him over. Soon, Toby could only whimper "Please, Sir. Please Sir."

"I'm still considering the possibility, boy."

Toby's legs began to get quiver, his brain began to fog as he came closer and closer...

"Please, Sir, I beg You, Sir. I'll do anything You want, Sir, just let me cum! Please, Sir!"

"Anything, boy?"

"Anything, Sir!"

"Well, in that case..."

"Oooh, yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! YES, SIR!"

Toby awoke still reeling from the most explosive orgasm of his life. He remembered waves of ecstasy and relief washing over him, but nothing after that. The cold tile floor gave substance to the world around him, and he struggled to push the blindfold from his eyes. Handcuffed and blinking against the harsh light, he struggled to his feet and staggered to the sink. In the mirror, he saw a handcuff key dangling from a string around his neck. The moment of relief vanished as his eyes traveled down. His manhood was securely locked in its steel prison again! Toby wept.

After much effort, Toby managed to free himself from the handcuffs. Atop his neatly folded clothes lay a note. Toby recognized the handwriting.

"Thank you for an interesting layover, boy. I am truly gratified and pleased by your service over the past year. I am even more gratified that you agreed to extend your service as my chastity slave for another year.

Sad to say, my business and travel plans have changed again. I should be back again in a month or two."

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