The Promise

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Jack had been wearing chastity devices on and off for over ten years and had tried both home made and bought devices. His dream for many years had been to get a Tollyboy belt. He considered this to be the Acme of belts. The stainless steel construction, the low profile radial locks, the fact that it was of the "Florentine" style and the inherent security all appealed to him.

Alas, for many years to purchase one was beyond his means. Other things had to be bought before there was enough surplus cash for the purchase.

Jack had relied in the trapped ball devices such as the "CB" series and had purchased over time first the CB 2000 then the CB 3000 and last but not least was The Curve. He used to lock himself up for various times and occasionally buried one key in the garden and posted the other key to the padlock to himself.

If he locked himself up on Friday night and delayed putting the keys into the post until the afternoon of Saturday then the post box would not be cleared until Monday evening. If he used second-class postage, which he usually did, then, if he was unfortunate it would be Wednesday before the keys arrived back. If he was fortunate then it could be Thursday or Friday before the envelope dropped onto the mat.

By Friday he could be horny and excited enough not to unlock himself and consign the keys to the post again on the Saturday afternoon. So the cycle could repeat itself. However it was rare that Jack could resist unlocking himself once the keys arrived.

If things got desperate, as they sometimes did, Jack would have to go out into the garden and dig up the "emergency" key and unlock the device. This happened when he suffered from pull through, when one of his testicles pulled through the base ring or when his member got damaged by being too excited, pushing through the bars of the device and getting nipped and damaged.

In the early stages of wearing the CB series jack found that he could pull his flaccid member out of the device. This, in his mind defeated the purpose of the device. When it was locked on he should not have been able to touch his member.

The solution to this was to have a prince Albert piercing and insert a ring. To this ring he attached a short chain. When he put the device on he would pass the chain through the gap at the end of the cage and feed it up to the padlock that secured the device. In this way his member could not be removed from the cage unless it was unlocked. The adaptation was a success apart from the times when he was so excited and his member was pushing through the bars of the cage and got trapped by the chain. This could and once or twice did cause the skin to break resulting in a forced end in his chastity.

In this way Jack played at being chaste for many years. He could wear the device for the extended period in relative comfort. It caused no problems with his work which was a mix of driving and office work.

Then Jack was surfing the net and met a Lady who was interested in men who wanted to be chastised. After a couple of months chatting on line she agreed to act as his Controller for four months. Jack referred to her as his controller as she did not physically take charge of the keys. Their relationship was based on trust. The controller gave Jack instructions and Jack was honour bound to carry them out.

There was a big difference between locking himself up and doing so on the instructions of his Controller. Jack felt that he could not break his promise to Her. If he did, for whatever reason, he had to tell Her. It was then for Her to decide whether he should be punished.

It was also agreed that Jack would keep Her informed of his progress by way of regular message about his condition, his feelings of frustration and the temptations he faced to unlock himself. She found it stimulating to read these messages.

This made chastity much more meaningful. He was doing this now, not for himself, but for Her. He dedicated his chastity to her. He wanted to give Her special pleasure knowing he was locked up at Her behest and for Her pleasure. He wanted to do this. He wanted to be under her control.

As part of his regime wearing the belt, Jack would remove the belt once a week to wash and clean his member. He usually did this during his morning shower and replaced the device immediately he finished washing.

Now he had to ask his Controller for permission. She insisted that he asked Her the day before the week was up. Sometimes She refused permission for a couple of days. Jack Liked this as it meant that She was taking control and he could not take Her permission for granted.

At the beginning of the first session under Her control She told him that She would not tell him how long he would be locked up for. Each period was indeterminate as far as Jack was concerned. She had decided how long it would be but She did not tell Jack. So he did not know, when he snapped the lock shut, when he would be allowed to use his member for his own pleasure again. His member became "Her property" and was referred to by this name throughout the period of the relationship.

As it happened the first period of lock up was for a month. During that period Jack managed not to break the rules and was rewarded with two days freedom after which he was back locked I the device. Not that there were no temptations. Indeed the fact that he was under Her control was very exciting for him. The Curve allowed some expansion of Her Property. When this happened it was a pleasant and stimulating feeling. He would often be thinking of her and find that he was trying to have an erection. These stimulations were hard to resist. Jack would write to Her about them and, in telling Her, found that he became further stimulated. At times this stimulation would be painfully strong as Her Property tried to break out of the Curve.

He also had nightly erections that were stronger because of the denial of relief.

Jack also dreamed about her visiting him and teasing him so much that he more than filled the curve. When these situations occurred and his erection became too strong he had to find ways to distract himself from thinking such sexy thoughts. He had to resort on occasions to cold showers to reduce the pressure. On one occasion it was nearly half an hour before Her Property responded by which time he was very cold indeed.

At the end of the first month Jack asked if he could refer to his Controller as Mistress. She was delighted at this as it fulfilled one of her own fantasies: that of having someone who would obey her every wish.

There were two occasions when Jack removed the device without her permission. The first was when he suffered from pull through of one of his testicles. The second was when he removed the curve early for the weekly hygiene session and had not asked permission.

He duly reported his transgressions to his Mistress.

For the first transgression She extended the period of lock up for a week as she considered that it was caused by circumstances beyond jack's control. However, She felt, and Jack agreed that a punishment would re-enforce her control.

For the second transgression She gave jack instructions which, at first sight, were not a punishment but a reward. Jack was ordered that when he next had a hygiene break he was to stroke Her Property softly for seven minutes, no more and no less, not allowed to climax but to get as close as possible to this and then to stop and lock himself up again.

Jack did this and thought he had got off lightly. It was not easy to get Her Property back into the tube but he did so successfully. That was the start of his punishment. Her Property resented being locked up again and swelled up so much that it was trying to burst out of its cage. Unlike previous erections this one did not decline. It kept on and on and on. Jack became very uncomfortable and the erection became painful. Nothing he could do would make it subside. This time the cold shower did not work. The erection lasted 12 hours and then only subsided for a short time, during which Jack managed to get some sleep. The next morning it expanded again and continued for another ten hours before it finally subsided.

Jack effectively suffered a day and a half of considerable discomfort.

Needless to say he reported his experiences to his Mistress. She was highly delighted at the efficacy of her punishment.

The second period of lock-up was for five weeks. At the end of this time Mistress ordered Jack to unlock himself at ten p.m., stroke himself for an hour without going off and then to achieve a climax within 5 minutes. Thus he would climax at 11:05 p.m. After this he was to lock himself up again.

In this way his Mistress controlled, not only when he climaxed but also how he did it. Jack loved this extra level of control.

When Jack reported on his successful efforts the next day his Mistress revealed that for the last month She also had been carrying out an exercise in chastity for the last month and that she also timed her release to start at ten p.m. and her climax to occur at 11.05.

She had been pleasuring herself knowing that Jack was doing the same at the same time in accordance with her instructions. In her mind it was as if She was watching him take his relief at the same time as she achieved hers.

The third period of lock up lasted until the end of Jack's relationship with his Mistress. He continued to report regularly to her about the trials and tribulations of being controlled. He even managed not to transgress again although a big part of him wanted so to do so that she would punish him again. However, he had promised to comply with her wishes and had submitted to her will. So however strong his feeling were he suppressed them as her pleasure was derived from his frustrations about not being able to do what he wanted to do whether it was to climax or to be punished. His duty was to obey and obey he would to the best of his ability.

At the end of this final period of Chastity under her control she ordered him to stroke himself for Seven minutes seven times with seven minutes between stimulations. He was to go off at the end of the seventh set of stroking. The result of these instructions was a massive climax.

Jack misses his Mistress to this day.

At the start of the relationship Jack had decided that he would put aside a sum each month towards the Tollyboy belt he wanted. At he end of the four months he had about three quarters of the amount he needed when he had a tax windfall. So when his relationship came to an end as agreed Jack was able to put in an order for hid dream belt.

Unfortunately His Mistress was not able to extend his period of servitude to her. So jack is now the owner of a Tollyboy belt and seeking a Controller or Keyholder to enable him to get the best from wearing his dream belt.

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