Fun Fun Fun

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So ok, I was bored silly, on a whim I was cruzing the internet and typed in alternative lifestyles to see what was out there.

I found a site and thought what the hell why not, I joined for free and put up a couple of pictures of myself locked up in my chastity belt. My wife likes what it does to me and my attitude and has me wear it all the time. The caption under the main picture read boy toy for your use.

Well I posted it and started to look around the site and was slightly amazed at what some folks are up to in their spare time.

The site email service notified me I had a message, I thought wow that was quick.

The message came from another couple and they wanted to know if I was for real and if my wife also played.

I read their profile and I liked their pictures their main profile picture was hot, it showed her legs slightly spread and his hard cock pressed against her shaved mound slightly inserted between her lips and he had just deposited his creamy load it was all in a bunch surrounding the end of his cock.

I emailed them back letting them know I liked their creampie picture that it was real hot and that I would ask my wife what she thought. I told them that she might be convinced to watch but I doubted if she would join in, she really isn't a swinger type, but, she can be very accommodating of my kinks as long as I was secured in my chastity belt she would probably let me come out and play alone.

They asked me for my phone number saying that they would like to meet with us and see what happened.

I thought wow again this could be fun.

I sent them my number and in about a minute the cell was ringing.

The wife of the couple was calling and introduced herself as Michelle but that I should address her as Miss Ellie.

She got right to the point and said she and her husband would like to meet and asked was I up for it this afternoon. I asked were and she said the name of a coffee shop that was close to their place. It was only a few miles from were I was and I said I'd meet them. She asked if my wife was coming along and I told her she was working and couldn't join us for the coffee. She said that was fine for the first get together to check if there was any chemistry between us.

So I logged off the site and set out on my meeting I wanted to be there a little early to get a quiet booth in the back so we could talk.

Well I was surprised when I got there and sitting in a corner booth there they were. I recognized them from their picture on the site and they to their credit hadn't done any Photoshop work.

They were an attractive couple mid to late thirties, he was well built about six foot tall she was also tall about five nine or ten and looked very solid and strong. Neither was what I would call striking but neither was repulsive so I thought ok that was a good start.

I usually liked thin tall women with perky smallish boobs and nice butts but there was something exciting emanating from this woman. I just knew she liked to take charge, and that was what I was looking for, a strong willed woman that wouldn't take no for an answer.

They both stood up and shook hands and we all sat down me facing them directly across the booth from Miss Ellie.

She started the conversation by thanking me for coming and she was glad I wasn't an ugly troll or a poser. They had been disappointed before by both and that got a little chuckle from them and myself.

Okay that out of the way she said so what was the story with my wife and I told them that she was not adverse to the swinging lifestyle, she was just not comfortable with being in it yet. I told them that if we took her out to dinner under the pretext of a business meeting and with a couple glasses of wine that things could get a little sexy and see what happened she had surprised me in the past with some of the things she had done with me.

They looked at each other and said they would think about it.

I felt a bare foot sliding up my leg and Miss Ellie was saying that she liked my pictures and wanted to know about the chastity belt I was wearing in my pictures and why was I wearing it, was it because my wife didn't trust me, and was I wearing it now....?

She finished her questions the same time as her foot landed in my crotch and her toes pressed up against my stainless steel caged dick.

Well she said that answered one of her questions. Her husband said what answer and she told him she had her foot in my crotch and could feel the chastity belt on me. He said oh humm.

Good answer I thought a little on the slow side but hey as long as they were game to play this might be fun.

For her part she said that makes me hot, knowing that I was locked up. She also said it would be even hotter if my wife would let her hold the keys once in a while.

I said I didn't know if she would like that but she could ask.

She asked me if I was horny? Yes I said I'm always horny when she put me in the belt and I would stay that way until she let me out and let me relieve the horniness with an orgasm or two.

She asked me how long between releases and I said it was totally up to my wife sometimes just a few days and sometimes like when she was having her period or she wanted to punish me or just make me incredibly horny it might be a couple of weeks or longer.

She asked me what kind of problems did the belt create for me.

I answered that other than being hot and horny all the time not much trouble at all as long as I didn't have to go thru a metal detector life went on more or less normally. The belt was comfortable to wear and easy to clean while it was locked on me the only hassle was the nighttime erections, they were a bitch at times. During the day I could always think about non sexy things to take my mind off of stuff but at night well when you wakeup and your dick is bent over double and trying to get hard that could be a little painful. The only other time it was distracting or painful was when my wife would have me service her, that usually involved oral sex for her and since I love the taste and smell of hot wet pussy I'd try and get an erection and I would just have to live with the pain was all.

She wanted to know what else we had done and I told her that it was pretty much the normal kind of stuff a little bondage with me usually the one tied down, spankings again for me, teasing and denial and sometimes ruined orgasms, and etc. We had never swung with anyone and as I had written to her about that already I had asked my wife if I could meet them on my own and she said that would be fine but I would have to stay locked up and she would think of a suitable punishment if I went, after all she reasoned if I went it would be fun for me and I should have to make restitution for my fun.

Miss Ellie laughed at that one. She said maybe we'll keep you out all night and that would be cause for some serious restitution for sure.

Miss Ellie wanted my wife's cell number to call and verify my story so I gave it to her. She dialed it and my wife answered on the second ring. She asked her if I had told her we were meeting and wanted to know what she thought of it and if she would like to come along as well.

Miss Ellie said hold on a sec and she got up and walked away from the booth to have a private conversation. She was gone for a good ten minutes and I was a little puzzled about that usually my wife was pretty quick on the phone.

Her husband Ed and I talked a little about their marriage and kids filling me in a little background info about themselves.

Miss Ellie returned and Ed got up so she could slide in the booth and I asked her what they had talked about and she said that all she would say was that my wife had agreed that I could hang out and play with them and that the details were between them.

Ok I thought, that was good, she hadn't changed her mind at least.

So how about we go to our place and see where this goes Miss Ellie said. I said it sounds good to me and her husband said ok whatever you'd like to his wife. He didn't seem to enthusiastic about it.

I followed them to there home it looked like a nice place on a quiet residential street. He went inside and Miss Ellie waited for me to catch up and she lead the way, I held the door for her and as she entered her house, she waited until I closed the door.

Standing in the entrance she said that from here on out I was going to be her sex toy slave and that I needed to know the basic rules before we started to play.

Rule one she said was that whenever I came to their home the very first thing I needed to do was get naked as soon as I entered the house.

So do it she said.

I undressed before her as she watched me, I was slightly uncomfortable as this was the first time anybody was going to see me naked with my chastity belt on.

Faster she said.

I swallowed hard and hurriedly got undressed for her.

When I was naked she looked me over from head to toe and had me turn around slowly so she could see everything.

When I was again facing her she said nice, but I see why your wife keeps you locked up, not much to look at in the sex department is there, that's a little disappointing but whatever you're not getting out to use it anyway so it really doesn't matter does it.

I was totally embarrassed and turned beet red, that got a little chuckle from her Oh little boy is feeling humiliated and we haven't even started yet. Now follow me and she led the way to the family room, she said that this was were we were going to play.

She sat down on a leather love seat and had me kneel at her feet in front of her and then she leaned back on the cushions sliding her butt to the edge and slightly spread her legs.

My eyes followed her knees as they opened and then traveled up towards her inviting crotch. Her short pleated skirt had ridden up on her thighs and I could just see a hint of her smooth naked pussy peeking out at me.

I inhaled deeply, I smelled the unmistakable scent of hot wet pussy emanating from under her skirt.

She broke the silence saying that I must like what I see, she was looking at my chastity cage and could see that my cock was trying to get hard, it was swollen up and the head was trying to squeeze out thru the bars making puckered up mounds of flesh between the vertical bars.

I said yes and took another deep breath of her scent sending more blood rushing to my stifled cock.

Well she said I think I memorized your profile and since it was your fantasy we are going to start from there. So you know what to do before I have to tell you anything, got it.

Yes I said and she said rule number two is that I only speak when spoken to and rule number three was that I always use Miss Ellie or Mistress in my response.

I said yes Miss Ellie.

That's better now get to work.

I looked down at her feet and slipped off her high heel sandal, my profile was a fantasy that I had written about serving a dominant woman and her two male lovers. So now I had an inkling of what might be on the agenda for this evening.

She looked on as I started to lick her foot and suckle her toes, I was semi zoned out relishing my task and wanting to please her.

As I continued my task she asked me about the story I had written and if any of it was real or just my fantasy. I told her that I hadn't done any of it but would love to live it out if she was interested. She asked why I hadn't before and I told her that the opportunity had never presented it's self and my wife was not keen to add any players to her repertory.

She said that was to bad, when she had read it the first time it had really turned her on and when she reread it the second time she got so hot she couldn't help herself and had masturbated to it.

I asked her what she liked best about it. And she answered that I'd find out and to stop talking and do her other foot.

I was going to slip her sandal back on and she said leave it off. So I lifted her other foot and started in on it and as in my story she used her right foot to start playing with my trapped balls and cock. That made me try and get even harder than I was, knowing what might come next was really making me hot and light headed.

She said oh you bad boy you dribbled some pre-cum on my foot and she presented it to me and said lick it clean.

She continued to follow my story line as she pried her foot away from me and pushed it against my chest. I let her push me onto my back on the floor.

She stood up, slipped on her heels, walked over to me and she straddled my head and asked me if I liked what I saw. I answered yes Miss Ellie. She did look hot standing over me and my vision was up her spread legs to the wet pussy above me. I still couldn't see it well since her skirt shadowed it and as she stood there a drop of her pussy juice dripped onto my upper lip.

I licked it up and she said oh that was nice, good boy do you want some more? She slowly squatted down over my face and went to her knees. She lowered her wet fragrant pussy to my waiting lips and covered my head with her skirt.

I was now in the dark my face held between her slightly damp thighs surrounded by the hot wet smell of her arousal. I couldn't have helped myself even if I wanted to I started to lick her wet slit savoring her taste as she started to move back and forth across my tongue and open mouth.

She started moaning almost immediately and I could feel her thighs start to quiver and as she clamped my head tightly in place she used her hands to pull my face into her harder and she came with an animal intensity that scared me.

Oh my that was good she said, she let my head go and told me to start over and to take my time, this time she wanted it to build up slowly.

I started with long flat licks all over the outside cleaning up her juices and worked my way to the juicy middle and slid my tongue up inside as deep as I could reach that brought out more moans and whimpers. She said oh that feels nice, do more of that, so I kept on tongue fucking her and started to suck hard on her pussy during the out strokes. She said she really liked that.

So rule number four she said, is when she told me to French her pussy that is what she wanted deep tongue and sucking on the way out.

We continued this way for a while, I was on sensory overload with my head trapped under her skirt the hot humid air full of her scent was almost suffocating in intensity.

She said she was very hot now and was ready to add some hard cock to the action. She called out to her spouse and told him to get naked and to do what he does best and come give her some.

She lifted her skirt up, looking me in the eyes she said that I was now going to get what I had fantasized about in my story, she was going to feed me a very large fresh load of cum. She said her husband hadn't had any sex in the past week and he normally came in buckets so after a week there should be a lot of it to feed me.

Miss Ellie said that I should keep on licking her while he got ready and she covered me back up with her skirt. Once again I was in darkness with her hot thighs and wet pussy for company, She was actually wetter than before her love juices were actually running out of her hot wet slit into my open mouth, I could only assume due to her anticipation of the events to follow.

I could hear clothes coming off and a shoe hit the floor, Miss Ellie said geez you're not even hard for me yet, what's the matter and I heard him whine that he was not to sure about this, he wasn't gay and didn't feel comfortable fucking her with me underneath.

Miss Ellie said that him fucking her certainly didn't make him gay unless he wanted to suck my cock and fuck me instead. He said not a chance of that happening so she said come here and I felt her shifting and then heard sucking sounds, so I guessed that she was blowing him to get him hard.

Well it didn't take to long and she said there that's better, now get behind me and fuck me. He whined some more and she told him if he didn't do it right now she was going to get mad and he didn't want that did he.

I felt his legs straddle my chest as he got into position behind her, she rotated her body down and lowered herself so he could have access to her wet slit, I could just reach her clitty with my tongue. She said good boy keep doing that, it won't be long now and you'll get your treat she said.

He flipped up her skirt and I felt him move forward over me and felt her shift a little to accommodate the start of his invasion of her moist depths. I could feel her slight rocking motions as he entered her, she tried to draw him in deeper and in a frustrated tone told him to stop teasing and to get in her deep.

I felt him thrust forward and felt his balls hit my chin as he did as he was told.

Awe she moaned out that's better, now fuck me hard and fast. He started to pump her for all he was worth, his balls slapping me on the chin for every deep stroke into her, she was also getting into it and I could feel her belly and thighs starting to spasm as she got close to cuming.

She said oh harder and he was really slamming into her now and as she crested into her second orgasm of the evening he followed her and came at almost the same time. He stayed in deep and just ground his pelvis into her unloading his seed as deeply as he could.

Miss Ellie held still pushing herself back letting him finish inside of her, waiting until he was done. As he calmed down he went limp almost immediately and as he pulled his now spent cock from her moist depths it plopped onto my lips and chin giving me a taste of what was to follow. Her skirt fell back down and I was now in the dark wet folds again with the unmistakable smell of his cum invading my nostrils. I was hornier than I could ever remember in my life and at the same time I felt repulsed at what was going to happen next.

Miss Ellie straightened up over me and pressed her wet sloppy pussy to my open mouth, she lifted her skirt in front and watching me she said, remember rule number four, but I want you to French me slowly, I want you to savor every drop.

She continued to hold her shirt up watching my eyes as I slid my tongue inside of her, she was super wet and open, like a flower blooming. I drew my tongue back into my open mouth and sucked.

I felt and tasted the first of the hot viscous cum slide into my waiting mouth and she was watching my eyes to see my expression. Well she didn't go unrewarded as they got very wide as the first taste of him hit my tongue. That's it she said don't swallow yet, keep going get more of it out me, I want you to swish it around inside your mouth to savor it, feel what a woman goes thru when a guy comes in her mouth.

The outrageous nastiness of her watching me and telling me what to do was really turning me on and my cock was straining as hard as it could to get out and play.

After a couple of French kisses I could feel a pool of fluids at the back of my tongue trying to go down, I must have looked like I was distressed as she said now swish it around with your tongue. I did as she said and felt the sticky slimy cum coat the inside of my mouth and teeth. It tasted slightly metallic, like blood, but salty and thick at the same time.

Now swallow it she said, I tried and it was difficult for me mentally, I knew it was cum and I didn't want to swallow it even if I did fantasize about it, in reality there was a big difference, and I didn't like slimy stuff going down my throat and it made me gag as my throat tried to expunge the cum out. It had nowhere to go since my lips were sealed against her pussy the half gag and cough forced a bunch of it up my nose from inside and it brought tears to my eyes and I reflex swallowed it so I wouldn't drown.

She laughed at my struggles with my first mouthful and said that now I wasn't a virgin any longer, I had swallow my first cum and the rest should be a lot easier for me to get down. She dropped her skirt over my face again and said French me and don't stop until I tell you to.

I kept frenching her pussy and swallowing until the flow had slowed to a slight trickle, I could feel her tensing up and knew she was close to an orgasm from all my ministrations, She started to hump down on my lips grinding her open pussy against them until it felt like they were going to bleed. She arched her back and let out a little cry and I felt her thighs tighten around my head in a vise like grip.

She yelled out suck me hard, harder, and I did and she went into another orgasm. I could feel her pussy pulsing and it gushed a mixture of his and her cum into my open mouth I gagged again and more went up my nose as I tried to swallow and keep up with her.

Finally she said stop and she just rested on my face as she caught her breath. She lifted off my face and stood up straddling my head again. I could see her wet pussy glistening under her rumpled skirt.

She unsteadily walked to the couch and sat on the edge leaning back she beckoned me with her finger pointing to a spot in front of her spread legs.

I started to get up and she said no crawl to me on all fours. I saw her husband reclining on an armchair he was sprawled out legs spread his cock and balls hanging down over he edge of the seat just watching me. I did it of course and as I started my crawl to her I felt the submissive side of me quiver inside my belly and the manly side, what was let of it, redden in shame at my humiliation in front of him.

She pulled up her skirt and told me to very lightly tongue her and clean up the remaining leftovers that had collected around her opening and thighs. Some of it had started to dry and were a little crusty feeling as I licked them away, working up the top of her thighs and outer lips thoroughly lathering away until she was spotless.

She looked me in the eyes and said she also had a fantasy or two and I was going to fulfill one for her right now. She raised her legs and hooked her arms around her thighs so her entire crotch was opened up wide. She told me to go lower and to kiss her rose bud. I did and she said do it again, now lick it very softly, that's nice, tickle it with the tip of your tongue she said. I did that also, now she said I want you to make love to my rose bud like it was a pussy she said, make me cum just by licking my ass.

I started out slow using long sweeping licks pressing slightly harder on each stroke of my tongue as I went over her bud I could feel it pulse and she moaned a little with each stroke. I zeroed in on her bud and lightly traced circles around it and tickled it with the tip and she said oh that feels wonderful.

Give it a kiss she said, I placed my lips over her rose and gave it a light kiss and then opening my lips I kissed it again this time I pressed against her puckered opening with my tongue and lightly wiggling it and she let out a groan of pure pleasure. My overheated little head egged me on to darker doings as I pressed my lips against her harder and pressing my tongue against her opening, I could feel it give a little and it sank away from my probing tongue, I chased it and pressed again and I felt it open a little more.

I kept the pressure on her rose bud with my tongue and just swirled around and around, I could feel it opening up to my onslaught. I pressed in deeper and I could feel her yielding further to my probing swirls. She was moaning in pleasure and holding herself still as I went ever deeper with my tongue.

I backed off and started all over again working her up and getting her hotter than ever. Backing off again I pressed my tongue straight into her opening, spearing it, and as I sank in deeper it yielded more and I could feel it pulsing around the tip of my tongue. She was bucking her hips at me trying to get more of it inside and I rode her keeping my mouth firmly attached to her. She was getting delirious sounding, constant moaning and panting so I knew she was getting close to cuming.

She grabbed my head with both her hands and pulled me in deeper to her ass my nose was pressed tightly into her open drooling pussy. French me she cried and in the heat of the moment I drove my tongue as hard as I could deep into her asshole.

That did it for her and she came in a rush, she ground her ass into my mouth and my nose went up her pussy until it bottomed out on my forehead. I couldn't breath and I could feel her ass clenching around my invading tongue. Her hands pulling at my head like she wanted to insert it inside of her.

To say her orgasm was intense would be an understatement of monumental proportions. She finally released my head and I pulled back to get my nose out of her pussy so I could breath. I took in several huge lungfuls of air and the grey I was seeing faded and her soaking wet pussy came back into focus.

She was still breathing hard and I leaned back in and slid my tongue up her crack to her clitty wiping up her wetness as I went. I could taste her musky rosebud flavor on my tongue. Surprisingly it wasn't awful just musky.

She lowered her legs to the floor and left them wide open around me and said that she needed to rest for a minute or two. I sat back onto my haunches and she looked at me and said were did I think I was going. Get back in here and keep licking me she said.

She looked over at her husband and said that was the most intense orgasm she had ever had and she asked him how he was doing he said ok that she looked like she enjoyed it. She asked him if he was ready for round two and he said do I look like I am.

She told him to come over beside her she would help him get ready, he kinda whined ok as he got up and came over and I could feel the couch settle a little as he sat down.

She told him to suckle her breast and he leaned in and started to lick her nipple getting it hard. She said wow your cock is all crusty looking and he said well yea he had just sat down to watch her when he was finished cuming and things just dried up.

She said well I wonder what are we gonna do about it. His eyes got big and he said no way, she chuckled and said well lets see and she grabbed me by the hair and moved me steering me by my hair over between his legs. Lick him clean and fluff him up for me she said I need to be fucked again.

Well I was a little shocked by this move. She said what's the matter, in your fantasy story you said that your mistress used you as a cleanup and fluff boy, you wrote to me that you wanted to live out your fantasy so now lets do that.

I said well it was just a fantasy it didn't really mean anything when I wrote it and she said bullshit, your profile also said you were bi-curious and you said your mistress made you do it for her. Ahhh, ok now I've got it.

She got up and went out down the hall and a few moments later I heard the click clack of her heels returning.

She plopped on the couch in front of me with a bag and said lets see what I have here. She opened it up and started to rummage around in it a bit and said I always wanted to try this out.

She removed her hand from the bag and held out a soft leather tube about two inches long with three buckling straps around it and two three inch straps hung down from the end of it with metal D rings on the ends.

Her husband said oh fuck, I told you I wouldn't wear that thing and she just looked at him with an angry stare and he shut up and slouched back in the sofa. She said it's not for you stupid...

She told me to stand up in front of her and turn around and put my hands behind my back. I did and I could feel her strapping something around my wrist, then the other wrist and I heard a couple of clicks. She told me to turn around again and spread my legs apart. I did it and tried to move my arms and found that she had locked them together behind me with something.

She leaned forward and did a close inspection of the chastity cage around my cock and asked me if I could get out of it. I said no the stainless steel hoop that went under my sack trapped my balls and if you tried to shimmy it off and down it would seriously damage my balls. She pulled on the front of it and inserted a finger and said what about when I'm soft couldn't I pull myself out the side and I answered that I had tried that but the belt is so tight when you try and squeeze past it when I started to get hard the metal of the tube pressed into me so hard I thought it might hurtt me. So she said it is pretty much escape proof and I said yes the only way out was with the keys or cut the belt off and try and drill the lock.

What about these she said giving my trapped balls a tap that brought an oomph from me. I said other than them being very sensitive from being locked up for two weeks they were normal. She laughed and said there not normal they're almost tiny, small to be sure. That made me blush as her husband snickered.

Well lets see if I can get this on you with the chastity belt on. What is it I asked she replied a combination ball stretcher leash etc. she reached out for my balls and wrapped her fingers around my sac above them pulling downwards stretching out my sac she didn't pull hard just firmly and moved them back and forth and side to side slowly getting them lower as the sac stretched to accommodate her pulling on it.

She kept working it regripping and pulling until I thought she had them stretched to my knees but in reality she had about three inches to work with keeping her tight hold on them she used her other hand to wrap the opened tube around my sac and she did the buckles up tightly. She let go of my balls and as they tried to retract upwards the leather tube held them down below the end of my cock cage exposed and vulnerable.

She smiled up at me and said that should work and she reached out and gave them a squeeze that almost brought me to my knees in front of her and she said now you have the picture, do as your told or I'm going to have to hurt you.

Now lets try this again get on your knees in front of him she pointed to a spot in front of her husband between his legs and she took my nuts in her hand and firmly lead me there, down she said, that was difficult as my wrists were still locked behind my back.. I got on my knees in front of him and she said start by licking all the dried up crusties off of him.

Finally on my knees in front of him I leaned over and started to lick around his groin, she said spread your legs wider, I did, I could feel my nuts hanging in the breeze and she started to lightly fondle them. She directed me to lick here lick there and finally she said pick up his cock with your tongue and suck it into your mouth you need to clean it and I want you to get it hard for me now.

That's my boy she encouraged use your tongue and scoop it up to your lips, now suck it in, that's a boy she said again. Now get it in deep I want your nose against his stomach and his cock all the way inside your hot mouth.

By using my tongue, lips and a little sucking I finally did get it all the way in. Miss Ellie was sort of leaning partly over my back along side of me with her hand holding my nuts and she was watching intently as she whispered in my ear, oh that's a good boy, that's it suck it in deep, show me what a good little cocksucker you are.

I tried to object but with a mouthful of cock and her holding me steady there was no way to say anything. She started to fondle my nuts lightly stroking, rubbing them and light squeezes in-between. She was driving me nuts, excuse the pun, but my cock was again straining at its prison bars trying to get out.

She continued to whisper to me, now use your tongue, press his cock up against the roof of your mouth, rub it back and forth all over the sensitive underside. He groaned at my efforts and she said that's it now suck it hard stretch it out, go back to rubbing it with your tongue.

I could feel it expanding in my mouth and stretching back to the beginning of my throat. I started to gag as he humped up trying to push it in deeper. Pulling me back off of him she stopped me by squeezing my nuts hard and said no you don't, get back down on him swallow it.

I moved forward and she let off my nuts a little but I couldn't do it, I started to gag again and jerked backwards.

She squeezed harder and whispered in my ear again she said go down on him until it gets to the back when you think your going to gag push your tongue forward to make room for his cock in your throat, Swallow hard and you'll see it'll go in.

Well he was about seventy percent hard now and while his cock wasn't to big around it was probably eight inches long and I could only get about half in my mouth. I knew this wasn't going to work but the pressure she was inflicting on my nuts was making me sweat and groan in pain. I tried again and when I felt the spongy head try starting into my throat she said push forward with your tongue and swallow, she applied more pressure to my nuts and I obeyed her instructions and to my surprise in he went, the feeling was intense as my throat opened and stretched to accommodate his cock and my lips sunk down to his root.

That really got his attention and he sat up and grabbed my head with his hands and pressed in as deep as he could driving his pelvis bone into my nose and crushing my lips against him.

She said that's a good boy, now you really are my dirty little cocksucker, just stay still now and he'll do the work. I did and he did, he was holding my head still and pumping his hips up and down fucking my throat as his cock got longer and thicker and harder with each thrust.

I couldn't breath and started to see grey spots and as everything started to go black he pulled me off his cock and I gasped a giant lungful of air. He immediately speared his cock back down my gullet as deep as he could and started thrusting again this time thou he pulled out before I went grey.

All the time he was grunting and groaning how good this felt then he asked Miss Ellie why she didn't do this for him since she seemed to know how. She answered him back with, for that comment she wouldn't be touching his dick with her lips ever again.

He was pumping faster and faster and his cock was rock hard and swollen. The sponge head wasn't any longer and I could feel the corona ridge drawing in and out as he humped my face.

Miss Ellie told him that he better not cum if he knew what was good for himself but it seemed to fall on deaf ears he was so intent on fucking my throat I don't think he even realized I was there lost in his own oblivion.

Miss Ellie came to my rescue as she pulled his hands off my head and grabbing me by the hair she pulled my head back off his pulsing hard cock. She had stopped him right on the verge and he groaned in frustration as his hand went to his cock to jerk himself off, she slapped his cock really hard and said NO you don't, that seemed to bring him back to reality.

She told me to get on the floor in my face up service position, as I flopped over onto my back having my wrists behind me was very uncomfortable, I asked if she would please undo them. She laughed at me and said not yet. Watching you suck cock has got me so wet my thighs are coated in juice so first lick the juices off my thighs and depending on how you do depends how comfortable you'll be.

I got to work and licked her as clean and dry as you can with a wet tongue, she was satisfied and had me roll onto my side, she fiddled with something and she told me to roll onto my back again.

How's that she asked me, she had added some slack so now my hands were held tight to my sides, I couldn't move them other than to wiggle my fingers with just the securing strap under me but at least I wasn't laying on my hands anymore. I thanked her for doing it.

Miss Ellie then took a small throw pillow and rolled it up into a tube and stuck it under my neck so my head was tilted back and then she straddled me and told me to lick her clitty.

She told her husband to get behind her and give it to her hard, as before I felt him straddle me and shift into position behind her. I could feel him lining up his cock, but this time he didn't hesitate at all, he just had at her like a bull in heat he rammed himself into her in one hard thrust and she responded by pushing back at him just as hard.

They went at it like this was the last orgasm either of them would have and this time he beat her to the punch line and came hard inside of her. She sputtered something or other about his performance and then she reached under herself and pushed her hand between my face and her pussy. She raised up off of me and I saw her holding her lips together.

She told me she wanted to watch me cleanup his now limp wet cock. I glanced down towards him and saw It was covered in a mixture of her juices and his slimy cum. She told him to move up and just drop it into my mouth. I had other thoughts keeping my mouth closed and she asked me if I wanted her to use my balls as a punching bag. I opened up and he lowered his wet cock into my waiting mouth.

All the way in she coaxed him, I felt a few drops landing at the back of my tongue. Then I felt his loose sac resting on my chin and she said suck him. I closed my lips around him and did it. I sucked hard and as his cock stretched out inside my mouth I felt the spongy head slide into my throat.

He moaned that he was way to sensitive for this could he wait a bit. She told him to shut up and do what he was told.

I continued to suck and lick getting their juices off of him and it seemed like he was growing longer and his cock head was creeping down my throat farther making it hard to breathe.

He saw me struggling and pulled partway out, now I could breath again and I pushed his cock head to the roof of my mouth and started to rub the underside frenum area hard and fast with my tongue, He groaned that it felt awesome and suddenly he went stiff and started to jerk hard, Oh fuck he said I can't believe it just as the first heavy spurt of cum flooded the back of my tongue and mouth.

Miss Ellie was watching wide eyed, she said what, are you cuming in his mouth. He was past any sort of answer and just grunted and kept spurting. Fuck she said don't you dare swallow it and grabbed my balls squeezing hard.

For my part I kept stroking his cock with my tongue and he spurted a good dozen shots. My tonsils were swimming in his hot thick spunk and it was hard to keep from swallowing, I felt like I might drown in it.

He finally pulled his shrinking cock out of my mouth saying he couldn't take anymore and Miss Ellie moved up still holding my balls in one hand and her nether lips shut with the other. She told me to open wide she wanted to see it.

Wow she said that was a big load and she told me to swirl it around with my mouth open so she could watch it. I squished it about with my tongue and she said swallow with your mouth open I want to see it go down.

Well you try that, it's harder than you may think, having your head tilted back on your back and keep your mouth open, well I got about half of it on the first swallow and the second half was starting down when I had a gag reflex and some of it spurted out my nose and that was awful, I choked and coughed and finally got most of it down. I could feel my sinuses rebelling at being inundated with cum and this awful slime running down my throat as the last of it trickled out and finally went down.

Miss Ellie didn't even give me a chance to recover she mounted my face and had me lick her fingers clean then she opened the floodgates. When she let go of her lips it was like him coming all over again since she had been sitting up watching me gravity had moved his deposited load down to her opening but it had been dammed up with her fingers and now huge globs dropped down into my waiting open mouth.

She was watching me from between her open legs and owing and ahing as each glob went splat against my tongue. When the globs slowed down she lowered herself and told me time to get to work start frenching me she said.

She stayed on my face for a good twenty minutes with me frenching her pussy licking and sucking her dry. She had several nice orgasms along the way and seemed quit pleased with my performance.

She got up and sat back on the couch with her legs spread wide and beckoned me over she said that her knees were sore and since I was the boy toy I should be doing the work not her.

With ungainly contortions I finally got up on my knees, it's a lot harder to get up when your arms are not available, she laughed at my efforts and kept saying move faster.

I crawled over to her on my knees and she raised her skirt she didn't have to say anything I knew what she wanted and stuck my head under it and went to work with more licking and sucking.

She dropped the skirt down over me and told her husband to go and get the toy bag from the floor were she had left it. I heard him grunt and walk off. When he came back he asked her were she wanted it and she said right here beside me.

I heard her rummaging in the bag and saying oh these should be fun. She lifted her skirt and told me to turn around in front of her, then she said spread your legs some more.

I felt her playing with the ball stretcher and then I found out what the straps with the D rings were for as I grunted with a shot of pain going up my back and into my belly. I tried to go down to the floor to get the weight off them but she told me to stay up on my knees or else I'd be sorry. She had arranged the straps in front of my sac so when the weight pulled it twisted my balls out towards my rear and they stuck out in plain sight as well as pulling them down. She said oh that's nice, you should see this, your little balls are bunched up into a nice taunt package just like a little ripe plum ready to be plucked from the tree. She reached out and lightly stroked them with her fingers and gave them a light squeeze. Better be careful if you sit on these or bang them it's gonna hurt she giggled.

I managed to stay up on my knees and she asked how did it feel. I said it felt like she was pulling on my nuts pretty hard and she said that she had added two weights about five pounds each to keep me motivated and if I didn't move fast enough she had two more to add. I grunted out that I was happy to do her bidding and didn't need the extra weights.

She told me to turn around and move closer to her. She then reached out for one of my nipple rings and she attached a weight to it and dropped it as well, that brought another grunt of pain from me but at least it didn't hurt like when she dropped the ones attached to my balls. She attached a weight to the other nipple ring as well and dropped it too. More grunts from me and she said lets see how you do now and she laid back and lifted her skirt again.

I dove back under her skirt and started in with a vengeance I wanted her to be pleased and maybe she would remove the weights.

The weights on my balls were creating a continuous dull ache in my belly and back and the swinging weights on my nipples were pulling them down, when I moved they swung and yanked on them creating a constant stimulation that wasn't all that pleasant.

She asked her husband if he had heard from Cheryl lately and he said no, so she asked him to give her the phone if he didn't mind and he said no not at all, he was pretty well spent anyway.

She dialed a number and I assumed that she got who she wanted on the phone and she asked what they were up to, I heard her say well she was having fun she was getting her pussy sucked while she was talking to her. I heard her say yes that would be great it's open so just come on in when you get here and she hung up.

Her husband said well... Miss Ellie said she's coming over.

Miss Ellie said Cheryl is very excited to see what's going on since she knows you almost never give me head she had all kinds of questions so it should be interesting when they get here.

Miss Ellie then told me to stop she wanted to change positions. She got up and laid back down on her belly over a low footstool with her legs bent and spread wide behind her more like a padded bench really than a stool and she looked over at me and said what was I waiting for. I knee walked over to her and as I went around to her rear she said do it good or there will be more weights coming. She said wait a sec and she sat up and in her hand were two more weights, come here, I kneed over to her and she clipped them to my nipples. These weights were heavier and as well they also had little bells on the ends of them. My nipples were already aching from the first weights and now that tripled and they felt like they were going to pull off my chest. She giggled in delight as the bells tinkled when she dropped them.

She got up off the bench and she lifted one side and pulled a hidden leaver and the legs got about a foot taller on that end only she set it back down and lay back down on her belly with her ass elevated up and her chest lower to the ground. She tucked her knees forwards outside the legs of the bench and her ass was now up and out on display.

Do me she said.

Her skirt was draped over her butt so I used my mouth to get a hold of it and lifted it over her ass, I leaned over and went down on my haunches to get in close to kiss her ass. She was watching me in a mirror on the wall and told me to get my ass up in the air. I did it and the weights once again pulled on my balls. My nipple weights were swinging side to side and ringing and that got a smile out of her.

As soon as my lips met her little rose bud she reached back and flipped her skirt over my head and once again I was in the dark worshipping her ass.

It didn't take long and I had her moaning with a passion her rosebud had been a little stubborn but now it was loose and open and I was tonguing it with gusto. I had speared her and wriggled and rotated until my tongue felt like it was going to fall off and she was close to an orgasm.

I didn't hear the door open or them come in, so I was startled when a voice at my side said oh wow, that is fucking hot and Miss Ellie answered yes I'm right on the edge and been hanging there waiting for you to arrive.

Make me cum she said to me and I renewed my efforts and pushed in as deep as I could driving my face into her ass following my tongue up inside of her.

She squealed as she crested and her ass closed tight around my tongue holding it inside of her was difficult but the end result was she went into a second and then a third orgasm as she wailed in ecstasy.

When she calmed down a little she told me to stop and lay down on the floor again face up. I couldn't wait to get there either as my balls were really aching and on my back the weight sat on the floor, my nipples felt like they we a foot long by now. The nipple bells tinkled as I rolled onto my back with my hands to the sides still trapped behind me.

I could now see who she had invited and was pleasantly surprised "Cheryl" it turned out was a slim dirty blonde with perky high boobs and a wonderful set of legs attached to a slim waist and pert bottom. I could see her male companion that turned out to be her husband was also tall with a medium build.

Cheryl looked me over as Miss Ellie sat on the edge of the bench gathering her wits again after her multiple orgasmic bliss.

Cheryl pointed at my cock with her booted toe as she asked Miss Ellie is that what I think it is... Ellie said yep it's a chastity belt and his cock is in prison were it belongs, it doesn't look big enough to do any of us any good she chuckled as she said it. I turned beet red in humiliation and Cheryl laughed out loud at my embarrassment.

My nips were now on fire as the weights pulled them to my sides and they surged with renewed circulation. But at least the ball weights were on the floor so the pain was slowly dissipating.

Miss Ellie said you both might as well get comfortable and Cheryl immediately started to shed her clothes her husband was also following suit and soon they were both naked except for Cheryl's boots she kept them on she said since they were hot to look at and felt as great as they looked.

Miss Ellie asked Cheryl if she would like a warm up before they got started and she said that would be great so Miss Ellie told her to sit on the edge of the couch and lean back and get comfy.

She looked at me and said that's enough resting get over here and take care of my guest.

I hauled myself back up to my knees and waddled over between Cheryl's legs and leaned over to start on her. She had a very pretty pussy, little pink inner lips and she was already wet, her juices leaking down her ass crack.

I didn't stop to stare knowing that I was expected to do Miss Ellie's bidding I started by taking long slow licks from were her ass met the cushion up to the top of her slit licking up her dew drops and spreading her lips wider with my tongue.

Miss Ellie was somewhere behind me and I felt her stroking my sore swollen balls and then I felt a pull on them as she added another weight. I stopped licking and tried to set my ass down to relive the pressure and she smacked my ass hard and said no you don't.

I raised back up and she said for that I was getting another disk added. I felt like my balls were going to be ripped off of me and the swaying motion of the weights added an additional strain that was intense.

She moved up beside me and added two more weights to each nipple as well and said I had to suffer for their enjoyment.

Suffer I did, I continued to lick and suck Cheryl for it seemed eternity before she finally had an orgasm. I knew she had been close for a while but she refused to go over and I was getting frustrated not to mention the pain kept building in my nuts and nipples.

When she finally did come she told Ellie that she wanted to come the instant my tongue started on her but she enjoyed making me work for it and liked my look of suffering when she didn't come the first several times she got close.

Miss Ellie then told Cheryl she had another surprise for her. She told me to get on the floor in my position and she put the pillow under my neck again. She told Cheryl to climb aboard my face for a nice ride.

As soon as she was seated Miss Ellie lead her husband Billy over and told him to mount her doggy style, she said that Cheryl was gonna love this.

AS soon as he entered her Miss Ellie leaned over and told Cheryl that I was there to help her get off and when Billy dumped his load in her all she had to do was rock back sit up and enjoy my cleanup.

Cheryl said oh fuck your kidding right and Miss Ellie said no he really is a cum slut clean up boy you'll see. Well this talk was too much for Billy and he came almost right away.

Cheryl said oh shit already and he just said you two are to hot, I'll do better next time as he pulled his softening cock out of her depths.

Miss Ellie said ok enjoy, I think you'll like this part and Cheryl sat up and pressed her gaping wet pussy down on my waiting mouth, I immediately went to work frenching her.

On my first suck she came hard just from what I was doing. Miss Ellie started to get in the act and started to suck Cheryl's nipples and massage her breasts with her hands as I continued to French her from below and Cheryl amazed me by cuming over and over again she must have had a dozen orgasms in a row.

Finally she said stop please, I need a break and Miss Ellie laughed and said I told you he was good. She got off my face and sat on the couch beside her husband and then Miss Ellie gave them her next surprise when she told me to get over there and finish the job. She also said If I did it well she'd remove half my weights as a reward for a job well done.

I hurried as fast as I could trying not to injure myself and got to my knees I waddled over towards them and Cheryl said oh no not yet. Miss Ellie said don't worry he has to finish his cleanup chores and then Cheryl got it. Oh that's hott she said is he gay.

Miss Ellie said he told us he's not but you decide. I was now between Billy's legs and he didn't look to comfortable about it, He said I'm not sure this is a good idea to Cheryl and she said don't be a pussy, you know you love it when I suck your cock but I'm not going to, he'll do it instead. Besides I want to watch this I always wondered what it would be like seeing you getting blown by a guy I think that's hot stuff.

I was now leaning in and trying to pick up his limp wet slimy cock with my tongue but it kept sliding off before I could get it to my lips and Ellie said just put your lips on it and suck it up inside dummy. Well I did it and he sighed as it disappeared in my mouth.

I did my trick and sucked and massaged it with my tongue and he started to respond almost instantly and I felt him swelling and growing longer going down my throat and his moans signaled his pleasure at my work.

It didn't take but a minute and he was as hard as a rock and Miss Ellie pulled my head off of him and said it was her turn for some stiff cock.

She told me to get on the floor and I assumed my position she put the pillow under my neck and I was relieved as the weight on my balls was taken up by the floor. Then the heavy weights on my nipples swung to the sides of my body and I was again struck with more pain as they pulled hard to each side of my chest. My groan of pain got Miss Ellies attention and she said oh poor baby has a nipple ache, well you should be happy you're not female and have them every month. I said Please Miss Ellie you said if I did good you'd take them off.

She laughed and said lets see how good you do now and she lowered herself into position for Billy to have at her.

Unlike her husband Billy was all for this and jumped into action he was behind her and in her almost before his knees hit the floor.

He was like a jackrabbit in heat as he went at her hot and heavy pounding away inside her. I was having a hard time keeping my tongue in contact with her as he drove her forward with every lunging thrust and lifting her hips as he hit bottom.

Cheryl took notice of this, she leaned down and told me she decided that I needed a little encouragement to keep up, that she was going to use a little paddle that Miss Ellie had in her toy bag and she was going to slap my balls for every time I lost contact with her.

An instant later my ears were ringing and my eyes watered as she swatted my nuts hard and I tried to lift my legs and curl into a ball to protect myself, which brought another vicious attack from Cheryl. I would have squealed in pain but Billy had driven Miss Ellie down hard onto my mouth and was holding her there pounding away at her in his final onslaught I could hear him panting that he was about to cum.

Miss Ellie was oblivious as she was in the middle of her own orgasm and Cheryl was now sitting on my legs and keeping rhythm with Billie's thrusts, she was playing my nuts like a drum and it was extremely painful, I was twitching and jerking with every swat she delivered.

Finally he came with a rush and drove in deep grinding his orgasm out on Miss Ellie's pussy. He gave a few final short jabs and then he pulled out of her. She immediately closed off her opening and rolled off of me and told me to lift up and clean him like I had her husband before.

Now Cheryl was also in close as she said I want to watch this.

I curled up as much as I could and Miss Ellie propped my head up with her thigh as Billy lowered his wet cum soaked cock to my lips. Cheryl said open up wide I want to see it go all the way in as you suck him clean for us.

Doing what I was told Bill pressed his softening cock all the way inside my mouth and I closed up and sucked as he withdrew it making a popping sound as it escaped my lips. He moved in again to repeat and I let him back in but this time I trapped his cock against the roof of my mouth and went to work on it with my tongue.

He groaned that it felt really great and I went harder and faster and he started to swell up for me and started to involuntarily hump my mouth.

Miss Ellie knew what was coming and she said to Cheryl watch this he's gonna cum in his mouth any second now. Cheryl said no way he never can cum .. and she stopped talking open mouthed as he started to squirt his stuff against my tonsils. Miss Ellie said don't you dare swallow you know what I want and I'm sure Cheryl will want to see to.

Oh wow she said I can't believe it, how'd he do that.

Miss Ellie said I don't know either, but that must be some magical blowjob. We should lock him up at a glory hole we could get rich off of that.

Billy had finished cuming in my mouth and as he removed his spent cock both the ladies said open wide and Cheryl said oh wow again, I can't believe how much is in there and Miss Ellie said push it with your tongue show her. I did it and pushed the cum up until it was right behind my teeth and then Miss Ellie said be a good boy now and swallow it all down.

Cheryl said wow this is awesome. You got your own little cocksucker and he's good. Billy chirped in with you got that right, best I ever had and Cheryl said hey just for that you're not getting any from me anymore.

Well Miss Ellie said what's next these two are going to be out of commission for awhile. Cheryl said I can call my brother Danny he's had the hots for you forever at least that way you can have some fun. Miss Ellie said sure that would be great.

Cheryl picked up her cell and walked away from us and I heard her say Hi Danny what cha doing and then she was out of earshot.

Meanwhile Miss Ellie said since I was good she was going to take off some of the weights. She removed three from each nipple and two from my balls. She left the tinker bell weights on so she would know where I was she said.

Cheryl said that Danny and a friend were on the way over and should be here real soon. She asked Miss Ellie if she could use me while they waited and she answered of course have a ball.

She told me to get on my back on the floor and then she climbed up on my face she let me lick her pussy for a minute or so then she shifted up and told me to do to her what I was doing when she came in.

I started to lick her little pink asshole and Cheryl was moaning in pleasure when Miss Ellie told Cheryl to tell me to French her. Cheryl uttered the command and I started to press my tongue home and suck on the way out Cheryl whimpered that she was going to cum and the feeling was incredible.

After her orgasm she shifted back so I could lick her sweet pussy some more and as I was working on it the doorbell rang.

She told me to French her puss, I started to work it over good and I heard rustling and a couple of thuds from behind her and then I could feel her shift forward and I followed her up with my tongue on her clit as a pair of legs straddled me and I knew Cheryl was gonna get fucked again.

She just sighed as the cock from behind penetrated her and started it's onslaught pushing in deep and driving her down on my face.

I heard someone say that they weren't going to last long since they hadn't had any for along time. Cheryl just moaned fuck me hard.

He was driving into her as hard as he could and within a couple of minutes he jammed into her and grunted out he was cuming. I could feel him hump her hard a couple of times and then he pulled out and Cheryl sat up and told me to start frenching her puss.

She was real full and it took awhile and she had a couple of little orgasms from my tongue work and she sighed she needed to have a hard cock inside her again and Miss Ellie said she'd get someone ready for her.

Miss Ellie sat down on the floor in front of us and asked Cheryl to lick her pussy while she was getting her next hard one and as Cheryl leaned over into Miss Ellie, I felt legs straddle me again.

Miss Ellie grabbed Cheryl's hair and pulled her face into her pussy as the hard cock behind her drove into her in one hard push and she moaned out loudly. I heard her say oh fuck that's really, really big.

He started to pound away in abandon as Miss Ellie held her in place and I continued to lick her clitty.

I hear a guy say he had waited a long time to get a piece of her and suddenly Cheryl went stiff and tried to pull away. Miss Ellie just pulled her face in tighter and the guy pounding her pussy redoubled his efforts holding her hips down on my face, driving in hard and deep. He was pounding her faster and faster and she was still trying to get away.

I was totally confused until he came with a bellow announcing he couldn't believe how hot and tight she was and as he pulled out and sat back Cheryl sat up on my face and told me to suck hard and get his cum out of her fast.

She half turned and told him he was a fucking asshole to fuck her, she was his sister, didn't he have any respect for that. She said she was totally disgusted and they she told Miss Ellie that she was a bitch to help him out and Miss Ellie said it was the hottest thing she'd seen, almost hotter than me doing cleanup duty.

He just replied I don't want to marry you I just always wanted to fuck that pretty little pussy of yours he said. You didn't seem to mind until you knew it was me.

She said what did he think she would do, thank him.

She pressed down hard on my lips and told me to suck harder, she was not in a good mood at the moment and she grabbed my nipple rings and pulled them up hard and twisted them suck me she yelled.

As I did she started to shudder and shake and had a huge orgasm squirting her juices and his cum into my mouth so fast I struggled to swallow it all down.

As she calmed down she let go of my rings and slumped a little just letting me softly lick her. She told Miss Ellie that she wanted her to see something and she lifted up and spun around settling down with my nose pressed against her pink puckered little asshole and she leaned forward slightly and I felt her take hold of my stretched out balls.

She rubbed them lightly and then she said make a big O with my mouth and cover her whole pussy with it.

I did and she then lightly squeezed my balls and said that she needed to pee and I was probably thirsty after all the cum I'd eaten so she said if I didn't spill a drop I'd be ok. If I didn't keep up or pulled away well this is what would happen and she squeezed my balls hard and I umpfed and jerked trying to get away.

She went back to lightly stroking my balls. Ready she said and she started to pee in my mouth.

I felt my mouth start to fill and nature took over and I started to swallow, I gulped and gulped trying to keep up with her and finally she was done. I felt sick that I had just swallowed her pee but she was pleased with my efforts so she let my balls go and told Danny to come over for a cleanup.

He strode over and she grabbed his nuts and pulled him down telling him he was an asshole and that she wouldn't be doing the cleanup I would as she started to feed me his large cock. It was huge even soft it was hard to just get the head in my mouth.

So she had me lick it all clean then just suck on the head to get the last drops out of it for her. I could feel him starting to get hard and Cheryl said oh my god your cock is enormous if I didn't know better I never thought you'd be able to get that inside of me.

She then surprised everyone when she said oh what the fuck and she straddled my head facing my feet and she reached down pulling his hard cock out of my mouth she impaled herself on his cock right in front of me that was an awesome sight seeing that monster slide in deep right in front of me

She leaned back and told me to lick her ass and french it as he started to fuck her in front of me.

His balls were slapping my chin as I pushed my tongue up her butt and he said sis I won't last long your so tight and hot and she said don't cum in me again just tell me when your ready.

He grunted away and pretty soon he said I'm gonna cum now and she hopped off him and pushed his cock down into my open mouth and she said cum in here you perv. He was gushing a fountain of cum into my mouth, I didn't know that a guy could cum so much especially since he had just fucked her a half hour ago and filled her up then.

She yelled at me to suck him hard drain those nuts she said and she slapped me on my balls to drive the point home. Well I sucked him for all I was worth and she said use your tongue make him cum again, now, she hit my nuts again and I was rubbing the frenum of his cock as hard as I could with my tongue and just like that he came again.

He was as surprised as I was with that and he just kind of collapsed onto my chest totally spent.

Oh that was hot Cheryl said.

Miss Ellie agreed and Cheryl asked her if it was ok if she tried something.

Miss Ellie said sure just as long as it didn't leave any lasting marks, scares or damaged me permanently.

Cheryl laughed and said no what she had in mind was just going to be deeply humiliating at least that was what she had heard and she was dying to try it out on someone.

She told me to get up on my knees and I did as best as I could, she pushed the low stool up against my thighs and told me to lie down on it. Next she took a couple of straps out of Miss Ellie's bag and strapped me to the bench over my back and waist so I couldn't get back up.

She spread my knees apart and tied them to the legs of the stool and then she said now for some more weight I don't want you to enjoy this. I hear her clank the extra weights onto my poor abused balls. As she let them go I was seeing stars.

She asked Miss Ellie when was the last time I'd had a leak and she answered that I hadn't since I'd been there so she went and got a plastic pan and told me that she was going to drain me now and then she showed me a catheter and ripped open the package she went behind me and I felt her push it into my cock still trapped in it's cage. It was very uncomfortable as it was worked in and around my bent over cock and up inside of me. I felt it get to my prostrate and she just pushed harder forcing it into my bladder. The burning sensation was incredible and if I wasn't tied down I would have been running down the street naked just to get away from this crazy bitch and the pain she was inflicting on me.

I felt a rush as my bladder started to empty and a welcome relief flooded over me it seemed I really had to pee badly but was so caught up with the events up till now I hadn't realized it.

When I was empty she pulled the catheter back out and handed off the bowl to be disposed of.

Now I can have fun she said.

I felt her running her hands over my ass and sliding a finger back and forth over my puckered opening. She stopped, then I heard a snapping sound and I felt her sliding her now gloved hands over my ass.

Miss Ellie giggled and said are you gonna finger him, Cheryl said a little but judging from the size of these little balls I need a little cup first. Okay said Miss Ellie, I'm a little confused but Ill get you one.

When she came back Cheryl said now don't you worry a bit, this won't hurt you but will be really humiliating for you, after all these real men and us are going to be watching me milk you of all your cum and then your going to lick it up off my ass and thank me for doing it to you. Are you ready to start now?

I didn't know what to say so she slapped my trussed up nuts real hard and that got my attention and I said yes Mistress.

She said beg me to milk you now, and you'd better be sincere about it.

Another slap to my nuts and I was begging her to milk me.

Not quite right yet she said Ask me to milk you like the sissy cow you are.

I did it, I begged her to milk me like a sissy cow. God I was humiliated and she hadn't even started yet.

I really didn't know how she was gonna milk me since I was locked up in the chastity belt so I just went along so imagine my surprise when I felt a well lubed finger slide deep up my ass.

It did feel good and I moaned a little. She chuckled and said I just knew you'd like getting your ass invaded. I felt her push up hard into me and then she pressed down with her finger and pulled back to the opening. She repeated this move for a dozen or so nice slow sensuous strokes and I was moaning in pleasure.

Miss Ellie said oh my god is he cuming, he is, and Cheryl said that this was what she was hoping would happen.

She said to me it wouldn't be to long now and she will have milked me dry and then all I would have left to do was to lick it all off her ass.

Then I felt her add a second finger opening me up more and going in deeper than before and Miss Ellie said oh wow that's working, you got allot on that stroke.

She did that for anther dozen or so strokes and then she added a third finger stretching me open even more and pressing down harder than before.

Oh yea keep going your getting more out of him Miss Ellie said again. Cheryl said yea I can feel it too, but his seminal vessels are way up inside and I need to get deeper to really be able to empty them.

Well only one way to do that she said and I felt her add a forth finger and press up into me. I felt like I was going to split in half, the stretch on my hole was almost unbearable she kept pressing into me and I felt the part of her hand at the knuckles start inside of me and I squealed like a little baby, I could feel sweat popping out on my body and face and I tried to move forward with her hand but it was no use she just relentlessly kept pushing into me. All of a sudden my nuts were in agony, she had slapped them really hard and when she did that my mind shifted focus and I didn't feel any more pain from my invaded ass.

As the pain in my gut, back and nuts dissipated, I realized that I could feel her hand was inside of me up to the thumb I couldn't believe it but there it was, Miss Ellie said oh wow, I didn't think that was going to be possible and Cheryl said she knew it would work, after all, all those gay men out there talked about fisting a guys ass so she figured her hand was small enough, she just had to get me dilated to be able to do what she wanted.

She said now I can feel the vessels and they are still really full. When did he come the last time she asked. Well he said he's been locked up for two weeks now so I guess he should be pretty full.

Well lets see if I can drain him now, she pressed down hard with all four fingers and pulled them back towards my opening and Miss Ellie let out a little squeal, holy crap she said he just gushed a big wad she said. I could feel it to, it felt like a pressure had built up and released and a little like when you have a little pee dribble. Not unpleasant but again not pleasant either just a feeling of pressure releasing.

Cheryl pressed in deep again and this time it didn't hurt it just felt really full and then the press and pull again and another pressure build up and release.

She kept this up for another thirty or so strokes and the last few didn't yield much fluid. Miss Ellie said well I guess he's empty you didn't get any on the last few strokes she said.

Cheryl said I can still feel some in here it just squishes past my fingers when I get it to his prostrate. It's a little frustrating that I can't get it all she said. I need to be able to push down and force everything back and not let it past my fingers so it has no were to go but out.

Well lets see if the gays have it right maybe bigger is better she said and I felt her pull back and start to push in again but this time she had her thumb tucked in and I felt my ass being stretched to the breaking point as her fist started in. Then finally it popped inside and her wrist was letting me close up a little.

Miss Ellie said no fucking way as she watched Cheryl's hand disappear in my ass. That is fucking hot she said. How does it feel she asked Cheryl and she said really hot and tight, not like I expected at all.

Then I felt her press her fingers down and slowly rotate her hand down and pull back. She said oh this is working I can feel everything being forced outwards she pulled back while she was pressing down and just like a wedge I could feel the pressure building and then the flood gates open and the gush letting me know she had just emptied me some more.

Miss Ellie said "oh my" that was the biggest gush yet and Cheryl giggled and said she was sure that she could totally drain me now and once that was accomplished, I wouldn't be able to cum for close to a week.

Cheryl was happy now she giggled again and said here we go and she pushed in deep again and once more she managed to wedge out a big gush, Miss Ellie said oh my again, I can't believe how much there is, I've never seen so much cum from a single guy before, it looks more like five or six guys came in this cup.

Cheryl said yea when guys cum only a small portion is let out, then he can usually cum again in a short time, nature intended that he get to try and inseminate as many as possible so that he had more than one chance to procreate if there was more than one mate in heat at a time. But I'm going to get it all out so he can't.

Cheryl kept working my seminal vessels for the next twenty minutes until she couldn't feel anything left and I agreed with her, I was totally drained every stroke she did had no more pressure to it.

Miss Ellie went around behind me and I felt her lift the weights off my balls and that caused a huge sigh of relief from me they were killing me again.

Cheryl said while I'm here I want to see how far I can go. That made me stiffen up what did she mean as far as she could go.

Cheryl said having my fist up his ass has made me really hot and up for something really kinky, hey Danny are you up to fucking your little sis again, I need a really big cock in me to get over this feeling.

Danny said sure just suck me a little and I'll be ready to go again, Cheryl said fuck you get in front of him he'll do it or he'll have really sore nuts again.

Danny kneeled down in front to me and pressed his semi erect cock against my lips and then I felt the slap on my nuts and I opened up wide to let him in. He only took a couple of minutes of sucking and tongue work to get totally hard again and while I was hard at work Cheryl had pulled her hand out of my ass and I felt something fat and cool being pushed up inside of me. Then a big cool gush and it was retracted out.

Cheryl said are you ready yet to Danny and he said yes as he pulled his engorged cock out of my mouth and started around behind me. Miss Ellie said I don't mind if I do and she sat down on a stool in front of me and pushed her sopping wet pussy to my open mouth. She said suck me, I'm fucking hot. So suck I did then I heard Cheryl say hang on a sec I need to get my hand in first before you start to fuck me and I felt her slippery gloved hand start pressing back into me. She corkscrewed it right into me and as I was stretched open to accommodate her she got past the widest parts and relief flooded thru me again.

Little did I know this was just the start. She said okay Danny sit here on the floor I'm going to be on top of you that way I can go as fast or slow as I want, got it, I don't want you to fuck me until I tell you otherwise, got it. Yep I do sis go for it.

She raised herself up and lowered herself until just the head of his cock was up inside of her and she said fuck you're like a telephone pole, this is going to be good, now don't move she said I want to feel you filling me up as I fill him up.

What was that, I was already full.

Okay here we go she said.

I felt her pull her hand back and could feel her making a cone with the fingers then she started to push up into me as she started to settle down on Danny's giant pole.

Cheryl said oh fuck I don't know what feels better your giant cock or my arm going up his ass. I felt her pressing hard against the inner sphincter and felt the pressure mount as she started to penetrate it with her hand. I was totally soaked in sweat as I felt her pushing in deeper and deeper.

I was hunched up as much as I could trying to get away, and my face was being crushed my Miss Ellie's soaking wet pussy pushing back at me holding me in place as she came with a load moaning wail gushing all over my face.

She hissed suck my clit now and my balls reminded me that they were totally vulnerable as Cheryl slapped them hard, I stuck out my tongue and sucked in as much of her clit as I could. I felt her hand going past the sphincter on the inside the pressure dropped a little but then her forearm was really opening me up wide as she went deeper. I didn't know if I could take this I was feeling totally paralyzed and scared.

Strangely there wasn't any pain just a strong feeling of extreme fullness, of being overstuffed and not able to do anything about it. Cheryl said almost to my elbow and Danny said oh wow I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it. You're almost there sis just a little more to go then I'll give you a good fucking.

Cheryl said don't you dare move, not an inch, I want to feel what he is feeling as I do you both understand, yes he said.

Cheryl started to pull her arm out of me and I breathed a sigh of relief, again to soon, she had also raised herself off of Danny's pole to get a better angle and I felt her change direction again but this time she pushed in harder and faster as she skewered herself on her brothers massive cock.

She said to me and Danny that she was now going to royally fuck my ass and herself at the same time so she knew and I knew what it felt like to be stuffed full and not be able to do anything about it.

She started with a long withdrawal of her arm and his cock at the same time and then she pushed in hard and fast and again the long slow withdrawal she kept it up fucking us both, me up to her elbow and him deep up to his balls then she started to grind us both when she bottomed out making a corkscrew motion at the end of her strokes. For my part it started to feel good to me, the muscles of my sphincters had given up trying to close and were now fully dilated so she could pump her arm in and out with little effort and it felt weird, first the pressure of the push then the suction of the pull had me rocking in rhythm to her motions.

I heard her giggle and she said to Miss Ellie look at this slut, he's fucking himself on my whole arm what a wanton whore he is. Then I heard Danny say your not much better sis, you're giving me one of the best fucks of my life. Cheryl said it better be the very best or your ass is next. Yep your right he said, you're the very best fuck I've ever had, then she giggled and said oh it's getting to be time to cum.

She speeded up her fucking and then she said Danny fuck me hard right now make your little sis cum hard, fuck me.....

He did, I could feel it right up to her elbow in me as he thrashed away at her. She squealed out that she was cuming and I felt her go tight then limp as a rag doll.

Danny was still trying to fuck her but he couldn't do much with her limp frame on top of him and he sighed in frustration saying oh please sis help me out I gotta cum. That got a giggle from her and she said not yet you need to wait a little longer yet, I have a surprise in store for you.

She said give me a sec here and I will keep you interested you'll see. As she regained some of her strength back she said Miss Ellie I'm gonna tickle your clit from the inside, you'll see and then she leaned into me and started to push her arm deeper up my ass. I squealed no and she slapped my nuts and said shush, I don't want to hear anything except you begging for more, so start begging me, or I'll hurt you as she slapped my nuts again.

I started to beg but Miss Ellie said oh I can't take this anymore suck me off again and she squashed her pussy hard against my mouth saying suck my clit and I did as Cheryl pushed and pulled her arm ever deeper up into me. Miss Ellie came with a load-moaning scream.

I could feel Cheryl's progress into my large intestine as she went ever deeper, I heard Danny say holy fuck sis your arm is almost totally up his ass no fucking way, I don't believe it.

Cheryl said yea, just a little farther and I'll be armpit deep, this is awesome. I could feel her bicep pulse each time she pushed deeper into me and it felt "strangely" erotic I don't know how else to say it. I was just paralyzed feeling, along for the ride and not in any pain, so I was concentrating on the feelings that she was creating in my body.

There was a very deep emotional tide swelling up overtaking me and I felt like I might be having a weird kind of orgasm but just couldn't get to the top of it.

Cheryl said almost there now and she pulled back and made another hard push and I felt her shoulder come into contact with my but cheeks. Oh I did it she squealed and she pulled back and bumped me again several times.

Then she started to extricate herself from me. She pulled back a few inches then in and back again slowly working her arm out of my bowels. When she was out to just her wrist and hand inside she made a fist inside of me and then pulled it out with a load pop sound. Then she slowly punched it back in and out having fun making popping sounds.

Danny said now that you're out of him how's about I finish up in you. She said in just a minute, but I want something special. Miss Ellie is it okay if we use your stool for a minute I want him to see what his next cleanup duty is. Miss Ellie said sure as she got up and grabbed a chair so she could sit and watch the action.

Cheryl pulled Danny close and whispered in his ear and I saw him go stiff and his cock swelled up even more than it already was. Oh fuck yea I'd love to. She whispered some more to him and he said you can trust me. She said I better or you'll be the next guy that gets arm fucked.

Cheryl reached under me and said need to keep this safe don't want to spill a drop of it. Then she untied me from the bench and told me to get on my back, she put the rolled up pillow under my neck and straddled my head.

Okay Danny you know what to do, it's your last chance to fuck me ever, so make it a good one.

Danny was over me in a flash and I was amazed at watching that monstrous cock being pushed up Cheryl's little pink pussy, but then again, after having her entire arm up my ass I shouldn't have been that amazed knowing how much a body can adjust to accommodate large objects.

But I was none the less still amazed watching that lovely little pussy stretch around that big fat mushroom shaped head and then stretch even more as the mighty shaft slid home until his swinging balls slapped her on the belly.

She grunted oh fuck, do it, fuck me hard and fast make it hurt and he did, he just went wild slamming into her over and over all the way out and back into her driving her hips forward with each mightily slam of his hips.

She squealed out that she was cuming and said he was too, then on his next push he missed and the big knob of his cock popped into her ass and she squealed like she had been impaled. Well rightly so, she had been and she yelled don't you dare move and he was jacking his cock like no tomorrow and he bellowed that he was cuming and I could see his cock swell up even more and his balls contact up and then the pulsing of the shaft as he pumped his nuts dry into her ass. It took a good minute for his cock to stop pulsing and he stroked it from the bottom up filling her with his last drops.

He started to soften and then she squeezed and his cock popped out of her ass and into my face he maneuvered his hips a little and said open up sissy I need you to clean this up.

I did as I was told and sucked as much of his cock as I could get in my mouth tasting her musky flavor on the head of it.

Cheryl stood up and said something to Miss Ellie who snickered and said oh yes that would be nasty I'll be right back and when she returned she had an old fashioned turkey baster with her.

Cheryl laid on her back on the tilted bench with her head off the low end and her legs spread and up towards her chest. Her pussy and ass were on display pointed up towards the ceiling and Miss Ellie came to her with the baster and a cup she dipped the baster in the cup and sucked up half the baster full. Then she pushed it up Cheryl's ass and emptied the contents and then she did it again and the third time she said that was the last of it.

Cheryl let her legs back down to the floor and took the cup from Miss Ellie and walked up to me still on the floor on my back. She lowered the cup and told me to lick out the left over drops that were inside she didn't want to waste any of her hard work she said.

I smelled the cum that had been in the cup and then I realized it was mine this was the cup she had milked me into. Then I also realized that three half full basters had gone up her ass and I just felt sick knowing what was going to be coming next.

I was right she straddled my head and squatted down over my face. She said that I was going to make love to her ass and then I was going to get to clean it up and to make sure I didn't spill a drop of mine or Danny's cum, oh yea, I almost had forgotten he came in her ass too.

Miss Ellie is going to help to keep you motivated she said and I felt my balls being lifted up and pulled away from my body. A slight squeeze and I knew I was in trouble. Cheryl lowered her ass down to my lips and told me to kiss it like it was my long lost lover. I did, I lovingly kissed her puckered little opening and felt it quiver in anticipation. Lick it and I felt the grip on my nuts tighten as I yielded to her command and slowly lightly licked her. Deeper, gently push that tongue inside, you just know you want to, you want your prize and you can hardly wait to get it.

I felt my nuts being squeezed harder and I pressed the tip of my tongue into that inviting little ass hole and she pressed down to meet it, I felt the soft flesh start to yield and open and my tongue slid into her.

That's it she said it feels so nice and soft your tongue is so smooth and hot I just want it al the way inside me do it now please. I waited and with a hard grunt my nuts told me to move forward least they turn to mush.

Open up wide, I did and she pressed down onto my face my lips sealed to her ass and she spread her pussy lips and nestled my nose in her wet folds.

She stayed like that for long enough for me to realize I could suffocate and then she slowly lifted up and said now I'm going to watch as you take your tongue out and I want to see the first big globs of cum drop into your mouth. Don't disappoint me she said and I felt the grip on my nuts tighten again reinforcing the command.

She bowed her head down and slowly lifted up higher and then she said okay slide you tongue out now, do it slow, I want to see the cum running down it coating it with sticky slimy goo.

I did as I was told and as I retracted more of my tongue I could feel the hot slimy liquid start to slide down and towards my open mouth. My tongue was like a pointy cork and a large glob was on the end and slowly coating the entire thing in slow motion.

She squeezed her hole closed and the big glob separated from her body and made it's way to mine as my mouth filled she lowered herself down and pressed my nose back into her pussy so I had no choice but to swallow.

She cooed oh that was an awesome sight I'll remember that for a long, long time and then she said okay lets do it again and we repeated the same maneuver.

This time after I'd swallowed she told me to open wide and she pressed her ass down and said okay I just need to feel this now and she settled herself down and told me to start frenching her ass.

Well it took the better part of an hour for her to finish feeding me, her cum filled ass finally empty, she made me work very hard for it and she had several large orgasms.

Now everyone satisfied and totally exhausted, Miss Ellie had me get dressed and took me to the door. On the way out she told me that my wife was expecting a complete report of the evening and that it had better match the video that she was sending over to her of the evenings events.

Oh and by the way...... about that key,... she said pointing at my locked away cock. Your wife mailed it to me today,... after I spoke with her at the restaurant seems she didn't really like you getting to play without her, so I invited her to next weeks events and Cheryl is going to teach her how to milk you. So you may never have to get out of that belt again. The key is going into my safe deposit box for safe keeping and if you're really, really good I might get it out in a few months to see if it still works, especially after a real good milking session, I'm told that most men can't even get it up after they are totally drained of there cum and since you're going to be our sissy bitch in training you really don't need a cock now do you.

Have a fun evening, I'll see you next week and by the way.... bring some high heels, stockings and a corset, I have a wig and makeup, we may want to doll you up a bit for the football team.

Bye bye.

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