Keverly and frannie

Submitted by: kevsfrannie

i am Kev's frannie, a submissive man who is married to a Woman who has wisely blessed me with my unique fate.

My Wife Keverly and i were married when i was 38 and She was 26. Kev has always been a very genuine person, so i thought She was an easy person to know. And from the beginning, She seemed to know me, too - in fact, i have long been convinced She has known me better than i know myself. When we met, my body was already pretty much fully covered with a (pathetic?) canvass of tattooed hearts, nearly from head to toe. Kev helped me to open up about this over time, without Her ever saddling me with any measure of shame or embarrassment about this obvious, unique and consequential characteristic. She admitted much later that She questioned, at times, aspects of my sexuality, through our love-making together, and even wondered if i might be gay. i'm not, but my relief at being able to discuss such intimate details openly with Kev allowed me a feeling of safety in vulnerability that i had never experienced before, and it felt wonderful. i felt protected, that i could be uninhibited - and it bound me ever closer to Her. Before long i was able to start coming to grips with, and sharing with Her, my lifelong sensitivity - obsession - OK, i'll admit it, my sexual fetish - with moles on the human body - Hers, my own, and others'. Kev had been born with a large mole on her left knee that i couldn't help but fall in love with; and just before our daughter was born Kev even blessed me with a new beauty mark tattooed, Marilyn Monroe-style, right on Her lovely cheek!

These admissions and intimacies, as i said, made me feel ever more safe and comfortable and loved by and close to this one other person who loved me just as i am, despite (and somewhat because of?) all my peculiarities. As our love and trust grew, we became more adventurous in our sexual explorations together, and i discovered (with no little astonishment) - and began to tell Her about - my submissive fantasies. Kev role-played with me some, as we explored this new dimension of sexuality. i was free to learn more about my newly evident "kinkiness" (who knew?!) on the internet, and then, with my encouragement, Kev began to read at many of the same sites i had visited. Kev saw how some women used their husband's fantasies to their own advantage. i guess at some point - not without some encouragement from me - She must have begun kicking around the idea of Female Domination - "femdom." Though i thought She was just participating in a "game" that She knew excited me, over the next year or two She must have debated within Herself whether this was a lifestyle She was open to pursuing with me. After three years of exploration and experimentation together, one day i came to Kev and told Her how the fantasy of my submitting fully to Her had taken a powerful hold of me, and was becoming stronger and stronger.

Perhaps in hindsight, neither of us understood Her needs very well. Kev thought for a while about what i had admitted to Her, and one day came back to me and asked if i still wanted to be dominated by Her in the bedroom. i admitted that i did, that i fantasized about it more and more as time went on. Kev calmly responded, much to my excitement, that She would be willing to dominate me -- but it had to be real to Her, not just a "game," in order for Her to enjoy it. She told me honestly that She, too, needed to get something out of this unconventional lifestyle. She said that She would have to take it beyond just our bedroom in order for it to be fulfilling to Her. She surprised me when She explained that it was part of Her fantasy to become the head of our marriage, and to shape me into a more extensive submission to Her, in all areas of our life. i was both excited and a little scared by Her proposal, but i figured i could always "guilt" Her or otherwise manipulate my way out of it if need be. So with that comforting reassurance i agreed. Looking back, i totally underestimated Her own resolve and commitment.

It started out being everything i had hoped for. We seemed to communicate openly about everything. She delighted me by bringing my moles fetish out in the open, letting me draw moles on Her body, reciprocating even to the point of using a real tattooist's needle and ink to put little moles on my body - sometimes forcefully, in a very sexy way - like on my cock, for instance! Kev asked what other kinds of D&S type activities i desired, and She fulfilled my desires. She read books like "Different Loving" to become more knowledgeable. It started out slowly, with Her sometimes spanking me, or tying me up. We had frequent sex during these sessions, and i was really enjoying it. Despite Her "beyond the bedroom" talk, Kev was making few other demands on me, so i was "having my cake and eating it, too." But in time that began to change.

After a successful night together at a local casino, Kev told me She wanted me to hand over my winnings to Her, because She had a special gift She wanted to get for me. With that money, She sent away for something i would soon come to know all too well. i guess i forgot about that incident, but one night a few weeks later, after having handcuffed me to our bed and ridden my cock to explosive orgasm, Kev surprised me with Her "gift." As my penis shrank after our sex, Kev blindfolded me, still cuffed to the bed, and began playing with my cock in a way that felt strange and foreign. i just rested in the afterglow of our sex while She tinkered with the cock She had always enjoyed so much in ways (and that made me proud to be Her man!). i guess i even dozed lightly, but i awoke and wanted to pee before we both lay down to sleep. When She released me from my cuffs and i started to get up, i noticed something felt strange "down there." It turned out there was a hard plastic sort of a cage on my cock, with a locked padlock on it, but no key. i looked at Kev, puzzled, and She smiled as She explained, "That is the special gift i told You i wanted to get for you - remember? It's called a CB-2000," Kev said, and She wanted me to "get used to wearing your new chastity device." i was taken aback, especially when i soon realized that in order to pee without creating a huge mess i would evidently need to sit down - just like girls do. As i did so, Kev playfully made fun of me, and called me "frannie" - the embarrassing nickname my Dad had called me when i was growing up, but which now seemed to take on a sort of sissy connotation as i sat on the toilet to pee. i quickly came to understand a much larger implication of the device - the thought of Her controlling my sexual release. It strangely excited me - maybe both of us, i guess. At any rate, i knew i had to try this "device" if i wanted Her to continue to dominate me in the bedroom, so i agreed to wear the cage, though it was a bit uncomfortable at first. Before too long i got used to wearing it. Kev didn't make me wear it for long periods of time (in the beginning). i even came to sort of enjoy the feeling of powerless i had in this "chastity scene."

Once i started to "get used to" the CB-2000, though, Kev began to make me wear it for longer periods - soon for a week or two at a time. She had been working me into it, in a playful and gradual way, i now see. Once She had me where she wanted me, She began to exercise increasing dominance over me. She started to pointedly refer to Her Cock, not mine. She began calling me "cockless," a "cockless runt," and soon if i even touched myself She would scold me or smack me and tell me to keep my nasty hands off of Her Cock . It was all exciting to me, but also scary: i was unaccustomed to seeing this side of my Keverly. Through the use of the chastity device, it seemed as though She was becoming somewhat consumed with the desire to dominate me.

The longer i was denied the opportunity to orgasm, the more aroused by and obedient i seemed to become to Her. i had often felt i had been incredibly blessed and lucky - that i did not really deserve to be with such a Beauty. But now i could scarcely control my desire to worship Her body all the time! Kev began to have me orally pleasure Her, for increasingly frequent and lengthening sessions. But i was always locked up in the damned CB-2000 as i tongued and licked Her pussy for hours.

My Wife is an astonishing Beauty, with long hair, pretty eyes, and a firm and muscular but increasingly voluptuous body. She has pretty breasts, an extraordinary ass, and wonderful, hard biceps that drive me bananas. Kev had always been a very sexy and sensual woman, but She was becoming even more sexy to me through Her increasing dominance over me.

And i was becoming so frustrated now that i began to be begging Her for sexual release. i had always loved our intercourse, and i had also been prone to masturbate on occasion - using my moles fetish as a stimulus for it, She knew (to my shame). But now actual sexual intercourse between us was becoming more rare, and often now She would want me to fuck Her but would forbid me to cum. She began to talk about the locked-up cock existing only to give Her pleasure, that that the cock had become Her prerogative, Her property, at the very moment we had been wed. i loved this notion in theory, but in real life i was horny as hell, and no longer even able to jack myself of - at all. i found myself becoming preoccupied with fantasies of racing off to whack off when - if - ever She would release me from the chastity cage. By now Kev was only allowing me to climax about once every two weeks. But She seemed to somehow know what i was imagining, and now became very strict about making sure my "bad hands" were always tied down or handcuffed to a collar around my neck or a bedpost or door handle whenever She wanted to remove the cage from what now actually seemed to be becoming Her cock -- and no longer mine. This had become very serious!

Denied my orgasm, i was beginning to dream and even daydream about Kev and Her body; and about the remembered feeling of the cock inside Her wet, warm and beautiful, hugging pussy. i started to have problems concentrating on my work, as She was on my mind almost all of the time. i noticed i was becoming more submissive toward Her as well. For example, sometimes i no longer felt worthy of sitting next to Her unless specifically invited - it felt increasingly more comfortable to me to sit at Her feet, and to snuggle up to one of Her Beautiful legs (and especially the left one, with the special mole i knew God had put there just for me :)).

And Kev seemed to be blossoming into someone even more beautiful than ever i could have imagined. She was making more and more of the decisions in our household, and in our marriage, with confidence, energy and determination. i found myself agreeing with most of Her decisions, questioning my own judgments if i did disagree, and more and more recognizing the folly of my own contrary views. Frankly, about all i wanted to do now was to lick Her pussy, and - dare i admit this? - to be teased by Her, to feel that awful straining within the frustrating chastity cage, to crave some assurance that my base and selfish yearning for an orgasm - even an erection - would almost certainly be denied. On the increasingly rare occasions when She allowed me that "privilege," the release felt so incredible - so powerful, and cleansing, so complete - there could be nothing else like it! That only Kev had the power to allow me that explosive relief made me more and more submissive to Her, i know. Whenever She did allow me an orgasm, it was always with my naughty hands safely away from Her cock, and was always paired with Her reminders about how i'd better enjoy it, because it might be a long time before i would feel that again. She soon made it contingent on my having pleased Her in some significant way. Nothing in my life became more motivating than even the slight chance that i might feel my orgasm just one more time! Kev would tell me how much She loved the power She felt to know that only She could grant me - or deny me - such an explosive feeling of pleasure.

Meanwhile, it seemed i could not get enough of orally pleasuring Her, and that She could not get enough such pleasure. i would grow so hard i would fill up the damned CB-2000 cage so that my balls ached. i would go to bed and fantasize about Kev, and the only relief i might get was a rare wet dream. When i would have to confess those to Her - the evidence could not easily be hidden - She would punish me, by administering a whipping on my "pink" ass. Earlier in our experimentation Kev had not particularly enjoy whipping me, as She had not been too interested in physical areas of D&S that might make Her feel, or be seen as, "mean." But She was enjoying the psychological power exchange - that is why forcing me into chastity excited Her. But now She began to punish me physically whenever i disobeyed her (or "should have known better"), these rare wet dreams being just one violation of Her growing list of rules. Kev would require me to bend over the bed, or over Her beautiful left knee; or She would tie me to our bed; and then whip me quite hard with a riding crop She had purchased.

Kev was increasingly assigning me chores to do around the house, and also began to limit and direct my television and Internet time. South Park, The Simpsons, football games - all began to disappear. She gave me a bedtime, and enforced it. The next thing i knew, She began to shave my body, and made me increasingly hairless. The cock and balls had already been shaved hairless, pretty much a requirement to wear the CB-2000. But now Kev would "bargain" with me, using the freeing of my cock - just its yearning to stretch out a bit, to feel any human touch - in exchange for my agreeing to little steps that, one by one, had the effective of feminizing me. She shaved off the rest of my pubic hair, except a thin little patch as She started to speak about my twat, my pussy, my cunt. Before long She was shaving my underarms, and the few sparse hairs on my chest, even my legs - virtually my entire body! She evidently wanted me smooth and hairless for Her, and experimented more and more with feminizing me: dressing me up in dainty lingerie, applying lipstick, having me wear a little bra (and commenting about my "perky little boobies"), even clothing me in a mau-mau She bought for me in a thrift store. She would draw obvious beauty marks on my face, my neck, and threaten to make them permanent. (One can now see that, over time, She has obviously and generously lived up to those threats :)!) Thus decorated, She would then have me do chores around the house while the kids were at school. She began openly bragging to Her Mom and Her friends about being "in charge" in our marriage. And She began to have me orally service Her only while i was dressed all feminine.

And all the while i just became more submissive toward Her. i craved more and more the combined privilege and duty of licking Her to multiple orgasms. She would teach me how to use a dildo and a vibrator to sexually satisfy Her. Sex by now was becoming totally about Her orgasms, Her satisfaction - with barely a thought about my own, save for an occasional "special gift" of an orgasm for me for Christmas, or my birthday (never both), or our anniversary. Other than these rare exceptions, my only orgasms were either accidental when She wanted me to fuck Her with "Her cock" ("Don't cum!") and i was unable to resist Her sexual power over me (such incidents were severely punished); or an occasional supervised masturbation session when She wanted to overtly humiliate me. She kept extending the times between my orgasms; and Kev seemed to become even more empowered by feminizing me, missing few opportunities to catch me peeing while sitting down -- as if She liked controlling me better when She could insist on my looking and acting like a sissy. (Now do you understand why She calls me Her "frannie?")

Already so far down this unique road of ours, Kev came to decide to take our relationship to the very edge. It seems Her dominant stance built Her self-confidence in a way that felt refreshing, invigorating, and She decided She wanted ultimate control over me. She loved being the boss, and knew now She would never want to go back. Kev found a website by a Mistress Lori who sold chastity devices, and on her site "Lori" talked about making Your husband into Your fulltime slave. It excited Kev to see an expert describing how our relationship had practically become already. Consistent with what She was reading there, i was already permitted to make love to My Voluptuous Wife using only my tongue, or Her toys, as She had cut my orgasms back to longer and longer terms of denial. But now Ms. Lori's site inspired My Wife to take another big step.

My Wife Kev now began to fuck me! She used Her toys to invade "your cute little pink frannie asshole." She started warning me (or simply predicting) that "soon your tight little asshole will readily open wide for Me." She would cuff my hands so i was restrained with my back to Her, and then (sometimes leaving Her Cock caged, but often releasing it so that She could tug on it, grab and pull Her balls) approach me while wearing a "strap-on," lubricate my "pink" asshole, push Herself against me, whisper into my ear how much i craved to be fucked, and then thrust Herself into me. (What a revelation it is for a man to be on the receiving end of a fucking!) At first i was ashamed of myself for having "fallen" to this new depth, but when i realized over time this was becoming one my primary sexual outlets, my own submission reached a new level, and i came to accept, and then welcome, and eventually even to crave and beg for My own Wife to fuck me in the ass. Kev warned that soon i would cum explosively when She fucked me like this, and i ignorantly "let go" and waited to see if it was possible, feeling so close to an orgasm but unsure about it, yearning so strongly for that relief. i knew if i did cum it would mark my irreversible surrender to Her, something my mind could not control: "the cock doesn't lie!"

Kev came to me one day and said that we needed to have an important discussion. She said She knew She had gained so much control over me, but She also knew that this lifestyle had to be one of mutual respect and consent. Kev told me that She was going to give me a choice. She liked our current arrangement, She said, but She really wanted total power and control over me. Although i had become a "pretty good subhubby," She still felt that i challenged Her authority at times; and She didn't like at all when i sometimes questioned Her about Her comings and goings. Kev told me that, in Her judgment, what was holding Her back from exerting total power over me was the fact that i still viewed myself as Her husband, and that caused me to try to have an equal footing with Her. Kev said that while maybe other couples can balance between the two, She could not.

She was honest with me and told me that She loved dominating and controlling a man the way She was dominating and controlling me. Kev told me that she wanted to transform me from being Her submissive husband into essentially a "My 24/7 slave." She showed me pictures she had printed off of a website of permanent chastity devices, and scared me when She flat- out said that She wanted to place that kind of device on me. She made clear, though, that the choice would be mine: i could be Her husband, or i could be Her slave, but not both. She said if i chose to remain Her husband, then all our D&S activities would stop, and we would both just put those desires aside. If i chose the other option, then She said She would take me as deep into submission as a man and Woman can go. i would cease being Her husband and would exist only to tend to Her needs and desires, with no right to ever question Her. She gave me a week to decide. If i did decide to be her slave, Kev said, then that would be the last decision She would ever allow me to make.

i could not get over how Dominant My Wife had become. She was so hot and desirable like this! i felt weak in the knees because i knew how hard it would be to resist choosing to be Her slave. If She had given the same choice a couple of years prior i might have chosen otherwise; but after experiencing Her Dominance and Control and Self-Confidence, i knew that i could not be satisfied with anything less. i did have one concern that i asked Her about: i asked if i decided to be Her slave, then would i still get to be intimate with Her (e.g. by orally servicing Her beautiful pussy)? Kev told me that She loved me beyond measure, that She so much enjoyed my being Her "cockless little frannie," and that She had no plans to end that part of our relationship. However, She told me, once i was Her slave, then She and only She had the right to change things. As long as i pleased Her, She would more than likely allow me access to worship some areas of Her body - e.g. Her knee, Her breasts, Her pussy - but it would be a reward and a privilege -- not a right. She also told me this devastating detail: that She would have the right to take as a lover "a real man, with a cock of his own, who knew how to fuck" Her good. She promised me that She had no one in mind at this time, but She wanted me to be clear that if i chose to be Her slave, it would be no business of mine what She did, or with whom.

i hesitated, but Her matter of fact and confident way of telling me all of this excited me. i managed to use the entire week, and thought about it long and hard. At the end of the week, i came humbly back to My Beautiful Kev and told Her that i loved Her, and i could not deny that our relationship was best with Her in charge: therefore, i said nervously, i was choosing to become Her fulltime slave. Kev smiled knowingly Her approval, and made me kneel before Her for a long, meaningful minute. Then She got up, left the room, and returned with a dog collar (already inscribed "My forever frannie"), which She placed around my neck - and ordered me to kiss Her (lovely!) toes, one by one, ending with the cute little mole on Her cutest little toe as i felt an all-too-predictable stiffening inside the CB-2000 cage.

My days in that cage were numbered. Without even waiting to hear my decision, it turned out Kev had ordered one of Ms. Lori's undefeatable chastity devices. Within a week She drove me to see a woman She had met who does body piercings. i didn't immediately know what She had in mind - we both understood that "my" body was now My Wife's to decorate at Her Whim - but once we got to the woman's place and i was instructed to "drop your panties, frannie!" i figured it out. i hesitated slightly in protest, but Kev stood right up over me and demanded, firmly, that i do as i was told, right in front of the other woman. i backed down. i had become so pussy-whipped by My Wife that i pulled down today's frilly, pink panties, exposed the caged cock, held out my wrists for the familiar cuffs, and allowed the woman to pierce my penis with a double frenum piercing -- after which, together, they immediately installed Mistress Lori's permanent(!) chastity device on me. Kev kept my hands bound and away from Her Cock for the long weeks while my body accepted the piercing as it healed around the secure chastity device. (i did not realize, during this time, that my fate was still not physically irreversible.) She monitored me over the next few months to assure that i was able to do all functions like urinate and shower, as the device is so restrictive i cannot experience a full erection.) Kev would often express pity about Her "poor Cock's" plight, in a mocking tone that really did make feel pitiful; and would give me a monthly prostate milking, which allowed a release of cum, but no pleasure. It was all very frustrating for me, but that only further excited Kev. The good news for me was that the more She was excited, the more i got to orally pleasure her. Kev had bought an attachment to the device, a latex sheath that fits over it like a huge condom so that She can have intercourse while i feel no pleasurable sensation - this was even more frustrating! Kev would mount me and ride me, i could feel no sensations but only distant memories. But i loved watching Her breasts bounce up and down, and feeling Her body on top of mine, despite being wholly unable to feel Her pussy though "i" was inside of Her.

Once Kev determined that i could function in my permanent chastity device She had even more surprises in store for me. She was clearly basking in her power and control over me, and wanted to ensure Her Control was complete and official and irreversible. She had legal documents made up through which all of our assets were transferred to Her. Furthermore, She required that my paycheck be direct deposited into Her account. Kev had found a feminist lawyer who one morning came to our house (while i was dressed in a dainty maid's uniform). She ordered me to sign the papers that gave Her power of attorney over all of my affairs, and legal control over all of our assets. One document stated that i fully agreed to our form of an alternative lifestyle, and would never hold it against My Wife legally. That document included my confession that it had been my idea and my choice to wear a chastity device, because i wanted My Wife to deny me sexual release "no matter what." Another section said that i consented to My Wife having sexual relations with another person if She so chose, because while my choice had rendered me incapable of it myself, satisfying sexual intercourse was Kev's right in our marriage. i will never forget how deliciously submissive and humiliated i felt as Kev handed me the pen to sign these documents. i was very sexually excited, but of course could not get erect due to the chastity device. i felt awash in submission as i willfully signed, and then Kev and the attorney added their signatures. It was now official - i was now under My Wife's total control. She had achieved Her goal.

But that was not the end of it for me that day. After the lawyer left, Kev drove me back to Her friend's place where i had gotten pierced and fitted with my chastity device. By now i lived secretly longing for any hint of even a minute's release from the chastity cage, though i believed it already impossible. Indeed, that afternoon Kev and Her piercing friend first cuffed my naughty hands, and then shocked me by removing the device for the first time in over six months! My heart leaped at this miracle! "See that?" She insisted i look down at the long-estranged penis, now standing suddenly at full, stiff attention; with the distinct, darkly tattooed mole on its head that had been tantalizingly visible, yet trapped away from me, for so long. "Now say Goodbye to it, frannie," She singsonged; and a real tear came to my eye as my heart quickly sank again. My Wife and Her piercing friend quickly reinstalled the cage - a see-through prison for a still virile symbol of my inherent masculinity that was finally ready to begin its life sentence. i had not realized that the screws that had affixed this prison to my body had been devilishly designed to be breakable. Kev said something to me to the effect that, since i was officially no longer a real husband, but instead Her pathetic frannie, then there was no longer any need for even the pretense of my having a cock of my own. She stated firmly that my chastity would now be permanent. And once the device was back on in its place, without delay or emotion She determinedly broke off the ends of the screws. Just as efficiently, Her friend filed the ends of those screws smooth. There was no way out.

i have been trapped in this prison ever since. i am milked on occasion for release, but will no longer ever be able to get a full erection. And since that day, Kev has only stepped up Her Dominance over me. i do all the household work now, and am only permitted to orally service Her if i deserve a reward. Kev makes me work hard for the right to tongue Her and lick Her pussy. i am in total submission to my Wife, my Mistress. Though She was stern and harsh and forceful when She needed to be to shape me in this way, now She seems confidently at peace, and is usually kind, sympathetic, compassionate, caring and attentive toward me. Still i am whipped once a week, simply to maintain my discipline - and also, of course, whenever my behavior warrants it. All our money, our assets and accounts are in Her name. i sexually desire her all the time, and feel jubilant when She permits me intimacy. Of course it has been a real challenge adjusting to this, but overall i confess that i'm happy. i love Kev, and feel very attached to Her. We have connected in ways i never would have dreamed was possible. i would be very content for things to have remained just like this, but --

Kev has always had a wonderful, robust, exciting sexual appetite. Somehow She met a younger man (twenty-four) whom She decided She wanted to fuck Her. He, too, is a submissive man, and Kev has trained him to be a good, submissive stud. Though She loves to ride the sheath-covered cock i carry for Her, She now has sex with him whenever She wants to. i sometimes dislike like that She has trained a stud to fuck Her where i once was, but i know that is a selfish, petty emotion. And i dare not discuss it with Her: She would just remind me it is none of my business, and i'm afraid She would get upset and cut me off from worshipping Her body altogether. i could never bear that. Kev says it is good for me that She has a stud fucker, because it rids Her frannie of my unseemly male jealousy. i am learning humility. She told me i know i need to place Her needs ahead of my own, and that She knows i am happy that She is happy with Her young stud lover.

This is where we are to date - our real life story. i realize Kev will get the pleasure She deserves, with or without me. i live for the times when She allows me to touch and admire and orally pleasure Her, and i don't want to do anything to jeopardize that. i consented to allow Her to "cum and go" as She pleases, so i abide by my commitment to accept that She does as She pleases. Kev requires me to work hard for Her; orally servicing Her, presenting myself so She can ride Her sheath-covered cock - those are my rewards for hard work. Whippings and longer denial of access to Her Beautiful Body are my due consequences for disobedience or insubordination. (i wish i could say that i am always a perfect slave to Her, but i know i have my bad moments, and She rightly deals accordingly with me to help me to learn - for my own good.) She enjoys fucking me in my ever more pliant "pink" ass - "My frannie's cute little cunt," She calls it.

i love Kev and am happy with our lives. i love the comfort that comes with Her exerting such Power and Control over me. i am 52 now, still a relatively young and healthy man. To be permanently denied and enslaved by my Wife is understandably hard at times, especially when She spends time with Her young stud fucker. But of course i have no recourse because i have willfully consented to Her Liberation. i am happy most of the time with my fate -- it feels right for me, the submissive and protected feelings that flood my mind because i am serving Her, the "openness" i feel toward Her when She fucks me, the ever more distinctively "moley" appearance She so lovingly inflicts on me when it presents itself to me in the mirror (or to the public). Yes, i count my blessings! Certainly i suffer many moments when i deeply want to know Kev in an intimate way again, through intercourse i can actually feel. But by now i am so used to my chastity that i truly don't know where my flesh ends and the cage begins. i get erect all the time - just in my mind.

i love that My Darling Keverly is so strong, that in a sense i've helped to make Her this way that i now cannot resist. Her forcefulness and selfishness make Her all the more attractive to me. Nor do i worry about my dignity, as in Her pretty eyes this is how She wants me to be. Deep down i know i had wanted this for a long, long time, too. If She could free me tomorrow i would refuse it. i fought this urge to be submissive for so many years, and Kev freed me from my torment. i couldn't have know that if i opened up my eyes about myself, and shared it with My Wife, then it was destined She would enslave me eventually. i yielded to the inevitable, and now there is no escape for me.

i am Kev's frannie, permanently Hers, chastened and branded so. Am i to be pitied -- or envied?

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