The Birthday Present

Submitted by: Blue Balls

I have been married to my wife for thirteen years now, and about five years ago we started to fool around with chastity play. The first device was the CB-3000, later we got a CB-6000, and most recently the Birdlock.

At first my wife was reluctant, about the whole chastity thing, she did not understand what could be gained by such activities, and quite frankly it mystified her, but she tried it for my sake, and quickly found that there were many things to be gained by such sex games.

Like, rekindling our sex life, me giving her attention like when we were first courting, and of course her receiving more oral sex than she had ever received in her life before, something she became very fond of. After playing around with chastity occasionally, and upgrading each time a new device came out. She started to get more comfortable with it and the role she needed to play to make it work.

My wife was raised by a mother who was born Amish, and left the community when she was a teenager. As a result she instilled in my wife that a good wife will do anything that her husband asks for in the bedroom to keep him from straying, and that she should be submissive and obedient to her husband and all his needs in that regard. Something she made very clear before we got married, one of the many reasons I love her so much.

This posed an interesting dilemma for my wife at first, how could she be submissive and obedient and also dominate me when we played our chastity games? She was a psychology major and this whole thing fascinated her, but It took some time; I would get up the nerve to suggest a chastity game a couple of times a year, I was always the one who suggested it, because she was to modest to so herself.

By the fifth time I suggested we play a chastity game she said yes immediately, and enthusiastically, while I watched her pupils dilate, and a happy evil grin came to her face. That is when I knew she was starting to enjoy it as much as I did. The longest she had denied me orgasm up to that point was about two weeks, so this time it was a birthday present for her, and I let her keep me locked up for as long as she liked, which lasted a month.

Then several months later a strange thing happened, we disagreed about something, and my wife wanted to make a bet that she was right. I agreed and asked what was the wager, she said what do you want, and I responded by saying you must be my sex slave and not come without permission, and give me a blow job every day for a week, she baulked at not being allowed to come for a week, but she agreed. Then I asked what did she want, and to my surprise she said if that's the way you want to play, if you lose you will were your chastity belt for a whole month.

I said "I don't see how that is fair" she replied by saying "having your huge cock crammed down my throat every day, and having to swallow all your cum is much harsher than licking me to orgasm, so the time must be longer to make it equal." Since I had recently survived a month I reluctantly agreed to the wager, and wouldn't you know it, I lost and she won fair and square.

During that month while I was locked up, frustrated and horny, I was surfing the internet and came across the Spencer Plan, a book published by a woman in 1936 that basically outlines a contract giving each spouse the right to spank each other for, disobeying, or embarrassing each other, or doing anything to endanger the relationship, in my horny state I found it fascinating, and a real turn on, and showed my wife.

She immediately had me order a heavy leather strop to spank me with, whereas I may only use my open hand on her bare bottom, per the plan. She quickly found a reason to punish me and restrained me to our bed face down and proceeded to whip my ass until I was in tears, and made me apologies for every single act I had ever done during our marriage that offended her.

She found this to be a wonderful release of pent up frustration and resentment, and an erotic thrill that she admitted turned her on like nothing else ever has. She said locking my cock up, then spanking me till I was in tears, and making me lick her to orgasm as an apology afterwards. Gave her a sense of power over me, our relationship, and her sexual satisfaction she had never experienced before in her life.

After the month was up, she let me come and there seemed to be an emotional letdown for both of us, and I found her wanting to make bets about almost anything, for the same stakes, her timid way of asking me to be chase for her again.

She started researching chastity on line, and found a website "Real Women Don't Do Housework", where the focal point is orgasm rationing for husbands, through the use of what they call "Conversations". Where the woman straddles the man and strokes his cock until he is in a relaxed state and then makes sexual suggestions like how much it turns her on to have me rub her feet, and before you know it, I was offering to rub her feet because it turned me on, WOW! What a head trip, but my wife loved it, and so did I.

This went on for a couple of years back and forth, I would get locked up three or four times a year, and she would drink from my cock when she lost for a week, it was awesome the best of both worlds. Then the recession hit and I lost my job, I couldn't seem to find another very quickly and my wife suggested that we can get by on her salary, if I wanted to do all the chores and take care of the house instead, of course I agreed.

The following month was my wife's birthday again, and I thought I would give her a present of chastity once more to show my appreciation for this new arrangement. I had recently heard of this new device The BON 4, a silicone cock lock, I knew from wearing the Birdlock that silicone is very comfortable, but the Birdlock was difficult to put on and take off, and the BON 4 had two separate pieces that my wife could easily remove and then lock back up without any assistance, so I ordered it.

On her birthday I presented her with the gift, and told her my present to her was to where it for as long as she likes just like a few years earlier. Again her eyes dilated and she got an evil grin and told me to put it on right away, I showed her how easy it came apart so she could access my cock if she liked, and how I could where it for long periods without chaffing unlike the CB series.

Unknown to me this is when my wife became my Mistress, five years of playing, and all of a sudden my fantasy had become a reality I just didn't know it yet, or should I say my wife's fantasy became a reality. She took all she had learned about male chastity, mental programming, and corporal punishment, and brought them together to become my full fledged Mistress in control of my cock and mind.

Each evening she would have me go down on her, and then secure me to the bedposts and remove my cock sheath and stroke me with Astrolube while we had a conversation. She would grab my balls around the base firmly, and then start gently stroking my cock with the other hand speaking softly and sexy to me and it usually went something like this:

You are feeling sleepy and relaxed Blue, and can only hear the sound of my voice,

Yes Mistress,

All you can feel and think about are my hands stroking your throbbing cock.

Yes Mistress,

Do you want me to be your Mistress?

Yes, please Mistress,

Then who owns your cock and balls and all they contain? (As she pulls on my balls)

You Mistress,

You may never come again without my permission! Is that understood!?

Yes Mistress,

Sex is for my pleasure only, not yours slave! (Again pulling on my balls)

Yes Mistress,

Say it!

Sex is for your pleasure Mistress, not mine! (Stroking my cock hard and fast a few strokes)

That's a good boy.

Do you want to make your Mistress happy?

Yes, Mistress

Then whenever you rub my feet I want you to imagine licking my pussy, and get aroused.

Yes Mistress,

Whenever you are doing the chores, I want you to think about licking my pussy too.

Yes Mistress,

If I tell you to stop, you must stop whatever you are doing immediately, understood?

Yes Mistress,

Or I will whip your ass until you cry like a little girl! (Pulling firmly on my nuts)

Yes Mistress,

Do you want me to control your cock and balls for as long as it pleases me?

Yes Mistress,

If that is what you want, then I am going to give it to you Blue.

Yes Mistress,

I love you Blue, you have been a very good boy!

Then she slides up on me and lowers herself onto my rock hard cock, and says to me "You may not come tonight, is that clear Blue?" Yes, repeat your mantra for me out loud, Sex is for your pleasure Mistress, not mine, Sex is for your pleasure Mistress, not mine.

I keep repeating this as she slowly pumps and grinds my cock, hearing me say this over and over gave her a sense of total power and control over my body bringing her closer, and closer to orgasm totally focused on using my body to please herself. Then just as she was about to come she says, "I can't hear you Blue."

Then I start reciting it louder and louder, focusing on her pleasure not mine, holding back the sperm in my balls that is aching to spew forth, and she leans forward and says don't you dare fucking cum slave boy, and bites my chest and scratches my sides to distract me from coming as she would have a mind blowing power trip orgasm on my cock.

Then she would stop and just lays there on me for a few minutes as I try to keep humping her, while I was restrained to the bed, and then she would say stop Blue in a stern curt voice, knowing she would whip my ass I had to stop and just enjoy her glow vicariously as my cock throbbed inside her and her juices would run down my cock across my balls and down the crack of my ass. This chastity thing made her wetter than I had ever known her to be, she was really getting off denying me orgasm, and using me for her own pleasure.

Once she was rested, she would get up and get a washcloth for me, and clean my cock and reattach the cock lock, before she untied me from the bed. Then sometimes she would go to sleep, other times she would get out a vibrator to quell her lust from all the excitement and the thrill she was enjoying from not letting me come, while she instructed me to caress and tease her breasts and nipples.

A month had come and gone and she still had not let me come, and I was getting concerned and feeling desperate, so I asked if she was going to let me come soon. She directed me to the bedroom and tied me face down and got out the leather strop, and informed me that this was her present from me, and that I had better do as I promised or she would never play another chastity game with me ever again!

Then she proceeded to whip my ass until it was bright red, and between each lash she had a conversation with me the same as usual, but this time she had a serious tone, and reinforced each statement and answer with a vicious blow to my backside, until I understood who was in charge.

Then she went on to say that I am feeling so desperate because my prostate is full, and she read on line that she needs to milk me occasionally. I was not sure what she meant by that, as she stepped out of the room, and when she returned she had a seven inch life like strap-on attached to her.

I said "what is that for" understandably alarmed, she replied "for you slave boy" I must take good care of my pet, Blue Balls, and proceeded to release my legs and tie them together at the ankles and knees. Then proceeded to grease up her pole with Astrolube as well as my ass, I began to protest, she said you can't be a virgin forever sweetie, and you promised to be my sex slave, do I need to whip your ass some more to get your mind right about who controls the cock in this house?

No, I said and submitted to her will, and then she straddled my legs and started slipping her finger in and out of my bottom she explained that she has wanted to do this to me for some time, but did not have the nerve until I started asking when she would let me come again, which apparently angered her.

With that she inserted her cock in my ass, and told me to bear down until the head slipped in me, then she kept saying relax Blue, relax, that's it, what a good boy you are in that sexy voice she uses during our conversations, just relax, I love you and I promise I won't hurt you, just relax, and she started slipping the first couple of inches in and out of me.

The feeling was intense, I was relaxed and calm, and with each thrust she went a little deeper, until she started hitting my prostate, she started doing full thrusts into my rectum deeper each time, and I could feel juice dribbling out of my cock with each thrust, it felt like I was right on the verge of orgasm but could not ejaculate with my cock locked up.

This went on for a while until she was sure I had been completely milked of my juices, and she was able to bury that cock all the way into my ass, at that point she was able to grind her clit against it and was getting ready to have an orgasm and she leaned forward onto my back pressing her breasts against me and began rocking that monster cock in and out of me without mercy, as I grunted and groaned with each thrust. The power of fucking me with her cock really turned her on, and she started to make me say things like, "I am a dirty little whore", and "Fuck my pussy harder Mistress."

This did it for her and as she approached orgasm she weaved her fingers into my hair, and pulled back on my head, and whispered in my ear, to answer your question Blue, I may never let you come again, which the idea of put her over the edge, and she tilted her pelvis forward and thrusted hard and deep as she pulled back on my head and had an intense orgasmic contraction, that sent her into ecstasy as she had multiples orgasms for two or three minutes riding me like a bucking bronco.

This was heaven, and at the same time I was overcome with a rush of fear as I began to realize what my wife had become, my Mistress in every sense of the word. Someone who was no longer was going to tolerate my back leading, or questioning her authority when she holds the key to my cock.

Well another month passed of conversations and oral service, and she stopped riding my cock for fear I might come without permission. She was truly enjoying her present, and keeping me as frustrated and turned on as possible, while she got to have several orgasms every day, using my mouth, lips, and tongue whenever it pleased her.

I was getting very desperate and losing my mind. She would put on sexy lingerie and strut around the house, then come over and straddle my lap and have me suck on her nipples, and when my cage strained and my balls ached and I moaned she would laugh at me and get up and leave, leaving me to deal with my aching blue balls.

I would follow her around for twenty minutes cupping my balls, begging to service her, the only outlet I had, to deal with the sexual frustration, then she would humiliate me by saying that her pussy is tender right now, but that I may lick her asshole, and once I agreed she would lay me on the bed and straddle my face and grind that sweet rosebud of hers on my face while I stuck my tongue in and was grateful for the privilege.

It was complete she had completely taken control of my mind and body; I would do anything for the privilege of kissing and licking her ass. She would routinely cup my balls, and tell me how big and swollen they felt, and then make snide remarks like, "I am really enjoying this, I may never let you come again Blue", or "This may go on for a really long time, you had better learn to enjoy my orgasms as much as I do honey."

Then she added to my duties that I must great her when she comes home each day by getting on my knees and kissing her hand, until she says thank you Blue, then I must offer to go down on her right then and there, and if she had a bad day or was feeling stressed out she would go to the couch and drop her drawers, and command me to service her musty pussy, which I really began to enjoy doing, calming her frustration and anxiety caused by work.

Then one day several weeks later, she sent me to the store to pick up some alcohol and mixers, which puzzled me. When I returned she had two of her girl friends from work there, and as soon as I walked in all three stared right at my cock cage under my pants. I set the bags down and said hi, and my Mistress told me to strip.

I was appalled, what, do it now Blue or else, I knew what that meant, a serious ass whooping. So I reluctantly unzipped my pants and lowered them, as the girls came alive, Oh my God, it's true. What, I asked, she really does have you locked up, then the rest must be true as well, what are you talking about, Lana told us that she locked your cock up, and that you give her oral service on demand, everyday, is that true? I blushed and became very humble, yes; I do as I am told with my head lowered in shame and embarrassment.

Then my Mistress told me to finish undressing, and put on a bow tie and go make everyone some drinks. So I did, after about twenty minutes, they were getting a nice buzz on, and they could not stop from wanting to handle and check out my locked cock and my Mistress told me to let them play with it, so I stood in front of them as they pulled on my cage and squeezed my balls. I could see that my wife was very proud to have me caged and obedient to her needs, and I wondered if she was ever going to let me come again.

Then one of the girls got a little wild, and whispered in Lana's ear, and Lana drew back, and got an evil grin, I don't see why not. Then that women dressed in a business suit lowered her panties from under her dress and spread her legs and slammed the rest of her drink down, "come and get it big boy!" I looked at my Mistress in dismay, and she said service her Blue! Now! Or you will not come again for a year in a stern voice; I dropped to my knees and crawled over to her and put my head under her skirt, and went to work.

After about five or ten minutes I could hear all of the women commenting on me, he really knows his way around down there, as the first woman reached climax, then the other got on her knees and started smacking my ass and grabbing a big handful of my ass and squeezing it. When I came up for air she was naked from the waist down, and told me it was her turn, and sat back on our sofa and pointed at her already wet pussy. I looked at my wife and she smiled what are you waiting for Blue, make me proud, so I serviced her as well.

After she had an earth shattering orgasm I looked up and my Mistress had some wrist restraints dangling from her finger, and proceeded to restrain my hands behind my back, then released my aching cock and it sprung to attention. She began telling her friends about how to have a conversation and began stroking my cock slowly and gently, just light enough I could not come.

Then asked if they would like to try it and of course they did, then my Mistress told me, if you come without permission Blue, it will cost you dearly, I am not sure what that meant, but I knew I had better obey her.

Then the girls continued to get drunk and talk with each other as they passed me around like a party favor stroking me and keeping me hard, for what felt like hours, it was intensely erotic and mind numbingly frustrating, I was literally on the edge of orgasm the whole time, repeating my mantra to myself, and flexing my PC muscles to hold back my sperm.

Then one of them asked Mistress Layna how long it had been since she had let me come, and my Mistress was not sure, she got up and looked at the calendar and said, I think it has been almost three months now, and the girls opened their mouths in shock and laughed out loud, and the one stroking me looked right at me, and squeezed my cock I bet you are ready to blow aren't you, God that is a nice hard cock you have.

I replied yes I am, may I please come Mistress, and she asked the girls do you want to see him shoot his load girls, oh yes please they replied. Then my Mistress stood behind me and took over stroking my cock, the girls on the sofa sat close together, to watch the show, and my Mistress started to just rub gently the underside of my cock head with the tip of her index finger, and whispered in my ear, OK Blue, you may come now if you're able too. I began focusing on the sensation and my cock throbbed and stood strait up, I was getting closer and closer as I moaned uncontrollably, and the girls watched intently.

Then just as I was about to shoot my load my Mistress stopped stroking the underside of my cock and grabbed my hair with both hands and whispered in my ear, come now blue, or you won't come for three more months. That did it as a shiver of fear ran down my spine, I knew she was serious and wanted to impress her friends. I flexed my PC muscle as hard as I could and fucked the air, pumping and flexing harder and harder as all waited in anticipation of the spectacle.

I began moaning uncontrollably, my mind was racing, and I finally let lose shooting squirt after squirt, stream after stream of hot come out of my body three or four feet each. I must have squirted ten times as the girls were struggling with each other to catch some in their mouths.

When I was done I dropped to the floor onto my knees and saw the come dripping from my Mistress's friend's faces, we were all amazed that I could ejaculate without stimulation, and how much come there was, dripping from their hair and faces as they licked what they could, clean from their lips.

My Mistress then unshackled me and told me to go take a hot bath, and I did, and then took a long nap. Later that evening after the girls went home she slipped into bed and sucked my cock until it was hard and rode me to another powerful orgasm. The next day she informed me that she really enjoyed her present, and asked me if I would be willing to put the chastity belt on again on a more permanent basis, because she enjoyed it so much. I agreed under one condition, she must promise to bring her friends over more often so that I may please them as well, my Mistress agreed stating they are both single, and I am sure they would like to come over for drinks again very soon.

You're such a good boy Blue!

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