Sweet Asian Bride

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I met my wife Ming through a service that introduces American men to native Asian women who are seeking husbands. To be honest, because I'm small and meek, I wanted to marry a girl who would be short like me, as well as subservient. I filled out the forms, paid the service fee, and selected her from a large photo album of available females. When I sent her a letter she wrote back at once, in excellent English. Her attitude was very respectful and she said she knew we would be a perfect couple. After more letters (she didn't have a computer) I sent her the money to fly from her home in the village of Phem Dohm to the East coast of the US. It all seemed like a dream when I picked her up at the airport. She stayed with my friend from work, Cassie, for several weeks while we dated, I formally proposed, and we planned our wedding.

Her slightly accented voice and slender figure mesmerized me. I loved her oval face, with it's gorgeous cheekbones, exotic eyes, and full lips. Just looking at her long, glossy black hair, worn straight all the way past her smooth shoulders, was a daily thrill. Though we kissed and hugged frequently she demurred when I tried to go further. As I mentioned before, I'm not assertive, so I always backed off, even though I was perpetually horny.

We were wed in a small ceremony and had a modest reception. I don't have many friends and most of my family was too far away to attend, but it was pleasant nevertheless. Then we went to our honeymoon suite, in the same hotel as the reception hall. Ming suggested that I get undressed -- completely. It was the first time she had taken the lead and, because it involved consumating our marriage, I had visions of her being ready to cater to my every desire. She modestly left the bedroom and closed the bathroom door behind her. How cute, I thought. As quickly as I could I got out of my rented tux and everything else. Then I dimmed the lights, not wanting it to be too obvious how small my genitals are.

She called out to me, "All ready now?"

I said, "Yes, dearest."

When Ming emerged from the bathroom I was speechless. She had shed her wedding gown but retained the headpiece and veil. Besides that all she wore were a bra whose half-cups let the tops of her pink nipples peek out, a garter belt, stockings, and heels, all of those items white. I stood there staring at her as she held up one hand with a small box in it. My bride put herself directly in front of me and opened the box. Inside was a woven bamboo sheath a few inches long, with a metal ring attached. She smiled as she opened the ring.

"It is tradition where I come from. Wife puts this on husband and touches him plenty, makes him very excited." She pointed toward my crotch with her chin. "Puts on him down there." She smiled seductively. "Yessss?"

What could I say? If she wanted to play foreign sex games, I was all in favor. Ming responded to my eager nod by kneeling before me and sliding the tube over my member, which was still flaccid from tension. Then she clicked shut the ring around the top of my scrotum. She rose back to her feet and used the tips of her forefingers to tease my nipples. It was impossibly stimulating. I gasped and felt my penis trying to erect. The tube contained the shaft and left only the head free. Her nimble fingers took advantage of that most sensative area being exposed and danced over it until I was squirming urgently with need.

"Uh, maybe we could take it off now," I said breathily. "Okay? Tradition all done?"

"Take it off?" She giggled, a sound like music. "It doesn't come off."

Panic seized me. "Ming, it's our wedding night. You have to take it off."

Her voice was suddenly less pleasant as she said, "It doesn't come off. The ring locks and stays that way. If you try to break the tube, well, the way that bamboo is cut, you might hurt your man part. You might hurt it very bad."

"B... b... but... How can we have... you know... sex."

"Like some men in my town do. The weak men. I lay down and you use your mouth."

"I... haven't ever done that. It doesn't appeal to me," I said, trying to regain my calm.

"You do or we have big problem with marriage. Yes?"

My lips moved wordlessly. She must just want me to perform that unsavory act for her to make some point. It wouldn't be like that all the time. Would it? My narrow shoulders sagged in surrender. I went to the foot of the bed and knelt on the mattress. She put herself comfortably atop the middle of the bedspread and parted her legs. Her mound was shaved except for a tiny triangle of silky hair just above the top of her slit. I brought my face close to her center and poked out my tongue uncertainly.

Sounding less aggressive, she told me, "Start by licking up and down. Then put tongue in, like kissing mouth. And suck on little lotus bud. What you call clitty."

Her softened tone reassured me. Of course she didn't expect to keep up this arrangement. It was simply something she needed for reasons that would be revealled later. We woud laugh about it tomorrow. I did as she had instructed and she purred happily. I was pleasing her, which made me happy. But then she began giving me instructions that insured she wouldn't finish too soon. She had me varying my technique, switching to kissing the insides of her satiny thighs, and even kissing her mound with lips only, while I murmured affectionate words. The entire time my penis strained to be free and my balls remained pulled up tight. Because we hadn't gone all the way during our time together, despite all our lesser physical affection, I was desperate to ejaculate. My groin began to ache.

Instead of me getting any release, she enjoyed a mewling, hip-squirming orgasm. I had to lap her through a long afterglow and then the process started over again. She kept me busy for hours until she had been electrified by three more climaxes. I was left shaking and eager to keep her satisfied, thinking that would earn me reciprocation. Instead, we spent the entire week of our honeymoon, while at a tropical resort, with me serving Ming, and her sexually teasing me all the time, pointing out that it made me more pliable, 'like clay to mold' she said. The more cooperative I became, the less I tried to protest, the greater her affection grew. I saw that she honestly did love me, but only if I was like one of the 'weak' men from her homeland, only if I bowed to her every whim. She had fun eating whatever she pleased, and as much as she wanted, at the resort. When we went to the beach she always wore one of her mini-bikinis, and had every male eye staring at her. I was jealous but understood that I wasn't allowed to show my feelings.


Our first anniversary is approaching. Ming has continued to indulge her appetite for good food as she did on our honeymoon. She has gained weight and gone from slender to curvacious. That wasn't the body type I married her for, but because she keeps me endlessly needy for sex, I have become addicted to her new shape. The primative chastity tube was replaced with one intricately woven from wire, which also locks behind my scrotum. She removes it about once a month. Then I have to sit in a chair while she uses a silk scarf to tease my undersized, very stiff penis. Her hands never touch me but she is so expert with the cloth, using it also on my nipples, that she can eventually produce a spurting ejaculation. Then I'm allowed to wash up and the chastity device goes right back on. I know the ritual and never attempt to deviate from it, I'm so grateful for the relief I gain.

What lies ahead? Ming has announced that she is putting me on a six year plan to assure that I treat her properly and fully understand my place in our marriage. I know that she will re-educate me completely to her will. At the same time, I continue to remind myself that it is all done with tenderness and feeling, that she does love me, but not as the head of our household -- more like a houseboy for who she has great affection.

One more thing. I believed that we had gotten through the first year of the half dozen she promised. Ming pointed out that I was mistaken.

"You are silly," she admonished with a charming smile on her still lovely but now rounder face. "The six years starts after our anniversary. So far it has just been preparing you. Now the true work begins."

After saying that, she produced one of her silk scarves. Just by sliding it across my face she got me wildly aroused and had my member fighting futilly to escape its confinement. Any thoughts I had of negotiating or rebelling were vanquished. I humbly sank to my knees and kissed the fronts of her slightly plump thighs, over and over, until she smiled down at me and permitted me to stop.

"Very good," she allowed. I went warm inside at that slight praise. She rewarded me by using the silk on my nipples until I moaned out loud. Then she said, "Now you will brush my hair. What do you say?"

"Thank you, dear Ming. I love you. Whatever pleases you I will do." And I meant it with all my heart.


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