Homework is the Key

Submitted by: Anna & Pete

I have to admit I have always had an interest in Femdom since my teens and now many years later I find myself in a real femdom marriage. Being put into chastity seemed a natural extension of this and I found it quite exiting. After quite a few years of marriage to Anna, (we are in our early forties) and with my encouragement, we have built up quite a store of toys, and this includes two or three different chastity devices. I am currently imprisoned in a CB3000 with my piercing adding total security. Anna is now without doubt the very dominant partner I wanted her to be.

Pete's story

I wondered at first whether my wife Anna had any real interest in keeping me chaste, but after a few years of the devises being on and off and seen as a fun toy she has now definitely taken to it with a vengeance and tells me she is now converted to all the benefits it brings her. She tells me she will now never have it any other way and I am to be kept chaste on a permanent basis. Gulp! I had not quite bargained for this and my frustration levels are now a tool Anna uses with relish. Over the past eighteen months she has even devised this cruel little game, to make me `work` for any release, albeit short-lived.

At the beginning of each month I am compelled to get on my knees, look up at her boots and beg for lots and lots of homework. Let me explain that homework is writing out column after column from the telephone directory. It must all be neat and tidy with no crossings out allowed. I used to be given about a months worth but she never used to care if I took longer. The chastity cage just stayed on until it is all done. When it was all done I had to make an appointment with her to hand it in and for it to be `marked`. This was always a very nervous time for me, as Anna would often check to ensure no entries have been missed out, but not always, so I never knew which it would be. If she found even one single omission, I was given the dreaded `re-write` of the entire amount with no release from my cage that month. Likewise, if she found it was not neat and tidy enough, then it all got torn up in front of me and I was told to redo it all. The more I groaned, the more pleasure she seemed to get!

Just when I thought it could never get any worse, it did. The latest variation is even crueler because she has changed the goalposts, so that now it MUST be completed within the calendar month or punishment waits. If my homework is not all completed on time I am put into the bend over stocks (homemade but very efficient) and I given 20-40 hard whacks with a heavy strap. She knows I hate this strap and I admit the sting causes me to howl my head off. This in no way deters her and she always gives me the full amount as she giggles away. Then I have to watch as all the homework I have managed to do, is torn up and I start again with another month's worth. Once again with no release from my chastity cage for that month.

She informs me the real reason for the homework is to reduce or even eliminate my surfing time, which it certainly does. But I also think she is amused to watch me doing pages and pages of long and boring writing and struggling to get it all done on time. After a couple of months of me slogging away and actually completing it all on time, she is now setting a greater amount each month "To test me out" and to `make me squeak` she informs me giggling away. I admit I am struggling to cope. After doing many chores each day, to have to fill my evening writing out column after column is very cruel, a matter which fills her with real amusement. as she chats happily away on the phone and watches her favourite TV programmes. This regime means I could go months without release, as Anna loves to point out to me. I hate all the long and boring writing, and I am really caught

Anna's story

I have read what my husband/slave has written above and yes it is all true. After a while of playing with the chastity devises, I found Pete's demeanour, helpfulness and attention to me was always much improved when he was in his cage. It was then that I started to take it more seriously, much to his dislike, and I started keeping him caged for longer and longer. I found the longer he was caged, the better slave/husband he became. Oh yes we had the tantrums from him at first as I broke him in to longer and longer wear, but my swishy cane soon dealt with that. A few very sore backsides later had him seeing how serious I was taking this. The game had become reality. I'm not quite sure if he likes it as much now, but that too bad because I do and its what he is stuck with.

I had noticed that Pete's surfing time was increasing and an idea I got from a previous letter to 'Altairboy' made me think about making him work for a release. I had read years ago about telephone book homework and I had even had Pete doing some over the weekends before we were married and which I knew he really hated. So this then seemed the natural thing to set him. What takes me very little time to set, takes him an awful long time of slaving away to complete and the thought that he is slogging away for me even when I am not actually there is most rewarding. Poor slave boy! Oh what fun. I can't see that I want to change anything and Pete does at least get a few orgasms, but my, does he have to work for them. I think this situation is just perfect and I wholeheartedly recommend it to other dominant wives.

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