Balance of Power

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Michael couldn't believe how idiotic he'd been to wear his chastity belt today of all days. He was a man on a mission, weaving his way through the early evening shoppers and tourists on his way to what amounted to a first date.

He was already late and still had several busy streets to navigate. He'd planned to leave work on time, which these days seemed to have become a euphemism for "early", but the sudden arrival of an email from one of the firm's main customers had kept him at his desk well beyond the time he need to leave for home to freshen up before meeting Claudia.

He'd bought a stainless steel chastity belt some months back when he was between girlfriends and felt like exploring the concept of enforced chastity, at least as his own keyholder.

The belt was worn under his clothes and was tolerably comfortable. In theory in could be worn indefinitely since toilet functions were possible but in practice he'd never managed more than a couple of days wear before he was driven mad by the need to release himself in more ways than one. No form of sexual gratification was possible when wearing the belt.

For some reason he'd thought it a good idea to wear the belt today at work and remove it before his date but he was now locked in it for the evening since he'd left the key at his flat.

Claudia looked at her watch and wondered if she'd made a mistake over time or day, she'd certainly expected Michael to be on time.

Suddenly he appeared, full of apologies and embarrassment for being so late. Claudia was one of his best friend's sisters and he didn't want to upset her or embarrass himself even if the date led nowhere...

Soon he was seated and fortunately the watchful waiter took his order and provided a coffee in double quick time. They began chatting and his late arrival was quickly forgotten.

Michael was still acutely aware of the steel band running round his hips and between his legs; to be detected would be a disaster since the belt would certainly alarm Claudia and would probably be reported back to her brother too... Michael didn't even want to think about that.

Despite his paranoia the time went fast as Claudia was good company. They both had other appointments that evening but finished by arranging an informal meal later that week. After a quick kiss on Michael's cheek Claudia was on her way.

Michael was probably more relieved to have escaped with his secret undetected than pleased he would be seeing Claudia again so soon but in truth both were good results.

Early days

Michael and Claudia struck up an immediate friendship which soon developed into a romantic and sexual relationship. Michael found Claudia refreshingly uninhibited as although no slut she had an open mind on sexual matters.

Claudia found Michael less laddish than she'd expected based on most of her bother's friends behaviour although she'd not actually dated any of them before.

Michael's belt got little use. It seemed a little pointless since he had passionate and fulfilling sex on demand with Claudia and didn't want to scare her away with something "too kinky". He couldn't imagine her reaction to something so unusual would be positive.

If they didn't see each other for a few days he'd put the belt on and try to keep it on until just before he next saw her but generally he'd last less than 24 hours before ripping it off and pleasuring himself.

It was during such a period of brief self imposed chastity that Claudia surprised him by turning up at his flat unannounced. Since they hadn't seen each other for a few days they embraced and soon Claudia's hand was sliding slowly towards is crotch.

She stopped dead once she felt the hard outline of the belt though his clothes. What's this?

Er, um" Michael paused. There really wasn't a good explanation.

Claudia's had moved gingerly and explored a little more before stopping again.

Before she could say anything Michael admitted

"It's a stainless steel chastity belt, I sometimes wear it"

Claudia, as matter as fact as every said

"What? But you have a key?"

"Yes" Michael replied

"Well perhaps you can remove it since it's getting in the way"

Michael didn't need any further prompting and disappeared into the bathroom where he kept the keys. He retuned fully clothed but less the belt and nothing more was said as they slowly and tenderly slid into mutual ecstasy.

Later, in bed Claudia asked, half jokingly and half seriously.

"I thought chastity belts were something from the Middle Ages"?

"They are still made today" Michael replied, somewhat embarrassed, "but are used under different circumstances".

"Ok" said Claudia evenly. "Maybe some time you could show me? But not now, well I might want you again!"

Over the next few days Michael thought hard. He really didn't want to show Claudia the belt, what would she think? He hoped she would forget, and had just been being polite and so didn't actually want to see the belt. But he was wrong.

About a week later while they were at Claudia's flat she prompted "You still haven't shown me your chastity belt, I'm interested"

Michael paused, embarrassed.

Claudia continued

"I had a look on the internet, they look quite sexy".

Again Michael didn't know quite what to say.

But, un-phased as ever Claudia said, "Will you show me the next time we are at your flat please?"

"Yes, of course, if that's what you want" said Michael, slightly surprised that Claudia seemed not to be repelled by the whole idea.

The wearing

A few days later they were at Michael's flat following a number of drinks in town after work. Not sure if this was a good idea or not Michael decided to put the belt on in the privacy of the bathroom and then show it Claudia as they undressed for bed.

Later, as they undressed a little unsteadily Claudia spotted the belt. "Wow, that looks quite serious?"

"I guess so" he replied, feeling a little silly.

"And can you have sex with it on"

"No" Michael laughed

"Or play with yourself?"

"No, that's the idea!"

"Or take it off?"

"Only with the key"

"So you don't think it - strange?" Michal ventured. He was still standing up.

"Come to bed" Claudia beckoned.

Michael slid onto the bed laying flat on his back with his head propped up on a pillow. Claudia sat up and swung her leg across him, straddling him and sat back on his upper legs, her hands on the belt in front of her.

She began gently exploring it, probing, tugging. She tried to slip a finger tip or two under the hip band.

"Wow - that is tight!" she exclaimed.

"It has to be - if it's too loose it moves about and it's not comfortable" replied Michael looking up at her. He was feeling at a disadvantage. He continued "The first time I got the belt it was too big and I had to send it back".

He'd initially felt embarrassed, this was a very personal secret he was sharing with his girlfriend but there was something else now. Despite Claudia's open leg position she'd lent forward and her pubis was hidden below her. Her position wasn't one of invitation, it was one of dominance.

She continued to play with the belt. "And behind, what does the back look like?" she asked.

She shifted onto her knees, allowing Michael to turn face down over beneath her. Claudia sat back down, her hands gently fondling his buttocks.

"A thong, I wonder what your friends would think" Claudia joked, but guessing Michaels thoughts continued, "Don't worry, I won't tell. I never discuss details of my love life with anyone".

Michael pondered this but decided this was most likely true. Claudia was always discrete and never hinted at anything she might have done with anyone else or heard about anyone else.

"I've got to ask" she said "how do you erm, I mean go to the toilet?"

"Pull it to one side. It's ok but I like to shower if I can".

Claudia was almost sorry she'd asked the question, Michaels' embarrassment was palpable.

But at the same time he was becoming very aroused, Claudia's hands we were working at him in places he hadn't previously imagined would turn him on this much. Michael felt impotent and controlled, even the key was next him on the bedside table. Somehow it was now Claudia's decision to use it and not his.

Claudia shifted allowing Michael to turn over to face her again and asked a few more questions of Michael.

He began to wonder if we was going to get out of the belt that night but as swiftly as she'd sat astride him originally she moved off Michael and rolled back to her side of the bed.

Claudia said simply, "I think it's time you took the belt off" and studied Michael's method as he complied.

Later, when they were enjoying the post orgasmic glow Michael brought up the subject of the belt.

"Do you think the belt is ok? I mean if you don't like it or it's too kinky or something I'll not wear it".

Claudia though before replying "Yes, I think it is ok. From the net it looked as though it's just a thing for some people, but there are many different things that people like of course."

"Yes, I'm not sure why I like the idea", Michael paused and then continued "but I don't want it ever to be a problem between us, it's not that important to me."

Claudia laughed, "I don't think it's a problem for me since you are the one wearing it. But you must take it off when I ask please" As ever, Claudia was too the point. She smiled and Michael felt huge relief.

He wasn't sure the belt would or even could prove an addition to their already hot love life but it sounded as though he needn't worry about the fact Claudia knew of it.

The morning after

A few weeks later he met Claudia early evening in the town. It was Friday night and Michael had been in his belt since Claudia left his flat on Wednesday Morning - pretty much a record for him.

Although Claudia had given her blessing for Michael to wear the belt if he wanted he still hoped it would be undiscovered until they were in the privacy of home. So Michael was a little apprehensive when he first saw Claudia lest she discover the belt right off.

After a coffee, coincidently at the café they'd first met in, they found a small but bustling restaurant down a side street and sat down to an excellent meal.

Michael relaxed, he wanted to be himself after all but "wearing in public" took some getting used to psychologically...

Claudia looked fantastic as she was wearing a little makeup and a close fitting black dress displaying just enough cleavage for Michael to notice some admiring glances directed at her by other men.

Sitting there, Michael's mind was soon taking him into a pleasant day dream about slowly making love to Claudia with her dress still on when his growing erection was stopped in its tracks by the hardness of the penis tube. He smiled to himself and shifted uncomfortably.

"You ok?" Claudia ventured, spotting the change in his expression, however subtle.

"Yes, fine thanks" Michael replied, wondering what he was doing voluntarily wearing steel underwear sitting opposite and attractive and passionate woman who was his girlfriend and would most likely make love to him later that night.

Following the meal they moved on and met friends in a late night bar where several hours passed quickly. Michael was careful timing his visits the bathroom since he had to use the stalls to pee and didn't want any of his friends wondering why he went to a stall each time.

Eventually the bar was closing and they made their way home to Claudia's flat. By now Michaels' thoughts were turning to sex. He'd disappeared into the kitchen to make soft drinks on their return to the flat but after emerging from the kitchen was met by a sleeping Claudia, sprawled across the sofa.

Michael was able to carry her to bed but she stirred only long enough to remove her dress before sliding under the covers still wearing her black lingerie.

Michael sat and drank his coffee in the sitting room thinking of his situation. He was keen for release but it would be cheating to remove the belt and pleasure himself, a depressing end to 3 (successful?) days of abstinence. He decided to sleep in the belt next to Claudia, this for the first time.

Michael was soon asleep too but woke early when his morning erection reached the point of serious discomfort. He tried to relax and go back to sleep but gave up and got up to make some drinks.

By the time he came back to bed with coffee and fruit juice Claudia was stirring.

"Thanks" she said with a big smile as he handed her the drinks.

Now was the moment of truth. Michael put his own coffee down and slipped off the dressing gown before sliding back into bed. Claudia noticed the belt of course and said

"So you are wearing the belt, did you sleep in it?"

"Yes", Michael smiled back but with his heart pounding.

"Maybe you should take it off now though, if you like?"

Michael need little encouragement and retrieving the key from the bedside table managed to remove the belt under the bed covers before rolling over and starting to kiss and then caress gently.

Their lovemaking was unusually vigorous that morning, mainly as a result of Michael's confinement in the belt but also Claudia's enthusiasm to enjoy his fully engorged manhood.


Some time after they had finished Claudia said "You were quite something today"

"I try" Michael smiled

"Was it the belt?" Claudia asked

"How do you mean?" Michael was not sure he understood.

"I mean how long had you had the belt on for? One day? Just last night?"

"Actually since just after you left on Wednesday Morning" said Michael.

"So last night in town and some days then. And you can really live it with it?"

"Yes. Sometimes it's not comfortable but most of the time it's ok"

"Well it certainly seemed ok for me today" Claudia said with a naughty grin "And for you?"

"Yes, I guess it helps me focus when I'm not with you" Michael admitted.

The subtlety in Michael's comment was not lost on Claudia who continued "Maybe you can wear it, if you like, when we are not together".

"What, all the time?" Michael asked hesitantly

"No, but whenever you can easily". Claudia countered. "If you are out with the boys no, but perhaps when you are sleeping on your own perhaps yes?"

This sounded like it could be quite exciting for Michael, was this what he had always wanted?

"But what about the keys?" Michael asked.

"Maybe put each key in an envelope and keep one at each flat. You won't be able to open the envelope without me knowing and I'll write on each envelope so we can be sure that when we next open it is the same one."

Michael thought and then nodded his head slowly and said "It sounds like you have this worked out?"

"Well isn't that what the belt is for, to help you concentrate on your partner?"

"Trust me, I'm pretty concentrated already" Michael laughed.

And so it was Michael began to wear the belt when they were not together. As he no longer played football with his fiends there didn't seem many other "excuses" not to wear the belt.

Weeks and then months passed and the belt became quite like an item of clothing. Claudia didn't much care to speak about it but was happy to manage the keys in the envelopes as required and let Michael out to perform.

Michael was happy as they had a lot of sex, his only minor irritation is that if we wasn't with Claudia he couldn't relieve his frustration like he had done in the past. If they didn't see each other for some days he would meet Claudia more desperate than he'd have liked to admit...

For her part Claudia began to appreciate the belt. At first it seemed a strange idea but she was happy to go along with it. But slowly Claudia realised that Michael behaved well when wearing the belt and was extra passionate when it was removed, especially after being confied for more than a couple of days.


Michael realised he'd made a big mistake as the bathroom door opened. He was kneeling, cock in hand nearly ready to unload himself into the toilet, his belt on the floor next to him with Claudia's key still in the lock. She'd opened the envelope last night but it was late and they cuddled and she'd fallen asleep before handing him the key.

"What are you doing?" she asked in an even tone but, without waiting for an answer, she walked out of the bathroom.

Michael wasn't sure what to do but with his erection withered he put the belt back on and walked into the bedroom putting the key back on the bedside table beside Claudia as he walked past.

Sitting in bed they talked.

To Michael's surprise Claudia was more upset than angry.

"I'm sorry" he offered.

"Mike, we always agreed the belt must never come between us"

"I'm really sorry"

"It's not about the belt, more that you have let me down"

"I er, well it got a bit too much"

"What - since Tuesday?" Claudia almost shouted the words.

"Well sort of, I was a bit revved up, I am sorry"

"Why?" Claudia asked

"It's been 4 days, we didn't... " Michaels voice tailed off, "... on Thursday" "and it's only Saturday now!" Claudia retorted and then continued "I'm not sure where we go from here, there's no point in you wearing the belt if you can't be trusted with it"

"But I can, this is the only time I've ever done this"

Later that day after they'd gone shopping and met with some friends of lunch they were back at the flat. The atmosphere had been a tense but Claudia now seemed to be a less upset than she'd be earlier.

"I've been thinking" she started.

"Oh?" there was something in her tone he that made him nervous.

"About the belt. I think you should wear it with total commitment or we should move on and you should get rid of it." Claudia continued "I'm not sure anything in between makes sense now"

Michael's heart fell. The belt and this relationship seemed very much connected now even though they had started as two completely different facets of his life

"Ok. So what does ‘total commitment mean'?" he asked slowly.

"Well mainly that you swear never to cheat with the belt again and also to expect to wear it pretty much all the time".

"But that's like it is now?"

"Well yes but a little less time out"

"So will we still have sex then?"

"Oh yes, I don't want to miss out but when I don't want it you will be locked up", Michael nodded in agreement but Claudia continued, "Perhaps sometimes you will please me but not receive pleasure yourself".

Michaels' oral technique was quite the best Claudia had ever experienced and she supposed she could get used more of to that and less penetration than she was used to. But this was a thought she didn't share with Michael.

Michael was less sure now but replied "I'm sure that would work, I wear it pretty much all the time now anyway and I just want to keep things good between us".

Claudia's mood seemed to have lightened. There was even the hint of a mischievous smile when she spoke next.

"But there's a forfeit for this morning's events"

"Oh yes?" he said a little too eagerly"; Claudia's forfeits were normally of a sexual nature.

"Yes, I've given it some thought and I think you should be belted for the next week but also wear the butt plug all week too."

"What all week? I can't what about... "

"You can come here or meet me at my work when you need to take the plug out to use the toilet. I'm not away this week. But I'm going to lock the plug back in each time when you're done".

Michaels' heart was pounding. He wasn't sure if this would be an interesting challenge or pure torture.

"So how about you get the plug?" Claudia prompted

"What now?"

"Yes, or I can wait 5 minutes if you need the bathroom" she smiled.

"No, I'm ok thanks." Michael was embarrassed.

Michael disappeared into the bedroom and came back with the anal dildo, the metal crotch strap and locking plate and a tube of personal lube. These had sat in their "toy" drawer since he'd bought it a few months back.

He'd worn the plug on a couple of occasions and although tolerable it did nothing for him sexually except increase his frustration in the belt make him want to remove it all the more.

To lock the plug in place the thong section of the belt had to replaced by a steel band that ran between his buttocks; this was much less comfortable to wear.

Without speaking Claudia took the dildo from him and lubricated it slowly and deliberately in front of him. She'd shown no particular interest in it last time Michael had worn it but now took charge.

"Bend over" she commanded in a tone that didn't encourage discussion. Michael did as he was told and was soon aware of the cool touch of the tip of the dildo on his anus. Gently Claudia pushed and probed until he opened a little and the dildo began to slide in.

Michaels breathing told Claudia all she need to know as slowly she pushed the dildo home with her left hand whilst her right had held the locking plate ready. Claudia took a couple of minutes sliding the plug in before asking

"Is that ok?"

"What can I say" Michael replied but continued, "Yes, its ok I guess. It does not hurt".

Michael found the sensation a little sexual but the belt stifled any attempt at an erection.

Claudia fitted the locking plate clicked the lock shut.


That night they had arranged to stay at Claudia's sister's place to see her new baby. It wasn't Michael's idea of fun but Claudia seemed in a good mood and perhaps the trip would take his mind off the plug that seemed to be boring into him. There was no relief, no amount or squirming in the belt would move the plug out even one quarter of its length.

In normal circumstances they might well have made love surreptitiously that night but Michael was left securely locked and struggled to get comfortable enough to sleep. After what seemed and age he eventually found sleep but woke early that summer morning next to Claudia's beautiful sleeping form.

Normally Claudia slept naked but she had worn a small black thong, Michaels favourite, most probably to add to his frustration. Michael slid back the bed clothes a little, for it was already warm, and feasted his eyes on the beautiful sleeping form. He wondered about the predicament he was in.

Was it what he wanted? Wearing the belt nearly 24/7 had been challenge enough but to be plugged also was totally controlling. Eventually his mounting erection forced him out of bed and he got up to make some coffee.

Claudia's sister and partner were already in the kitchen and Michael was forced to make small talk while he waited for the kettle to boil. "If they had any idea... " he pondered before walking gingerly back to the bedroom. He had to start to get used to the sensations of walking and sitting with his body so comprehensively invaded.

"I could get used to this" Claudia smiled as she sipped the coffee "did you sleep well?"

"Er, ok" The look on Michael's face said otherwise but the look on Claudia face wasn't one of surprise.

The next days were difficult and frustrating for Michael. He was irritated to have to ask permission to use the toilet at Claudia's flat and workplace and she was as good as her word about personally locking the plug back in after afterwards.

At her flat she left him in the bathroom on his own for a few minutes but at her work place they both went into the disabled toilet together and she read a magazine as he found much needed relief. This definitely wasn't Michael's idea of fun at all. "I'm not waiting outside" Claudia said, "it would look odd".

Apart from their meetings on account of Michaels' plugged belt they'd arranged their time together over the week as normal. By Tuesday night Claudia was feeling she'd like a little physical attention.

What started as heavy petting on the sofa soon moved the bedroom. Claudia was always direct and unencumbered when making love and gently pushed Michaels' head down her chest, onto her pert breasts and then, after an arousing pause, down between her thighs.

Michael need no prompting and gently worked Claudia up to a series of increasingly powerful orgasms with his tongue. He felt sure she'd want him inside her for the ultimate climax of the night but her hands remained gently but firmly on the top of his head as he worked away at her sex.

Later, once her passion had subsided she dozed off after thanking him. Michael was left to endure a throbbing erection that seemed not to want to subside and also to tidy up the flat before retiring to bed himself.

For some reason Michael couldn't understand why he'd not been let out of the belt. He knew that Claudia would always want him inside her at the end of a hot session so what he done wrong?

After a fitful night's sleep and another coffee brought to Claudia in bed the next morning he asked:

"I thought you might let me out last night?"

"It's not Sunday yet, I did say a week"

"But if you want me you could let me out even if I get belted and plugged again right after?

"I know I could but it was great as it was, actually you are rather good with your tongue" she retorted with a broad grin.

The week passed very slowly for Michael.

Sunday night

The next Sunday evening Michael contrived to get himself and Claudia into bed slightly earlier than usual. He didn't want her to be too tired to be interested in sex and his release. Claudia for her part went along with the early to bed routine (as if she didn't know) and they were soon lying next to each other in bed, both naked but with Michael utterly helpless in his belt.

"So when do I get out?" Michael started.

"Possibly not yet"

"What?" Michael was cross, he continued "you said I'd get out after a week"

"No I said you'd wear the belt for a week and we'd have sex at the end of the week"

"I don't understand. So I'm not getting out of the belt?"

"No but I think you will enjoy this if you are interested in trying something new"

"Oh?" Michael wasn't happy.

"Yes, do you know anything thing about prostate massage?

"I've heard of it. I thought it was for long term belt wearers only"

"A week should be long enough" Claudia countered

"It was more than that since I didn't come last Sunday either. It's been 12 days"

"Ideal then" she smiled. "Anyway I can unplug you and give you a massage with my finger, by all accounts you will enjoy that".

"What - in my bottom? I'm not sure"

"Well you've just spent a week with a dildo stuck up there so I can't see there's a problem."

Michael said nothing

"Or you can stay as you are" Claudia added.

"And afterwards?

"Well you'll stay in the belt, but I think the plug can stay out for a bit. If you don't want a massage then maybe the plug should stay in till you do"

Michael reluctantly agreed. He was so desperate for release he'd try anything.

Soon he was kneeling on all fours over her with his head buried between her legs pleasuring her. In return she carefully probed his anus with her lubricated forefinger and once inside stimulated his prostate slowly but firmly.

By the time Claudia was enjoying her third orgasm the sensations Michael felt were becoming more powerful and his cum was dripping out of the underside of his belt. His engorged penis felt as though it would break out of the belt but of course that just wasn't possible.

Claudia kept up her massage for a good 20 minutes by the end of which Michael was feeling spent. Not nearly as good as post orgasmic but relieved in an odd sort of way.


That first week Michael spent plugged permanently shifted the balance of power in the relationship Claudia's way. Although he was left unplugged afterwards, except for the odd punishment, he entered a world of subservience and control that he could never have imagined on that first fateful day he wore the belt for Claudia.

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