Honey, We Need to Talk

Submitted by: Alan

"You know I promised to read the disgusting materials you gave me, right? Well, I'm really put off by the idea, and if I'm going to be a dominant woman and you're submissive, then I'm going to change my mind and add new conditions. If you are truly as submissive as you make out to be, you are going to accept them as your new wedding vows. Is my submissive little husband ready to hear his new dominant wife's conditions and accept them?

"First of all, we don't ever start talking about any of this unless you are naked, on your knees, have your hands clasped behind your neck, and you have your chastity belt on with the lock ready to be closed, if it is not already locked. You are only allowed to be submissive when you have the chastity belt on, whether locked or not. But when you do have it on, we are both going to do everything we can to make you more and more submissive sexually... as submissive as I can get you.

"Whenever we talk sex, you must always be in a position where I can lock you up by simply clicking the lock closed. Once the lock is closed, the belt never comes off until you have received all accumulated punishments.

"When either one of us says, "Honey, we need to talk," you will immediately go into the bedroom and prepare yourself in your chastity belt, then assume the position. Do you promise to do that, embarrassing as that may be? I intend to do it when it will be the most humiliating for you and I intend to test you often, so I am sure you consistently perform correctly. I may not lock the lock, but I will always have the option and you will always feel the exciting fear that I may do it. Well?"

"Yes, I promise. I will submit to your locking me up anytime you feel it may be helpful, especially when you want me to be submissive."

"OK, we'll see how well you keep your word. 'Honey, we need to talk'." ... He gets his chastity belt and puts it on.

"That's right, but I want you to do it faster next time."

"And, that promise wasn't satisfactory. This is your idea and I'm not going to do any of this unless I am completely convinced this is what you really want. So you need to clearly and convincingly declare each promise and your willingness to accept the agreed upon consequences if you fail to perform as ordered."

"I promise that anytime either of us says, "Honey, we need to talk," that I will immediately go into the bedroom, strip, put on my chastity belt with the lock ready to be closed and kneel at your feet holding my hands behind my neck."

"OK. Since initially the only pleasure I get out of your submissive nature is beating you, I am going to beat you every single time you want the key to take off the chastity belt. I want you to promise to beg me to do that and never accept being unlocked without a beating. If I won't do it, you promise to beat yourself until I tell you to stop before unlocking. Then, I will only unlock you after you have kissed my pussy 50 times and then licked me until I tell you to stop. If I think you did less than your best job, I will not unlock you and you may not try again until the next day."

"I promise that I will beg you to beat me before you unlock me and if you won't do it, I will beat myself in your presence until you are satisfied and tell me to stop. I will then kiss your pussy 50 times and lick you for as long as you like. if you don't agree that I did a perfect job, you will absolutely not unlock me that day. Furthermore, you may always refuse to unlock me, for any or no reason."

"Regarding the material you wanted me to read, I am willing to read it, but only while you are locked in your chastity belt. Once on, I am not going to take it off until I've completed reading the material, which could be a very long time. You may only discuss my progress after saying, "Honey, we need to talk," and taking the agreed on action.

"In addition, once I have finished reading, you will be punished for having asked me to read the material. That will be in addition to the normal beating I give you when you ask me to remove the belt. Do you promise?"

"Yes, I promise to accept your beating for asking you to read the material."

"I don't want to have wasted my time reading, either. Promise that when you are in your chastity belt, you will enthusiastically and immediately do anything I want that is mentioned in any materials you give me to read, whenever I even hint at it. In fact, I want to hear you specifically beg me to I try everything I read."

"I beg you to tell me to do everything you read that in any way captures your fancy and especially to experiment with everything that you think will serve to train me to be more sexually submissive to you while I am in my chastity belt.

"I promise to always thank you for whatever you have me do and accept any and all beatings in the spirit of which they are given and to thank you for each and every stroke you give me. If I fail to do so, you will start over."

"Very good. I accept your new vows of obedience. I've been patiently waiting nearly twenty years for you to finally get to this point in your fantasies where I can gain complete control of your cock by beating your ass. You keep telling me that I should love you licking my pussy, but you never learned how to do it well enough for me to want it every day. So, for the next three weeks, you are going to get your ass beaten harder and harder until you are so proficient that I want, indeed demand, that you do it every day.

"Is that what you want? Say it!"

"Yes! I need you to control my mouth with my cock, my chastity belt, and your whip and not let up until you can't live without my pussy worship. Please, please, please, lock the lock and own my cock and hold me to my promises without fail."


"I'm really glad we are doing this. You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into. I promise you that I'll make sure you keep all of your promises."

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