Aruba Vacation - Part 1

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My wife Alexa and I were on vacation in Aruba. We are both 25. Me, I'm blonde and 6 foot tall, and slender but muscular. Alexa is almost as tall as I am, and has the body of a goddess; long legs, a firm big ass, and big tits - all natural. She has pale white skin, and long black straight hair. She works out - a lot - and it shows.

Since lately sex had become quite routine, we were beginning to try some kinky stuff. At first it was toys, and then some sexy PVC and latex clothing, and Alexa began tying me to the bed. Once she tied me to the kitchen table and I let her stick a small strap-on in my ass. Surfing the net, she found images of chastity devices, and thought it looked hot, so she got me one - a CB6000. It took some getting used to, but my cock, although maybe not tiny, is hardly what you would call big. I used it off and on, on days we knew we were going to have sex. I'd put it on in the morning, give her the key, go to work, and then meet her at a fancy restaurant. Then we'd go to a hotel, and she would have me lick her to 2-3 orgasms, before removing my "punishment" (as she liked to call it) and either let me fuck her, or give me a great blowjob, and let me shoot all over her tits. She liked it so much she decided that we were going to bring it on vacation "to make it more exciting".

We had been on the beach all day, and then had a few drinks at the bar of the hotel, by the large pool. A young black man came over with his girlfriend and chatted; they were from New York, too. She was gorgeous, and he was very muscular, almost like a body builder. He wore a red thong, and she a one-piece silvery bathing suit. I had on some quite large (and ugly) shorts, so the CB6000 wouldn't be visible. It was obvious he was way better hung, more of a man, than I was, and I noticed Alexa looking at his crotch a lot. After a while, all of us quite drunk, the man, Bret, asked if we wanted to go back to their suite, and Alexa immediately said yes. Bret smiled and touched her leg. I looked at his girlfriend, but she was too wasted to notice.

Walking up to their suite I tried to grab Alexa, to ask her what she wanted to do, but she hung onto Bret's arm. I had to keep his girl from falling over; once inside their very fancy suite she fell asleep on the floor by the huge bed. Alexa began kissing Bret, and I moved up to them and held her waist. Bret kissed her and their tongues met. I pressed up against her from behind while Bret held her. I felt my cock throbbing inside its prison in a very painful way. I rubbed it against her ass, hoping she'd understand I needed to take it off, to join in the fun. Bret moved back and pulled down his thong. His cock, half-erect was huge; long and thick, with a massive head, and thick veins running down towards his shaved crotch. Alexa pushed me away, and kneeled. She started kissing his cock, all the while talking to him:

Oh, God! It's huge! Oh, fuck, I want your cock, Yes, Oh, yes, fuck its gorgeous!

I didn't know what to do. As I stood besides Bret it was clear that his cock, even without being fully hard, was bigger by far - both thicker and longer - than mine. I felt a burning rage and jealousy, and I grabbed Alexa's arm, to force her to stand.

Suck me too, baby!! I said.

She looked up at me, and smiled.

Fuck off, baby....

Bret started laughing. Alexa took his cock in her mouth and drooled all over it.

Bret took my arm.

Why don't you go back to your room. Or do you wanna stay and watch me fuck your wife...?

Alexa smiled up at us, and took the huge black cock from her mouth an instant:

I'm not gonna bother with you, when I have a real man, so sit down on the bed and jerk off!

Bret smiled

Sit the fuck down, bitch! He said, and pushed me to the bed.

I was in shock. What was I going to do? My cock-head hurt and I was so surprised by my wife's obvious cruelty. Alexa started really sucking him now, and it looked so good. The big black cock, going in and out of her mouth. Even though it hurt, my cock stayed as hard as it could get inside the plastic tube, and I tried to rub it a bit. Pre-cum streamed out. Alexa saw it and laughed.

Getting horny watching a real man, huh?

Bret smiled.

Wanna get some? Wanna suck some black cock, like your wife likes to do?


Alexa got up from the floor, and walked over to the bed, and putting her hands on the mattress just bedside me, smiled and kissed me. I tasted cock on her mouth and tongue, and when she leaned back a little, I felt precum all over my face. Bret moved closer and as she stood, with legs spread, right by me, he shoved his huge cock into her wet pussy. Alexa screamed out of pain and pleasure mixed. She rocked towards me as the strong black man fucked her the way she wanted. She rubbed her face against mine, and looked me right in the eyes:

Oh, it is so huge in my pussy! I got a huge black cock fucking me good, baby. Jerk off now, baby, jerk off, as a real man fucks your wife!

I can't... You know I can't...

Alexa laughed.

Sorry honey, I forgot all about your "punishment"...

Suddenly Bret took out his cock.

Were do you want it!

He asked Alexa. She sat down beside me, smiled, and looked at me.

Do you want it in your face, or do you want to lick it off my tits?!

I stared in disbelief.


I don't....

Fuck you. Give it to him in the face, Bret...

No! No, please, I'll...

Yes... You have to say it.

I'll lick his cum off you...

My face was red with shame. Bret shot a huge load of white sperm all over Alexa's beautiful big tits. I leaned over and closed my eyes, and received a slap in the face.

Open you eyes, bitch! How else are you going to clean it all off??

I opened my eyes and began licking the black man's sperm off my wife's tits. I almost choked on it, the taste, the smell, but slowly I got all of it off.

Alexa looked happy.

Good useless little bitch, aren't you?

I felt a tear roll down my chin.

Are you going to... suck me off now? Please, Alexa, honey.

The key is in my purse, in our room. You can go jerk off there, if you want to.

She answered, and walked over to the mini-bar and started making drinks for her and Bret. I started to cry, with sperm in my face and mouth. Bret and Alexa sipped their vodkas, sitting by the table, watching me helpless to do anything. I couldn't leave, I couldn't endure the thought of not knowing what was happening, but I didn't want Bret to know my problem, either. I still had some hope as Alexa said to Bret:

Look at him, so horny from eating cum, isn't he...

Yea, he is. Wanna give him a treat?

I guess I could...

I looked up at them, and Alexa looked me in the face. She sighed, and walked over.

Ok, baby. Ok, lover boy, I'll be nice to you. I lied before. I have the key here. But you are going to have to explain, and show, Bret. If you wanna cum...

She held out the key. I was mortified. I was going to have to show this man who just fucked my wife, who's cum I could still taste, my cock locked inside the chastity device. This was the most humiliating thing imaginable.

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